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  1. Would it be too controversial to request a list of Marches for us to choose from? I suspect so. Nonetheless, I find myself reading the above posts and agreeing with some, only to find (for example) Parade of the Ewoks being mentioned and then thinking 'oh yes, there's that too'. So, on the basis of what I can remember (and as someone who has not only been trained to march but done so many times in front of large crowds), I'd say: 1941 Raiders Superman In that order, but with Parade of the Ewoks and others like the 1984 Olympics theme (or at least the last minu
  2. Interesting that you don't choose anything from the Skywalker Symphony recording or the 80s Boston Pops recordings, @GerateWohl, and they don't seem to get much coverage from others here either. I think I'm right in saying that, between them, they have the only recordings of The Man Himself conducting several, if not all of the SW concert arrangements - doesn't this give them some extra value over, say, Gerhardt or Prague? Mark
  3. Ha! That shows how often I've played my Ep III disc, doesn't it? The Zubin Mehta was recorded in ?1978, so was it the premiere recording of the extended version?
  4. I know it's not on the OST, so not directly relevant to this thread, but can anyone confirm how many recordings there are out there of the extended Throne Room and End Credits from ANH? I know the Skywalker Symphony 1990 recording has it, plus I think the Gerhardt recording in the late 70s has it, but are there any others? Mark
  5. Well, I managed to get several family members (mainly the ones who always complain I'm impossible to buy for) to buy me several of them in the Presto sale that's now closed. If all goes according to plan, I'll have the Adventures on Earth and Star Wars suite full orchestral scores to spend several hours with on Christmas Day. I'm getting quite excited. Mark
  6. You could be misinterpreting. Maybe they just misunderstood that Schindler's List anecdote. Mark
  7. I've just tried a google to find comments about the DR of the LLL Superman set, but found nothing of note. Given the much-vaunted (and rightly so) discovery of the 1st-gen tapes, it should have more DR than any previous release. That said, it's possible that some people listening on - ahem - 'modest' equipment or in planes/trains/automobiles might find the extra DR irritating. The quiet bits will be quieter, which can be tricky to hear over background noise - you then turn the volume up only to get deafened when the LSO brass section next release a salvo. Mark
  8. I listened to the Legacy... podcast with Grierson a few weeks ago and was delighted with what a nice guy he sounds like, interested in the way he said he moved from straight piano to keyboard work over the years and finally very saddened to hear that he fell and permanently ruined one of his playing hands just after the rehearsal for the L2P ET recording (is that the one on the DVD?). Very sad. One day I'll be able to play Over the Moon. I can currently manage about three bars before my fingers end up tied in knots. How Grierson played it at that speed, even with the extra rehearsa
  9. Actually, I was referring to the version released in 2000 with extra Brando footage etc. I've just checked my Blu-ray box set, and it calls it the Expanded Edition. You're right that the description of The Donner Cut is only for SII, at least according to my box set. In my defence, IIRC, Donner was heavily involved in the 2000 cut of SI, which is probably why I called it the Donner cut. Anyway, hopefully we're all on the same page now...
  10. It's brilliant, no argument. I have a soft spot for the film, not least because it was the first film I ever saw at the age of about 5. I barely remember seeing it, but Christopher Reeve and John Williams just made Superman for me, and still do (you can very definitely keep your Cavills and your Rouths). Sure, the film loses its way a little bit towards the end, but with all the craziness between Donner and the Salkinds, it's astonishing what was achieved. The Richard Donner cut improves matters considerably, it must be said. I've already posted a number of my thoughts on the score
  11. I remember listening to the Trotter album in the shop before buying it in 97. One of the staff who looked very much like an indie/guitar band sort of person walked past me and said, in a thick Northern (British) accent, ‘Oh, I listened to that yesterday. It’s f...ing mental.’ 20 years later, I still think that was pretty spot on as a short review. Mark
  12. All this talk of ESB and temp tracks rang a vague bell, so I dug out my ancient copy of Once Upon a Galaxy: a journal of the making of the Empire Strikes Back by Alan Arnold. In it, Arnold talks of visiting Irvin Kershner just as he was choosing records to take to the temp track session. Here's one interesting passage: 'Behind me, Kersh had begun to rummage, picking out one LP* after another from the shelves that framed the stereo, He played only bits of them, and as the pace of his selections grew more frenzied my musical senses were treated to a most unfeeling assault. In the spa
  13. I don't have any of the HA2 releases, so don't know the fanfare you're referring to, but neither of the first two arrangements in Three Holiday Songs (Somewhere in.. and Star of...) corresponds with any of the tracks on the HA OST, so possibly the same goes for MC, MC. That said, the 8-bar intro in the sheet music does look quite, erm, fanfare-y. Poor quality photo attached...
  14. Just got three from Presto Music: Bassoon conc, Sabrina, Three holiday songs. The concerto in particular is great to have - I find I get much more out of music (especially complex or challenging music) if I can see the score as well. Put in a request for the Star Wars Suite for a Christmas present too! Mark
  15. The talk of the women's choir in ESB on another thread reminded me: Arrival at Cloud City was surely temped with the latter part of Neptune from Holst's Planets, right down to the female wordless choir. Also, the Imperial March - temped with Montagues and Capulets from Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet ballet music? It's certainly about the right length to cover the initial sequence of the Imperial Fleet massing. Mark
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