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  1. Is that total, including the first pressing and the new batches from the other week?
  2. Any idea if there are plans for him to be at any of the Boston concerts (including the couple tribute ones)?
  3. Well I already helped him remember that Across the Stars is from Episode II, so it only makes sense to consider Asteroid Field to be from Episode V. 😉
  4. Oh my gosh! Ordered! Thanks for the heads up, @Eplicon!! It’s been an hour since you posted and they’re still allowing orders, too. I guess they finally decided to press more - just wonder how many. And to think, someone bought one on eBay last night for $760. Ouch to them!
  5. The cracked one with bidding starting at $500 has received one bid so far.
  6. Forgot to share this! When I was hanging around the Tanglewood grounds the day of Parade, I walked by the sound/lighting tables towards the back of the shed and noticed a pile of papers there from the Film Night rehearsals. A few minutes later, I saw a guy at the tables, and I asked him if I could have one of the Film Night setlists, which he had zero problems with. I always try to get setlists from more contemporary concerts I go to, so to get the closest thing to one from a John Williams concert is so exciting! I have one from this year’s NYC show as well. They’re definitely a unique sorta collectible that give neat little insights into the technicalities of the show.
  7. Some upper level tickets for this are finally available after the page showing no availability for months. Looks like anything closer or lower is reserved for people buying tickets to the pre-concert cocktail party and/or post-concert gala, which range from $1,000 to $2,500.
  8. Made a somewhat rudimentary album cover from some online articles' photos. I'm no graphic designer, but it's something.
  9. Short but sweet from the Maestro tonight! Only the three pieces listed and he didn’t say a word (nor did any conductors but Lockhart), but he was still quite energetic and we exchanged some glances and a “thank you”.
  10. Great review! I had a similar interaction (in addition to the Asteroid Field introduction moment). During the standing ovation for DOTF, I called out “thank you!!”, and he looked at me with a nod and said “thank you” back. Chills! - I’m already at Tanglewood, program is the same as online. No surprises like this past Saturday. Williams isn’t doing 1812, just his own three pieces.
  11. Just realized I forgot to post this selfie from before the concert! Was so fun sharing the experience with fellow JW Fan’ers!
  12. Nope, only last year because of his birthday.
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