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  1. Unfortunately it’s been years since I was really in touch with anyone at Varese. Internal changes there… and after Rudy: The Deluxe Edition I couldn’t even get any replies to the general emails I sent. I’m in touch with folks at the other labels releasing Goldsmith, but while I am in occasional touch with people who work for Varese as independent contractors (Tim Greiving, Neil Bulk, Mike Matessino, Lukas Kendall, Frank DeWald, Jeff Bond) none of them would have any sort of power or influence over that sort of decision. Yavar
  2. If you love Rings of Power you should also try other McCreary like Outlander. Were it not for RoP I think that might well deserve being called his magnum opus. Foundation is also fantastic, both in and out of show context. I second the recommendation for Penny Dreadful. It's hard to say since RoP is ongoing, but I think it might rival McCreary's work on that as my favorite TV scoring of the past decade. Yavar
  3. Stretch goal was also met a couple hours ago! Just under an hour left and it's even $388 over the stretch. Absolutely amazing. I wonder where it'll end but right now it's got a whopping 868 backers! I guess the classic Universal Horror and Abbott & Costello fans came out in full force, because much as I do love Frank Skinner I have a hard time believing he'd do this much better than Goldsmith or Herrmann on his own. Yavar
  4. 1970 (Jane Eyre) through 2015 (The Force Awakens) at the very least. Yavar
  5. So I went back in just now and acted like I was changing my pledge. Underneath the main reward level you've selected, it says "ADD-ONS (optional)" and you can choose to add them in addition to your main backer reward. A lot of the more highly sought after OOP titles are gone now, like The Miracle 2CD by Elmer Bernstein, or Condorman by Henry Mancini. But they do still have some really good OOP CDs left! Here they are, with my comments: Bunny Lake Is Missing $30 -- excellent Paul Glass score: Johnny Tremain $30 -- George Bruns Disney score; I'm unfamiliar The Young Lions 2CD $30 -- expanded/remastered Hugo Friedhofer war score; AWESOME stuff and here's a 15 minute sample: See No Evil $55 -- this is a short album, and pricey... but with good reason! It is my #1 favorite Elmer Bernstein score of the 1970s; absolutely incredible score as you'll hear in this suite someone uploaded to YouTube: Besides these four OOP albums, the only other add-on still available at this point is the fun "Intrada Shipping Manager Video Shout-Out" for $50: Almost $1,000 over goal now with 6 hours remaining, so it seems like even the stretch goal might be achieved! EDIT: Wow, in the last hour it has jumped to $3,659 over goal, with 5 hours remaining. I think that $8,000 stretch goal is within reach now, which is a total surprise! I'd kinda given up hope about the bonus score being possible but now my hope is renewed. This is exciting to watch! Yavar
  6. They are add-ons. After you select a reward level, they should show up for you unless they’ve all sold out now. (I know that some have.) Yavar
  7. Fair enough! I'm not big on old Universal Horror scores either (I like selected cues), but for only $20 including U.S. shipping I was happy to chip in. A release for Skinner's Arabian Nights or his great score for Hitchcock's Saboteur would get me much more excited, to be honest. Maybe those might follow in the future if this is successful. And thanks for being the first person here to actually reply, amid the 200 views. Yavar
  8. With a little over 48 hours to go this has just crossed the $50,000 threshold thanks to 728 backers! Less than $7,000 left to raise in the final two days, usually the most active after the opening... I think the main goal at least is gonna happen. The question is whether we'll also get some Henry Mancini, for an additional $8,000... Yavar
  9. Real good, and with great powerful tympani parts. Check out this podcast episode if you've haven't; plenty of samples there as well as comparison between the old album versions of cues and the film versions premiering on this DE: https://goldsmithodyssey.buzzsprout.com/159614/13437089-odyssey-soundtrack-spotlight-city-hall-1996 Yavar
  10. Another day later and this now stands at 618 backers! This has somehow officially surpassed the old aborted Tadlow Moonraker campaign (617 backers, NINE years ago!) as the most popular Kickstarter campaign for a new recording of classic film music. I gotta admit... I never expected a Frank Skinner score would do what Rozsa/Tiomkin/Goldsmith/Herrmann could not, in terms of backers. I guess the Abbott and Costello/Universal Horror fans are out in force! Now it just has to get across the finish line in the remaining 5+ days. In terms of $$$ amount it's $35,702/63% funded, with still over a third of the way to go. Yavar
  11. Disagree with you about the third (I think it's probably the best complete score listen on album) but otherwise agree 100%. Yavar
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