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  1. There's less of that than you might think. I'd give Age of the Dinosaurs a try sometime, if you're willing. There's a situation on the CD similar to Powell's X-Men: The Last Stand, where CD tracks run into each other and create longer continuous pieces of music (personally, I never like jumping into a track mid-music; it's very jarring...I'd just as soon they had long tracks). Listening to the full Call of the Wild album on YouTube right now... and LOVING it. Yavar
  2. Two items to add to the list of unreleased Goldsmith from the 1970s -- a couple of "lost" pilots which never made it to series. The Best of Times (Fox TV) - unsold, unaired 1974 pilot starring Topol. I found this recently while searching the UCLA archives online. If you live in L.A. you might be able to visit and view a copy of this program at their library! It sounds as it if might fit alongside the wonderful "Going Up of David Lev", as intimate Goldsmith TV scoring in his "Jewish mode": First listing: https://cinema.library.ucla.edu/vwebv/holdingsInfo?searchId=137&recCount=50&recPointer=34&bibId=143501 Second listing: https://cinema.library.ucla.edu/vwebv/holdingsInfo?searchId=137&recCount=50&recPointer=259&bibId=159724 Prudence and the Chief (Fox TV) - this one I've had the good fortune to see, and can report that Jerry wrote an absolutely fantastic and thrilling western score for this 1970 TV retelling of the Anna and the King story, another pilot that didn't go to series. It features a cool proto-version of the John Wayne theme from Rio Lobo (from later that same year), as well as a "Native American" theme for the Chief which recalls the excellent Lonely Indian theme he wrote for Rio Conchos more than half a decade before. I can't wait to share this with folks on The Goldsmith Odyssey, though it'll be a while before we arrive at it. Maybe Intrada or some other label can release the score before we get that far. I still plan on tackling the 60s but I need to work a few other rare items people don't know about into the list, first. Yavar
  3. Fair criticism of the choral writing, I suppose. It's not QB VII or The Omen. I find the themes in the score very memorable. You don't even like the love theme? I think it's among the most thrilling action music of Jerry's entire career, and it (along with The Shadow) completely disproves the notion that his action writing became simplistic in the 90s. There are plenty of complex lines and complex rhythms at work. Yet you're acting like it some generic U.S. Marshals type action scoring... That surprises me. I find King Solomon's Mines comparatively simplistic (probably because he knew he was writing for an inferior orchestra), and the themes don't appeal to me nearly as much. (It doesn't help that I find the Wagner usage grating). I will agree with you that, purely on themes (but not architecture), Silvestri's score might win. Normally I prefer Goldsmith themes to Silvestri themes (Back to the Future is IMO one of the most overrated film score themes of all time) but in this case, Silvestri wrote TWO gorgeous Golden Age-style love themes, that great Sandcastles theme (my favorite), and a new long-lined heroic theme for Rick. I'm a bit torn on the Rick ("My First Bus Ride") one, because I think it gets a bit repetitive and wears out its welcome by the end (whereas with the other themes I just wanted MORE). Goldsmith's action theme for Rick is much shorter and more simple, but it's also more malleable and he varies it more interestingly throughout the score. Silvestri's theme usually just repeats in similar guise every time there's an action sequence. Yavar
  4. He's "widely regarded as one of Australia's greatest film composers", but has only composed music for "over 9" (meaning 10?) films? No offense intended! I've just never heard of him myself (unlike say Bruce Rowland or Christopher Gordon, who I would consider among "Australia's greatest film composers"). I thought it might possibly be a typo. Yavar
  5. And don't forget Honey, I Shrunk the Audience! This will actually be his FIFTH time playing the role! Yavar
  6. Amazed no one has mentioned Bruce Broughton, Composer of the excellent first sequel score, who is still alive and still working... Yavar
  7. So I take it you're not a Henry V or Frankenstein or Needful Things fan either? Don't like the dark stuff? Not that it's perfect, but in my book KENNETH BRANAGH'S MARY SHELLEY'S FRANKENSTEIN > > > > FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA'S BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA YAVAR
  8. Apparently, of all the Doyle scores Varese released in the early-mid 90s, the only one they control in perpetuity is Carlito's Way. I fear the reason we haven't seen more Doyle expansions (Needful Things, anyone?) is because Dead Again underperformed sales-wise... Yavar
  9. Doyle's Dead Again is a friggin' masterpiece and one of his greatest scores, from his best period. Anyone who doesn't have it should get it NOW! First Love is also a steal at $10. Yavar
  10. Do yourself a favor and see Lonely Are the Brave. Amazing Goldsmith score (my favorite of his feature scores), and quite arguably the best film he ever scored. Really powerful, and my favorite Kirk Douglas performance (also Kirk Douglas's own favorite of all his roles). Both film and score are absolute masterpieces, and my appreciation for the score increased tenfold when I finally saw the film. Also... Gena Rowlands deserves a mention -- not only a truly powerful performance from her as well, but she is absolutely BREATHTAKING in this movie. Yavar
  11. I have yet to see the last two episodes (Don’t ask; I’m married...). Pretty awesome thus far IMO. And according to IMDb episode ratings the last two are 8.5s (highest rated episode of the season being #4 at 8.6). Yavar
  12. I think if you give the show more of a chance, it'll grow on you. There are other strong characters, and after a while he might kinda grow on you. Yavar
  13. The truth may be somewhere in between (though I enjoy every note). Personally I find the album too short and I miss development of the love theme in particular, but it is a tight, excellent listen still. And an excellent performance under Jerry's baton. Yavar
  14. Agreed. I really hope this will be more like Interstellar than Gladiator. Yavar
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