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  1. Opening bells/gongs starting at 0:09 have a Rey's Theme vibe to them. Not note-for-note, but certainly a resemblance to my ears anyway.
  2. The sampling rate of a digital audio recording is the same for both channels of a stereo track. It’s not split in two for each track. For example, the left and right channels of a CD are each sampled at 44.1 kHz, providing each channel with a frequency range of 22.05 kHz (half the stapling rate per the Nyquist-Shannon theorem).
  3. Same here, but for me, it’s The Timekeeper and The Making of Me.
  4. Interesting tidbit about Stepmom... the FYC release is an HDCD, whereas the commercial release is not.
  5. Oh believe me, I haven't forgotten!
  6. Yes, this would be mine as well, @Miguel Andrade. Rarely do I see it for less than US$700 on eBay, Discogs, etc. EDIT: Oh, forgot about the FYC CDs for The BFG, SW:TLJ, and SW:TROS, too.
  7. Had the pleasure of attending the Tom Hooten/trumpet concerto sessions in September 2018, and very briefly met Williams there.
  8. Vienna, Schmienna! That April concert in Cleveland would have been the perfect locale for a career-ender...
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