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  1. The sketch says “Tink gone” and “Peter exits”, so probably Peter flying off to battle:
  2. Whoa, thank you! This provides a lot of helpful context to visualize how this scene would have played out in the film. Are Childhood and Moira’s Lullaby also in the script? I assume the entirety of When You’re Alone was originally.
  3. I noticed a bit of the Pirate Sequence has been hiding in plain sight in the Hook novelization this whole time:
  4. Hmm, is there much else from TPM that never surfaced in video games? All I can think of is the film version of Augie's Great Municipal Band. I'd be thrilled if there's any chance the opening of 6M11 End of Darth Maul or especially the original 7M1 After The Victory were recorded.
  5. Yep! It's brief, but that's the Lost Boys Chase theme in the trumpets, note-for-note.
  6. Hmm, not far off, but not quite close enough to be intentional to my ears. But I guess you never know! The Lost Boys Chase in 'Death of Rufio' seems more clear-cut. The whole theme is there, unaltered, in the trumpets.
  7. Am I really going to be the first to mention the Pirate Rap is real? Also, I'd never noticed before, but the theme of the Lost Boys Chase, which I didn't think was recurring, shows up in the final battle (during the 'Death of Rufio' track).
  8. I've got a couple interesting Hook tidbits while we're waiting for our orders. There was apparently a "Hook! Hook! Hook!" chant planned for the trailer at one point. It would have started right when the title appears, and the sketch specifies "10 Hooks": Williams wrote the title of the song "Stick With Me" in parentheses at the top of the sketch of 8M3 Smee Steals The Show:
  9. While we’re eagerly anticipating the shipment of this new set, care to peek at half of the original CD breakdown?
  10. I’m surprised no one’s commented on the sample of the short version of Farewell Neverland. It sounds just like the familiar ending until abruptly heading off in a different direction (sounding rather like the Never-feast insert) at the very end of the clip. What a tease!
  11. Those had 226 minutes and 184 minutes recorded, respectively, well over the running time of two CDs, 160 minutes. I actually timed it out TLC one time, and I came up with: Film Score Presentation 105 minutes Source Music 9 minutes Alternates 32 minutes That would fit comfortably on 2 discs.
  12. The original soundtrack of The Patriot was released on Hollywood Records, owned by Disney, which hasn’t worked with La-La Land to date. Much likelier to be an Intrada release. But yes, it’d make for a fantastic 2-CD set!
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