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  1. Quartet Records Announces: Expanded Original Motion Picture Soundtrack THE SICILIAN CLAN Music by ENNIO MORRICONE Limited edition: 1000 units Quartet Records, in collaboration with Fox Records, Island Def Jam and Universal Music Enterprises, presents a remastered and expanded edition of Ennio Morricone’s iconic score for Henri Verneuil’s beloved French-Italian-American noir from 1969, THE SICILIAN CLAN, starring Alain Delon, Lino Ventura, Jean Gabin, Irina Demyck and Sydney Chaplin. Based on the novel by Auguste Le Breton, THE SICILIAN CLAN is a technical masterwork and a classic of the gangster genre. It was also a huge international success. The plot is about a young, ambitious mobster who plans an elaborate diamond heist while seducing the daughter of a ruthless mob patriarch as a determined police commissioner closes in on all of them. The memorable score by Ennio Morricone consists of an evocative, idiosyncratic main theme that is developed in four distinctive elements throughout the score. Morricone’s music was often marked by unusual instrumental and effects; in this score, those include a distinctive “Sicilian boing” and the whistling of Alessandro Alessandroni. The score of THE SICILIAN CLAN was released worldwide by Fox Records (except in Italy, where the rights belong to CAM) in a brilliant, beloved 30-minute album that has been reissued on LP and CD several times among the years. This CD includes the remastered album and also several versions—differing in length and orchestration—that Morricone recorded for the slightly different American and European cuts of the film. Produced and mastered by Chris Malone from first-generation master tapes. Claudio Fuiano supervised the album, and the package includes a 20-page booklet with liner notes by film music writer Jeff Bond. Tracklist 1) Tema Italiano (3:38) 2) Snack Bar (2:26) 3) Mostra dei gioielli (2:52) 4) Dialogo Nº 1 (3:18) 5) Jeanne e la spiaggia (3:17) 6) Dialogo Nº 2 (3:24) 7) Tema per Le Goff (3:11) 8) Tema per Nazzari e Delon (2:24) 9) Tema Italiano Nº 2 (1:34) 10) I Francobolli (2:25) 11) Finale (2:23) 12) The Sicilian Clan M0 (3:32) 13) The Sicilian Clan M15 (1:30) 14) The Sicilian Clan M18 (3:43) 15) The Sicilian Clan M8 (3:03) 16) The Sicilian Clan M16 (3:48) https://quartetrecords.com/product/the-sicilian-clan/
  2. QUARTET RECORDS ANNOUNCES WORLD PREMIERE: ALFRED HITHCOCK'S FRENZY Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Film Score: Composed and Conducted by RON GOODWIN Unused Score: Composed and Conducted by HENRY MANCINI Limited edition: 3000 units Quartet Records and Universal Pictures Film Music Classics Collection proudly present the world premiere release of both the used and unused scores for Alfred Hitchcock’s FRENZY, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the film. FRENZY marked the director’s triumphant return to London in 1972. With an excellent script by Anthony Shaffer, the film was immediately considered one of Hitchcok’s best and has since become a classic. After the parting of ways with Bernard Herrmann, Hitchcock changed composers in each of his last four films, choosing from those who were popular at the time. For FRENZY, his first choice was Henry Mancini (BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S, THE PINK PANTHER, HATARI!, CHARADE), who wrote a sumptuous, gothic-hued score featuring an unusual orchestral palette. The main theme uses the dolorous tones and sepulchral pedals of a mighty organ, and the tension-filled score that follows is grim and at times almost brutal. Hitchcock, feeling it was too “dark and cruel,” turned it down and hired celebrated British composer Ron Goodwin (MURDER, SHE SAID, BATTLE OF BRITAIN, WHERE EAGLES