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  1. Yeah, but it’s nothing you haven’t already heard: 1M9 Imperial March is the ‘Aboard the Executor’ cue from ESB, including the tracked imperial march statement. I think JKMS took this more or less straight from the LTP version. Imperial Theme - Edwardian Style (no slate) is the music heard in the commercial.
  2. The only thing in the sheet music leak for the end credits is just the standard opening bit, so I’m quite keen to see what the deal is here. It sounds like alternates won’t be included, but there doesn’t seem to be any major revelations there: there’s quite a few inserts, but most of them are minor tweaks to instrumentation or minor additions or subtractions to accommodate the changes in the timing of the film as it was edited.
  3. BrotherSound


    Cool, then looks like at least some of the song arrangement was ultimately incorporated into 5M5! I’m guessing all the pre-recorded material must have been archived separately. @crumbs Are all the pre-recorded cues (“We Don’t Wanna Grow Up”, “When You’re Alone”, etc.) on the various bootlegs just taken directly from the OST?
  4. We can’t know for sure yet, but it’s most likely from (1M2? 1M22? 1M2 v2?) “The Ninth Beginning”. The November 11th cut had 0:40 of this cue with six seconds of Kylo’s theme immediately after the main title, and the OST has 0:40 of something with 6 seconds of Kylo’s theme before continuing with what we now know is 1M8 Approaching the Emperor [or Nursery]. Since the November 11th cut appears to have opened directly on Exegol, eschewing the Mustafar segment entirely, it probably accompanied that same shot in the earlier cut, too.
  5. BrotherSound


    Oh, something interesting I hadn’t caught before: the sketch of 5M5 “Show Us The Hook” has notes related to measures in something called “P.B.”, which I believe would mean “playback” in this context, which could be referencing the prerecorded version of the Low Below song: Unfortunately, none of the songs are present in the leaked scores or sketches. Wild that a score that had multiple audio leaks and leaked full score sheet music and leaked sketches could still have this many mysteries!
  6. BrotherSound


    Oddly enough, the 5M5 “Show Us Your Hook” that’s in both the leaked full score and sketches does not match the recorded version. The first minute or so is the same, but when the final version switches to the Stick With Me/Smee theme, the original continues with more Low Below. So, I assume the one we know must really be 5M5R or 5M5 Alt. Has anyone ever mocked this up, before I go to the trouble?
  7. There’s been a handful of sketches in circulation: 6M2 Pete’s Aura 12M2? Dorinda Solo Flight 12M3 Dorinda + Pete 12M3 Alternate - Dorinda and Pete 15M1 Among the Clouds 15M2 Dorinda Survives @crumbs Does that cue number make sense for Dorinda Solo Flight? I haven’t seen the film. The top is cut off, but there’s an instruction at the beginning to “Overlap R[something]P1”. Looks like “12” to me, but it’s not very legible. 12M3 Alternate is the version of “Dorinda and Pete” on the OST, but it’s only the first 1:35 of the track.
  8. 1M4 Thru the Jungle was not used at all in the November 11th cut, but part is tracked in to the speeder chase. This is the bit that’s similar to the music for Rey running to the caretaker village in the Last Jedi deleted scene. It’s an earlier version (along with 1M5 Rey Trains) of music for the training sequence early in the film, both of which were replaced by 1M20 Rey’s Training. 2M1 Cockpit Dialog, which I thought would be for the scene of Finn, Poe, Chewbacca, and Claud in the Falcon just before the light speed skipping sequence, was intended for the same scene as 1M20 Lightspeed Skipping, aka Falcon Flight (based on the notes about on-screen action). Assuming 1M14 Falcon’s Last Trip was also for this scene, which seems pretty likely, there were three distinct versions written! (Plus 1M20 Spy’s Message, which I’m guessing was an insert.)
  9. Also, 3M4 is “Quicksand!” (with an exclamation point), but 2M32 is just “Quicksand”.
  10. There’s actually yet another variant of the main title, but it wasn’t recorded, or even orchestrated. The original 1M1 was sketched with a different opening fanfare. This was replaced prior to orchestration by the familiar “Theme from Superman” opening fanfare, labeled “1M1 Main Title (B)” on the sketch. Here’s a mockup of the original opening:
  11. Wouldn’t the very end would be taken from the revised main title (New 1M1 Part 2)? Isn’t that the only version with that added long chord into a stinger?
  12. Ah, I was wondering when you'd get around to this one, probably my favorite cue of the entire score! Significantly, this is the only time in the score we hear the standard Kylo Ren motif, immediately followed by the "redeemed" variant (with an added passing tone): I'd never really thought of JW much in connection with Bruckner before @Falstaft brought in up in connection to The Last Jedi, but I'd swear I hear some slight influence from the Adagio (the third and final movement) of Bruckner's ninth symphony here, specifically the way a shattering dissonance is immediately followed by a complete change of character to softer, beatific music featuring the woodwinds:
  13. I’ve only ever seen the handwritten end credits, but I’m sure there must be more:
  14. War Horse was Eddie Karam’s last credit orchestrating for Williams, which would still have been handwritten, though there may have been a mix of handwritten and typeset, as with Tintin. I believe the switchover to 100% digitally typeset scores happened the following year with Lincoln.
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