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  1. SW:TLJ in America, baby: The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, March 19-21, 2021 https://www.njsymphony.org/events/detail/star-wars-the-last-jedi-in-concert
  2. The LLL CD set gave us two slightly different versions of the main title cue from ST:TMP. The only difference is in the pick-up measure (or ‘anacrusis’ measure)--the incomplete measure just before the first full measure in a score. The first sound from this cue that we hear in the pick-up measure is from one instrument-the percussion. In the film version of the main tile, conducted by Lionel Newman, the percussion in the pick-up measure was a snare drum. In the album version, conducted by Goldsmith, the percussion was a timpani. My first Goldsmtih album was ST:TMP and I was listening to it years before I would see the film for the first time via ABC-TV’s network television premiere airing. I prefer the film version of the main title because the booming-ness of the snare drum gets your attention.
  3. I suspect that these music quotations (or 'tracking') from previous SW scores, specifically the ’77-’83 trilogy, are not all of Williams' ideas, at least not the bulk of it. Take the Sail Barge Assault sequence from ROTJ. Williams first music cue for that sequence was completely original. His replacement cue for that same sequence was riddled with quotes from ANH. My thinking is that as long as Lucas is bringing back the Death Star, why not bring back some of the music from ANH. Now for TROS, I fell that putting in these musical reference from past SW scores was at Abrams’ suggestion as one of the ways to bring back old-school Star Wars fans that were lost during TLJ.
  4. I'm hoping DisneyConcerts will put out, at least, one Indy LTP concert sometime in 2020. What other orchestras in this world have yet to do the Raiders LTP since it premiered in January of 2016?
  5. Eventhough we may not get the theatrical cuts of the original trilogy, I hope that one of the special features will be an audio track of the on-the-set production audio for each of the original-trilogy films. Hearing David Prowse talk in that helmet always cracks me up.
  6. Maybe among the special features is the documentary, Empire of Dreams, from the 2004 DVD set. It was never carried over into the Blu Ray set.
  7. April 18, 2020 Bunkamura Orchard Hall. Tokyo, Japan https://avex.jp/classics/aliens-live2020/ Edit: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. Pierre O'Reilly, conductor
  8. For those of us who go to LTP concerts in New York City's David Geffen Hall: This may affect how LTP concerts are scheduled during the renovation times--like how many to include in a season, what titles to select.
  9. Mike M. said on the FSM forum that the 'Love Theme from Superman' cue will not be played at the LTP concert. https://filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?threadID=124036&forumID=1&archive=0&pageID=11&r=227#bottom Apparently, someone at the forum mentioned my suggestion for the LTP concert of putting a dedication clip in the end credits (see the 8:07 mark) to restore the 'love theme' cue to the unaltered length... ..., and Mike M. said this:
  10. I'm not in the concert business. I've been going to LTP concerts, within the USA, for over a year. I'm upset about why no USA orchestras has made any bookings of LTP concerts from Aliens or Independence Day, despite my pleas to the development department of these orchestras in the form of e-mails. So, this led to my curiosity about the inner working of the business. I might be making this rant too soon, as USA orchestras will start announcing their 2020/21-season schedules in mid-January. I have worked in book selling for a publishing company and we've given discounts to bookstores when they buy in bulk. Even as casual consumers, we've learned that when you buy an item in bulk--like toilet paper or canned goods--the price for one item is less. My thinking is that if, say, DisneyConcerts offers an orchestra/venue a discount for booking multiple programs from their roster, this would be an incentive to book SW:TLJ. Where I am, in the USA, not many orchestras are doing SW:TFA, let along have booked SW:TLJ (again, USA orchestras start announcing their new season schedules early next year). These orchestras have either played or will play SW:TFA: New York Philharmonic (2017) National Symphony Orchestra of Washington, DC (2019) New Jersey Symphony (this April) Indianapolis Symphony (this July) So, the remaining orchestras in the USA can book SW:TFA and SW:TLJ, and if they have to book a few more programs to get the discount they can select some family-oriented stuff like The Little Mermaid, Coco, or Beauty and the Beast. If the orchestra/venues are smart, they'll hold-out until DisneyConcerts may announce SW:TROS or, at least, one Indy Jones concert in a few years. Now all this is just a theory, as I'm not a promoter. I guess this is just a long-winded way of saying, "...not in the business, just curious."
  11. Great, @PoggoAOTS. In that case, I have a few questions. 1. Would you know if concert production companies like Film Concerts Live or DisneyConcerts give discounts to orchestras/venues if they book multiple programs from their roster? 2. If so, what would be the minimum amount to get the discount?
  12. At this moment, the only good I can see that could come out of having another Star Trek movie out in theatres is that, maybe, the concert halls will start bringing back the Star Trek LTP concerts. I've missed out of those when I started going to these LTP concerts in April of 2018.
  13. It returns to Canada. Place des Artes, Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, Quebec, Montreal March 6, 2020 https://placedesarts.com/en/event/casino-royale-concert
  14. Conductor Nicholas Buc is interviewed in the 007 fan page, James Bond Down Under... https://www.jamesbonddownunder.com/single-post/2019/11/22/The-Man-with-the-Golden-Baton ...ahead of this weekend Skyfall LTP concert this week by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra
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