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  1. Not quite complete, but here’s Home Alone 2: Home Alone 2 cue list 1M2 Home Alone 1M3 T.V. Signoff Music [source] 1M7 Trout Sniffer 1M8 What A Troubled Young Man 1M9 Kevin’s Wish 2M1 [untitled] 2M2 Holiday Flight 2M3 On The Wrong Plane 2M5 Radar Screen 2M6 Kevin’s Not Here 3M1 New York City 3M3 The Arrival 3M4 The Thieves Return 3M5 The Plaza Hotel 4M1 To The Registration Desk 4M4 The Hotel Suite 4M6 Old Movie #1 [source] 4M7 The Concierge 4M9 The Concierge Escapes 5M5 Ice Ska
  2. The sheet music has no end credits material, apart from the usual John Williams Star Wars end credits opening, unfortunately.
  3. That last minute sure is fantastic, though. Love those soft major-key Rey chimes! I was disappointed that TROS regressed to the standard Star Wars suite / Return of the Jedi ending, after TFA and TLJ both wrapped up with beautiful, unique endings.
  4. Yeah, but then it’s ambiguous: first trilogy in terms of the chronology of the story (the prequel trilogy), or the first to be released (the original trilogy).
  5. And Galaxy’s Edge is the actual LSO, with William Ross conducting.
  6. Wonderful! I’d been waiting for someone to get to this cue, since my very rudimentary skills with mocks wouldn’t be able to do it justice. Mike Matessino mentioned this was the cue he was most hoping to find when the master tapes turned up, but unfortunately it seems it never made it to the recording stage, or, as you mentioned, even got orchestrated.
  7. Hal Leonard’s TFA suite was previewed at a convention in late-December 2015, and available to order by early February:
  8. Fantastic stuff, and a true highlight of a score with many wonderful moments! (Wish I could say the same of the film…) Interestingly, 1:30–2:58 was either tracked or repurposed and written into this cue from music originally meant for much later in the film, 8M4 Psalm of the Sith. He did something similar in The Force Awakens, where those tense, repeating, oscillating string figures that accompany Han’s death were originally written for the firing of Starkiller base, in 5M40 (New Ending) The Beam Is Released, before Sunbeam Strings (‘The Starkiller’) was written to take its p
  9. So, @Jay and other Horner fans, here’s a pleasant surprise: the complete full score of Aliens, now available to pre-order: http://www.chrissiddallmusic.com/aliens.html Looks great!
  10. The best I’ve been able to find is this version, which at least doesn’t have dialog and the sound effects at least aren’t too obnoxiously loud: By the way, @Falstaft, do I hear a bit of the Finn/chase motif in there (well, the rhythm anyway)? It wasn’t really clear enough to make out much in that section before.
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