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  1. Damnit, @TownerFan, just when I thought I was catching up on the Legacy podcasts, you release yet another stellar episode!!! (Keep 'em coming!!)
  2. LOL!!! I didn’t know that! I was referring to the shoulder slump at the very end, as if it was an expression of the effort everyone put forward in the performance. And definitely pick up the CD!! It’s a cracker!!
  3. Here's a video snippet from the sessions. End of the 3rd movement. Williams seen wearing headphones (I love what he did at the end). EDIT: Oh, and don't miss the monitor to the left of Shawn Murphy's head showing "punches and streamers". IMG_1353.mp4
  4. As dynamic as the 1st and 3rd movements are, the 2nd movement really stood out for me during the sessions. It was performed without a click track, unlike a majority of the other two movements, and as a result, it felt “natural”. Not sure how to describe it, but the playing, conducting, and overall mood just felt relaxed and comfortable, whereas the click track added a level of tension to the session. Williams commented numerous times about the “miserable” and “unmusical” click track. At one point he mentioned having trouble discerning between the click track and the wind ensemble “chatter”. When they moved onto BotFoJ, Williams conducted an orchestra-only run-through which was interesting to hear. Hooten was taking a short break after the 3rd movement.
  5. NEW SCORES AVAILABLE: Amazon Prime Video As We See It (Jonathan Sanford) [11 cues, 08:39] LuLaRich (Danielle Furst & Khari Mateen) [18 cues, 51:52] Reacher (Tony Morales) [13 cues, 28:08] Upload (Joseph Stephens) [18 cues, 15:33] Voyeurs, The (Will Bates) [23 cues, 42:25]
  6. NEW SCORES AVAILABLE: Amazon Prime Video Outer Range (Danny Bensi & Saunder Jurriaans) [20 cues, 39:18] Very British Scandal, A (Nathan Barr) [18 cues, 27:41]
  7. You're welcome! I'll gladly ruin your week 100 times out of 100 if it means we get some unexpected JW music!!
  8. I'm offended that the Redditor didn't specifically call out my discovery of the Rise of Skywalker FYC files on Disney's site before both the film was released and the OST went up for sale... (That will likely be the pinnacle of my JWFANdom!!)
  9. JWFAN member @Gibster referencing a Star Wars rumor article referencing JWFAN member @Gibster . Quite the circular reference!! 😂
  10. The following is a carryover from 2021: Netflix Squid Game (Jung Jae-il) [20 cues, 1:09:59] [NOTE: Same as 2021 FYC.]
  11. NEW SCORES/SONGS AVAILABLE: Amazon Prime Video Goliath (Jason Derlatka & Jon Ehrlich) [13 cues, 23:04] Goliath [Song - "Pain Killer" (Adam Schlesinger), 04:20] Lucy and Desi (David Schwartz) [12 cues, 14:54] Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The [Song - "Maybe Monica" (Thomas Mizer & Curtis Moore), 02:39] Modern Love (Gary Clark, Gregor Philp, & John Carney) [5 cues, 07:22] Modern Love [Song - "Fire" (Gary Clark), 03:45] Also, the following are carryovers from 2021: Amazon Prime Video Fairfax (Joseph Shirley) [26 cues, 15:30] [NOTE: Same as 2021 FYC.] Harlem [Song - "My White Liberal Parents" (?), 02:02] [NOTE: Same as 2021 FYC.] Harlem [Song - "The Sunken Place" (?), 01:49] [NOTE: Same as 2021 FYC.] Mary J. Blige's My Life (Mervyn Warren) [24 cues, 39:53] [NOTE: Same as 2021 FYC.] Mary J. Blige's My Life [Song - "Hourglass" (Mary J. Blige, Samuel Elliott Roman, & Andy Murray), 04:15] [NOTE: Same as 2021 FYC.] Wheel of Time, The (Lorne Balfe) [24 cues, 43:21] [NOTE: Same as 2021 FYC.] With Love (Siddhartha Khosla & Lauren Culjak) - Episode 101 [31 cues, 19:43] [NOTE: Same as 2021 FYC.] With Love (Siddhartha Khosla & Lauren Culjak) - Episode 102 [17 cues, 09:33] [NOTE: Same as 2021 FYC.] With Love (Siddhartha Khosla & Lauren Culjak) - Episode 103 [36 cues, 22:15] [NOTE: Same as 2021 FYC.] With Love (Siddhartha Khosla & Lauren Culjak) - Episode 104 [23 cues, 18:30] [NOTE: Same as 2021 FYC.] With Love (Siddhartha Khosla & Lauren Culjak) - Episode 105 [25 cues, 19:58] [NOTE: Same as 2021 FYC.]
  12. You may already know this but both "yt-dlp" and "youtube-dl" allow you to control what gets downloaded using the "-f" switch. First, use the "-F" switch to see all available formats. For example, using "youtube-dl": Then, you can use the "-f" switch and specify which stream(s) (via the "format code" value) you want to download. So in the example above, if you want just the "129k" "audio only" M4A stream, you would use "-f 140", like this: If you wanted the best quality video with the M4A, you would use "-f 137+140", like this: Same process with "yt-dlp". It's likely that the Opus audio is being downloaded if you don't specify and your Raspberry Pi isn't able to play it. Just guessing here, though.
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