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  1. It's rather amusing that JW performed the theme from Obi-Wan live before performing anything from Rise of Skywalker, despite that film being 2.5 years old.
  2. Well we know that ain't happening But I'd love to see a more contemplative, restrained final act (after the traditional large action sequence at the start of act 3). Especially because all the VFX and visual nonsense at the end of KOCS amounted to... well, very little. I just hope Mangold allows a few extended sequences purely for musical highlighting, in the same way The Map Room: Dawn, The Scroll / To Pankot Palace and Wrong Choice / Right Choice are carried almost entirely by music. At least we can look forward to multiple chase cues. Train Chase, Parade Chase, Morocco Chase, etc.
  3. Is my memory failing me or was KOCS the only previous Indy film where Indy had a backpack, instead of using his satchel? The lighting is certainly gorgeous though. It's even hard to tell if this is a real location or soundstage, but visually it's more interesting than the various crypts we saw in KOCS. I do enjoy all the subtle costume changes throughout the series. Although there's no official photos, I believe we're seeing Indy with his TLC-era tie again in the 5th film.
  4. Last Crusade would be riotous in concert! Not sure why they haven't looked at that yet.
  5. It's great that Harrison Ford was around when Williams conducted the theme at Celebration.
  6. I'm starting to think we won't hear the theme until the first episode airs, so our first exposure to the theme will be through Holt's score (assuming there's no opening titles JW scored).
  7. Holy... shit. Just, wow. A lot to process after that episode. Horrifically cruel ending for Howard's character. Safe to say it's only downhill from here
  8. I don't know what to tell you. The comments in the podcast were clearly ambiguous and could be interpreted either way. It's a bit silly to tell other people they "didn't understand correctly" when you have inside information about what's in the pipeline.
  9. Well it was rather ambiguous. Mike specified 3 forthcoming releases were mastered, then also stated he was working on 2 releases for later in the year. He didn't specify if those 2 releases were in addition to the 3 mastered scores, or if they were from the batch of 3.
  10. So if I'm understanding correctly, we've now had 2 releases (Spacecamp and Presumed Innocent), 3 more expansions are mastered and awaiting various approvals, and Mike's currently working on two more albums which are earmarked for later this year (presumably Black Friday). So potentially 7 releases all up this year, if approvals go to plan? And assuming they don't hold a few titles back to avoid flooding the market too quickly.
  11. Cool! The last item on Varese' list. Wonder if they'll keep pursuing other JW scores now, regardless of whether they were connected to the OST.
  12. Has anyone made a catalog of the various revisions Williams has made to this piece? I've tried to keep track of the various concert suites for films he's revised over the years (Face of Pan, Scherzo for Motorcycle, Han and Leia) but revisions of his non-film works seem a bit harder to track.
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