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  1. If bots start using AI to post on this board (for whatever reason), THIS is the kind of thread I expect we're going to see.
  2. This is already the post of the year for me. Thank you Ricard and all those involved.
  3. I'm just happy Williams received a nomination. The man is almost 92 years old, a true living legend and his music has enriched my life for over three decades. For those offended, annoyed, upset or what other negative emotion his nomination has triggered: it must kinda suck to be you.
  4. You're getting my hopes up! This is one of my favorite John Williams scores and it really needs a proper release. Fingers crossed!
  5. On March 22 2017, I wrote (post on the first page): Somehow it was decided then that the song in question was not a Williams-song, although I pointed out that it was completely based on Williams’ theme for Pete N’ Tillie.
  6. I took a picture of the additions to my collection after the pictures posted in the first post were taken.
  7. Although I enjoy the topic, I honestly don't think any film was a blockbuster or classic just because of John Williams' score.
  8. Now that we finally have the songs from Hook, I think Believe -even in its raw form- should make the cut, possibly replacing When You’re Alone.
  9. Honestly, the songs -even if they're just demo-versions- sound much more accomplished than Thomas And The King, the only real comparable work in Williams' discography. It only makes me wonder how powerful Believe, Childhood or Mothers would have eventually become had the production steered towards the original planned musical idea.
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