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  1. Wow, this is the first time I'm actually familiar with two titles released by specialty labels in one month! Is this going to be a great year for me?
  2. Fanmade content varies wildly. Musescore users have done admibrale transcriptions of random cues, though. Hal Leonard is not allowed to send me their scores in PDF or MIDI even though it's my only way to read them and the studios and JW's agents refuse to help.
  3. So what happened during ET? Did they actually sync up the scene to Adventures on Earth? How does that work with the concert arrangement being significantly different from the movie cue?
  4. Lady Macbeth. Christopher Fairbank and Paul Hilton are great, but I felt oddly detached throughout the whole thing and they didn’t even make an effort to make me care about most of it. There’s too much sex in it and it’s ridiculous that Katherine falls for Sebastian (terrible actor). The ending is absurd. There was hardly any score in the movie. When it was there, it only worked occasionally, but it sounded like the same cue every time. And the Foley guys really overdid it.
  5. That's exactly what Middle Earth has always been to me.
  6. So… What did they really play at these concerts? Is there a comprehensive and accurate list?
  7. Okay, so I went to an LSO concert a couple of days ago and was incredibly fortunate to hear them perform Beethoven's 7th. Now addicted to both them and the 4th movement of that work as a result. I'm wondering if there's a comprehensive online resource that lists all the CDs (no vinyls) the LSO has ever released? Note that I am nt interested in that incredibly unwieldy and incomprehensible PDF they advertise themselves.
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