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  1. So for Poseidon Adventure Mike used the existing scans from 2010 but remastered them using modern technology, while the other two scores had modern transfers? Presumably better elements couldn't be found for TPA, or don't even exist anymore, which is a shame.
  2. Yeah and pretty much the last of its kind. Can't think of any other major CD retailers in Australia.
  3. Lovely quotes. Judging by what JJ said, there's quite a handful of new themes? Unless he's just confusing themes with cues...? And since when did JW contribute to the liner notes? Very cool detail. Finally available for pre-order on Australian websites. Release date is the 20th here:
  4. Well you picked a great time to come back, because the forum will probably never again be as active as it is now.
  5. Phew, glad the cover art is consistent. I'm still annoyed by the change in spine design for ROTS after the first two prequels.
  6. It's a miracle Williams was able to compose a score as good as he did for such an atrocious movie. I get the feeling he ignored George's execution of the films and scored his own idea of the story being told.
  7. These interviews with Mike are one of the highlights of my year @TownerFan. Thank you so much for the hard work you put into these, not just arranging them with Mike but editing everything together. I know it's a huge amount of work but the effort shines through.
  8. What Williams really needs is two women to be nominated in the same category, so they cancel each other's votes out in the same way Williams' dual nominations cost him in 2005! Then he can skate on through and take the win for TROS! But yes, we should all save ourselves the angst and just accept JOKER will win this one for political reasons. Maybe Williams will get an honorary mention for completing the saga, like he did 4 years ago for his 50th nomination.
  9. Whatever starts around 42:00 definitely isn't Williams, but there's a lovely french horn piece starting around 1:00:00 that is almost definitely TROS/Williams music (but I have no idea if this is something from the FYC, because I'm holding strong and waiting for the movie!) And that's it! The rest is just music from TFA or TLJ. I like the sound of this TROS stuff though, it strikes me as a cute little motif for BB8 and D-O but that's just a wild guess. It reminds me a lot of Haab's music for B-D1 in Jedi Fallen Order, actually (which was reminiscent of JW's droid writing in ANH, so everyone's borrowing from everyone!) EDIT: According to @Holko this is not on the FYC, so probably something from the OST.
  10. Haven't there been like 4 Goldsmith expansions this year? Plus The Swarm on the horizon, not shabby at all. I'm not familiar with his scores but I'll get there one day.
  11. The replies are happening too fast for my poor phone! And I'm skimming half the posts for fear of spoilers.
  12. Revenge of the Sith did the same really. Other than Anakin's Betrayal (which only appears, what, twice?) he put more energy into just writing new athematic, dramatic underscore. Battle of the Heroes is more of a setpiece than a theme in my eyes. I wish it was developed more earlier in the film though! And we don't even know what concert suites he's recorded, none of which are eligible for an FYC presentation. The lack of an end credits suite also indicates a heavy blend of the legacy themes rather than something specific to TROS.
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