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  1. Very good. I suppose not just the newly found source was used but the album master/sources may have been also utilized here under the expertise of Matessino here. We should get more details whenever a new podcast comes out.
  2. I should be getting mine next week. Oh by the way, Images, Jane Eyre (TV) and Superman the only films that Williams has scored starring Susanah York?
  3. I haven't opened it up yet but yes it's going go be terrific. It's a holy grail of mine. There is suite on YouTube too if your curious.
  4. A terrific new Sealed FSM find. 2CD of unabashed Tiomkin. Rare OOP FSM cd..
  5. Yes long ago. But want to see it again. I'm sure the music is great but somehow it slipped away from me all these years.
  6. Yes I was just asking that. So itโ€™s both stereo and Multi channel but is it Hybrid. OH BTW, I never had any of the previous cd or heard the score but Iam willing to be blown away by it๐Ÿ˜‹
  7. The Matrix for sure. The 2nd one could be The Hollow Man or Medicine Man.....?
  8. Looks like I was being prophetic without even knowing it...
  9. The previous AI was just perfect.There is no need for anymore further remastering or inclusion.For my money this is just a reissue.
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