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  1. May I try to disperse the enveloping depression by pointing out that the music sounds exactly the same on all releases, and the liner notes are identical? I suppose some people have a low threshold for what they regard as being ‘shat on’. Mark
  2. It’d be even better if they released the full score… [yes, I know I’m sounding like a stuck record, which is ironic since what I want is a 3CD set…]
  3. Whereas your dismissal of European orchestras in favour of US ones is nothing like that at all, right? Sure thing, bub. You betcha. I’m convinced. Mark
  4. Surely his relaxed and talkative demeanour was due to him wearing one of his beloved black turtlenecks? Being in a shirt and tie for Vienna clearly did him no favours. All hail the power of the black turtleneck. Every JWFan attending Milan should, here and now, vow to attend wearing a black turtleneck. Just think how energised that will make him… Mark
  5. JW is a real musicians' conductor - plenty of other conductors wouldn't hesitate to drop a piece for personal reasons without also thinking to put the soloist's mind at rest on the 'was it something I did?' front. Reason no. 94 he's the Master. Mark
  6. Thanks for the reminder that I hadn’t listened to this score for far too long, so I’m doing so now. Incidentally, the HMV price tag is still on my CD from 1997. According to an inflation calculator, in 2021 money, I paid the equivalent of £30 for it! It puts into context our complaints about the prices of expansions from the specialist labels… Mark
  7. Sorry I can't answer your question, Jay, but is it really likely this will sell out quickly? It's just a re-do of the 1991 content rather than offering anything musically new. Unless you're thinking that the obsessive vinyl collectors will get unhealthily excited about it, irrespective of the content. Mark
  8. He’s really ticking off those bucket-list conducting venues/orchestras, isn’t he? LSO? Did it years ago, mate. Vienna Phil? Check. Berlin Phil? Check. What’s next on the list? La Scala? Don’t mind if I do: check.
  9. Following the reference in the liner notes, I’ve tracked down Kyle Eastwood’s cover of The Eiger Sanction and it’s definitely worth checking out. It’s on his 2019 album Cinematic and could make a fun bonus track on your playlists. Mark
  10. I wasn’t bitching about the issue, @chewy, nor suggesting the labels were incompetent for not spotting the problem. As it happens, I’m not too fussed about getting a replacement, I was just wondering if they were sent out automatically. Apologies if any of this disappoints you, just when you thought you were having a good laugh at my expense. Mark
  11. I ordered mine from Intrada just before the problem was spotted. Do I need to contact Intrada to ask for one, or will they automatically send me a replacement disc?
  12. It wasn’t meant personally - plenty of people were (by my definition) whining. Your last post was much more reasonable. No hard feelings. Mark
  13. You sound like you think it’s intentional, but you can’t possibly be that stupid! These are mistakes, made by humans who are just as fallible as you and me. When it’s pointed out, I’m sure those involved are deeply annoyed with themselves for making one tiny mistake in a list of checks that is already probably longer than both my arms. If they aren’t up to your standards, it’s up to you to either a) do a better job yourself, b) offer them your services (free of charge, of course, because you’re an enthusiast) to do the job you clearly think they’re making an unforgivable mess of in a superior way, or c) stop whining and accept it. Your call. Mark
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