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  1. Very interesting. Granted, asking for an autograph in a concert space is totally out of line, but it’s still a shame how averse he’s become to signing autographs in general since the eBay hounds ruined it. Wild to think that just a handful of years ago, he’d practically hang out outside the Boston stage door taking his time talking with everyone.
  2. I think any live music experience, let alone one with a legend like Williams, feels way more special after the past year and a half.
  3. Chills. Absolute chills. I have paid a pretty penny several times over the years to see the Maestro conduct his work only feet away. I’ve never taken it for granted, but something about it being free today made it all the more surreal. The three pieces Williams and Mutter did were indeed The Long Goodbye, Marion’s Theme, and Han Solo and The Princess (which took an already stunning theme to unbelievable new heights). Williams also came out at the end of the concert with the three other conductors, and they left him to do an encore of The Imperial March. Truly surreal!
  4. Greetings from Symphony Hall! The program only says the same vague “three arrangements for violin” as the website. Not piece names. Guess it’ll be a surprise, though I’d assume two of them will be The Long Goodbye and Marion’s Theme.
  5. Reminder that there’s a free concert today too with three film pieces for violin! It’ll broadcast on BSO Now.
  6. Greetings from the third row! He looked at me quite a bit! Seeing the maestro live will never get old.
  7. That’s what Williams himself called it, if I recall correctly.
  8. An ear more familiar with the original could comment on the sound more than me, but I do believe this concert will be broadcast on the radio. It was the only film piece of the night, though there’ll be two more on Sunday (which I was hoping would be final encores tonight, but there were no encores at all and Williams didn’t appear in the second half).
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