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  1. Weren't WB the original idiots who thought the beasts were gonna be the best thing ever? If Rowlinng had just refused and wanted to focus on Grindelwald only, would they have accepted?
  2. Oh, I completely agree about the first movie. I kind of misposted, I thought the first one as a standalone movie worked perfectly and I'd be in favour of an anthology as well. Or just a Grindelwald saga without Newt. And let the record show, for completeness sake, that Yates IS a bad director.
  3. So the question now is, where did the franchise go wrong? I still stand by my earlier opinion that the beasts are part of the problem. I don't give a shit about Newt (or Yates). Give me politcs, more Mary Barebone. Well, it's not just the beasts, it's more that I always feel like I'm watching two differnet movies: a Newt one and another one I do want. And I just don't care about Leta and all that crap either. The only interesting characters are Tina (and Jacob before he went all weird in the second one). I don't need a young Dumbledore either, they had their chance for
  4. I had a thought a few hours ago: I've always loved how the violins in that orchestra play in Karajan recordings. No vibrato, but still somehow very emotional. I hope they'll do the same here.
  5. Dog day afternoon. Well, I’d say it was pretty interesting. The first note I took was: why does this sound better, even though it’s still in mono, than Jaws? Or rather, why did Jaws sound like garbage compared to this? Most of the actors were outstanding, especially Al Pacino, Amy Levitt and Charles Durning, though he really overused Sonny’s name. Gary Springer was bad, but Susan Peretz made a real impression. Yeah, okay, I’m just listing everyone now, whatever. It’s hot in here, what can you do? I do feel like I’m missing some very important context, though, because some thing
  6. Yes, but that still doesn't merit a 1CD, 2CD, Blu-Ray, vinyl and combo pack release. Unless they release the crap all at once and I can just buy the best one available from day one.
  7. I hope you're right, the barrage of releases was actually making me dread this event.
  8. Guess I'll just have to plunge and scrub or sing "her eyes were as something-something... left with his purse".
  9. Football (sort of) question. Every time it's the world cup or UEFA, I notice they play orchestral versions of the national anthems with either extreme reverb or a great church organ accompaniment. Which recordings do they use? I really want them.
  10. Oh, I forgot to mention those, they sounded interesting, but pretty repulsive to watch I guess.
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