DARE, SQUADRON 633) to compose a lighter, yet still suspenseful, score. For the main title, a panoramic shot over the Thames, Goodwin wrote a majestic melody ornamented with trumpets and timpani, in the best English tradition of pomp and circumstance. FRENZY was the only completely rejected score in Henry Mancini’s long career, and also one of the most famous and requested Goodwin scores over the ensuing decades. Neither of them, however, have previously been officially released in any form until today. This collection has been painstakingly produced, restored and mastered by Mike Matessino from stereo and mono elements vaulted at Universal Pictures, with the collaboration of both the Ron Goodwin and Henry Mancini estates. This special edition features an exclusive, in-depth essay by writer and composer Deniz Cordell packaged in a 28-page booklet. Film Score Composed and Conducted by RON GOODWIN 1. Main Title (From The Motion Picture ‘Frenzy’) (2:47) 2. Covent Garden (1:00) 3. Frenzy (0:39) 4. Arrival At Brenda’s Flat (0:31) 5. In The Salvation Army Hostel (0:24) 6. Death Of Brenda (2:17) 7. Fugitive From The Coburg Hotel (2:51) 8. A Talk In The Park (2:50) 9. A Spree De Corpse (1:44) 10. Murder Flashback (1:30) 11. Escape And Retribution (6:27) 12. Frenzy (End Title) (0:47) Source Music 13. Poem (4:01) 14. Juke Box (2:30) Additional Music 15. Murder Flashback (Alternate) (1:32) 16. Frenzy (End Title) (Film Version Edit) (0:46) Unused Score Composed and Conducted by HENRY MANCINI 17. Prologue (2:37) 18. My Tie Is Your Tie (1:17) 19. My Kind Of Woman (3:12) 20. Son Of My Kind Of Woman (2:21) 21. Exit Oscar Wilde (2:50) 22. Big Drag For Babs (1:05) 23. Hot Potatoes (2:13) 24. Babs Grabs (1:11) 25. The Inspector Thinks (0:53) 26. Rusk On Candid Camera (0:30) 27. Off To Rusk’s Place (4:17) 28. End Credits / End Rusk (0:47) Source Music 29. Posh For Two (3:16) 30. Tijuana On Thames (1:59) Additional Music 31. Prologue (Alternate) (2:53) 32. Babs Grabs (Alternate) (1:11) 33-45. Descriptions for Alfred Hitchcock https://quartetrecords.com/product/frenzy/
  3. Quartet Records Announces: Expanded Original Motion Picture Soundtrack MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS Music Composed and Conducted by JOHN BARRY Limited edition: 3000 units Quartet Records, Universal Pictures, Geffen Records and Universal Music Enterprises present an expanded and remastered edition of a timeless John Barry classic score for a 1971 Universal film, MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS, directed by Charles Jarrot and starring Vanessa Redgrave, Glenda Jackson, Patrick MacGoohan, Timothy Dalton and Trevor Howard. Dignified and regal, romantic and bittersweet, John Barry’s music for MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS evokes the period, enhances the atmosphere and underlines the emotions. It is one of Barry’s undisputed masterpieces and was Oscar-nominated for Best Original Score in 1971. Decca Records issued an album coinciding with the film’s release, beautifully produced by the composer. But while the album contained most of the score’s highlights, it ran just 28 minutes, or a little more than half of what Barry had recorded at London’s CTS studio. This CD marks the first release of the entire score, thanks to the recent discovery of previously unknown tape rolls in the Universal vaults. We have included the remastered original Decca album in stereo and the score presentation in mono, as it has survived. This collection has been produced by Neil S. Bulk and Mike Matessino, and mastered by Chris Malone. The package includes a 20-page booklet with an in-depth essay by film music historian and John Barry authority Jon Burlingame. The Original Soundtrack Album (Stereo) 1. Mary’s Theme (2:35) 2. Vivre