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  1. Or, they want to brag to their other street friends and say, "Hey, I've been to 'the symphony', so that makes me a cultured motha fucka"
  2. When one is working on analogue tape machines, it’s both. When you are increasing the speed of the analogue tape machine, the result would be a higher pitch (or 'key'). When you are decreasing the speed of the analogue tape machine, the result would be lower in pitch. Anyone who owns even a TASCAM home audio cassette machine with a (-/+) pitch knob can tell you that.
  3. And no one stopped you for getting into the hall? A very covert approach. I like it.
  4. @Omen II, that rehearsal you attended for JP, did the orchestra play along with the film's dialogue and sound effects track? Also, how did you get into that rehearsal?
  5. @E-Wan,if this matters, the DVD and Blu Ray releases of 'Superman' have an ‘isolated music score’ audio track where the music is edited and sync’d with the film. Otherwise, what project are you working on that you have to do the sync’ing/edits yourself?
  6. For me, it seems that the way he writes his music-cues for the action sequences of films in the ’70’s ‘80’s and ‘90’s has deteriorated in his film scores from the past decade like “Indy 4”, “Tin-Tin”, and the last three “Star Wars” films. Williams had a unique way of making his action-music from the 1970’s through the 1990’s so enjoyable to listen. He has this main melody or a motif-melody that recurs throughout an action sequence. Only this melody/motif-melody is not associated with a main character, supporting character, or even a thing (like the Ark, The Poseidon, the Force, o
  7. Yes, @Jay that is exactly what I wanted to know from that rehearsal video. I’m not familiar with this score so you have saved me the trouble of researching. Thanks for answering. Most orchestras that do these concerts get no more than 2 rehearsals. The last rehearsal before the show —the dress rehearsal—has the film’s audio track (the dialogue and sound effects track) turned on in the hall while the musicians play. They do that because the audio engineers need to get the balances between signals from the audio track and the orchestra for the hall's speakers. That leaves the on
  8. Experts on this score: help me out on this. Here’s a rehearsal video of the ‘Star Trek Beyond’ World Premiere live-to-projection concert by the San Diego Symphony Orchestra from MG’s Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/p/BIDVtsrgGuv/?hl=en The scene from the music that uses this music-cue, does it have any talking and sound effects on it? I tried asking this in the STB-L2P concert thread. No response, so I thought I would try here.
  9. Mine is VS’s American 2CD release of ‘Jupiter Ascending’. Although it used the same album master as the WaterTower overseas release, VS had up’ed their game by including a booklet filled with notes by MG and recording session photos. Content wise, it is the only MG score that I've had repeated listens. I don't care for his music to the Star Trek reboots.
  10. I caught this San Diego Symphony rehearsal video of ‘Star Trek Beyond’-L2P concert taken by Gia. https://www.instagram.com/p/BIDVtsrgGuv/?hl=en Question: Can anyone tell me whether the scene that uses this cue have any talking or sound-effects on it?
  11. Here is a post by RF on FSM back in May 2020 regarding the status of 'Willow'. https://filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?forumID=1&pageID=2&threadID=140317&archive=0
  12. Postponed. https://www.citylightconcerts.ch/event/dances-with-wolves-kkl-luzern/
  13. @Oomoog the Ecstatic, As Jay has mentioned, there were different arrangements of that cue. The one you have referenced in that YouTube video is the album arrangement that ends on a (IMO) somber tone by the woodwinds. And then there was the arrangement used in the final film-edit, where the cues ends abruptly. Note that this cue is shorter is running time than the one you've referenced above. And to further complicate your mind, there is another version of this cue for the 'L2P' (or 'movie with live orchestra') concerts. The same as the f
  14. A comment from Citi Light Concerts in their October 18, 2020 post of their Facebook page, confirms that this concert version will have no live voices, but the 'choir' will be coming from a synthesizer.
  15. From the Citi Lights Concerts’ Facebook page, a comment is made about the lack of choir in the ‘Raiders’ concert version. A rep from the orchestra made this response: "Yes, the choir would have had a prominent role in this sequence. But besides of this particular scene, the choir is only heard about two more times within the whole score. In total only around 5 minutes with a choir. There is one passage in the score that does sound like a choir would sing, but it's actually an Ondes Martenot playing (according to the conductor's score). Because of these very brief choir mo
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