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  1. I can confirm (through someone who worked on the project) that something from CE3K was recorded during the S/W Collaboration III sessions.
  2. NEW SONGS AVAILABLE: Netflix Over the Moon [songs] (Christopher Curtis, Marjorie Duffield, Helen Park, & Michael Wyckoff) [9 songs, 26:49] [NOTE: Total length includes relatively long portions of silence at the beginnings and/or ends of each song.]
  3. @Jay, the app described in that blurb you linked to is the same app that I see in the iOS App store, but from my quick perusal of it, I saw no "Discover" option.
  4. Thanks, @Jay! Unfortunately, however, I am not seeing the "Communities by Invision (Early Access)" app in the iOS App store on my iPhone 11 Pro Max. I see an app named "Invision Community" but having installed it, it doesn't appear to be the same app. For example, there is no "Discover" function in which to find JWFan. And when I searched "jwfan" within the app, nothing came up. Anyone able to find the app in the iOS App store?
  5. An autumnal line-up... Dolores Claiborne (Elfman) (expanded Varese) The Frighteners (Elfman) The Trouble With Harry (Herrmann) [Varese re-recording]
  6. Interesting! Yes, I have the Edel German release (pictured below). But if this is the same recording that @Thor linked to above via Silva, then either the attribution of the "L.A. Symphonic Orchestra" on the Giants of Cinema CD is false, or Silva's CoP credit is false!! Weird, I never really looked into it! Credit for images: http://johnwilliams.free.fr/pistes.php?lang=us&album=giantscine
  7. NEW SONGS & SCORE FEATURETTE AVAILABLE: Netflix I'm Thinking of Ending Things (Jay Wadley) [score featurette, 4:16] Miss Americana [Song - "Only the Young" (Taylor Swift & Joel Little), 2:38] Trial of the Chicago 7, The [Song - "Hear My Voice" (Celeste), 3:08]
  8. Understood. I wasn’t entirely sure what the studios were going to do this year, but noticed that Amazon has put up their FYC site and decided to start up the thread.
  9. A24 Films LINK 1 or 2 Aegean Entertainment https://awards.aegeanentertainment.com/ Amazon Studios LINK 1 or 2 All In: The Fight for Democracy (Gil Talmi) Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm (Erran Baron Cohen) herself (Natalie Holt) I'm Your Woman (Aska Matsumiya) One Night in Miami... (Terence Blanchard) Radioactive (Evgueni Galperine & Sacha Galperine Sound of Metal (Nicolas Becker & Abraham Marder) Time (Jamieson Shaw & Edwin Montgomery) Annapurna Pictures 1, 2, or 3
  10. I edited my post above re: my reconstruction of the end credits music by adding in the timings for the individual selections.
  11. FWIW, some time ago, I "reconstructed" the end credits as heard in the film from a combination of the following (unfortunately, I didn't keep detailed notes of timings): [0:00-0:56] "Always Theme" (Spielberg/Williams Collaboration CD, track 2) (0:00-0:56) [0:56-3:29] "Among the Clouds" (OST, track 7) (5:19-7:52) [3:29-3:49] DVD rip [3:49-5:02] "Dorinda Solo Flight" (OST, track 18) (2:03-end) EDIT: I figured out the timings for the selections above after revisiting my reconstruction.
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