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  1. So, the new show Obi-Wan Kenobi features some rather Williams-y music over the Lucasfilm logo: So, what do we think? Is this music by JW? I’m not certain, but leaning towards ‘yes’.
  2. So, there’s now John Williams Star Wars music from the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, and 2020s: six different decades!
  3. There’s a short woodwind/vibraphone note at the very beginning that’s present on the live performance but not this recording.
  4. There’s a small handful that are known: 1M1 Presumed Innocent [Main Title] 2M4 The B File 6M5 The Bedroom Scene 13M2 The Boat Scene Happen to know the difference between the album track and track 27 in the score presentation? Track 27 is marked as containing previously unreleased material.
  5. Strong Bruckner influence here, eh, @Falstaft? (A composer I hadn’t really thought of in connection with JW before, until Frank pointed out the influence on some other more recent Star Wars music.)
  6. Like the previous year’s Born on the Fourth of July, the instrumentation is uncharacteristically small and economical for a John Williams score: 1 Flute 1 English Horn 3–4 Horns 1 Percussion 1 Harp 1 Piano 2 Synthesizers Strings
  7. @Jay @Falstaft @Ludwig This reminds me, we’d assumed the lack of a 9M5 between 9M4 Trouble In Prison and 9M6/10M1 Carbon Freeze was just a fluke, but curiously, there’s also a corresponding gap in those big red numbers written on each full score, too: Fox Fanfare 1M1 Main Title 1M2 The Imperial Probe 1M3-2M1 Luke’s Escape 2M2 Ben’s Instruction 2M3 Luke’s Rescue 2M4 The Probe Scanner 3M1 Drawing the Battle Lines 3M2 Leia’s Instructions 3M3 The Snow Battle 3M4-4M1 Luke’s First Crash 4M2 The Rebels Escape Again 4M3 The Asteroid Field 5M1 Crash Landing 5M2 Yoda Appears 5M3 Yoda’s Entrance 5M4-6M1 Solo and the Princess 6M2 Yoda’s Teaching 6M3 This is Not a Cave 6M4 Training a Jedi 6M5-7M1 The Magic Tree 7M2 Attack Positions 7M3 Yoda Raises the Ship 7M4-8M1 Vader’s Command 8M2 City in the Clouds 8M3 Lando’s Palace 9M1 Luke to the Rescue 9M2 Vader Shows Up 9M3 Putting 3PO Together 9M4 Trouble In Prison Unknown - 9M5? 9M6-10M1 Carbon Freeze 10M2 Luke Pursues the Captives 10M3 Chewie Chokes Lando 11M1 Through the Window 11M2-12M1 Losing a Hand 12M2 To Hyperspace 12M3 Finale 12M4 End Credits Yoda’s Theme The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme) Still likely nothing, but I’d sure like a peek at JW’s original manuscripts to be sure…
  8. JoAnn Kane Music Service just shared some images of the original full scores for The Empire Strikes Back:
  9. Just cracked open my copy, and it sounds magnificent! The previous issues certainly didn’t sound bad, but the score has certainly never sounded as vibrant and immediate as it does here. Excellent notes, courtesy of Mike Matessino, as always. We’re in the midst of great few weeks for John Williams fans, for sure!
  10. No one’s done a detailed breakdown to figure that out yet, as far as I can tell. The soundtrack is 6 minutes longer than the amount of music in the film (44 minutes vs. 38 minutes). However, the Angela’s Ashes OST is longer than the amount of score in the film, and that score still has a decent amount of unreleased material, not even counting what alternates might exist. I found some cue titles that are not on the soundtrack. However, they could still be present in tracks that combine two or more cues:
  11. I figured this referred to ‘Lapti Nek’, because wouldn’t it be the only Jabba’s palace music with enough synchronized action to require on-set playback?
  12. That’s right. As written, the beginning of their conversation would have been underscored by a version of the Han Solo and the Princess theme, but Leia’s theme from 3M29R is used in its place. The playful droid moment just beforehand is from 6M52 R2 in Hibernation, which uses the same droid motif as 3M29, 3M29R, and 1M4A, which could have made it a recurring motif, had another instance been used. 🤷‍♂️ Here’s the context from the GEMA cue list, ordered by the first appearance of each cue: Han and Leia Reunion Finn and Poe, United R2 in Hybernation Leia, C-3P0, and R2 Parental Discussion Bring Her to Me
  13. The start and end are borrowed note-for-note from 1M4R The Arrival of Kylo Ren for the purposes of overlap, though. However, a fragment of 1M4A Introductions was used in a bonus feature, so this is one of the unused cues we can confirm was recorded.
  14. The OST is actually 6 minutes longer than the score in the film, so it’s an open question if there’s even any additional material to add at all.
  15. Looks like it may not be a very long wait for the next one: @TownerFan’s Legacy of John Williams podcast just put out a SpaceCamp Expanded Edition: First Listen episode, and at the end it’s mentioned that Mike Matessino will be on the podcast again “soon” to discuss not just SpaceCamp, but also “another one”. 😮
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