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  1. He certainly hinted about it publicly on the FSM board, at least. And so far this year they did put out an expanded Cabo Blanco which wasn’t part of the Goldsmith at 20th series, so it’s not as if they are forgetting non-Fox films. Yavar
  2. Hope everyone enjoys our latest Soundtrack Spotlight episode! https://goldsmithodyssey.buzzsprout.com/159614/8913325-odyssey-soundtrack-spotlight-extreme-prejudice-1987 Kinda bummed I wasn’t able to participate, but it turned out great without me. Yavar
  3. Samuel Sim who co-composed The Dark Crystal with him would also be a great pick… Here’s my favorite Samuel Sim score though, if anyone is unfamiliar…so good: Yavar
  4. I liked it. The finale was more disappointing but I blame Covid. Yavar
  5. Watch the whole first season of Lower Decks. Watch the whole first season of Lower Decks (I know it’ll take some adjusting at first). Yavar
  6. Here’s the response I got from John Takis who wrote the liner notes (hopefully he won’t mind me sharing here): Hope that helps clear things up. Yavar
  7. Listen to the opening nine minutes or so of this: https://goldsmithodyssey.buzzsprout.com/159614/8360054-odyssey-soundtrack-spotlight-along-came-a-spider-2001 Yavar
  8. I 100% agree. They are the pinnacle of his output, even though Beauty and the Beast is incredible. Yavar
  9. Jay is correct -- LLL has strongly hinted that they have a new issue of Innerspace in the works, and unlike Extreme Prejudice I don't think Intrada has any history with that title. Yavar
  10. I assume the second CD will contain the original Goldsmith-produced album program Intrada put out early on (which some people preferred as a listening experience). I think the complete score will sound considerably better than the LLL (which many consider to be poorly mastered compared to the original Intrada). And I think there will be a few other surprises to look forward to on Monday night, based on my conversations with Doug… stay tuned for more info! Yavar
  11. In summary: If you have never really liked Star Trek: The Motion Picture but have never seen the Director's Edition, give it a shot and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the improvements. If you have always liked the theatrical cut, well, there may be some things you miss in the new cut as they were really trying to tighten things up but may have left out some fun bits. For someone who has never seen any version of the film, I know that the Director's is the version I would show to them first. Yavar
  12. I agree this change wasn't for the better, but there are enough huge improvements (including previously omitted stuff being edited back in, which flesh out character relationships and development sorely missing from the theatrical cut) that you really should check out the Director's still. I'm glad to have both cuts, even if personally I might pick and choose things from both. Overall I far prefer the new cut over the rushed theatrical cut. Yavar
  13. Same. Many of the film's problems are mitigated in the Director's Cut. The added scenes really help and I don't miss any of the trimmed stuff. Yavar
  14. Holy shit. I think I'm definitely in the target audience for this... Yavar
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