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  1. Yeah I do wish the choir was mixed louder in those final cues, but otherwise I still prefer TLJ to both TFA and TROS. Whatever Murphy changed with the recording setup, he got fantastic results on this score -- as close to the Abbey Road 4 as one can get at Sony in LA. Though TROS is still miles nicer to listen to than TFA, due to the dry harshness of the latter (I really dislike that overtly bright mastering on the TFA OST too).
  2. Beat me to it @Edmilson Great news indeed, I think? Even if purchases/downloads were only 1% that amount, it'd still be 5,000 sales ($100,000 USD revenue, based on the HDTracks price). And I agree with this guy:
  3. Smoking Telegram! Yes!! I didn't want to buy the Fight the Future album simply because that cue was lost... and the mad geniuses have found it! I lost any hope once Disney bought 20CF, certainly didn't think it would turn up on another volume of the series music! So thank you, LLL... Brilliant news! Hope you can reveal where that lost music turned up? Are you referring to Smoking Telegram? Because I thought the tape with that cue was lost, and all parties desperately wanted that finale cue on their previous release for the film.
  4. The next film basically needs to be what Azkaban was to Chamber. The odds of that happening with Yates at the helm is nill. He has no range as a director, and little of the creative spark needed to breathe life into this corpse of a franchise.
  5. This is a big upgrade, even if I still have zero interest in this franchise.
  6. I guess agents leak that sort of stuff to generate hype for their client and possibly increase their price.
  7. Awesome news! Can't wait to start seeing screenshots. FOTR will look incredible, it should have the most native 4K shots of the trilogy (instead of upscaled vfx shots).
  8. I reckon Alfonso Cuaron and Rian Johnson would be more than happy to geek out and talk about JW for an hour. I loved the tidbits from Cuaron in the Azkaban liner notes, he seemed thrilled to discuss that collaboration after so many years.
  9. Yeah it's interesting hey? Just reiterates that labels should make these releases as accessible as possible, no matter what the consumer's personal preference. I genuinely hope sales are strong and it catches someone's eye at Disney. I'm not exactly buoyed by the YouTube views so far though (especially compared to the numbers the new Mandalorian soundtrack is pulling). Doesn't help when Disney Records didn't even bother posting a "now available" update for the score on their social media pages, unlike their slavish promotion of all things Mandalorian. Incred
  10. 3 months ago my state had nearly 8000 active cases, peaking at 700 new cases per day. Today was our 25th consecutive day without a single new case or death as a result of COVID. We now have 0 active cases of the virus in a population of 6.3 million. Despite relentless media pressure and attacks on our local government for their lockdown policy, the results have vindicated their actions. Really feel for all my friends in the US and Europe now. Through neglect and mismanagement, they face a bleak winter with totally uncontrolled spread of the virus. Our lockdown was incon
  11. I'm still excited for Black Friday, regardless of JW releases or not. Any batch of music from LLL is worth getting excited about!
  12. Not sure what you mean. 1M8 Gonna Be a Pilot has a natural reverb ending, which perfectly leads into the drumroll before 1M10 Mimban Battle. There's no microediting or false endings here.
  13. I left an even bigger gap between the two cues, it sounded much more natural than overlapping them. You get the reverb fade out from cue one, then right before it goes silent the drumroll introduces cue two, like taking a deep breath before the big Imperial March statement. Combining the finale with end credits was much easier though, that works effortlessly.
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