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  1. Same here. I never noticed it at first, but then found out he was an American and from that point on it became really irritating.
  2. What is there to flesh out about the ST, though? We all got what we wanted, right: Rey searching for her parents for three movies, learning they were fine people and then discarding them completely because Skywalker needed to be the last word of the movie.
  3. But BTT has horrible distortion issue on the ragtime band track. And yes, the LLL also excludes the LSO suites (which are boring most of the time).
  4. Right, but I just don't really like the accent that much.
  5. You can revive old threads, but you can't ask people to PM you these things, I think…
  6. I thought London was a really mixed bag. There's so much to do, but living is expensive as hell and, without wanting to be racist at all, it feels so multicultural that there's not much English about it anymore, it's just… nothing more than a huge international blend. I didn't feel like I was in England. Scotland: never! Two minutes of Nicola Sturgeon on the news is more than I can bear already. York: one day.
  7. Huh, I somehow immediately want to dismiss that comparison but do hear the similarity too.
  8. Catch me if you can, learning the ropes. I really have to put my library on shuffle more often, this is so awesome.
  9. Little update: Going to Manchester next week to meet host families. This feels unreal in a really good way.
  10. That's nice, but could you give me access to the file? Also, final score cue is great!
  11. OMG! You actually talked to the violinist I mentioned! What a great conversation. Made my day.
  12. Since you rescored those HBP bits, I'm really intrigued what one could do with JW cues. Like, say you start Death of Cedric with The Reunion from War Horse.
  13. Agreed. I will admit that the graveyard cue was breathtaking and some things rally work very well, but overall, I would be much more interested if someone just matched a bunch of random JW cues to picture. That way we would at least have the real thing.
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