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  1. Wonder if they didn't have a locked edit for JW to score, so Abrams just told him to record the piece without sync points and they'd edit the music to fit the film? Basically a precursor to the entirety of TROS
  2. Hook and Eiger Sanction would make an amazing pair of 2021 expansions. Everything else would be ice on the cake. I think Eiger should be in safe hands with Universal. I sincerely hope that reverb isn't baked into the recordings either (or that Mike carries it across to the album remaster). The OST has such lousy sound quality and I suspect it's a result of whatever ancient technology they used to generate the reverb.
  3. Can you go back to being banned? kthxbai
  4. And Munich. That was his last truly great film, IMO. The criticism he faced making that film changed him, and he's been "safe grandpa Spielberg" ever since. All these dull courtroom dramas might be technically competent but they're a frustrating waste of his talent. You get the feeling he has no interest in stretching himself creatively anymore. The rot set in with KOCS.
  5. FFS, just make it stop. This franchise has been milked to death.
  6. That's cool! Would be even cooler to hear JW's modern thoughts on these older scores, if he remembers them.
  7. That's not new information. Mike even discussed the OST being a re-recording in a podcast last year.
  8. Who would subject themselves to this music away from the film, let alone four consecutive hours of it? Best of luck to their ear drums, I guess.
  9. Williams probably kept scoring Star Wars just to avoid doing Ready Player One.
  10. I forgot how much source music was in these films, especially TLC. Here's hoping JW allows it to be included on a future expansion.
  11. Just saw the MSO are restarting live performances here in Melbourne. Fingers crossed they can finally schedule The Last Jedi. A few Star Wars LTP concerts would provide some much-needed financial support to orchestras who have struggled during the pandemic.
  12. That's interesting, the source music for the Hatay palace scene isn't listed (the scene where Donovan hands over the Rolls Royce in exchange for passage through the Sultan's land). Shame the blimp piano source never leaked in any of the bootlegs. Do we know if Williams composed it?
  13. LOL, reminds me of the situation Disney and Spielberg now face with West Side Story, though I bet they're hoping people have forgotten about that by December. Just another reason studios really shouldn't sit on big movies for years on end.
  14. That opening cue in episode 8 had lots of Williams-isms, I thought! The big trumpet blasts reminded me of TFA and TROS (namely Rey's Incredible Hand and Attack on the Jakku Village).
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