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  1. bollemanneke


    Oh, sorry, yeah, I meant I didn't want to imagine what else that scene could have included. That shouting kid is bad enough.
  2. bollemanneke


    There's an extended Good Night Neverland? I don't even want to start imagining what this is.
  3. He could prepare his entire thing and only release it after JW has died too.
  4. Why do you think that? I have no idea how many other leaked sheets of other scores show unrecorded alternates, but isn't it possible that those HP3 alternates were just drafts that were considered too bad to record? Also, why did they not look at the tapes for this score? Budget reasons? I think I would have done it had I been aware of all the alternates I might find there.
  5. bollemanneke


    That video posted earlier claimed that enormous amounts of scenes were cut, like Maggie becoming a mother to the pirates or something. Did JW ever score those things?
  6. The bravados. It’s so weird how some people in older movies (Joan Collins in this case) all sound superficial, as if they are computers with limited intonation and emotions. Having said that, I liked Kathleen Gallant and Gregory Peck is awesome. The story is good enough and the final twist is amazing. Most of the score is magnificent, though the ending is senselessly upbeat. Here’s hoping everything has been re-recorded/remastered because such good music should not sound so atrocious. It slows down and speeds up so violently that a lot of it actually sounds off-key. The sound effects and editing are hilarious.
  7. He uses one of the first frozen lake cues. Check Data's edit too, he mocked up the same passage in the bonus section and it most definitely sounds like it was inspired by Patronus Power. When you say ‘wait for the material to be found’, do you mean that people are still looking as we speak? Any chance you could post the archive cue names for the three movies at some point? I am really curious.
  8. Thanks, Jay, that was an impressive explanation! One slightly related question: Why did Mike have to use the album master for certain tracks? Or rather, why would album material not be included in the archives he got from WB and the editors?
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