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  1. I don’t believe Williams has ever written for one, but the Mellotron was introduced in 1963 and can do choral sounds:
  2. There’s both female voices and an ARP synthesizer in that spot, but the voices are real.
  3. @crumbs Thanks for trying that! It seems to work fairly well. The film version of Jedi Steps is in the leaked score and dated 5/29/15, which would make it one of the earlier cues to be completed (the dates range from May through November) so I suspect if this was indeed intended for this scene, it was recorded as a possible insert later on.
  4. Oops! 😅 I updated but left ‘A Ride Down Ben Burtt Boulevard’ since it’s missing from that cue list.
  5. There's another in-jokey one for Crystal Skull: 'A Ride Down Ben Burtt Boulevard'.
  6. It looks like the ScoringSessions folks were there today, so hopefully everything was well-documented!
  7. I recently learned Jerry Goldsmith’s final recording session for Star Trek: The Motion Picture was November 29th 1979, with a release date of December 7th! Of course, they didn't do simultaneous worldwide releases at that point, right?
  8. Know anybody in the L.A. area? There's an easy way to find out: http://collections.new.oscars.org//Details/Archive/71303042 EDIT: So, the answer turns out to be right in the booklet, which shows a bit of the original cue sheet. The selected take of 'The Parachutes' was 2:05, so nothing was edited out.
  9. I think it’s just unfortunate fallout from rule changes that do benefit musicians in most cases. Let’s not forget soundtrack expansions account a pretty minuscule portion of the industry, and I doubt they were even considered when the rules were changed. The re-use fees apply when a theatrical release is released on digital or disc, for example, and of course the studios are going to pay in those cases. My hope is that perhaps in the future the rules could be modified to provide an exception for these sort of specialized uses that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.
  10. Really surprised that's part of the live version, yet 'Cantina Band' is not!
  11. @crumbs @Chewy @Holko Also posted in the Prisoner of Azkaban cue list thread, but wanted to be sure you saw this. These are usually 98% accurate, judging by when I've been able to compare to the original sheets, except for omitting indications of alternates, inserts, etc. So, I think you're probably safe to add the new ones here to your list. Notes in brackets are my own. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (In Concert) Complete Cue List Act I 1M1 Opening III 1M2 That's A Lie 1M4 Aunt Marge's Waltz 1M5 Parents Portrait 1M6-1M7 The Empty Playground - The Knight Bus 1M8 The Knight Bus Ride 1M9 Newspaper Headliner - Second Collision 1M10 Pub Source 2M1 The Book Attacks 2M2A Discussing Black 2M3 The Train to Hogwarts 2M4 The Dementor Appears 2M5 Double Trouble [including 'Something Wicked Intro'] 2M6 Dumbledore's Warning 2M8 Double Trouble March 2M9 Rainy Nights, Dementors, and Birds 2M10 You Have the Grim 3M1 Double Trouble on the Hill 3M2 Befriending the Hippogriff 3M3 Riding the Hippogriff 3M4 Bonding with the Hippogriff and Sir Cadogan Again 3M5 Kids Inspect Newspaper etc 3M6-3M7 Snape Dresses Up - The Spider - The Snake - Clown Out of the Cupboard 3M9 Revealing the Bridge 3M10 Remembering Mother 3M11-3M12 The Portrait Scene - The Great Hall Ceiling 4M1-4M2 Quidditch 4M3 Woods Walk and Bird's Flight 4M5 Up The Stairs 4M6 Snow Fight 4M7 The Elves Song [A Winter's Spell] 4M10 Brief Snow Scene 4M11 Explore Your Past 4M12 Opening the Trunk 4M15 Harry and Voices 4M16-4M17 Dueling the Dementor - Insert for Patronus Light 4M18 Entr'acte - Solo Flute Act II 5M1 Buckbeak's Sentence 5M2 Reading the Map 5M3 The Mention of Pettigrew 5M5 Pt.1 The Crystal Ball 5M5 Pt.2-5M6 The Crystal Ball - The Executioner 5M7 The Walk to Buckbeak 5M8-5M9 Buckbeak is Sentenced - Scabbers Runs 5M10 The Whomping Willow 6M1-6M2A Entering the Shrieking Shack - The Confrontation Scene - Part 1 6M2B The Confrontation Scene - Part 2 6M2C The Confrontation Scene - Part 3 6M3 [No title] 6M4-6M5-6M5AN Sirius and Harry - Werewolf Scene - First Frozen Lake 6M7-7M1-7M1A Reviewing the Recent Past - Viewing the Recent Past - Saving Buckbeak 7M2 My Dad Conjured the Patronus 7M3-7M4 Buckbeak Saves the Day - Watching the Past - The Patronus Light 7M5 The Resuce of Sirius 7M6 Sirius Final Scene - Turning Time Back 7M7 The Whomping Willow 7M8 Jungle Jazz Room [source, composed by Steve Grey] 7M9 Lupin's Departure 7M11-7M12-End Credits Potter Titles - End Credits
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