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  1. The speed issues were definitely frustrating, along with all the totally lazy omissions (like the full end credits for ToD or rope bridge music, the circus sweetener in TLC, etc.) I guess it was still an improvement on what we had though.
  2. I suspect Mike would not repeat those lengthy combo tracks on the ROTJ SE, if he revisited that score. That sequencing is at odds with basically every modern expansion he's produced.
  3. Someone could literally just ask Powell on Instagram if that cue was recorded and he would probably answer. I think he'd be pretty impressed if a fan asked such an obscure, specific question, actually. And who knows, someone asking to hear a specific cue unused cue might might be the difference of whether he includes it or not. He's clearly engaged with fans and happy to answer questions (he responded to both of mine and they were obscure too).
  4. It's pretty standard for SW films to have cues written that overlap each other, but are separate on the OST. I haven't watched the film in a while but I would've thought the music is bubbling along for most of the runtime and designed to overlap? Guess he's taking inspiration from the '97 SEs (can't say I loved those gigantic ROTJ tracks though).
  5. Maybe he's just excited to get his music out there and finally got the approval from Disney to announce it on his socials. Not sure what's so weird about that? It sounds like work is underway but they just haven't finalised what they're including yet. It's cool that Disney let the composer announce it directly to fans rather than a boring press release or something.
  6. Good to know! Probably unlikely to be included if it's just a straight re-recording of JW music. Looks like the tracklist & included music is still being finalised too but he's trying to keep it around 2 hours. Powell seems pretty engaged with fans, wonder if he'd consider including some inserts as bonus tracks if we specifically asked? Can never have too much Star Wars music...
  7. Good to hear there's nothing substantial then, otherwise I'd be bombarding him with comments asking for bonus tracks Didn't you mention some type of wildly different Imperial March transition early in the film?
  8. And the 'no fees under 15,000 units' doesn't seem right either, because various reps from the labels have repeatedly told us that anything post-2005 is prohibitively expensive and can't be expanded (Avatar springs to mind because the AFM refused to waive the fees; I think Intrada were trying to release that one?) Also Mike gave an explanation about the fee structure and made no mention of exceptions or fee-free thresholds.
  9. Yeah, that was probably even more noteworthy than the mention of 15,000 units not being subject to the fees. If true, Disney could release the sequels/Rogue One digitally and not pay the reuse fees! Seems almost too good to be true... I've often wondered how those expansions were affordable, unless someone foot the exorbitant bill (maybe Giacchino himself).
  10. True. Powell says no CD but Intrada might pick it up in a few years and add some bonus cues (as it seems there won't be bonuses/alternates included on the digital release, unless he changes his mind ) Wait, what? That's the first I'm hearing that LA fees don't apply if less than 15,000 physical units are sold?
  12. Nice one! So the credits suite should be totally different material then (or at least, differently adapted material and hopefully a separate recording!)
  13. Such great news! Only going from memory but the film credits were just a tracked combination of Mine Mission, Flying with Chewy and Lando's Closet (I think that last one had a film alternate too), after the prerequisite End Credits fanfare and reprise of Falcon to Hyperspace cue, that is.
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