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  1. @Jay, at FSM Mike shared: https://filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?threadID=152245&forumID=1&archive=0 EDIT: Whoops, I saw from the other thread that you did catch this post from Mike, but just hadn't updated here yet. Sorry! Yavar
  2. Herrmann has wide cultural appeal beyond just film music fans. And it’s been quite a few years since we had a mega composer box set a la Herrmann at Fox/Rozsa Treasury. Yavar
  3. I have a new idea besides Bond. Mike M has been doing the Universal Classics/Heritage series for the various labels, most recently the Mancini/Goodwin Frenzy twofer for Quartet. Well? What has Universal got that they might consider to have mass appeal and they would want to keep it for their own in house label and not sublicense out to LLL/Quartet/Intrada? It would have to be either a franchise, or a composer (besides Williams) who is particularly popular outside of just our niche. My new prediction is a BERNARD HERRMANN AT UNIVERSAL box set. An ERICH WOLFGANG KORNGOLD AT WARNER BROS. set would also be on that level, but I don’t think highly enough about WaterTower Music to be that optimistic, and I don’t think Mike has as close a relationship with WB. So yeah… premieres of the film recordings for stuff like The Trouble With Harry. Complete Marnie at last (Stylotone seems like a thing of the past, and maybe the Herrmann estate is on board.) Other Hitchcocks like the premiere commercial release of the original recording of Psycho. Whatever he originally recorded of Torn Curtain before Hitchcock shut him down! Premiere licensed release of the original Cape Fear….heck maybe even some Universal TV stuff of Herrmann’s into the bargain too? Yavar
  4. What big thing would one of the major (not independent) soundtrack labels be releasing, involving Mike Matessino but not John Williams?? My brain keeps going to a complete John Barry Bond set. Yavar
  5. OMG! From the CBS archives…. MEGA 20 CD set of Earle Hagen ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW scoring! I am THERE! (I would seriously spend $200 for such a set, because I love that show and its scoring so much… I’m pretty sure like Hagen on I SPY he did an original thematic orchestral score for every ep.) Yavar
  6. I'm almost always doing my podcast listening from an iPhone. So yeah I can overshoot by quite a few minutes, and if I try to go back it sometimes won't even work then and I have to refresh the page. I'll get there though. Yavar
  7. And that's the original The Omen! How much truer that statement becomes when we venture onto the THIRD one! Yavar
  8. I think that AFO and Looney are both sold out. Looney certainly is. They put it on sale a couple times (I guess that comedy doesn't sell great even if it's Jerry Goldsmith's final score) and I'm sure they aren't going to restock it again. So if you find it elsewhere for a good price, nab it! When Peter Hackman was still a Varese employee, handling Varese shipping... the shipping situation was good. Since he departed in early 2018, things have largely been a mess alas, with various third parties handling shipping very poorly overall. It is probably worth the small upcharge to get Varese product from SAE/Intrada/MovieMusic/etc. instead, unless there's some crazy Varese sale or something. Yavar
  9. I'll find the time to listen to the new bits, but I've found it kinda hard to skip around to those in the player. If these were available through a regular podcast app, I wouldn't have that problem but this player is finicky and I can only skip around so much before it gives up and I have to reload the page and start from scratch... Will chime in with any thoughts on the newly-added bits, after I listen. Yavar
  10. I agree with this except I’d move The Happening up one tier into “Masterpiece” status too. (And I actually like the film and think it’s misunderstood.) What’s surprising is that he didn’t phone it in for the horseshit films that were Lady in the Water and The Last Airbender. Yavar
  11. Thanks for your post. I’ll plan to start a new thread soon (unless you beat me to it) so we stop derailing this one. Yavar
  12. Prey was the best Predator film since the original. The Alien franchise was absolutely bungled and destroyed by Fox after the second film Aliens (even if the workprint cut of Alien3 was interesting). I’m 100% fine with Disney having a go at it with a different approach because the franchise hasn’t been good in decades. Yavar
  13. Oh I was just calling you ignorant. (The whole “tell me you’ve listened to only” thing.) I wasn’t calling you a liar. I don’t see how both works, to be honest. If you don’t know any better, of course you’re wrong with your statement but you clearly are sure you’re correct so you’re not lying. Look, you can say you can’t picture Goldsmith being versatile enough to score TinTin… but that makes about as much sense as saying John Williams couldn’t do Planet of the Apes. These are great and perfect scores wedded to their films, so of course one can’t imagine someone else doing better than was done. You want to play a diversity game? Name ten Williams scores that are the most different from each other, that have the least in common musically/emotionally. Then I’ll do the same with Goldsmith. Let’s see how this goes. Yavar
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