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  1. I had over 9,750 entries and didn’t win, so I think it was indeed a random drawing. Definitely bummed, but there were over a million entries by people so the odds weren’t good anyway!
  2. https://www.carnegiehall.org/Calendar/2024/02/22/An-Evening-with-John-Williams-and-Yo-Yo-Ma-0700PM Just a couple days after what’s likely the same concert program in Philadelphia.
  3. Lovely conversation so far. Nothing new, just lots of mutual praise between Williams and Spielberg, but nice to see them all the same. This was indeed filmed in California at Spielberg’s Amblin offices. The first half of the episode was with only Spielberg, then the Williams segment started. Colbert just said there isn’t enough time in the episode to air everything, so there’ll be more of the interview with both of them aired next week.
  4. An episode always has a musical guest, and the rest are interview guests. If Williams isn’t listed as a musical guest, he isn’t performing.
  5. I know there’s a below-zero chance they’d do it, but I’d love to hear another take on Luke & Leia. The first version on the first Across The Stars album was hardly different from the original arrangement, and I’d so love to hear a new one that’s in the same vein as the theme’s big statement in The Last Jedi - slower, sadder, but with a touch of hope.
  6. They sold the exact same signed CD for only $25? That makes the VIP feel less neat lol. Did they only have Fellowship signed, or the others as well? And the Q&A really didn’t start until midnight?! What time did the movie end? Sorry for all the questions, trying to get an idea of how tomorrow night will go.
  7. So if it’s not Shore, then who is the CD signed by? The concert conductor who has nothing to do with it?
  8. Just tuned into WQXR to hear what turned out to be the ending applause of Anne-Sophie’s Carnegie Hall concert with the Virtuosi! Couldn’t make it tonight and didn’t know it was being broadcast. I imagine it’ll be available for streaming later and we’ll all get to hear these new arrangements. The commentators said she did a lot of gushing about Williams. They also just interviewed her, and she mentioned Williams continuing to rewrite his themes for violin!
  9. On the topic of moments in one film sounding like a theme statement from a future one, I’ve always thought this bit of “Father and Son” from Jedi sounds like “Across the Stars” from Clones, and it’s a relatively fitting scene, too.
  10. What a wonderful lineup! Glad the Film Night tradition is continuing and back to normal. The birthday tribute last year was cute, but I definitely prefer the Maestro on the podium verses in the audience! haha I do wonder why he isn’t doing the May/June Boston concerts anymore. It’s been years now since the last one, since even before the pandemic. The last time he conducted in Boston, it was those few random October 2021 concerts, and that’s just because they were recording Violin 2. I miss those late spring/early summer Film Nights in Symphony Hall itself.
  11. https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cn6e_4WASbm/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= “This is the "Long Good Bye" by the great John Williams in an adaptation especially for my Virtuosi. It will be one of two John Williams pieces being played as an encore. Premieres in any case!” She’s currently on a tour with the Virtuosi. Looks like there’s a concert tonight in Iceland, then Miami, Atlanta, NYC, Chicago, and Toronto.
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