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  1. David Shire Lalo Schifrin (granted, I'm not sure how much they're still working)
  2. I amended my post above. It seems that the concert featured on this fan-made 2-CD set may have been from 1995, not 1998.
  3. EDIT: Actually, this concert may have been from 1995, not 1998. Someone else might be able to confirm, though. Source: http://plissken.free.fr/Covers/W/JW Live HollywoodBowl bck.jpg
  4. PBS will be airing the Violin Concerto No. 2 premiere concert from Tanglewood on Great Performances on November 12. Here's an excerpt they posted on Facebook: And a PBS site for the clip: https://www.pbs.org/wnet/gperf/anne-sophie-mutter-performs-john-williams-violin-concerto-pp/13154/
  5. So I heard this 1981 song yesterday and something jumped out at me which supports Rick James as the true composer of “Lapti Nek”… (listen to the brass as 1:01, 1:17, and 1:44…)
  6. Though not 100% confirmed that Williams conducted it, there's also the recording on the NBC in-house CD for the 1992 Olympics broadcast, presumably recorded in 1992 or thereabouts. This is the same CD that features "Prime Time Tease", "Contemporary Tease", and "Dramatic Tease", all including variations/bits of "Olympic Fanfare and Theme".
  7. Yes, I chuckled at "bad guys" and thought, how diplomatic of Williams.
  8. I'm an AES member and am thoroughly bummed by just learning about this Special Event!! I've put out some feelers...
  9. The on-demand version of the October 2 BSO concert is now available via the WCRB site: https://www.classicalwcrb.org/show/the-boston-symphony-orchestra/2021-09-17/opening-night-from-symphony-hall Direct link to MP3 file: https://cpa.ds.npr.org/s1142/audio/2021/10/bso211002.mp3
  10. It's also been edited down to remove portions in-between the performances, when the crew is setting up for the next ensemble and the camera pans around the venue. etc.
  11. Just razzing you, @Miguel Andrade!! Couldn't let that go by without comment. There is one frozen moment for about 2 seconds at 1:50:31 of the on-demand version (Williams and ASM the shot), and later a sudden jump forward at 1:51:03 when the bass section is shown.
  12. Williams should have conducted "Crimebuster" for the project!! Missed opportunity!! Seems to have a few hiccups during the Williams/ASM performance, unfortunately.
  13. In fairness to Kerber, his entrance music is thematic to Williams’ composition whereas the shopping area music cues within Galaxy’s Edge are not. The latter are more of what you described in your post above.
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