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  1. Get Braveheart! bollemanneke, who prefers Horner to Barry and likes reviving this old signature style
  2. I generally don't like Bernstein either, but Hogwood's obsessively staccato take is just ridiculous. Anybody with common sense knows this is not the way to play it.
  3. Hearing it live is on another level entirely. Especially when you've got a great choir that does not know what vibrato is. I think that was my first goosebump moment in a concert hall.
  4. Oh, I completely agree that some movies can promote/perpetuate messages, but lots of critics don't seem to understand time and place anymore. Take Suffragette: criticised because it failed to mention US or black women had to wait longer for the vote. BECAUSE IT WAS ABOUT THE UK.
  5. Again, I was being tongue-in-cheek as no movie made today seems to be immune to either race-related casting controversies or people being offended by it. The more Roger Ebert and co I read, the more I think: Dude, can you never just sit back?
  6. I mean it's not a classy movie, it's just great fun. Like Cmmando. Mindless crap to end an evening.
  7. I'm just saying that some people seem to think Hollywood is, or needs to be, more than cheap entertainment (London Has Fallen was apparently insensitive to 7/7 victims). I don't watch movies hoping for commentary on society, I watch them to forget about society.
  8. I'm sure some woke do-gooders would say the movie is racist, but I was just being tongue-in-cheek.
  9. On My PC: alphabetically. Thank Windows for taking that out of my hands. On my shelf: pure and utter chaos. Will probably never change. At least they're all together.
  10. Crazy rich Asians. Wow, I’m having a real racist weekend, aren’t I? The first half was definitely the best and I also didn’t need that corny ending. Awkwafina wasn’t that bad this time, though, and Michelle Yeoh is as good as ever. This might be the best Brian Tyler score I’ve heard so far too. Never imagined he could write such emotional cues. Fun music and great use of ride of the Valkyries.
  11. London has fallen. Utterly ridiculous, but also hugely entertaining. Hadn’t recognised Eckhart at all at first and Charlotte Riley is so good. The score starts (and ends) with a stupid D minor cue, complete with (softly) wailing man. Then it changes direction completely and its more intimate cues sound like improved In Her Shoes material while the action stuff isn’t bad at all either. One wonders why they bothered with the stupid opening and ending if that was the direction they wanted to take. God bless you all, and God bless… Oh, no, wait.
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