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  1. NEW SONG AVAILABLE: Netflix American Symphony [Song - "It Never Went Away" (Jon Batiste & Dan Wilson), 03:49] Kudos to @BartOss for the heads-up!!
  2. I believe the other version of "To Thornfield" on that b**t is from the Varese Sarabande album titled "The Prince and the Pauper", re-recorded by Gerhardt/NPO:
  3. NEW SCORES/SONGS AVAILABLE: Amazon Prime Video Wheel of Time, The (Lorne Balfe) - Season 2, 8 Episodes [27 cues, 1:24:03] Apple Films Flora and Son [Song - "High Life" (Eve Hewson, Gary Clark, & John Carney), 04:33] Flora and Son [Song - "Meet in the Middle" (Eve Hewson, Gary Clark, John Carney, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, & Robert John Ardiff), 03:08] Lionsgate Hunger Games, The: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes [Song - "Can't Catch Me Now" (Olivia Rodrigo & Daniel Nigro), 03:25] [NOTE: Located WAV file as well as the MP3 file which plays on the site.] Warner Brothers Color Purple, The (Kris Bowers) [11 cues, 21:15] Color Purple, The [Song - "Keep It Movin'" (Halle Bailey, Denisia Andrews, Brittany Coney, & Morten Ristorp), 03:53] Color Purple, The [Song - "Superpower (I)" (Terius Gesteelde-Diamant), 04:30]
  4. I have consolidated the multi-episode entries for Citadel, Dead Ringers, Primo, and Andor (3 volumes) into single entries, like I did with Gen V and I'm A Virgo. That'll make scrolling through the initial post a little easier.
  5. You can use a download manager program like JDownloader2. Simply copy the direct audio file links provided in the initial post of this thread, paste them into JDownloader2, set your destination folder, and then download them.
  6. NEW UPDATE AVAILABLE: Netflix Society of the Snow (Michael Giacchino) [28 cues & other selections, 58:18] [5 more previously missing links from the 23-track version were added]
  7. NEW SCORE/SONG/UPDATE AVAILABLE: Universal Pictures Migration (John Powell) [27 cues, 1:07:49] [Site now lists 27 cues.] Super Mario Bros. Movie, The (Brian Tyler) [13 cues, 29:32] Super Mario Bros. Movie, The [Song -"Peaches" (Jack Black, Aaron Horvath, Michael Jelenic, Eric Osmond, & John Spiker), 01:36]
  8. NEW UPDATE AVAILABLE: Universal Pictures Migration (John Powell) [27 cues, 1:07:49] Kudos to @BartOss for providing the links for three additional cues that aren't visible on the site.
  9. @BartOss provided the links to 3 additional cues here:
  10. At someone’s recommendation, I was looking over the Migration page again for the apparent 5 additional cues missing from the FYC and while the host site isn’t accessible, I did guess correctly on an additional cue (presumably track 29)… https://universalpicturesawards.com/assets/audio/migration/score/migration-end-titles.mp3 I’ll add this in tomorrow. The remaining 4 cues might remain a mystery until the full track listing of the commercial release is revealed.
  11. Yes, Fillie and her brother Binneas. (Corrected, and I'll be happy if that's the only typo with this large update...)
  12. NEW SCORES/SONGS/UPDATES AVAILABLE: Amazon Studios Saltburn (Anthony Willis) [32 cues, 56:54] Netflix Killer, The (Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross) [22 cues, 51:54] NYAD (Alexandre Desplat) [17 cues, 40:26] Society of the Snow (Michael Giacchino) [23 cues & other selections, 40:33] [3 previously missing links from the 20-track version were added thanks to @Caffeine] Universal Pictures Migration (John Powell) [24 cues, 57:58] [NOTE: Score site isn't advertised but is accessible.] Oppenheimer (Ludwig Göransson) [24 cues, 1:34:54] Trolls Band Together (Theodore "Teddy" Shapiro) [24 cues, 47:56] Trolls Band Together [Song - "Better Place (Reunion)" (Shellback, Justin Timberlake, & Amy Allen), 03:37] Walt Disney Wish (David Metzger) [55 cues, songs, & instrumentals; 2:10:22] [NOTE: Links to the 4 previously-available instrumental versions are now defunct.] Warner Brothers Barbie (Mark Ronson & Andrew Wyatt) [15 cues, 36:36] Barbie [Song - "Dance the Night" (Mark Ronson, Andrew Wyatt, Dua Lipa, & Caroline Ailin), 02:57] Barbie [Song - "I'm Just Ken" (Mark Ronson & Andrew Wyatt), 03:43] Barbie [Song - "What Was I Made For?" (Billie Eilish O'Connell & Finneas O'Connell), 03:42] Kudos to @Lockdown, @Archive Collection, @filip, & @Imperivm for the various heads-ups on the new items, and to @BartOss & @Caffeine for the direct music links!! I appreciate your efforts on keeping this thread updated while I was out of town.
  13. NEW SCORE AVAILABLE: Amazon Studios Saltburn (Anthony Willis) [32 cues] https://amazonmgmstudiosguilds.com/titles/saltburn/?type=listen&id=655d4724db786#in-depth Will add links and other information ASAP.
  14. Thanks for the updates, @Lockdown, @Archive Collection, and @filip!! I’m out of town for several days but will update everything when I get back.
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