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  1. Question about ripping audio CDs. I’m trying to rip my Harry Potter audiobooks (downloads have inferior quality). Every time I try this, the drive starts crashing towards the end of the discs. The discs play perfectly fine and are not damaged at all. So far I’ve tried Express Rip and Cdex. I’ve tried three different drives and also slowing down their speed because sometimes I can hear the speed decreasing as the ripping continues and the glitching begins (after the laser spends some time going back and forth like mad). Nothing works. Every single time, the final tracks sound like a really badly damaged CD. What’s going on? Not a single music CD I have has this problem.
  2. Exactly. I think JW wanted to trigger emotions first and be intellectual second.
  3. Including the OST is ridiculous. I would totally understand it if people wanted to keep their physical ones for nostalgia purposes and to remember what it was like to have just that, but including it in an expansion is just nonsensical. The whole point of these releases is to improve problematic OSTs. Who on earth will listen to disc 1? And it makes it more expensive.
  4. Mike called it Harry's theme, so that's what it is to me now. I find his writing and analyses very interesting and revealing.
  5. I just had a thought: is Harry's theme in HP1 underused and overused in 2?
  6. I have no idea what the normal procedure is, but if I recall correctly, people ordering Potter from MB etc only got it in January, so I'd say that makes the pre-order thing not really relevant since they've all got to wait longer anyway. Which is a shame, really.
  7. I really don't care about GoldenEye or Licence to Kill. Would be very nice to know that a competent producer had tackled them, of course, but it's not pressing at all. Can't wait to re-discover TND.
  8. I don't think we should expect any more this year. I really hope Hook is their January release.
  9. Why on earth would you open the set with the OST? Does it contain anything not on the other discs?
  10. No instabuys for me, but this is the first time I actually know 4 of the titles! Impressive batch, though I still wish HP4 had been in it.
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