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  1. San Diego Symphony Orchestra. John Beal, conductor. Copley Symphony Hall, San Diego, CA September 4th, 2021. 7:30pm https://purchasing.sandiegosymphony.org/8135/8136
  2. The TSO has just announced their 2021/22 schedule and SW:TLJ is not on it, as it was last scheduled for March 2022.
  3. Thanks @rough cutfor the news. Looks like it's back to the Swiss for the 'world premiere'.
  4. Another reason why I’m wondering whether the RAH may consider canceling this concert is because there’s still plenty of seats left to sell for this show. This is a screenshot I made this morning. As you can see, there’s still some orchestra seats left and plenty of tier seats available. I was thinking that tickets holders for ‘Supes – In Concert’ from KKL-Luzern, Switzerland would come down to the UK and fill those seats up, since their show was cancelled, but it would be a hassle for them, despite the one-hour-plus train ride. According to Gov.uk... https:/
  5. Postponed, again. https://www.citylightconcerts.ch/konzerte/ I wonder if Film Concerts Live will make the RAH postpone their date. Citi Lights Concerts has promoted themselves as the one who will do the 'World Premiere' of this concert. Maybe they paid extra to FCL to make sure they get that 'world premiere' credit.
  6. Rochester, NY Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. Christopher Dragon, conductor December 12 2021, 7pm No separate link for this show right now. I found about it through a brochure in the mail. Only way to buy tickets for this show is through 'subscription' where you have to buy other shows in a bundle. Perhaps wait until July for single ticket purchases.
  7. Just announced Saturday, September 25, 2021 Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Fabio Luisi, conductor Anne-Sophie Mutter, violin https://www.dallassymphony.org/discover-connect/dso-vault/read/press-releases/dallas-symphony-orchestra-announces-programming-for-2021-22-concert-season/ Quote from press release:
  8. There's even an LTP concert of this: Here's a rehearsal of it with no film sound. https://www.facebook.com/ColoradoSymphony/videos/2436152949991892/
  9. The 'Director Cut' from the DVD (the only version available on DVD) uses the album version. Bummer.
  10. I'd be satisfied for one year if Disney licenses out another Indy film for an LTP concert.
  11. The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra was going to it in June 2020, but was cancelled because of COVID.
  12. Well, you could have done some research on the orchestra before you spent all that money a ticket, transportation, and lounging.
  13. @Marian Schedenig: I meant that the portion of the general public that has been going to these LTP concerts--with the sound and the projected image--who would leave during end credits would not be the audience for a concert where every music-cue from a film score would be played on stage without the film or its sound.
  14. Yeah, the general public that would leave during the end credits, which is where one of the best listening music-cues comes from in a film score, would not be the best audience for this. However, if film-music nerds like us were notified that such an event were to take place, we’d fill-up a 2743-seat concert hall. These venues/orchestras have to know where to announce them. Certainly not in the usual Classical music places.
  15. I am speaking of a LTP concert (also known as the 'film-with-live-orchestra' concerts) where every music-cue from that concert is performed on stage by an orchestra without the film and its audio track. If any orchestra would be crazy enough to do it, would you buy a ticket for it? We all have enjoyed listening to our favorite film scores over the years on record, CD, digital file, etc. Eventhough we now have these LTP concerts with these film scores played live at a concert hall, the film’s sound is layered over it. To add insult to injury, the orchestra’s playing is mic’d up a
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