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  1. The jungle book, 2016. I wanted to watch this one because I never saw any adaptation as a child and only have vague memories of being exposed to the stories. The talented voice cast is mostly okay, but could have been a lot better, with a few exceptions: Ben Kingsley is great and Scarlett Johansson is absolutely fantastic, but people like Lupita Nyong'o and Christopher Walken didn’t make much of an impression. The movie never quite recovers once the monkey sequence starts, but it was certainly enjoyable enough. And this has to be the best John Debney score I’ve heard so far. I was counting on a serviceable effort, but he really exceeded my expectations this time.
  2. Disney strikes back. / Star Wars: Only a fool's hope.
  3. Well, as I said, I already went to HP1. And POTC is a fine score. Fine for what it is, I mean.
  4. Huh? Harry Potter 1 is coming back to Antwerp in June. That's so weird. They did HP1 a couple of years ago and HP2 the next year, which didn't sell at all. Why not continue with HP3? The weirdest part is that I'm actually considering to go again if I can, but they're also doing POTC1, which I haven't heard live yet, so…
  5. Very uplifting to read this. I really needed that sense of normality.
  6. Licence to kill. Not the best Bond movie. The acting during the prologue was terrible, but Priscilla Barnes and Robert Brown are great. David Hedison is unconvincing and I also just can’t warm up to Timothy Dalton, the serious tone of his movies or the fact that Bond is totally out of character in this one. Oh no, now he’s arguing with Bouvier? And now they’re kissing? That didn’t take long. The girls aren’t interesting either and for God’s sake, how many times is he going to tell Pam to leave him alone? My first Michael Kamen score. I didn’t like the opening cue: the variation on the Bond theme was really raw and bad, but the opening song grew on me and I loved the guitar, the casino music and the finale, but other than that, it’s not really interesting.
  7. Current measures extended for another two weeks, possibly four. And my family says I'm taking it badly. Luckily we have news reporters on hand who always ask intelligent questions. 'So the Prime Minister tells us that the exponential growth of the virus is being delayed. Could you explain what that means?' Oh, I don't know… What could she possibly mean by that? Jesus Christ...
  8. Yeah, I'm not sure if dull is the right word. Some things about his style just… doesn't work for me, one of them being his total lack of understanding when it comes to music. No one in their right mind would have left the scene after Voldemort's death unscored.
  9. Post offices still open here, but my package is still stuck in the US according to the tracking info.
  10. I'll repeat what I said earlier: Ever since Yates stepped in, with the exception of Fantastic Beasts 1, I've felt as though the filmmakers didn't want me to return to that magical world anymore. I'm all for dark drama and whatnot, but there's a difference between dark storytelling and outright dull storytelling.
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