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  1. I'm going to order it very soon but looking to merge with SPECIES and maybe the new Varese Club titles (coming on Friday) NIGHTBREED is indeed a terrific and mesmerising score. Its prime vintage Danny Elfman from the BATMAN era. The exotic percussion and the pre Edward Scissorhand like Choir is just a terrific blend of the classic Elfman sound. Not to be missed!! And that opening credits music is so hypnotic and profound. I get goosebumps listening to it each time.
  2. Since I made the the preorder more than a month ago then iI should be able to get the Calendar in the SACD edition.
  3. New updated artwork: DELUXE EDITION SACD/Bluray https://store.universal-music.co.jp/contents/shop/um/img/goods/G10/UCGG-9233.JPG
  4. Sadly it's not available to my region. Can I get a rip or download of this from somewhere?
  5. As Bonneys vocals were recorded at Royce Hall (and boy do I love the sound of that recording..) The availability of the hall could be the reason why it was recorded late.
  6. I have enquired about it But no response from them whatsoever. Lets hope it happens. DUTTON just released a new batch after a very long gap but nothing did stir any interest for me there.
  7. Mike Matessino did a great job bringing out the fuller sound. There is a day and night difference between the OST and this edition as well as the Blue Box!
  8. Glad this finally happened. Just ordered the Deluxe Edition with both the SACD and Blu Ray!!!
  9. Quartet records Announces MEGA SALE OF 25% https://quartetrecords.com/ 25% BIG SALE !! FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING ON 8 PRODUCTS TITLES AND ABOVE
  10. I tried ordering from the new site but it refused to take accept my order even though the address fields were complete. Anyways..I ordered DIE ANOTHER DAY and PATRIOT GAMES from SAE instead. Will tackle the Club cds later. Varese is always a hassle!
  11. I'm sure they are saving the remaining Stephane' tracks for a special edition. But the Blu Ray will have the full show You can't just edit the concert having Seiji Tributes in the beginning.
  12. Use Asendia France tracking. Page. The USPS tracking number changes to another number midway.. And yes they are reliable been ordering from them for decades
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