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  1. Finally got through online, figured I’d stay in the queue to see the seating chart and get an idea of where my seats are. Turns out they’re two of only four in Row D in Section 2, right near the front. Dayum. Anyway, I see other side-angle-but-really-close seats still available. Hope you all can grab them!
  2. Just got off the phone after a 40 minute wait, got the two farthest right seats in section 2 row D (which will be the second row, according to the box office person I spoke with). Closest they had available. Far to the side, but at least way closer than the row P seats I got before. TBD what I’ll end up doing with my older tickets, but I’ll post here if I end up selling them! At face value, of course! EDIT: Checked out a seating chart and they’re actually two of only four seats in row D in section 2, right near the front. Dayum.
  3. Tickets are open now. Not sure what the delay was. I’m 1,037th in line. lol
  4. I can’t speak to if it’s actual 5.1 channels if played from an Apple TV through a system, but I know that for the simulated surround sound on headphones, they’re actual new mixes, not just thrown through a processor. Just adding that the LA Philharmonic and Vienna albums are in Atmos.
  5. Apple just unveiled Dolby Atmos versions of music through Apple Music. It allows music to basically be in surround sound, even through stereo headphones. A version of the Imperial March by the LA Philharmonic is featured on Apple’s big playlist of examples of the technology. In terms of JW albums, the only Star Wars soundtrack in Atmos at the moment is The Rise of Skywalker, which doesn’t really sound “surrounding” but certainly sounds like it has a wider soundstage (that’s what I’m generally finding with the Atmos tech so far). Still exploring if other albums of his ha
  6. Aw thanks! He used to be much more accessible after the Boston concerts until just a few years ago. He would sign and take pics as he arrived and left Symphony Hall (I even have a signed print of that pic with him). Sadly, that tradition stopped thanks to eBay autograph hounds.
  7. It’s worth noting that they’re skipping every other row of seats in the shed, and the first row is row H.
  8. Oh, sorry. Yeah, that one seems sold out for now.
  9. I still see lawn available for the 23rd: https://secure.bso.org/syos/performance/22977
  10. Got a couple lawn “seats” before realizing the shed’s icons between available seat and sold seat is a very small hollow circle vs. a very small filled circle. Could barely tell the difference. But ended up getting seats in Row P. Question is, what’s better - being back in Row P, or possibly closer (I think?) but way to the side on the lawn?
  11. https://thesoundofvinyl.com/*/*/John-Williams-in-Vienna-Special-Edition/6L7X0000000 The limited, numbered vinyl appears to still be in stock here!
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