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  1. NEW SCORE AVAILABLE: MISCELLANEOUS Blizzard of Souls (Lolita Ritmanis) [28 cues, 1:04:10] Sound of Identity, The (Nicolas Repetto) [4 cue excerpts, 03:27]
  2. @Thor, here's a quick and dirty image of the back cover of the LP that I pulled off of eBay...
  3. @Thor, when it comes to LPs, you're barking up the wrong tree if you ask me! But I appreciate the shout-out...
  4. NEW SCORE AVAILABLE: WALT DISNEY Mulan (Harry Gregson-Williams) [13 cues, 35:04]
  5. FYI, @mrbellamy, Shazam picked it right up for me.
  6. "Melody for Lovers" (Gerhard Narholz) Martini Lounge (SCD-0261) Sonoton Music Library Track 18 Link to album: https://www.apmmusic.com/albums/SCD-0261 Direct link to MP3: https://audio.prod.apmmusic.com/mp3_128/SON/SCD/SON_SCD_0261/SON_SCD_0261_01801.mp3
  7. "Beyond the Stars" (Jon A. Kull) Megatrax Music Library MX048 Movie Showcase Vol. 2 Tracks 59 (1-minute) and 60 (30-second) Link to album: https://www.megatrax.com/browse-details.php?id=147 Direct link to MP3: https://download.megatrax.com/samples/100/MX048/MX048_59.mp3 P.S. The answer was in the description of the YouTube video...
  8. Excellent question and observation! No clue whether Focus will be adding to their FYC score line-up, but yes, they a have a great history of posting FYC scores. Let's hope they come through for us with Giacchino's Let Him Go and Waller-Bridge's/Schweitzer's Emma at least. I rather dig Willis' Promising Young Woman!!
  9. NEW SCORE AVAILABLE: MISCELLANEOUS Stand! (Danny Schur) [24 cues, 34:22] [General FYC site: https://www.standfyc.com/] [NOTE: See initial post above for direct links to MP3s.]
  10. NEW SCORE AVAILABLE: WALT DISNEY Soul (Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, & Jon Batiste) [31 cues, 46:35] [NOTE: See initial post above for direct links to MP3s. The initial 23-cue version (still linked to in the initial post) did not feature any cues by Jon Batiste, so it appears Disney added 8 Batiste cues, bringing the new total to 31 cues.]
  11. Based on cue lengths alone, the newer M4A version appears to offer nothing new content-wise. But the M4As appear more heavily compressed than the previous MP3s, so best to stick with the earlier MP3/WAV version for content and quality.
  12. @Lockdown, yes, I noticed that and included a short write-up in the spoiler in the initial post. They aren’t identical but seem to be the same musical content, perhaps with a very slight difference in the mix, as you said, or a different MP3 encoding.
  13. NEW SCORE AVAILABLE: NETFLIX Midnight Sky, The (Alexandre Desplat) [12 cues, 35:07, M4A format] [NOTE: See initial post above for direct links to M4As.]
  14. NEW SCORE AVAILABLE: MISCELLANEOUS Dissident, The (Adam Peters) [65 cues, 2:36:56] [NOTE: See initial post above for links to SoundCloud playlists & separate track.]
  15. NEW SONGS AVAILABLE: Amazon Studios One Night in Miami... [Song - "Speak Now" (Leslie Odom, Jr. & Sam Ashworth), 3:37] Sound of Metal [Song - "Green" (Abraham Marder), 4:22] [NOTE: See initial post above for direct links to MP3s.]
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