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  1. Wouldn't he travel to London to receive the Knighthood, only receiving it from King Charles instead? Still, what an incredible honour! And perfectly fitting when you consider John's legacy with music recorded in England. Tremendous shame he couldn't receive it from the Queen while she was alive.
  2. Alright you clever mockup people... have at it! Enhanced version of the sheet music posted the other day:
  3. If it was just a fragment higher resolution we'd be able to make out the cue title!
  4. Once John Williams uploads his consciousness to an AI, Mike will need to follow suit. There'll be an endless supply of scores requiring expansions!
  5. @aescalle Any chance you could provide a breakdown of the score as heard in the isolated track? To the best of my knowledge, details of this new isolated SFX/music track haven't been shared anywhere. Any ideas what the bitrate of the audio track is, or how it sounds generally?
  6. Same recording and takes on all 3 prequels I believe, with slight mixing tweaks. Shame we don't have a clean version of the recording done for TLJ (they just reused the TFA recording, despite recording it anew). I'd love to hear the opening note in TLJ's wetter mix. I find the brass significantly more appealing on that score, better integrated with the rest of the orchestra (and not as "abrasive" as the brass in TFA).
  7. Thought of those but none of the source tracks in the Sugarland bootleg sound like Greek Dance music. I think we know 3 of the 4 unreleased Eiger source tracks as they appear in the film itself, same deal. Seems Midway was released in 2011 by Varese without source music. Maybe I'll have to check out the film.
  8. I stumbled upon something curious in GEMA the other day, when searching for potential Fabelmans or Indy 5 cue titles. Two John Williams compositions named Greek Dance No.1 and Greek Dance No.2: I've been racking my brain thinking what film these might belong to. His only recent film with scenes in Greece (that I can recall) is Munich, but I don't recall any Williams source music. And all the other listings for Munich have work numbers in the 9x's (eg: a cue named GREEK HOTEL is 9257775, PRAYER FOR PEACE is 9257840, etc) and are attributed to different publishers anyway. Universal Duchess seems to be an older, defunct publisher, so these might belong to a 60s-70s score. Anyone have any leads about their origin?
  9. Did he work on the Jane Eyre OST remaster? Same deal though, lost scoring masters
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