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  1. Berlin sounds awesome as far as I'm concerned. The stereo mix especially, the surround does overemphasise the percussion a bit.
  2. Finished the whole album. JW's disc is definitely better, Denève's one suffers from a seemingly missing middle layer in the orchestra. ET suite is GORGEOUS. The horns are weak in the whole thing, as in, not great instruments.
  3. In the middle of Die Fledermaus. How delightful. All hial the Karajan boxes for continuing to broaden my horizons. The gala. Best. Thing. Ever. 'No you can't yes I can!'
  4. You know, at first I thought this take was wild bordering on ridiculous. But then I gave it some thought and I'm astonished at my own musical ignorance.
  5. How great would it be if they just threw this stuff on the market without seventeen press releases, five delays and nineteen editions.
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