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  1. JKMS is playing coy, but these sure look like JW sketches, presumably for Indy 5, so it seems recording is still very much in progress:
  2. Can’t help you there, but looks like there’s at least one album arrangement. One of these appears to be entitled “Mom’s Dance”, with no slate, like a film cue would usually have: Also, I can make out a “v2 Alt End” and a “v3” in the slates of the other titles, so even if it’s a short score, there were definitely some alternates composed.
  3. JoAnn Kane Music Service just posted what’s likely a small peak at the score:
  4. Right. There’s a lot of tracking in this sequence: there’s also some bits taken from 2M12 Poe Under Torture and 6M56B R v1 (New Ending) Kylo’s Rage, possibly more, as well as some of the intended 4M38A R Rey’s Dream.
  5. It’s mixed simultaneously with a different cue, but there’s a few repeated timpani notes from 5M45R Alt audible at one point, when the Knights of Ren are shown onscreen.
  6. There’s a tiny bit of 5M45R Alt that’s actually in the film, tracked during Rey’s vision. GEMA lists it as “Finn Fight Alt”.
  7. The perfect slot for The Adventures of Tintin! Which would be a fantastic expansion, by the way, if the post-2005 reuse fee issue can be sorted out.
  8. I believe @Drew first noticed this, but @Jay, check it out: every cue re-recorded here is missing from the sheet music leak of TLC. Was this recording what happened to those full scores? Never mind, @Jay pointed this out Friday and I overlooked it. Indy’s Very First Adventures 1M3 X Marks The Spot 3M4 Ah, Rats!!! 4M1 (weirdly, not 4M3/5M1) Escape From Venice 5M3 Castle Brunwald 7M3 New Start Alarm! 1M1 (also weirdly) Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra 7M3 Keeping Up With The Joneses 9M2 On the Tank 11M2 (not 10M3/11M1, as the name implies) Belly of the Steel Beast 10M2 The Canyon of the Crescent Moon 5M4 (not 11M4/12M1) The Penitent Man Will Pass 13M1 The Keeper of the Grail 13M2 Now, there’s also a few cues missing that aren’t part of this recording (namely 1M2, 1M4/2M1, and 11M3) but maybe they were also pulled for it. They’re all part of sequences that include these other cues.
  9. Hmm, I like that idea, but there’s only a few minutes of unreleased JW material from the film, which would fit comfortably alongside the OST, unless the film has a significantly different mix to warrant two discs.
  10. Here’s the surprisingly long cue list. I’ve group various versions and inserts for the same cues together for clarity, since there are many: 1M1 “Dartmoor” 1M1 Flt/Oboe/Stg Intro “Dartmoor” 1M1 v2 “Dartmoor” 1M1 v3 “Dartmoor” 1M1 v4 “Dartmoor” 1M1 v4 (Fixes) “Dartmoor” 1M1 v5 “Dartmoor” 1M1 v5 Extended Introduction “The Foaling of Joey” 1M2B “Horses to Market” 1M2B “D” Intro “Horses to Market” 1M3 “The Auction” 1M3 v2 “The Auction” 1M4 “Bringing Joey Home” 1M4 Rev 1M4 Rev. 2 1M5 “Bonding With Joey” 1M6 “Dad and the Goose” 1M6 Rev. “Dad and the Goose” 1M6 Rev 2 1M7 “Learning the Call” 1M8 “Whistling Montage” 1M8 v2 “Whistling Montage” 1M8 v3 “Whistling Montage” [1M8 v3 Insert?] 