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  1. Sad and concerned about all this. Im sure our Maestro himself is taking extra extra care at his age. Im sure he is spending quality time working at the piano keeping himself busy. 😊 And wishing everyone here safe health. As a banker managing a Contact Center I have to ensure all necessary precautions despite coming to work in my office with a major lock down in my city. Its a lot of risk but the support is essential. Be safe, everyone else.
  2. Off topic but did anyone see Anne-Sophie Mutter's facebook video? Apparently she has revealed that she also tested positive for COVID-19. Hoping she recovers quickly and gets well soon.
  3. Possibly they are not even updating the tracking info....
  4. My currency has drastically devalued bec of this bleepin Pandemic. Argh.
  5. There is hope. But we have a lock down in my city for 2 weeks so all post offices are closed.
  6. I think Williams THE EIGER SANCTION: DE could be a possibility this year from Varese given all the recent Williams 70's era catalogue that has been released such as THE TOWERING INFERNO, POSEIDON and EARTHQUAKE! I remember reading on FSM forum that EIGER was a sub licensed to Varese. Its possible that license may have expired or may be retaken by Varese like they did for DRACULA DE!
  7. Apparently the Lawrence collaboration wasnt a very happy experience for him.
  8. And the original artwork is far superior to this day. The box set Vinyl edtion is gorgeously done. A keeper even if you dont have a turntable!
  9. It will be even more hilarious if these vinyl issues turnout to be the ones sourced from the new Shawn Murphy remixes that we saw on cd and not the Sony Classical vinyl editions master which Shawn also did.
  10. I still haven't got Presumed Innocent so Id welcome a Deluxe Edition.
  11. Williams Presumed Innocent then or perhaps SUPERGIRL? ie. If they figured out the licenses LOL.
  12. His contribution to that score was quite important thereby fleshing it to its current form. I discussed this briefly with him about his involement to an article on it. He was quite appreciative of it.
  13. Im curious about the alternates here. Can anyone which si the most standout alternate cue here. I understand the End Credits hasn't much to offer in terms of significant new material but I'm curious about the others. Also is the sound quality noticebly improved ?? (Not that I have issues with original OST album-it still sounds pretty good to me)
  14. The wife of composer Gerard Schurmann has announced that the composer has sadly passed away: Today, March 24th at 12.30pm, my darling Gerard, love of my life, passed on into another existence. Distraught beyond words, I am also the luckiest person alive to have been able to share 55 years of my life with him. His thoughts and approach to life were totally unique, like no one else I ever met. He was caring of others, passionate, sometimes difficult but always wonderful, with a vital life force that’s reflected in his beautiful music. He didn’t want to go and fought hard to stay, until age and his failing heart overcame his resistance. My heart goes out to Karen, his lovely daughter and her family in the north of England. It’s tragic that he was unable to see them at this time. He kept active up to the end, sorting out scores and making arrangements for Volume 2 of his film music. During what’s left of my life, I shall devote it to fostering his music. He will always be with me. I would like to use facebook to let people know about a memorial, as soon as we are able to assemble again. In lieu of flowers, a memorial donation can be made to any animal shelter. Thank you. Carolyn (Nott) Schurmann Over the years I had some very humble exchanges with Gerard via facebook. He was always very courteous and respectful. Upon my first initaion, I got message from him inquiring who I was and why I was connecting with him? I nervously told him I was big fan of film music and was familair with his works specifically his orchestrations for LAWRENCE OF ARABIA. To which he sweetly replied "Any fan of film music is friend of mine" So when the news came out that Tadlow was recording LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (And its a splendid recording no doubt) I was curious if this recording was going to be faithfull to his original orchestrations or not? The previous recording had not adhered to. He was very responive to my queries and promised me that it was indeed being done that way. He even excitedly forwarded my messages to James Fitzpatrick. We continued many exchanges over the years and always responded back. Chandos recording of his film scores is a wonderful tribute to his own scores. Iam glad that second volume is in the works. RIP.
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