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  1. Agreed! The happiness with which he describes things like the captain cutting off the pirate's buttons (or something like that) during The Duel, and how proud he is of how that's accentuated that in the music, can only be described as adorable.
  2. It was just a stupid lucky guess (I mean come on, "Williams"? Really? ), but you're both welcome all the same! Glad we could all enjoy such a lovely and heart warming afternoon on a cold and wet day.
  3. Wonderful evening!! Williams remarked that while he doesn’t do “Born on the Fourth of July” often, he wanted to hear the Cleveland Orchestra do it, especially Michael Sachs. He also ended the evening by coming out one more time after the iconic “sleepy hands” to say good night and that if the audience kept being so nice to him, he’d have to live to be 100! Really strong performances. Helena’s Theme is even more beautiful live, and hearing Obi-Wan live again (this time prepared for it and not crying from a surprise appearance like at Celebration earlier this year) was fantastic. Sabrina’s Theme is also always so gorgeous and a strong inclusion. Encores were Yoda’s Theme, Raiders March (not the abbreviated version - Marion’s Theme was intact!), and Imperial March. This was my 23rd time seeing Williams conduct live, and my last one of the year. Until next time, Maestro!
  4. At the Israel Philharmonic’s concert tonight, it was shared that they attended Williams’ rehearsal with the Cleveland Orchestra this morning. Hearing that made tomorrow feel all the more real!
  5. I was able to get a program early! Looks like a really solid and unique setlist. I’m even more excited now! Wonderful program dedicated entirely to the event, too.
  6. I’m also coming from New York, but the City! Very excited. Still can’t believe I was able to guess the presale code and grab a front and center seat. Will be especially great since it seems Williams will be conducting this one entirely by himself, which is a rarity these days. The program still hasn’t been posted, but I called and they said that it would be all the usual classics. Going to be a great afternoon!
  7. The first time I saw Williams live (Boston Film Night 2008), there was no Star Wars in the program.
  8. VIP tickets including the Q&A and signed CD are $275ish including fees, which frankly is way better than I would’ve expected between the event and the legendary venue. Would be cool if there’s an opportunity to actually meet Shore and get a vinyl signed, but awesome opportunity and reasonable price regardless. I can already buy tickets on Ticketmaster, surprisingly. The first few rows are locked off in a presale, but wouldn’t wanna sit thaaaaat close anyway considering the big screen.
  9. Looked at tickets, and a front row seat is $250! That’s wild. More expensive than even the New York Philharmonic’s spring gala.
  10. That or Raiders’ March seem to be Williams’ go-to encores, especially if ET is already in the main program. - Neat that the Kenobi theme is getting another live performance. Bummer it wasn’t included in any of the recent East Coast concerts! I hope everyone here who’s going has fun.
  11. I think the same new video was used at the Kennedy Center tribute a couple months ago. Great to see you for a sec, btw!
  12. So far so good! The program is beautiful, and they’re also selling these cute hats for the occasion.
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