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  1. No, I was referring to scans of the original handwritten copies so those of us who are so inclined can indulge our desire to get a little closer to understanding the composition process. Libraries have started making very high resolution scans of ancient manuscripts available for researchers and I’d love the equivalent for the film scores I love. Mark
  2. If CD2 hadn’t been included then, as surely as night follows day, this thread would have swerved into a series of rants from a tiny handful of people about how we were all being ‘shat on’ by the labels because they ‘couldn’t be arsed’ including the ‘vastly superior and completely different’ mixes, without which this release was not complete and, therefore, the whole release was a worthless lie. Mark
  3. Just in case it consoles me as I gaze ruefully out of the window: what might the reasons be that we get teaser pictures of the originals but never any 'proper' scans, even of a limited number of cues? There would be so much of value in being able to see the handwritten originals of one of the best Romantic film scores ever, what comments were made, what was changed, how JW and HS worked together etc. I suppose it's simple copyright? People might transcribe them and sell for profit? Mark
  4. Can’t decide whether to be happy that it’s a release I’m not desperate to have (thus saving me money) or sad that it’s not Hook. It feels like I’m in an indeterminate quantum state. Schrödinger’s Film Score Release? Mark
  5. I've loved Banning Back Home ever since 1991. I also like much of Dave Grusin's music (yes, including Mountain Dance!). There's more to life than just orchestral film music, y'know. Mark
  6. Give it to me straight, Doc… Can I take any hope whatsoever from the fact that Space Camp’s latest release required the involvement of Sony and that’s what would be needed for a proper release of Hook? Please say it could be so…
  7. So the RCA 86 release was vinyl (and cassette?) only? I’m surprised to hear that every post-86 JW score got a CD release at the time - wasn’t Witches of Eastwick unavailable for ages? Mark
  8. Talking of Armin Steiner, is there a chronological list of JW's scores that he recorded? From trawling the OSTs on Discogs, I got this far: 1983: Lapti Nek (single) 1986: Space Camp 1987: Empire of the Sun 1987: Witches of Eastwick 1990: Presumed Innocent 1990: Home Alone 1991: Hook 1991: JFK Have I missed any? Was there a clean break between Steiner being his go-to engineer and Shawn Murphy taking over (around 92-ish with Far and Away)? Mark
  9. I'm not disagreeing with you, but Hook and Far and Away are surely both very high up on the list of "Score Quality to Film Quality ratio" within JW's oeuvre. Mark
  10. Hook, Hook, Hook... Along with the dialogue and SFX releases of Apollo 13!
  11. Back home, and just checked - it’s between the end of track 12 and the beginning of 13, and you need to listen carefully/use headphones/crank the volume up to hear it, but it’s definitely there. Listening to it for the first time in a while, it definitely sounds like Him. Mark
  12. That reminds me: there’s a little pre-gap to one of the later tracks on the Sabrina OST where the strings have just tailed off a quiet chord and you can just hear someone (surely JW himself?) just say ‘Lovely’ in the short time before the next track starts. I’m not at home at the moment, so can’t check, but I’m sure someone else will find it and post the exact chapter & verse. It’s a lovely little example of something slipping through the editing net. Anyone know of any others?
  13. One yes, and two nos: there’s a glock part early on that’s not in my score; the solo flute flourishes are present (but quiet); at 2:40, it’s clearly a flute being played, not a piccolo. Maybe the changes were made gradually and the HL version is from later. It’s a real pain they don’t have publication dates on them. Mark
  14. Good question, but I don’t think so. Firstly, I have other HL scores which say they are 2nd Editions but Flying Theme isn’t one of them so it seems it’s only ever been published in its current form. Secondly, ISTR the HL scores only started to be published in the late 90s/early 2000s (please correct me if you know different!), by which point the changes I’ve noted could already have been made. Someone (other than me) will need to trawl through all the bootlegs of performances between 1996 and 2021 to be certain! Mark
  15. Ah, of course, the Berlin Concert one. I was certain there was a recent version with a ‘big name’ band and was scratching my head as to why it wasn’t on either Across the Stars or the Vienna concert releases. Having just listened to it, it matches the HL score exactly (AFAI can tell), so the arrangement has clearly been tweaked since 1996. At 0:35, you can hear the piano instead of celeste, the little solo flute flourishes are there at 1:04, and it’s clearly a piccolo at 2:43. Good to know! Mark
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