Et Mourir (2:35) 3. But Not Through My Realm (2:32) 4. Journey To Scotland (1:44) 5. Black Night (2:37) 6. Escape With Bothwell (2:16) 7. Mary’s Theme (1:23) 8. Journey To England (2:27) 9. Death At Kirk O’Fields (1:48) 10. March To The Castle (1:53) 11. Mary At Chartley (1:33) 12. The Execution (1:56) 13. Vivre Et Mourir (Reprise) (1:44) 14. Mary’s Theme (Reprise) (1:16) The Restored Film Score (Mono) 15. Vivre Et Mourir (2:34) 16. Queen Of England By Right… / Message For The Queen (0:58) 17. Bring Him To Trial / Mary’s Prayer (1:03) 18. François’ Death (0:22) 19. Letter From Elizabeth (1:10) 20. Journey To Scotland (1:44) 21. Arrival On Beach (0:28) 22. Dudley’s Return (1:19) 23. “Scottish Queen!” – Arrival At Holyrood (0:51) 24. Mary And Darnley Ride On Beach (2:06) 25. She Must Marry Darnley And I Have Won! (0:34) 26. Pray For Me, Davie! (0:32) 27. Jealous (1:08) 28. Hawking Sequence (0:32) 29. Darnley Is Abducted (0:35) 30. Signing Of Murder Bond (0:34) 31. But Not Through My Realm (Film Version) (1:14) 32. Murder Of Riccio (1:01) 33. Black Night (2:38) 34. Escape With Bothwell (2:18) 35. Birth Of The Prince (1:21) 36. Reconciliation Of Stuart, Darnley And Bothwell (0:21) 37. Darnley Is Drugged / Mary’s Theme (3:05) 38. Darnley Wakes And Finds Mary’s Letter / Bury Your Dead (0:59) 39. Death At Kirk O’Fields (1:49) 40. The Lords Surround Hermitage /Abdicate (1:14) 41. I Thought You Were Dead (1:39) 42. Journey To England (2:29) 43. Mary At Chartley (1:34) 44. Lord Bothwell Died Insane (0:56) 45. Irrefutable Proof / Now We Have Her! / And Now My Lord? (1:23) 46. Arrival At Fotheringay (0:59) 47. Dudley Enters (1:06) 48. The Execution (1:59) 49. Vivre Et Mourir (Reprise) (1:49) Source Cues 50. Lament For The Children (0:51) 51. Antic Hay – Quick Dance (1:33) 52. March To The Castle (Film Version) (0:43) 53. Mary’s Song (0:46) https://quartetrecords.com/product/mary-queen-of-scots/
  4. Quartet Records Announces: Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtracks THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN COLLECTION (4CD) Music Composed and Conducted by ELMER BERNSTEIN Disc 1: THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN Disc 2: RETURN OF THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN Disc 3: GUNS OF THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN Disc 4: THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN RIDE Quartet Records Announces: Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtracks THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN COLLECTION (4CD) Music Composed and Conducted by ELMER BERNSTEIN Disc 1: THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN Disc 2: RETURN OF THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN Disc 3: GUNS OF THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN Disc 4: THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN RIDE Celebrating the centenary of Maestro Elmer Bernstein, Quartet Records and MGM are proud to present a mammoth, deluxe 4-CD collection with the original iconic MAGNIFICENT SEVEN saga that comprises four films produced between 1960 and 1972, all of them scored by the great Elmer Bernstein. Bernstein’s music is a genre-defining masterpiece. Inspired, in part, by the work of Aaron Copland, the composer created a distinctive blend of Americana and what he called Tex-Mex elements without resorting—as so many of his predecessors did—to quoting actual folksongs. The score is replete with memorable themes and rife with tension when such is called for. Following the development of Bernstein’s music through all four films makes for a fascinating journey! The score of THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN was not officially released until 1998 by Ryko. For this new