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  1. Will Williams return to Albert Hall London this year since he couldn't make it to the concert last time?
  2. Looks like they are back in New York. Anne Sophie posted a selfie with Spielberg and Williams.
  3. Both the concert performances are my favourite specialy 'Indys Very first Adventure'. If only this was recorded on cd! I was actually disappointed that this ws not on the recent Williams Spielberg III album.
  4. I think this batch was intended for Nov or Dec 2019 but probably got delayed. Varese had promised 3 batches last year and managed to deliver only 2.
  5. Nice. I decided not to pursue the Quartet release of GREAT TRAIN because of Intrada's release is quite satisfactory. I'm sure the new release is a marginal improvement but not essential for a 3rd time dip. Interestingly the initial Varese disc is an SACD.
  6. I got my copy a few days ago. but beware my case was all cracked!
  7. I got my Jewelcase set and it was badly cracked in places! But thats Amazon.
  8. Enough of the Box sets! Give me stand alone issues of film score albums (STAR WARS & INDY JONES not withstanding)
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