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  1. Whaaaaaaaat? https://www.royalalberthall.com/tickets/events/2024/top-gun-maverick-in-concert/
  2. at the RAH on May 24 and 25, 2024... ...with the London Symphony Orchestra! https://www.royalalberthall.com/tickets/events/2024/indiana-jones-and-the-raiders-of-the-lost-ark-live-in-concert/ Notice the 'Disney Concerts' logo.
  3. Something for us, yanks--Auditorium Philms Concert Series https://auditoriumtheatre.org/subscription-packages/auditorium-philms-concert-series/ Hopefully, a new beginning in getting LTP concerts that have been played only in Europe to come to America.
  4. Coming to USA, Chicago, IL, on Saturday, February 17, 2024 https://auditoriumtheatre.org/events-details/blade-runner-in-concert/
  5. How about imagining a 10-hour marathon made-up of LTP concerts from the 1st three Star Wars films? Oh, wait! That actually happend. https://spice.eplus.jp/articles/200740
  6. The RAH did them both. Independence Day in 2016. Read the thread on that. The Matrix in 2011. Here's the thread for that.
  7. Here are some brief videos from that Pittsburgh concert that are interesting to examine. In this one, we hear Reeve say the word, 'Lois', where it wasn't heard in the final sound-mix from the theatrical cut. This video raises the question I have to those who attended the previous LTP concerts. The music heard over this shot... ...is the same as heard in the theatrical cut. (footage in question is all cued-up in the link) In these very next shots... ...there was no music in the final sound-mix of the theatrical cut, however, they are scored in this concert version. The music used over the above footage for the concert is the final 16 seconds of 'Rescue of Jimmy'-13M4. (audio portion in question is all cued-up in the link) Now, in the final sound-mix of the theatrical cut, this same portion of the 13M4-cue was used over these shots, just before Superman begins stopping the water flow with mountain boulders. Here is that footage from the theatrical cut here (it is all cued-up in the link) Now, here is my question . In the LTP concert version, would this said final portion of 13M4 be played again for the above footage or was a different portion of the score used, or no music at all?
  8. Any FSM Subscribers can tell us if they have received exclusive videos of 'key moments' from Superman, which was done at that very same hall as this one last summer.
  9. It is not just technical. I am thinking that one aspect in making this possible is that the musicians that performed the score for the film have to sign-off on this, as they are members of the musicians union--The American Federation of Musicians. I'm betting that in order to do that, they would want to be financially compensed.
  10. A brief video of the 1st LTP-concert of Werewolf from Minnesota on October 2nd. In the film, the score had a choir. This concert doesn't have a choir. Sound familiar to you Giacchino fans?
  11. Back in the spring, I said that Disney Concerts couldn't make LTP concerts of remaining Indiana Jones film (except 'DoD) because of this... Then these facts started coming up. On May 31,this year, weeks before the release of DoD, Disney began streaming the Indy films on their platform, Disney+. Paramount stills owns the distribution rights to these films, which includes streaming, so Disney would have had to have gotten permission from Paramount to do that. This article from the Hollywood Reporter reveals that this limited feature was the result of an 'updated rights deal' between the two studios. Then during the summer, I noticed the Raiders LTP-concert rental, which was created by a 3rd-party concert-production company prior to Disney's acquistion of Lucasfilm, began showing up on Disney Concerts' website. In addition, orchestras and venues were promoting their presenting the rental on websites and social media displaying Disney Concerts' ownership--their logo and/or copyright notice. Could this be part of this 'updated rights deal'? Based on these facts, one could draw the conclusion that there is a possibility that Disney, through the live-music arm of Disney Concerts, may handle the LTP-concerts of the remaining Indiana Jones film.
  12. From the said link: "Secure your seats now for Superman in Concert, and you're instantly entered for a chance to win a treasured piece of cinematic history! Not one, but TWO lucky ticket holders will be randomly selected to receive an authentic, signed page of the Superman score by the legendary John Williams himself!* But act fast – this exclusive offer is as fleeting as a speeding bullet! This spectacular giveaway ends on Saturday, October 21 at 7:00 p.m. local time."
  13. The updated description of this concert from the Kennedy Center’s website-via the said link--reads this, “Hosted by Giacchino, the evening begins with soundtracks and clips from Psycho, The Phantom of the Opera, Coco, The Batman, Bride of Frankenstein, and other iconic classics.” What you speak of was prior to the pandemic. Yeah, during the 21-22 season, the Kennedy Center had 4 LTP concerts--Up, Black Panther, Jurassic Park and ET, but in the 22-23 season, all they had was one--Frozen, and this season they have 2--this concert and Disney's The Sound of Magic. I feel that the KC has not been very aggressive in booking more LTP concerts in the past seasons. With that being said, the KC has been known to add concerts to the schedule while a season is in progress, so we'll have to see. Here is how supportive Disney is in this film. In this post from Disney Concerts’ Facebook page is a list of their LTP concerts that are being performed at USA venues this month. Werewolf is nowhere on it.
  14. This article published on Sept 29 discusses Giacchino's interest in having the whole movie in color and maybe 3D. https://www.marvel.com/articles/tv-shows/director-michael-giacchino-colorizing-werewolf-by-night I wonder if this color version will appear in any of the LTP concerts this month. Edit: Screening of color version will happen on October 15 in North Hollywood. https://collider.com/werewolf-by-night-in-color-screening-michael-giacchino/
  15. Lost - in Concert Hawaii Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Michael Giacchino Saturday, April 27th, 2024 https://www.myhso.org/concerts/2024-lost-in-concert Tickets go on sale to the public on October 4th, 2023
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