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  1. I couldn’t download the files fast enough when I found them!! I’m thrilled that I was able to share the good fortune with my fellow JWFANners. I don’t know how long they had been up before Tuesday, though. I assumed the MP3s were taken down because of the exposure they received after the discovery, but it’s possible they could have been taken down based on the deadline (however the Frozen II files and site are still up).
  2. Why keep chasing the YT dragon when the original MP3 files are up on archive.org? (See the main post of this thread...)
  3. Thanks for the archive.org links, @Jay!! I have added them to my 2019 FYC site thread and made the original Disney links defunct.
  4. Credit also goes to composer Christophe Beck and @dylanskie, without whom we would not have known about the Frozen II score page, which ultimately served as a template!! It takes a village.
  5. For a week or so, I had been tinkering with various direct links to MP3 files (based on past file names, the Frozen II links, etc.) but hadn’t really tried variations of the score site link. After your post earlier today, I tried about half a dozen variations and WHAM, struck gold on the last one I tried!! So thanks for the motivation, @mrbellamy!!
  6. @mrbellamy, do you approve of me “git‘in er done”? 😉 Haven’t seen anything yet at the Disney site, nor on eBay CD-wise.
  7. I've added the direct MP3 links to the main post, but here they are...
  8. Okay, here you go!! NEW SCORE AVAILABLE Walt Disney Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (John Williams) [23 cues, 50:44]
  9. What makes you think that none of us are doing that already?
  10. Thanks for the detailed explanation, @Jay!! I can now appreciate the difference between them.
  11. Hoosiers (aka, Best Shot) The first JG score I owned in any form (cassette) and a sentimental favorite.
  12. Performance edits to match the versions heard in the film. Hence, film edits.
  13. Yes, I read that @Jayand everything there says (to me, at least) that it was sourced from stereo tapes. So the biggest difference in this and the Intrada is that it includes the film edits for some of the cues.
  14. So this is sourced from new transfers of stereo tapes, not remixed from multi-track tapes?
  15. Tom Hooten recently posted an announcement on Facebook about an event named LA Trumpet Summit, and he listed the following highlights: ”HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!! Next summer....don’t miss the very first LA Trumpet Summit! -Alison Balsom and the LA Phil (plus a masterclass with Alison) -Ryan Anthony -Tom Hooten playing John Williams’ Concerto with the LA Philharmonic -Wayne Bergeron and Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band! -Allen Vizzutti in recital - The LA Phil trumpet section in recital with coaching and masterclasses. -And more!!“ Checking the LA Trumpet Summit schedule, the LA Philharmonic/Hooten concert is 8 PM on July 21, 2020 at the Hollywood Bowl.
  16. Not sure! TLJ was a weird one, starting out with a ZIP, shifting to direct MP3 links, and then streaming MP3s, as I recall. I agree it's strange about the Frozen 2 score not being explicitly linked!! Maybe @dylanskie can provide some insight on how he found the score page? I usually poke around the pages to find music (Beltrami's score for A Quiet Place was another one that was somewhat buried on the Paramount site, as I recall), but I would never have found the Frozen 2 one.
  17. No music for TROS yet, but here's the link: http://disneystudiosawards.com/
  18. NEW SCORE AVAILABLE Universal Pictures LINK 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 1917 (Thomas Newman) [17 cues, 1:03:24] [Two weeks before the OST release!!]
  19. NEW SCORES AVAILABLE Amazon Studios LINK 1 or 2 Honey Boy (Alex Somers) [26 cues, 59:50] Report, The (David Wingo) [37 cues, 43:01]
  20. NEW SCORE AVAILABLE Amazon Studios LINK 1 or 2 Aeronauts, The (Steven Price) [19 cues, 59:21]
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