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  1. Wow, @Aaron Fullan! This is so neat! I agree that the pacing could be smoothed a bit, but I love the more creative moments that have fresh takes on the themes - particularly the chorus added to Luke and Leia (my favorite theme), and even more so, the Middle Eastern vocal added to Rey’s Theme (what an amazing sentence that was to type). I love Middle Eastern music, and would LOVE to hear that unique take of Rey’s Theme expanded upon!
  2. Anyone know if Williams would also be present at the morning rehearsal?
  3. Loved the score! But, as much as I was hoping for at least one more “Luke and Leia” statement, why was it played when... Lando and Jannah were talking? Also, that was its only use, right?
  4. I wonder if he would show up for Empire. Didn’t he come out at the end of Star Wars last year?
  5. Some great stuff in here! For one, his energy and enthusiasm are remarkable. He also crushes on Daisy again, and even on Billy Dee Williams a little bit! haha
  6. The Imperial March will always be for Vader and references to him (like when we see his melted mask). I’d be shocked if we ever hear Anakin’s theme again. Meanwhile, the Emperor already has a theme, and it’s been his theme through pretty much the whole saga. It may not be a “March”, but he doesn’t need a new theme.
  7. I’m so glad this might be something!! Every morning, once I wake up, I check my usual websites to see what’s new in the world, including the Star Wars Leaks subreddit, which is a great source for Star Wars news generally. Someone had posted this ad, but no one seemed to be noting the rather Williams-esque music, so I rushed right over here to get some other opinions!
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsAaRwkNgk8 I literally just woke up, so if this is from one of the other films, blame my tiredness for not recognizing it. That said - thoughts?
  9. Can confirm, front row is the best by far. You’ll be able to hear orchestras do these pieces for years to come, but seeing the man himself conduct them two or three feet in front of you is an experience like no other. It’s how I’ve seen him at the majority of the concerts I’ve been to, and it’s truly jaw dropping, not to mention the little interactions you get as mentioned above. I’ve exchanged head nods, little eyebrow raises, and smiles with Williams himself after hearing my favorite pieces live conducted by him, and it’s surreal. This past year at Tanglewood, after one of the Star Wars pieces, he even gave me a big smile and raised both his arms in a kind of “huzzah” in response to my excited clapping!
  10. I thought the OST album version was also from somewhere else, recorded by a choir in Tel Aviv. Am I wrong? Did JW arrange/record that too?
  11. Only listened to Luke and Leia so far out of the new tracks, and I will say I’m a bit disappointed that it’s just Anne-Sophie playing on top of what is essentially the concert suite. This was a chance for Williams to totally reinterpret it, perhaps expand on the haunting, sadder statement of it from Last Jedi, but instead, it’s hardly different at all.
  12. Has Williams ever commented on why the timing of the Luke and Leia theme is so different in Return of the Jedi (mainly “Brother and Sister”) vs its concert suite from the same film? The notes are the same, but some are played faster for some reason. Only the “Leia’s News” statement is normal.
  13. This makes me wonder - how incredible would an album of just Williams, his themes, and a piano be? Just him playing his themes alone as he hears them in his head. Nothing fancy, but these iconic themes being played by the man himself. That would be an incredible album. He could record it in a day!
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