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  1. I don't think it was arranged by Williams.
  2. The Adventure Continues -also known as The Duel- from Tintin should be on this list!
  3. I think the score is such a beautiful ending to his Star Wars cycle, with lots of heartfelt passages. The new themes presented in The Rise Of Skywalker are very fitting and work incredibly well alongside the many themes we are familiar with. I'm very satisfied with Williams' final Star Wars score: it is exactly what I hoped it would be.
  4. This album is a complete winner in my book! I'm really enjoying it on a level that surprasses my initial reactions to TFA and TLJ. I think in the end, Williams created something very special with the Sequel Trilogy.
  5. Because the End Credits wasn’t included in the FYC selection, unlike TFA and TLJ...
  6. Although these could be completely new right? Anthem Of Evil, The Rise Of Skywalker, Speeder Chase, Destiny Of A Jedi, Reunion, They Will Come and Finale Those titles alone get me very excited. In sincerely want to thank everyone who was 'Shazaaming' last night. Slept way too short, but it was classic JWFan! You are guys are the best!
  7. The part that starts at 3:25? Probably not, but this is such a great cue anyway. 😉
  8. Yeah exactly: who knows? I just reasoned: if the soundtrack is at Lucasfilm' offices, it could be in other places as well and might end up in the hands of someone who is willing the post the track titles online. The thought is not that absurd. It will happen one of these days anyway.
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