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  1. Morpheus has finished listening to this edition. The presentation is too raw and the track titles are utterly ridiculous. Also, who or what is switch? I'm not following.
  2. Oh, me too. I only buy my stuff in Belgium if I really have to, amazon UK is too convenient.
  3. Yes, but I can still buy every film I want on DVD. They're clearly still selling.
  4. In all seriousness, I don't understand why they don't do a DVD version. Films are sitll being released on DVD.
  5. Huh, really? Because it's a vinyl you mean?
  6. I'm curious when we're finally going to get the timestamps for the CDs.
  7. Is it normal that I ordered a vinyl from France on 30/12 using standard shipping and it still hasn't arrived?
  8. Yeah I guess it's only useful if you're transcribing music or something, or when you have to tune something.
  9. I have perfect pitch, they say, and played the piano from a very early age. I've always taken it for granted and am always surprised that some musicians tell me it's so great that I have perfect pitch. I mean, how can you not have it when involved in music?
  10. Breaking bad, one episode to go. I really didn’t need this last season. - Mike dead was moving, but I didn’t like it. - Lydia is Fring’s superior? Yeah, right. - Didn’t need Todd. - We spend four seasons trying to keep Jessie around and then ditch him in two episodes. - Andrea dead, fuck yeah, why not. - Hank and Gomy dead, no! - Skyler gets protection but cops fail to guard back of the house? Yeah, right. They should have combined Gus’ death with Walt fleeing etc.
  11. Right, but they do buy editions of the books in languages they can't read, they do buy wands and Time-Turners etc. That's what I mean, why is the music so unimportant to those people?
  12. In my case, it is. I'm not doing it for JW at all, why would I, I just find it incomprehensible that this particular fan community completely ignored such a box set.
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