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  1. What is according to you, the best film score of 1908 among this list?
  2. Sooo... was Time Tunnel the remaining JW title for LLL this year?
  3. Sounds like a new source was discovered. A whole technical discussion on what sources were used for the FSM release, and it sounds painstaking. According to NSB: I wonder if more tapes means they found some new alternates? Or just an improved source? Either way, sounds positive! I nearly picked up the FSM a few months back, but now I'm glad I didn't!
  4. That cover is vastly superior to the one with Depp's and Ricci's face. I assume it was a contractual obligation or something, but still a bit disappointing. Same with that alternate WOTW cover being vastly more interesting than the actual cover. And yeah, that OST cover for The Patriot is easily one of the worst OST covers in JW's library. Assuming Intrada handle that score in the future, I'll be disappointed if they retain it.
  5. The Rex will have feathers in the prologue that takes place in the past. But yeah, any inaccuracies of the modern design were already explained by Wu in JW1.
  6. I actually really liked the angle they were trying to explore with crystal skulls, ancient civilisations and aliens all being connected. New territory for the series and still retains the archaeological roots. It's just that everything was executed so badly. It was a film where you could really tell the end product was a culmination of two decades of different writers trying to crack the same core ingredients... and failing. It's a wonder they didn't just cut their losses and try something different, but clearly Lucas was the culprit there. Thank fuck Mangold started
  7. I think people misremember why Indy 4 didn't work, or just disregard it because Ford was older and Shia went off the rails in the years that followed. But Mutt really isn't that offensive and there's nothing terribly wrong with Ford's characterization of Indy. The film's major flaws lie elsewhere, mostly split between Koepp's woeful script and some very half-hearted, autopilot direction from Spielberg after the opening act (which, tellingly, was the first material they shot). RLM summed that up nicely in their Plinkett review. The film is a "blur of bad" where it's hard
  8. I'm still holding out hope for the earliest version of The Scavenger from TFA being recorded, given the surplus of sessions that film had. Wouldn't it be amazing if one day we could hire a private orchestra and record all these abandoned, unrecorded cues?!
  9. I have no idea what the source of this image is, but here's the first glimpse of the T-Rex design in JW:D. Looks just like the Rexes in TLW, so they finally fixed the weird looking design in JW and FK. So much more menacing with the big protruding crests over the eyes!
  10. Gotta be Memoirs and Azkaban, though A.I. isn't far behind. All 3 are masterworks in my eyes.
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