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  1. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea isn’t a premiere release. GNP previously released (on a single disc) Goldsmith’s sole effort for the series (“Jonah and the Whale”, the season two premiere which was the first series episode in color) along with the Sawtell pilot score. LLL included the latter unexpanded on their latest 4 CD box set (apparently the GNP program is all the music that survives from season one of the show...a shame since it included some excellent scores by Morton — not Leith — Stevens and Hugo Friedhofer), but the Goldsmith program they *were* able to expand by 5-6 minutes! That’s actually pretty significant considering the total length of the score. I think the GNP has about 18 minutes of his music. Anyhow, I actually came back to bump this thread for the announcement of one of the most important totally unreleased Goldsmith feature film scores remaining: Coming from Intrada in August, COVID-allowing... http://www.intrada.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=8521 This is a Universal score so I wonder if Mike Matessino worked on it. Yavar
  2. Yes, Kevin Conroy. I voted Michael Keaton only among the live action options. Yavar
  3. Well for one thing it epitomized the "characters do things because the plot needs them to" approach the show had been embracing for a while, as opposed to the "things naturally happen in the plot because of the characters" approach it had been so good at before. Yavar
  4. This, exactly. Season 7 I still liked a number of things (even though the Winterfell/Littlefinger storyline was stupid as hell, and the North of the Wall episode utterly ridiculous even though it had wonderful acting and character moments) and was still in love with the show. That Arya/Brienne fight...awesome. In fact I lasted through the so-so season 8 premiere and was rewarded with season 8 episode 2, which I know people call "fan service" but I thought was an incredible well written episode full of great character development and payoffs. Bryan Cogman for the win. Really it was the last four episodes of the entire series that were so sloppily done they just lost me. Yavar
  5. Some parts of the show improve on the books (like Arya being cupbearer for Tywin Lannister instead of Rose Bolton, and Brienne and The Hound meeting, etc etc...) while for other parts the books are definitely superior! Yavar
  6. Ah. You should! But I’m sure that’s why I perceive more rushing in the first couple seasons. Yavar
  7. Have you read the books, though? Season 1 absolutely rushes through some parts, and Season 2 *really* rushes (quite noticeably, IMO). Season 3 is more back to a Season 1 pace (because even though only two-thirds of it is adapted here, the third book is much longer). Season 4 is easily the least rushed, conveying the greatest percentage of book content in the show. And I think it's all the better for it. Yavar
  8. I think it's the best season of the show too (with season 3 as second best). Reason why? In part because it's a third of a book, adapted over 10 episodes. Not rushed, good character development. Good writing (some from the books, some new and added in). Yavar
  9. Yup I'm totally in for this, even though I wish it were $25 instead of $30, considering it's only an hourlong score. Can anyone confirm for certain whether the UMG LP album was a re-recording? Yavar
  10. I completely agree that was the original intent... but ironically that character ended up being the best written, best acted, and most compelling of the series, somehow. Well...along with Robert Picardo’s. Yavar
  11. Why is that necessarily so, exactly? (especially considering the quality of the composer in this particular case) Great music can come from anywhere. Yavar
  12. No obligation certainly, though Thor is right that a previous release is often acknowledged in some way. Yavar
  13. There were four seasons of this show. “The best cues” is exactly what this release is for the most part (and a couple people at FSM hoping for a more comprehensive set a la Lost in Space aren’t too happy about it, or it’s predecessor the four disc Land of the Giants set). In fact they had to leave off a handful of good scores including a couple by Leith Stevens! There’s ample still unreleased material that could fill out another volume or even two if the first season scoring were discovered. Listening to the sound clips, this seems like pretty high quality TV scoring to me... Yavar
  14. Sorry to hear that. It's a bigger expense for me too, but luckily I just celebrated my anniversary and I'm askin' my wife for this. I doubt it's going to sell out in quick order. Can you save up for it, over time? Forgo a couple other releases to get it? (it's only $15/disc...) Yavar
  15. So my podcast co-hosts have occasionally commented to me. I still think it was an odd thing to say you don't care about! Best, Yavar
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