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  1. I'm guessing it'll be like the college chase in KOCS, where he leaps between vehicles and doesn't do much running.
  2. After spending some time with it tonight, overall I have to say I really dislike the new presentation. The audio and video quality is marvelous, but the "experience" of a concert is totally lost. The applause and JW's reactions are cut short after every performance, removing his fun interactions with the audience. 0:50 of credits at the end of every single video disrupts the musical flow, so you can't place all the videos in a playlist without long gaps between tracks. After the Elegy, they've completely removed the interplay between JW and Bruno (where he insisted he take to the podium, but Bruno refused). Even the final video ends moments after JW is handed flowers, omitting the cute exchange where he handed off the flowers to the violinist and thanked the crowd (the entire extended applause is completely absent). Why would you remove all these moments when there's no time restraints for your videos?! It's like getting a new JW OST and finding all the fun details microedited out!
  3. It's interesting comparing the audio/video quality of DCH to the Vienna Bluray. This concert is a profound improvement in every aspect, from image quality to orchestral clarity.
  4. Any thoughts on JW's body language at the end of Princess Leia's Theme? Is he shaking his head because he's so impressed with their performance, or is he unhappy about something? The orchestra played it to perfection, IMO! That horn solo... wow!
  5. The film isn't short on car chases! Just as well Mangold is so experienced at directing them. 250231679_837097093638132_2685374029462440869_n.mp4 184471198_220178140206494_1617771779636504562_n.mp4
  6. I thought the direction was absolutely superb on the live broadcast. He clearly knew the music and was well prepared with the cameras.
  7. That seems weird to me, that they never sat down to interview him for the occasion. Didn't he have one interview with ASM and another with Sarah Willis, to commemorate Vienna?
  8. So you can't sit down to watch the full concert, only chunks for each piece? Weird choice.
  9. Morocco shoot looking good! Appears to be second unit, as Ford is still in Italy. Love the lighting in this shot: Look who's sporting their Last Crusade tie again? A chase scene through the streets of Morocco with motorbikes, tuk tuks and vintage cars... ummm, yes please! Just think of JW's music for all this stuff...
  10. No. I don't know how many people need to say the same thing over and over again but, unless you're the type of person who can't differentiate between FLAC and 192kbps MP3s, there's a significant sound difference between the old pressing and the corrected master. They wouldn't have bothered fixing it if there wasn't.
  11. Just depends on the story I think. The costume isn't the problem, it's how the story deals with his age and embraces it. He still looks fantastic in the costume and it doesn't look out of place in 1960s Italy. Really seems no different to people in westerns wearing the same clothes regardless of their age. But if he's swinging around like Temple of Doom, then yes, it will be more than a little ridiculous. But if he sticks to riding horseback and driving cars, it'll work. I am surprised how action heavy the film appears to be though, so maybe they are aiming for a Temple of Doom-esque popcorn ride to close things off!
  12. I'd never considered that angle but you're right. But its greater crime is being such a lousy movie. They got almost every single thing wrong, from the script to the visual style to the awkward humour, the lack of overseas locations, the Looney Tunes cartoon violence, the Rocky and Bullwinkle villains, every single thing about the character Mac... Spielberg's direction shows flashes of brilliance but quickly dissipates during exposition scenes. Williams is really the only person holding things together, much like the prequels.
  13. Interestingly, that serial number is on the outside ring of my disc 2:
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