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  1. Mike Matessino already did Edward Scissorhands for Intrada just a few years back. https://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?/topic/25839-edward-scissorhands-by-danny-elfman-new-intrada-expanded/
  2. Yeah I'm getting BFG vibes just from the title.
  3. Is there yet more material not on the vinyl that remains unreleased for Batman? I have the LLL and it's a brilliant release, but would be nice to have extra music for the first score eventually.
  4. Film is now titled The Fabelmans. Casting now underway in Arizona for two young kids to play 'Sammy' at different ages. Let's hope this doesn't go the way of Edgardo Mortara where they couldn't find any child actors for the role (I'm still bummed we missed a Williams score for a film like that).
  5. And, ironically, Lucas omitting that genius section of music from the film personified the horrible treatment of JW's music throughout that trilogy. Though honestly, the music editing in those films looks comparatively restrained in this post-TROS world.
  6. Wait, Mike came back and resumed the interview after first wrapping up around the 1:54 mark?! He didn't mention JW scoring scoring Indy 5 at all from what I heard. I was wondering why the audio was another 40 minutes long but figured it was just a debrief with the hosts, so I went to sleep...
  7. Have a feeling I previously did a score restore for just this cue's ending, but seeing as almost the entire cue was replaced by tracked music from TFA, this gorgeous track seemed a worthy contender for a score restore. Patchy guesswork was required in places, but hopefully this gives some idea of Williams' original intentions for the sequence.
  8. 7 Goldsmith releases so far this year and we're less than a week into May... Following 12 (!!) Goldsmith releases last year in the midst of a global shutdown. Bloody good time to be alive for Goldsmith fans! If Williams expansions were coming out this swiftly, Mike would run out of scores by next year
  9. So excited for this!! @TownerFan will this webcast be available to anyone who can't view it live? Will be fast asleep at 5am here
  10. Music sounds pretty neat, liking the horror movie vibe. Reminds me of the buildup in Ripples, only on steroids (the section with the Rex's head in the tent, right before everyone wakes up).
  11. You can call yourself whatever name you like, Frank. Rest assured, there was no such insinuation.
  12. Hah! Wishful thinking... somehow I don't think a single cue title is missing or unknown from Hook though Maybe one of his earlier scores where paperwork is more scarce. I have no real idea how common/uncommon it is for a JW score to have unknown cue titles after all these years (probably very common).
  13. Just finished, was a phenomenal listen. Mike is incredibly knowledgeable with film history and trivia, it's amazing how effortlessly he draws upon connections to all these various texts. Nice to spend a couple of hours geeking out, even beyond music. Agree with his preference for Indy 5 to embrace Indy's age and focus on the detective aspect instead of forcing Indy into unrealistic action situations. Some of the best stuff in the original trilogy is Indy traveling the world, exploring exotic places and solving clues -- just focus on that! Not everything needs to be a bare-knuckle f
  14. Sounds like the end of a trilogy-closing credits suite to me.
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