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  1. I have not opened my 2nd pressing of the cd but Im sure this flub has been corrected in there. Also the 2nd disc (from the first pressing) with the OST program is fine.
  2. I did. The old OST is a frisbee now. The new OST rocks because of the high resolution and is reconstructed from scratch. And the film presentation on Disc 1 is something else. My advice: Get it fast before Intrada gets it out of stock. P. S. They sold out the initial batch but 2nd batch coming soon.
  3. I missed out on it. Last month I emailed LLL and they had a copy. I got one!
  4. And no John Williams releases as said earlier. Interesting to know that Goldsmith @20th Series is taking off. Some missed OOP cds to look forward too.
  5. Latest arrivals from the #lalalandrecords sale. WATERWORLD is expected to be sold out very soon.
  6. How about Jurassic Park III? Wasnt that scheduled to come right of the the heels of the Williams set?? I hope John Barry's THE SPECIALIST or CHAPLIN sees the light someday.
  7. Thats rubbish. He already made it clear that there are no exciting titles numerous times at FSM about this batch which clearly meant no John Williams this time around because we have all have been expecting a John Williams titles since the last 3- 4 years. And for the record he has not indicated or told me whats coming either (which obviously even if he did tell me, I wouldn't even tell or disclose publicly) On the otherhand yet you continue to patronize members shamelessly across the board; even if its MV. Take a chill pill. P. S. Its 'custom
  8. You mean about a certain 30th Anniversary release??. NOPE. 😜
  9. Well Iam very pleased to learn that a fully expanded THE FINAL CONFLICT is being considered right under Varese. Thanks for the clarification.
  10. Good grief! Thats a nasty tone there. LoL. But that also happened with Jerry Drax who told me that Kritzerland when out of the way to SAE to not to sell any of their titles to him! 😜 That was for POLTERGEIST II Guys, I chatted with MV over the phone last week to place an order (yes, I was Man enough to call him😅) and he confirmed there were No John Williams titles in this batch!!
  11. I think that was Kritzerland going after one of our own Jerry Drax on his similar comment about the POLTERGEIST II release... Jerry lived to tell the story..
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