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  1. finished disc 1. That end credits track is so much better than the re-recording, although the quality of the re-recording is undoubtedly better. I wish Williams hadn't modified all those pieces for the Spielberg albums and just re-recorded what he originally wrote. Especially his arrangements for mixed choir are off, I always prefer the film versions.
  2. Just wanted to say this: Listened multiple times to a bit from CE3K by the VPO, both in FLAC and VBR0 MP3. If I really strain, I can hear the contrabassoon SLIGHTLY more clearly in the FLAC file, but it just is not worth the extra space. I tried with two different pairs of headphones, same result. Boy, am I glad I'm converting my collection to VBR0.
  3. Pass. Now what am I going to get for my birthday? Gift certificate it is.
  4. @Jurassic Shark Do you happen to know how many times Neville Marriner recorded Handel's three Concerti a Due Cori and concerto Grosso Alexander's Feast?
  5. Just readign the great article Mike wrote for JWfan and here's a really genuine question: we're told multiple times how supportive JW and Spielberg were of this expansion. Why, then, did they wait for someone like Mike to come along for 25 years? Wouldn't it have been easier and more rewarding for everyone involved to just do a proper release on day 1? Would anyone have objected?
  6. I don't even tolerate classical mono recordings. They all sound like crap, no matter who conducts them.
  7. Read the liner notes and loved them. MM is such a great writer. Now started the audio interview. Why is it a WAV file? Tim Burden sounds really different here.
  8. Empire of the Sun. I turned to the English TV guide since the Belgian one didn’t have anything good to offer. The first thing that told me this was a good choice was the fact that the audio-describer was the man who had done the last few Game of Thrones seasons. He even inserted some dry remarks here and there. The kid seemed a little too precocious at times, I briefly got tired of him and of course he had to get separated from his parents because Spielberg. The feel-good factor was a bit too high at first too and I only truly started to ‘enjoy’ it once Jim had finally cracked, but
  9. Orchestral suite? Is that like an arrangement of themes? (It's not available in my country.)
  10. I haven't ever listened to that last one, but Gerhardt is certainly good, though the orchestra sometimes sounds too far away from me.
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