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  1. I feel like a real idiot only discovering this now and you guys have probably dsicussed this to death already, but... is it me, or does TLJ sound much better than both TROS and TFA? I feel like the orchestra has more space and that the instruments have much more room to breathe? Whereas TFA and TROS is all about LOUD BRASS AND EVEN MORE LOUD BRASS!!!!!!! Or is that just because TLJ has so many calm cues?
  2. Well, that too, but I was referring to the complete lack of reverb.
  3. I went for Chamber of Secrets. Home Alone 2 has truly great moments that sometimes even surpass the original score. However, HA2’s new material is underused to such an extent that I can’t help wondering whether JW or Columbus even liked it. HA2 also suffers from a truly horrible recording. It sounds like Giacchino was involved in the mix. HP2 is performed by the LSO, which needs no further explanation, and Mike’s recent remastering only made that more obvious. Yes, it does reprise lots of HP1 moments, but they never feel forced, unlike the incessant Somewhere In My Memo
  4. @TownerFan Sorry if this has already been asked, but are you planning to interview members of the LSO during or after the LA series as well? I would love to hear all the questions you would ask them.
  5. Westworld. The men in general all sound interchangeable and the pacing couldn’t have been worse: important scenes end before you know it while others just won’t stop. The movie lasts only 84 minutes, but I feel like I just came back from a Hobbit marathon. Also, knowing that this guy came up with Jurassic Park too makes the latter come across as very cheap. The score is weird, yet oddly appropriate, but way too short, the period music is amazing and the sound mix isn’t very stable.
  6. Is there a Windows equalizer that allows me to configure the sound of separate channels? It would need to affect every sound my computer makes, no matter what player/website I'm using.
  7. Yes, in the sense that I can keep some money for something else now.
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