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  1. Yep, I imagine this (or something very close) was intended at one point. Since the Mustafar sequence seems to have been entirely removed from the November 11th cut, JW probably decided around that point he wanted to include that music anyway, but reversing the order of the cues for the album track. My guess is track 2 consists of: 0:00–0:52 1M7 Journey of Exegol 0:52–end 1M15 Vader's Castle Unless there's been extensive cuts, the second half isn't long enough to cover the Oracle scene, so it must have been out by this point, but still included the shot of Vader's castle. Here's confirmation the Oracle was actually filmed, but discarded: https://twitter.com/PhilSzostak/status/1244071488791035909?s=20
  2. Omni Music Publishing’s latest release is Basic Instinct (1992) in full score, their second Goldsmith score following Total Recall: https://omnimusicpublishing.com/product/jerry-goldsmiths-basic-instinct-full-orchestral-score/
  3. There’s a new Jerry Goldsmith release today, though it’s not audio: Omni Music Publishing announced their second Goldsmith title (they’ve previously published Total Recall), Basic Instinct in full score, now available to order: https://omnimusicpublishing.com/product/jerry-goldsmiths-basic-instinct-full-orchestral-score/
  4. So, The Horseshoe (Version #2) is the one on this expanded edition, and so presumably the only one recorded. Version #1 is quite similar, but uses that minor-key theme from the very opening of the movie.
  5. I don’t think so, unless it was combined with something else and I’ve forgotten. It’s a pretty brief cue, just over 30 seconds. Looks like only one of the two was recorded, though, or I’m sure the other would have been included with the alternates.
  6. Seems like a good time to share the complete cue list: 1M1&2 County Galway, June 1892 1M4 The Fighting Donellys 2M1 Joe Sr. Passes On 2M4 Leaving Home 3M2 The Barn Scene 4M3 I'm Running Away 5M1 The Duel Scene 6M3 This Is My Destiny 7M1 Burning The Manor House 7M3/8M1 Am I Beautiful 8M4 Blowing Off Steam 8M8 Fighting For Dough 9M2 My Own Man 9M4 Into The Bathtub 9M4/10M1 Facing Goliath 9M7/10M1 (Insert) 10M2 Joseph Is Defeated 10M3 Banished 11M1 Inside the Mansion 11M2 Shannon Is Shot 11M2 (New Ending) 11M3 Day Dreaming 12M1 Joseph's Dream 12M3 The Horseshoe (Version #1) 12M3 The Horseshoe (Version #2) 13M1 The Reunion 13M3 Oklahoma Territory 13M3 Oklahoma Territory (New) 14M1 The Land Race 14M1 (Insert) 14M2 The Race to the River 15M2 Settling With Steven 15M4 Joseph and Shannon End Credits
  7. I may have just noticed this being a percussionist, but they kept in (or forgot to remove) the big cymbal crash in this cue, which was written in the original ESB score but not used.
  8. Hmm, it’s no guarantee, with the way these cues get chopped up, but I can make out enough of the sheet music to see that it definitely does not begin like Falcon Flight, at least as we know it. I can’t make out the notes, but I can discern the rhythm and that there’s a tutti woodwind passage, which doesn’t match anything I’ve heard from the score so far. Looks like it could be a different variation on the ‘heroics’ motif (as identified by @Falstaft (hiatus til TROS)) that’s heard in Falcon Flight.
  9. So, did we finally solve this little mystery: 1M14 Falcon’s Last Trip? Though, what would that even be? Another Falcon Flight alternate? Deleted scene?
  10. Hmm, 7M36 Dunkirk was presumably for that scene, but doesn’t show the use of the Star Wars theme, so maybe ‘Name That Tune’ is the replacement used in the final version?
  11. I believe that’s a piano book. Target shows a listing for a TROS piano book available 4/15 (though the description oddly says it will have themes from all 9 films) which is 48 pages. No list of selections yet: https://www.target.com/p/star-wars-the-rise-of-skywalker-paperback/-/A-79542598
  12. Treverrow’s Episode IX: Duel of the Fates script has leaked in its entirety:
  13. Hey, thanks! I’m 95% sure #3 is from The BFG. #7 has me stumped, but it’s definitely a John Neufield orchestration, so it must be something between 1988 and 2004 (from The Accidental Tourist to The Terminal). No original handwritten scores for
  14. No, but it’s possible to recognize it’s Thomas Newman from other sheet music he’s written. He’s got a distinctive way of boxing in time signatures, for one thing: Vader’s Death is not the only cue he orchestrated for RotJ, either: he also did ‘Vader Contacts Luke’ and ‘After the Bike Chase’. It’s not very unusual for orchestrators apart from the lead orchestrator not to receive credit for working on these scores, for whatever reason. Only Herbert Spencer is officially credited for Return of the Jedi, but Alexander Courage and Gordon Langford also contributed, in addition to Newman.
  15. The funny thing about timpani is that basically everyone else in the orchestra has someone seated next to them they can turn to if they get lost, but the timpanist is always on their own. And it’s often quite noticeable if they do!
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