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  1. What? Who told you that? It's 100% untrue. You don't even *have* to see the first film, though it's certainly helpful. But my wife started watching without seeing any Karate Kid films and she followed everything perfectly and fell in love with the show (she just really hated Daniel LaRusso initially, lol). Characters from the 2nd film don't make an appearance in the show until season 3 and even then, little flashbacks fill you in on literally everything you would need to know. Sometimes it even helps to just infer context from those, because Karate Kid III was an especially bad film and you're frankly better off with the little excerpts they feed you in the show (and they are minimal and come late). The fourth Karate Kid movie from the early 90s, The Next Karate Kid, has not come into play for the Cobra Kai series in any way yet. There's some speculation that Hilary Swank's character might show up before the end of the series but it's pure speculation. And that movie is terrible so again you're better off not seeing it apart from any excerpts these brilliant showrunners might choose to include. In short: WATCH AWAY! Some stuff does get better and better, but if season 1 doesn't win you over it's probably not the show for you. But I think it's the greatest legacyquel of all time. Yavar
  2. Hopefully they grow on you more! Though the original is a wonderful introduction to the musical world, my favorite is the second, perhaps tied with the (sadly unreleased) fourth. Yavar
  3. Seeing those McNeely TinkerBell scores at half price is pretty heartbreaking. They’re amazing (honestly they collectively constitute his magnum opus IMO; they’re his Lord of the Rings), and I was really hoping Intrada might tackle the wonderful wintry fourth score (Secret of the Wings) but that looks unlikely now… Highly recommend these to any of you who don’t have them, particularly the first and second (Lost Treasure). Yavar
  4. I don’t think so (LLL still had fast sellouts afterwards), but it was certainly the last fast 3000 copy sellout from Intrada (actually it took much less than 24 hours to sell out!) because it made them change their whole limited edition approach to “as long as quantities and interest remain”. Here’s a link to our Rudy Spotlight for anyone else interested to listen! https://goldsmithodyssey.buzzsprout.com/159614/11341192-odyssey-soundtrack-spotlight-rudy-1993 Yavar
  5. The fastest recently was Lionheart, and that took at least a couple months... Yavar
  6. WOW! And now steffromuk has designed an excellent new standalone cover for A Tree Grows in Brooklyn!
  7. Huh! I think it does a pretty good attempt at an overall view of his career, for beginners. But a lot of the performances are inferior to the originals so if I were trying to convert someone I’d just burn my own 4CD compilation for them. Yavar
  8. That's what I thought! It really really stumped me but then I felt silly for missing it. Yavar
  9. Yeah I *really* wish they'd just let Maslany be Maslany more often. She's perfectly charming as a human, and she doesn't *need* to be the She-Hulk as often as they have her be. Totally agreed there. Whenever Princess Fiona CGI She-Hulk is onscreen, I'm usually just pining for Maslany to come back. And unlike Hulk, the face is a close enough match that I honestly don't understand why they couldn't just give the actress some green makeup, a new wig, and then let her act as She-Hulk herself and just use forced perspective or whatever to make her look Hulkier. Yavar
  10. It certainly would be nice if Varese made digital booklets available with digital music purchase. It’s prohibitively expensive for people outside the US to have the CD shipped to them, even if they do prefer physical media. Yavar
  11. Well I can honestly tell you: I don't know! But he only has a "recorded and mixed by" credit in the album booklet, for whatever that's worth. I'm glad! One of our most popular Spotlights (or really, any sort of episode) *ever* ... makes me very optimistic that this will be a good seller for LLL. Yavar
  12. Not exactly. It’s more like a quarter hour of previously unreleased score (including a few short cues which weren’t used in the film and therefore weren’t on the DVD isolated score track!), plus a couple of choral source cues. Three cues are presented twice, as film versions and original album versions, accounting for the extra time. But it’s hard to tell the difference IMO (probably just ever so slightly different takes), apart from “The Key” having an added 22 second cue in front of it for the main film program. Still a great and worthwhile expansion of a very important Goldsmith score! Yavar
  13. See to me, this guy is doing a web SEARCH... using an accursed laptop trackpad without a MOUSE... maybe he's even looking to purchase one of those nice wireless ones for himself? In which case this would be MOUSE HUNT, one of my top 5 Silvestri scores and well deserving of a Varese Deluxe Edition! Yavar
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