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  1. Finally arrived!! Also got the The Land Before Time replacement in this order (not pictured).
  2. You will need to be raise the volume on this one. I just remembered. 😂
  3. More updates from MV on the FSM LLL Questions page We have 1 confirmed. Waiting on 2 more Most likely mid March release for the 1 (or possibly 2 or 3 new releases) MV
  4. Finally some light at the end of the tunnel!!! Update from Doug on Flight of the Phoenix and MORE!! The Flight Of The Phoenix lands this coming Tuesday, February 23rd. Thanks to veteran composer Frank DeVol, the once-crashed aircraft flies again in a fully-restored 2-CD edition. They don’t write main titles like this anymore. Also in good fortune, clearance activity for several projects is finally getting back underway after the virus kept doors mostly closed for nearly a year. So pipeline projects may soon be once again emerging. In fact, our next release in a couple of weeks should prov
  5. I have the RCA RED SEAL editions of these titles which are pure stereo with none of the Dolby surround nonsense. The recordings sound more vibrant and alive on these ones.
  6. So.. this is our Origins story. Mine was Superman by John Williams in 1980 when I got the soundtrack. Never looked back.
  7. But can you feel the jump in sound quality with both UHQCD and SHM-CD if you compare with normal cd. I suppose the resolution is better.
  8. So this edition has both UHQCD and MQA. Will the UHQCD format play on normal players? I think MQA does require a specific DAC or supporting player. Anyways I suppose the UHQCD has a better resolution so can you feel the difference between this and regular playback? Also since it's Japanese release I saw another format for some of the Boston Pop recordings of another format called SHM CD. Anyone know what that is?
  9. The price is the real deal here. Luckily I have most of the yellow gold pressing with the notes and only a few titles were missing in my collection which got compensated in this set.
  10. Yes, those clues were fun. I wish Roger would bring those back.
  11. So cool, that the SACD arrived today on Williams 89th Birthday Anniversary. But damn those Customs duties which charged me half the price of this expensive set ! Nice jewel set but all in Japanese here. Dunno if its going to have any English listing inside.
  12. Update from Doug Fake on the next release : http://www.intrada.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8670
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