2M10 “The Barn Scene” 2M10 Rev “Albert Defends Joey” 2M15 “From House to Barn” 2M20 “Harnessing Joey” 2M22 “The Landlord’s Speech” 2M23 “Plowing Part 1” 2M23 v2 “Plowing Part 1” 2M24 “Plowing Part 2” 2M24 New Ending 2M25 “Plowing Part 3” 2M25 v2 2M25 v2 Insert 2M27 “Dad’s Medals” 2M28 “Horse Versus Car” 2M28 v2 “Horse Versus Car” 3M30 “Ruined Crop and War” 3M31 “The Town Band” [source] 3M32 “Leaving For France” 3M32 v2 “Leaving For France” 3M34 “Saddling Up” 3M35 “The Charge” 3M36 “Surrounded and Captured” 3M36 v2 3M38 “Saved By The Harness” 4M40 “Letters From The Front” 4M40A [alternate introduction for 4M40] 4M42 “The Desertion” 4M44 “The Boys Are Executed” 4M46 “Joey’s New Friends” 5M50 “Birthday Present” 5M52 “Joey and Topthorn Are Captured” 5M54 “Pulling the Cannon” 5M54 Alt. Ending 5M54 v1 “Pulling the Cannon” 5M54 v2 “Pulling the Cannon” 5M58 “The Death of Topthorn” 6M62 “Approaching Trapped Joey” 6M64 “To The Dressing Station” 6M64 Rev “Aid Station Scene” 6M66 “Aid Station Scene” 6M66 Fix “Aid Station Scene” 6M68 “The Reunion” 6M68 Insert 6M68 Piano Ext. 7M70 “The Dash Across No Man’s Land” 7M70 v2 “The Dash Across No Man’s Land” 7M70 New Intro 7M72 “Remembering Emily and Finale” 7M73 “Returning to Dartmoor” 7M73 Alt End [v2?] 7M73 v3 “Returning to Dartmoor” 7M74 “End Credits” 7M74 Extended Revision The Scarlet and the Blue [source] If you’re curious what 1M1 v3 and 1M1 v4 “Dartmoor” sound like, there’s a section common to both that was repurposed basically note-for-note in 4:45-5:30 of ‘The Homecoming’.
  11. And for good measure, here’s the FYC breakdown: 1 Dartmoor 0:00-1:35 1M1 “Dartmoor” 1:35-1:51 1M1 v5 Extended Intro “The Foaling of Joey” 1:51-end 1M1 v5 “Dartmoor” 2 The Auction 1M3 v2 “The Auction” 3 Bringing Joey Home 0:00-0:59 1M4 Rev 0:59-1:22 [unknown] 1:22-1:48 1M4 Rev [continued] 1:48-2:03 [unknown] 2:03-end 1M4 Rev [continued] 4 Bonding With Joey 1M5 “Bonding With Joey” 5 The Whistling Montage 0:00-0:36 1M8 v3 “Whistling Montage” 0:36-end [unknown] 6 Albert Defends Joey and Harnesses 0:00-0:33 2M10 Rev “Albert Defends Joey” 0:33-1:48 2M15 “From House to Barn” 1:48-end 2M20 “Harnessing Joey” 7 Plowing 0:00-0:48 2M25 “Plowing Part 3” 0:48-2:11 2M25 v2 “Plowing Part 3” 2:11-3:01 2M25 v2 Insert 3:01-end 2M25 v2 [continued] 8 Dad’s Medals and Horse vs. Car 0:00-0:10 2M27 “Dad’s Medals” 0:10-0:35 2M27 Insert 0:35-0:54 [unknown] 0:54-end 2M28 v2 “Horse Versus Car” 9 Leaving for France 3M32 v2 “Leaving for France” 10 The Charge 3M35 “The Charge” 11 Surrounded and Captured 3M36 v2 12 The Desertion 4M42 “The Desertion” 13 Joey’s New Friends 4M46 “Joey’s New Friends” 14 Pulling the Cannon 5M54 v1 “Pulling the Cannon” 15 The Death of Topthorn 5M58 “The Death of Topthorn” 16 The Dash Across No Man’s Land 0:00-0:03 7M70 New Intro 0:03-end 7M70 “The Dash Across No Man’s Land” 17 