release, on Disc 1, we accessed three 1/4? full-track monaural rolls of “print” takes vaulted by MGM to expand upon the earlier edition. Several bonus tracks are included at the end of Disc 4 due to insufficient room on the first disc. For RETURN OF THE SEVEN, only the celebrated re-recording done by Bernstein in London has survived; the scoring masters and music stems remain lost. For Disc 2 of this set, we newly transferred the 1/4? stereo album master and have maintained the spacing the composer placed between each track. We have also included the CD premiere of the rare album recorded by the composer for a promotional Philip Morris & Co. campaign on United Artists Records: THE MUSIC FROM MARLBORO COUNTRY, sourced from the 1/4? stereo album master. GUNS OF THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN is perhaps the most varied and musically satisfying of the sequels. We have used on Disc 3 the same extended stereo program produced by Lukas Kendall for the Film Score Monthly label and included in a long-out-of-print western box set. For the final entry in the series, THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN RIDE!, Bernstein’s orchestrators, Leo Shuken and Jack Hayes, adapted the composer’s thematic material to fit sequences in the movie. A single day was spent recording at the Universal Scoring Stage in Los Angeles with Bernstein conducting. While scoring masters remain elusive, we have accessed the monaural music stem to include the 45 minutes of music heard in the film on Disc 4. Meticulously produced, restored and mastered by Chris Malone, the package designed by Nacho B. Govantes comes with cover art created by Jim Titus and a 36-page booklet with an in-depth essay by authoritative music writer Frank K. DeWald. Elmer Bernstein never wavered from his commitment to write music that enhanced every film he scored with beauty, excitement, passion and dignity. Quartet Records is proud to celebrate his centenary with this 4-CD compendium of all the surviving music Bernstein recorded for the four original MAGNIFICENT SEVEN films. Enjoy the ride! DISC 1. (1960) THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN 1. Main Title (2:01) 2. Calvera (1:55) 3. Council (3:13) 4. Quest (0:59) 5. Strange Funeral (4:04) 6. After the Brawl Is Over (2:41) 7. Vin’s Luck (2:02) 8. And Then There Were Two (0:54) 9. Britt (0:51) 10. Duel (1:22) 11. Chico’s Bravado (1:21) 12. The Journey (4:37) 13. Chico’s Speech (1:47) 14. Stalking (1:17) 15. Worst Shot (3:02) 16. Toro (3:23) 17. Training (1:40) 18. Calvera’s Return (2:34) 19. In the Trap (3:11) 20. Calvera Routed (1:49) 21. Ambush (3:10) 22. Petra’s Declaration (1:45) 23. Quiet Moments (0:43) 24. Enemy Cam (1:53) 25. Lee’s Problem (2:22) 26. Argument (1:20) 27. I Can’t Give You Anything But… (2:19) 28. Surprise (2:06) 29. Defeat (3:28) 30. Crossroads (4:46) 31. Harry’s Mistake (2:48) 32. Calvera Killed (3:33) 33. Finale (3:30) Total Disc Time: 78:40 DISC 2. (1966) RETURN OF THE SEVEN 1. The Magnificent Seven (2:12) 2. Bandidos (2:21) 3. Return of the Seven (2:32) 4. Defeat (3:23) 5. Mariachis De Mexico (1:59) 6. El Toro (3:26) 7. The Journey (3:33) 8. Council (3:22) 9. Petra’s Declaration (1:49) 10. In The Trap (2:58) 11. Battle (2:30) 12. Finale (3:39) Music For The Marlboro Country (1967) 13. The Magnificent Seven (2:15) 14. Bossa Nova (1:22) 15. Return of the Seven (2:31) 16. Mariachis De Mexico (1:58) 17. The Journey (3:32) 18. Border Town (3:17) 19. Symphony Seven (2:35) 20. Guaracha (1:08) 21. Seven Miles From Home (1:19) 22. El Toro (3:24) 23. Lazy Night In Nashville (1:36) 24. Bandidos (2:18) 25. Swingin’ Through (1:28) 26. Petra’s Declaration (2:49) 27. The Longhorns (2:04) Total Disc Time: 67:32 DISC 3. (1969) GUNS OF THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN 1. Logo (0:18) 2. Main Title (3:21) 3. Church Sanctuary (1:52) 4. Farmer’s Demise (2:32) 5. Quick Exit (1:15) 6. Max Joins Up (0:45) 7. Explosion (2:32) 8. Hat Trick (0:24) 9. Belly Dancer (1:13) 10. Armed Gunnie (0:37) 11. High Hung Farmers (2:07) 12. Father And Son (1:50) 13. Saddle Pals (1:15) 14. Un Porco Es Un Porco (0:52) 15. Nightmare (1:21) 16. Ceremony Is Over (3:20) 17. Aftermath (1:10) 18. None For Out (1:53) 19. New Recruits (0:29) 20. The Lady Of The Land (0:49) 21. A Man And A Boy (1:13) 22. Lace Hanky (1:17) 23. Lobero’s Camp Suicide (0:17) 24. The Riding Seven (0:30) 25. Cantina Rushed (3:46) 26. Attack (4:32) 27. End Title (3:47) 28. Guitar Source (2:46) 29. Thin And Handsome (2:38) 30. Camp Source Part. 1 (2:08) 31. Camp Source Part. 2 (1:31) 32. Camp Source Part. 3 (3:10) Total Disc Time: 57:45 DISC 4. (1972) THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN RIDE! 1. Logo And Prologue / Main Title (2:31) 2. A Mother’s Accusation / Friends (2:35) 3. Shelly Strikes / Chris Rides Out (1:03) 4. Finding Arilla (4:45) 5. To Mexico (1:15) 6. Leaving Jim (0:56) 7. Tracking Shelly (2:49) 8. Arrival In Magdalena (1:34) 9. MacKay’s Fate / Recruiting (1:54) 10. The Lucky Seven (1:08) 11. Preparing The Hacienda Attack (4:03) 12. Ready For Magdalena (0:39) 13. Working With The Women (1:49) 14. Noah Reflects (2:00) 15. De Toro Attacks (6:55) 16. The Final Confrontation (3:04) 17. Finale (2:19) 18. De Toro’s Woman (Guitar Source 1) (1:40) 19. Hard At Work (Guitar Source 2) (1:29) 20. If A Tree Falls… (Guitar Source 3) (1:27) Source Cues and Additional Music From The Magnificent Seven 21. Fiesta (1:20) 22. Meanwhile Back At The… (0:39) 23. Drum Improvisation (0:11) 24. Celebration (1:25) 25. Petra’s Declaration (1:51) 26. Argument (Edited Version) (1:14) 27. Training (Edited Version) (1:27) 28. Small Suspense (0:16) 29. The Journey (Alternate Ending) (4:41) Total Disc Time: 58:01 https://quartetrecords.com/product/the-magnificent-seven-collection-4-cd/
  5. Save the best for the last.. I'd go with AMISTAD in the end as its a rich, moving score that is best enjoyed in solitude.
  6. But do we know as yet that's its indeed coming..?
  7. For 2023 besides HOOK, I'd eagerly await for a SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET, THE PATRIOT and how about ANGELA'S ASHES ? (Dunno how much is missing but I'd love a high resolution transfer on this) A possible INDY Box set from Disney before the arrival of Indy V. That's a pipe dream, ofcourse.
  8. I had a customer once who had the same last name but he was an Aussie!
  9. I only had a tape dub of this album when it came out and that was it. It would be awesome to get a fully expanded set on cd in the future.
  10. I kinda asked Matessino on the FSM thread about the usual podcast feature on The Legacy of John Williams series but looks like this is being postponed: Amer: Iam looking forward to another podcast session with Matessino on Maurizio & Tim Burdens Legacy series (Not aannounced as yet but I guess soon) This one would be a delight to whet ones appetite before the album arrives. Matessino: Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not doing one. Audio wise this was 100% a pre-Covid project, so it feels like a lifetime ago. We'll spend a few minutes on it for a future podcast next year.
  11. A very good example is WAR OF THE WORLDS. My preferred choice in the new set. The new presentation and sounds quality is pristine there.
  12. Jay, I'm only curious since they did a high resolution transfer of the entire score; the OST album could have also been done as a disc 3.(The OST is a great listen on its own too) So was that considered during the production?
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