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  1. I suppose, though everything else scheduled so far will be indoors.
  2. Awesome! I wonder if they’ll do the usual Film Night in addition to this? Also surprised there’s no word about anything at Symphony Hall in Boston yet.
  3. Got my tickets for the main birthday concert (hopefully Williams will do an encore himself), and the Jurassic Park LTP for the q&a with him beforehand! So now seeing the maestro in Philly, NYC, Pittsburgh, and DC. Hopefully Tanglewood will happen as usual too!
  4. https://twitter.com/theoneringnet/status/1474479494354198528?s=21 What do we make of this?
  5. Ooh, that was fast!! Thanks!! Ordered that gold vinyl, the 7”, and the deluxe CD/Blu-Ray. Interesting the website doesn’t say just how limited these physical releases are, especially the gold and 7” vinyls that are only described as “numbered”.
  6. Fingers crossed for some kind of limited numbered vinyl again. Still kicking myself for missing the Vienna one!
  7. Any word on a limited vinyl edition like the golden /1000 Vienna one?
  8. Public tickets are now on sale! Got Row B all the way to the left, closest one still available after the earlier subscriber purchases.
  9. Very interesting. Granted, asking for an autograph in a concert space is totally out of line, but it’s still a shame how averse he’s become to signing autographs in general since the eBay hounds ruined it. Wild to think that just a handful of years ago, he’d practically hang out outside the Boston stage door taking his time talking with everyone.
  10. I think any live music experience, let alone one with a legend like Williams, feels way more special after the past year and a half.
  11. Chills. Absolute chills. I have paid a pretty penny several times over the years to see the Maestro conduct his work only feet away. I’ve never taken it for granted, but something about it being free today made it all the more surreal. The three pieces Williams and Mutter did were indeed The Long Goodbye, Marion’s Theme, and Han Solo and The Princess (which took an already stunning theme to unbelievable new heights). Williams also came out at the end of the concert with the three other conductors, and they left him to do an encore of The Imperial March. Truly surreal!
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