Approaching Trapped Joey 6M62 “Approaching Trapped Joey” 18 The Reunion 0:00-3:00 6M68 “The Reunion” 3:00-3:39 7M74 “End Credits” 3:39-end 6M68 [continued] 19 Remembering Emelie and Finale 0:00-2:15 7M72 “Remembering Emily and Finale” 2:15-end 7M73 v3 “Returning to Dartmoor” 20 End Credits 0:00-1:50 7M74 “End Credits” 1:50-3:17 7M74 Extended Revision 3:17-3:33 1M1 v5 Extended Introduction “The Foaling of Joey” 3:33-4:28 1M v5 “Dartmoor” 4:28-6:48 7M74 [continued] 6:48-7:51 6M68 “The Reunion” 7:51-end 2M25 v2 “Plowing Part 3”
  12. Just did a breakdown of the OST:
  13. War Horse (2011) 1 Dartmoor, 1912 0:00-1:17 1M1 “Dartmoor” 1:17-1:33 1M1 v5 Extended Intro “The Foaling of Joey” 1:33–end 1M1 v5 “Dartmoor” 2 The Auction 0:00-1:56 1M3 Ver 2 “The Auction” 1:56-end 1M2B (“D” Intro) “Horses To Market” 3 Bringing Joey Home, And Bonding 0:00-0:59 1M4 Revised 0:59-1:19 [unknown] 1:19-1:42 1M4 Revised 1:42-2:13 1M4 Rev. 2 2:13-3:48 1M5 “Bonding With Joey” 3:48-4:12 1M6 Rev “Dad And The Goose” 4:12-4:22 1M6 Rev 2 “Dad And The Goose” 4:22-end [unknown] 4 Learning The Call 0:00-0:43 1M7 “Learning the Call” 0:43-1:56 1M8 “Whistling Montage” 1:56-end 1M8 v3 “Whistling Montage” 5 Seeding, And Horse Vs. Car 0:00-0:31 2M10 Rev. “Albert Defends Joey” 0:31-1:42 2M15 “From House to Barn” 1:42-1:49 2M27 “Dad’s Medals” 1:49-2:15 2M27 Insert 2:15-2:35 2M27 [continued] 2:35-end 2M28 v2 “Horse vs. Car” 6 Plowing 0:00-1:20 2M24 “Plowing Part 2” 1:20-2:01 2M25 “Plowing Part 3” 2:01-3:15 2M25 v2 “Plowing Part 3” 3:15-4:21 2M25 v2 Insert 4:21-end 2M25 v2 [continued] 7 Ruined Crop, and Going to War 0:00-1:51 3M30 “Ruined Crop and War” 1:51-end 3M32 “Leaving for France” 8 The Charge and Capture 0:00-1:40 3M35 “The Charge” 1:40-end 3M36 Vers. 2 9 The Desertion 0:00-1:29 4M42 “The Desertion” 1:29-end 4M44 “The Boys Are Executed” 10 Joey’s New Friends 4M46 “Joey’s New Friends” 11 Pulling the Cannon 5M54 Vers 1 “Pulling the Cannon” 12 The Death of Topthorn 5M58 “The Death of Topthorn” 13 No Man’s Land 0:00-1:51 6M62 “Approaching Trapped Joey” 1:51-1:55 7M70 New Intro 1:55-2:43 7M70 “The Dash Across No Man’s Land” 2:43-3:17 7M70 Vers 2 “The Dash Across No Man’s Land” 3:17-end 7M70 [continued] 14 The Reunion 0:00-2:16 6M68 “The Reunion” 2:16-3:03 7M74 “End Credits” 3:03-end 6M68 [continued] 15 Remembering Emelie, And Finale 0:00-2:08 7M72 “Remembering Emily and Finale” 2:08-end 7M73 Vers 3 “Returning to Dartmoor” 16 The Homecoming 0:00-6:05 7M74 “End Credits” 6:05-end 7M74 Extended Revision This was quite a bit more complex than I was expecting, with a lot of inserts and combinations of alternate versions, and even one case of tracking!
  14. In the Old Hollywood style music for the master codebreaker: There’s a bit in here as well:
  15. No way to know for certain, but probably 6M58 because it dates to 5/1/15. Most fixed cues are done shortly after the original, so the original 6M56C is likely from late May or early June.
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