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  1. @Thor, unless they recently changed the time, they'll actually be announcing the releases in less than 30 minutes (10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern).
  2. Agreed, but stretching on many of these. Like the ashtray looking object possibly representing Yes, Giorgio (Pavarotti smoked cigars but not sure his character did so in the film).
  3. They appear to be bullets from a rifle, enlarged. Not the Poseidon Adventure ship behind them.
  4. The lampshades look like grenades. Since we have Saving Private Ryan covered, perhaps War Horse? Maybe a football somewhere? A few more...
  5. Probably a stretch, but could this be the tractor beam control unit that Obi-Wan turns off in A New Hope?
  6. Dog tags and the metal beach barriers ("Czech hedgehogs") for Saving Private Ryan.
  7. In the upper right-hand corner, could that be a helmet for Born on the Fourth of July?
  8. I've upgraded my previous YouTube video of the Born on the Fourth of July "music video" by replacing its original (poor-quality) audio with the corresponding track from this 2-track promo CD:
  9. Yes, she could have been mistaken, but I seemed to hear differences in the cue from what I remember of the album version. Granted, it's probably been years since I've listened to it. But Tim Burden was promoting it on Facebook as being a "world premiere" (a "world premiere of a previously-released cue featured on a new release"?)
  10. @Jay, sorry, my mistake. Likely "The Land Race (Alternate)" then, since the host indicates that it is previously unreleased ("first time ever heard", "world premiere of unreleased music", etc.).
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