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  1. Quo Vadis (1951) Miklós Rózsa Source: full score of the 2012 Tadlow recording, reconstructed by Leigh Phillips and Rebecca Thomas Intermezzo [Overture] 1M1 Main Title 1M1 Main Title - Opening Insert 1M1B Appian Way - Drums 1M1C Calvary 1M2 Marcus’ Chariot 2M2 Lygia 2M3 Hymn to Apollo (Dinner Music) 3M1 Marcus & Lygia 3M2 Preghiera 3M3 Fertility Dance 4M2-3 Hail Nero (Triumphal March) 4M4 Eunice 4M5-5M1 The Hostage 5M2 The Women’s Quarters of Nero 5M3 Bacchanale 5M5 Assyrian Dance 6M1 Sicilian Antiqua 6M2 Dance of the Muses 6M3 Escape 7M1 Petronius & Eunice 7M2 Chilo 7M4 The Last Supper 8M1 Resurrection Ham 8M2 Vae Victis 8M3 Caritas 8M4 Mea Culpa 9M1 Non Monia Vincit Amor 9MA Temptation 10M1 Petronius’ Presentiment 10M2 Marcus and Poppaea (Hymn to the Sun) 11M1 Chariot Chase 12X4 Prelude to Second Part 12M1 The Road to Rome 12M2 The Burning of Rome - Part 1 12M2 Ecce Homo Petrus 12M3 The Burning of Rome - Part 2 13M1 Tu Es Petrus 13M2 Petronius’ Meditation 14M1 Petronius’ Decision 14M2 The Prison 14M3 The Vision of Peter 14M4 Petronius’ Banquet 15M1 Petronius’ Death - Part 1 15M2 Petronius’ Death - Part 2 15M3 Ave Caesar 16M4 Aftermath 17M1 Hymen 18M2 Nero’s Suicide 19MA Finis Poppaea 19M2 Hail Galba 19M3 Finale & Chorus 19MX Epilogue ‘Jesu Lord’ Eunice’s Song at Antium (Invocation to Venus) ‘The Burning of Rome’ - Nero’s Fire Song ‘Where O Death?’ - First Arena Hymn ‘Incarnate Godhead’ - Third Arena Hymn ‘Upon These Lillies’
  2. Yeah! Some are just atmospheric underscore, but there's some interesting material, too. Here's all the known cues that are completely unreleased: 1M6 They Want To Believe the President 1M7 It’s The Lie 3M1 Did I Approve 3M3 T.V. Debate 3M4 Election Results 3M5 I Hate Losing 4M1 Mother’s Faithful Dog 4M2 Sound Like Mother 4M4 Football In Whittier 4M4R Football To Campaigning 4M7ABC Early Days (Pat And Dick Theme) Alternate Version 4M8 I Want A Divorce 8M7 Talking With Lincoln 9M1 Harold’s Death 10M3 Meeting On The Potomac 12M2 Family Chat 12M5+6 It’s The Lie 13M4 Hoover’s Death And The Jones Ranch 17M4 Back To Life 21M1 Praying Interesting! I haven't seen the film in quite a long time, so I wasn't aware that was the case. Looks like it will need to be a 2-disc release, then.
  3. For comparison: Cinderella Liberty 0:42 in film, 0:35 OST (7+ minutes unreleased) Nixon 1:38 in film, 0:47 OST (51+ minutes unreleased) The Patriot 1:32 in film, 1:13 OST (26+ minutes unreleased) Seven Years in Tibet 1:20 in film, 1:06 OST (21+ minutes unreleased)
  4. Alright, so we will get some JW from Intrada this year after all! I’m hoping it might be The Patriot or Nixon, since they’re likely the only label that could do those given the Hollywood Records–Disney connection, and they both have a ton of unreleased music.
  5. Here that is, which features the original 5M6 The Inner City: The only change in the revision was to remove the bars intended for this deleted scene.
  6. I think it may be two different takes. The timpani seems noticeably more aggressive in the SE version.
  7. Ah, I haven’t seen this before! Interestingly, they did watch the march on the Jedi temple scene as part of the spotting, and it seems Williams was planning to write a cue for it at that point:
  8. There seems to be gaps in the cue numbering for all the tracked music: 1M3 Boys Into Battle 1M4 They're Coming Around 1M4A "Get 'EM, R-2!" 1M5 The Elevator Scene 1M6 Count Dooku's Entrance 1M7 The Death of Dooku [1M8] Dive, Dive 2M1 Grievous and the Droids [2M2] Crash 2M3 Another Happy Landing 2M4 Revisiting Padmé 2M5 Grievous Travels to Palpatine 2M6 Scenes and Dreams 2M7 Be Careful of Your Friend 3M1 Council Meeting 3M2 Hold Me 3M2A Palpatine's TV Set 3M3 Palpatine's Big Pitch [3M4] Wookies Attack 3M5 Goodbye Old Friend 3M6 Going to Utapau 3M7 Riding the Lizard 3M8 Obi-Wan Faces Droids 4M1X Drawing Swords 4M1A Good Guys Arrive [4M2] Council Roundtable 4M3 Palpatine's Seduction 4M4 Rolling With Grievous 4M4A Fighting With Grievous 4M5 Dialogue With Mace 4M5A Padmé's Ruminations 4M6 I am the Senate 5M1 Palpatine Instructs Anakin [5M2] Anakin March 5M3 Lament 5M3A Bail's Escape
  9. It seems like 4M2 was reserved for that scene, though, implying music (or at least tracked music) was planned all along. It even has a title in the GEMA database, “Council Roundtable”.
  10. Hmm, actually I’m not as sure about reasoning behind the tracking in Episode III. I remember it being specifically mentioned that many of the arena battle scenes were incomplete when Williams was scoring Episode II, so I assumed it was a similar situation for ROTS. Prequel experts: @Manakin Skywalker @Jay happen to know?
  11. I believe it's also around 7 minutes (a bit longer if you count the partially re-recorded Duel of the Fates), but in that case the tracking was used for scenes that weren't completed in time to be scored, unlike TROS were the tracked music replaced music written and recorded specifically for the film.
  12. I wanted a contrast to the original LP cover for the Tadlow digital re-recording of Rózsa's King of Kings, so I made this from the cover of a book included with the old LP: Also, I couldn't find a satisfactory image of the original LP cover for El Cid: And while I'm on a Rózsa kick, a custom alternate cover suitable for either the original LP or Rhino 2-CD release:
  13. Me, too! Here’s list of just what’s on the OST and FYC for which alternates are known to exist (or are likely to exist): Prologue Journey to Exegol (2nd half) Falcon Flight* To Kijimi Join Me The Old Death Star (1st half) Destiny of a Jedi Healing Wounds The Battle of the Resistance Approaching the Throne Parents Coming Together The Force Is With You* Farewell* A New Home Finale *more than one alternate
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