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  1. Also they didnt have the direct session masters. They used the final mixes that Horner had made himself. Also something was mentioned that it was originaly a 2CD program?-I cant recall exactly.
  2. But I THINK it became out very prominent in WILLOW. From then onward it became a very recognizable element.
  3. I became aware of his legendary name when I read that he had to conduct some sessions for John Williams during JURASSIC PARK because Williams had some back issue and had to rest. RIP.
  4. Come on, lets have some optimisim here. I think Mike Matessino did the whole thing here.
  5. Didnt know that there was DVD set with the OST CD in Brazil. Note the similar artwork..
  6. So this is the BIG 'Non John Williams' release that Mike Matessino was hinting on previously on a podcast. As I had suspected earlier in that discussion thread and since its a Lucasfilm/Disney thing its going to usher in a new chapter for the label (s) Im looking forward to Matessino's work on this and hopefully liner notes by him. This is such an important and pivotal release to come!
  7. I also doubt it, since today is already his 7th Death Anniversary and it would be in bad taste to release this so soon. An ideal time for any new Horner release would be August when we celeberate his birthday !
  8. From the remaining composers list check out which title could be associated with "Tour De Force" and you will guess the title correctly. I have a good guess and it's also got a 4K Blu ray release as well recently.
  9. That's the strategy to turn down projects politely he doesn't want to do!
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