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  1. Never too early for BF threads. As HP4 won't happen, I hope for Hook or The Terminal. Or a more recent Zimmer.
  2. Fair enough, I just couldn't ever invest in it.
  3. Yeah I was going to ask: didn't Mike once say in a podcast how he was in a room with the tapes, but that they were so damaged that they needed to wear masks or something to protect themselves from poisonous vapours, and/or that they could only play them once? Also, and this is absolutely not a criticism towards this release, why did they have to wait so long? Is this yet another example of a competent producer allowed in the room way too late? Or are there really company people who think it's a good idea to sit on these things for years and ban commercial releases? Serious question, not sarcasm.
  4. Whatever it is, I hope it makes MM as happy as his HP set made me.
  5. A Police Academy box with loads of alternates for Hooks' cues?
  6. Far and away live, in February, in Mayo, so that I can attend. Would be very considerate.
  7. 1. The Shawm cue gets released in its own box. 2. MM has bought WB and solved the entire merging/whatever conflict, releases HP4-8 and Perfect Storm, plus complete sessions takes for HP1. 3. MM tells Disney what's what and puts out an actually good Hunchback of Notre Dame. 4. Star Wars/Indy box sets, which I'll be curious about, but not super excited about. 5. Hook gets a proper release. Unable to estimate my reaction to that news. Why tomorrow though?
  8. That moment you get your hands on a MIDI file of Symphonie Fantastique IV and realise what the strings are actually doing underneath the second fanfare. Mind blown away.
  9. Not the best thread to ask this, but in a way it is. I just started buying the digital versions od DG & Decca’s orchestral Karajan boxes through Presto Music. Long story short, I had, um, obtained, the complete DG 240CD one years ago, but the illogical album order got on my nerves, so I’m going official. I’m just updating my Beethoven files from the 70s cycle and they sound totally different. Less reverb, maybe a bit less bass, closer mics to the orchestra, but still definitely the 70s cycle. It is not as reverb-y and ‘distant’ as the master on the 2008 complete DG Japan set, which is the master that I think was also pressed on the Galleria CD series and also on their ‘Beethoven: Complete Symphonies & 6 overtures’. But it is also most definitely not a downmix of the 2018 HI-Res Blu-Ray audio: I checked for a sloppy tape edit in 7-4 that was corrected on the BR set, but it’s still in my new Presto files. My question: where does this master come from? Was it every released physically? Did somebody seriously remaster this cycle for a monster box set and then never pressed it separately?
  10. I found the piano prominence distracting, but in JP it really works. You wonder why JW writes so intricately for an instrument you then barely hear.
  11. That doesn't mean anything, I'm still waiting for two classical box sets to appear on there that were released in May.
  12. Yeah so now that the tickets are confirmed, I just had to listen to Home Alone. (And Rn Rudolph HAS TO BE IN THE MAIN PROGRAM.) Is September too early for this?
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