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  1. My favorite Star Wars theme! I love how it’s made a comeback in recent years, including that gorgeously slower, sadder statement in The Last Jedi. My favorite Williams memory is jumping to my feet for a standing ovation after the piece finished at Tanglewood last year, and as Williams turned to face the audience, he looked at me and raised his arms with a big smile to match my enthusiasm.
  2. I am so excited to hear what you do with the graveyard scene and duel. I’ve always thought the original scoring for that scene was too frantic, almost as if Voldemort was some kind of scary clown instead of an ominous Dark Lord. Really hoping that you make the scene more atmospherically ominous, especially during Voldemort’s monologue (when the original music is particularly unnecessarily frantic).
  3. It’s real. Cassettes have made a small comeback in recent years, more for nostalgia than anything. Urban Outfitters usually sells them. Australia actually had an official ROTS VHS.
  4. Wasn’t there a third? I thought he did it another time at Tanglewood as well.
  5. I certainly hope JWFan isn’t playing on outdated, homophobic stereotypes.
  6. Isn’t that concept art for Trevorrow’s thrown out “Duel of the Fates” script?
  7. I was hoping they’d release one of these for Empire Strike’s Back anniversary this year. It’s really an awesome set I didn’t want to be alone on the shelf.
  8. Wow, @Aaron Fullan! This is so neat! I agree that the pacing could be smoothed a bit, but I love the more creative moments that have fresh takes on the themes - particularly the chorus added to Luke and Leia (my favorite theme), and even more so, the Middle Eastern vocal added to Rey’s Theme (what an amazing sentence that was to type). I love Middle Eastern music, and would LOVE to hear that unique take of Rey’s Theme expanded upon!
  9. Anyone know if Williams would also be present at the morning rehearsal?
  10. Loved the score! But, as much as I was hoping for at least one more “Luke and Leia” statement, why was it played when... Lando and Jannah were talking? Also, that was its only use, right?
  11. I wonder if he would show up for Empire. Didn’t he come out at the end of Star Wars last year?
  12. Some great stuff in here! For one, his energy and enthusiasm are remarkable. He also crushes on Daisy again, and even on Billy Dee Williams a little bit! haha
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