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  1. Sliding doors. Pretty good and original. Paltrow’s British accent is passable, although her character is a bit stupid. Zara turner was very nice, John Lynch had one great moment, Jeanne Tripplehorn is fantastic and James grew on me too. The score is quite good as well, especially the celesta playing when the movie re-winded.
  2. Full metal jacket. I don’t know… We had to watch this one with secondary school, the ‘shoot me’ scene still sounded familiar. I’m sure it’s all realistic, but overall I found Apocalypse Now much more… fascinating, for want of a better word, maybe because that was my first Vietnam movie, which meant this one didn’t really contain any surprises. I felt aloof most of the time and only briefly felt sorry for everyone during the last 10 minutes. The songs started out fine, but then The Bird Is The Word began to play and it just didn’t work. Apocalypse Now left me with an insane mixture of disgust and happiness (again for want of a better word), but this one hardly left any impression. The score was only functional in the beginning, the rest was weird.
  3. Yes, I didn't like the dark stuff five years ago, but I'd probably like it lots more if I listened to it again. Back then I listened to film scores without having watched the movies they belonged to, which I'm not doing anymore, though, and Branagh's movies never appear on TV here.
  4. Well, I used to be a huge Doyle fan, but Dead Again was a score I really didn't like. I was more partial to his romantic scores back then. Having said that, I'd still buy something like Sense and Sensibility or Hamlet right away today.
  5. You don't care about punctuation? what kind of a remark is that I mean is it like fun to write like this for instance for me it isn't….. but to each his own I guess….
  6. You're right. They'll announce the definitive Hook this month to celebrate JW's birthday!
  7. Wow, listening to the TOD episode now. I didn't care much for the score when I watched the movie 3 years ago, but my opinion just totally changed! That source cue with the choir!
  8. My heart stopped beating for a moment when I read the thread title (before reading the date).
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