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  1. They pushed the original August date from August to September 13th. Then they changed the date on the website to September 20th. Now that it’s the 20, it has the 27th. They didn’t send out any messages for the September push backs but I’m assuming it’ll be soon.
  2. After it makes a billion dollars probably lol. My prediction is that it is released for digital late November for Thanksgiving in the US. Then a physical release before Christmas.
  3. I just now realized Zimmer was doing The Creator. What are the expectations on this one? I figured Dune Part 2 was going to be his big next film.
  4. That’s good news. The gap between seasons for tv shows is already too long.
  5. Now Oppenheimer can win all the technical awards too.
  6. Yeah it was a pretty good start. I wonder how those who haven’t seen the Rebels show will feel about it so far.
  7. Disney had an evil plan to make everyone have FOMO and then put them back up to increase their sales.
  8. I'm going to give these two a relisten today back to back while I work.
  9. The ask wasn't for my bottom 10 jk that really doesn't go that low on my list
  10. Star Wars Jurassic Park Raiders of the Lost Ark Schindler’s List The Empire Strikes Back Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Close Encounters of the Third Kind Home Alone Star Wars: The Force Awakens My top five are pretty set but after that it could really switch up depending on the day. I also could have easily picked 8 Star Wars scores + Jurassic and Raiders as my top 10.
  11. I think Napoleon will be well liked among audiences, but as for box office success, I don’t think it’ll get anywhere near Oppenheimer. There just isn’t going to be the same type of hype. As for critical success and award nominations, I think it’ll mostly be between Oppenheimer and KOTFM. I think even Apple thinks KOTFM is their big award contender for the year. If they thought Napoleon was on the same level I feel like they would hold it for next year. Of course I don’t really know what they have scheduled next year.
  12. Was this something he told you recently, or a while back before they were bought out?
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