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  1. some one posted their initial feedback at FSM. https://www.filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?threadID=144886&forumID=1&archive=0&pageID=1&r=856#bottom Received my copy today. 21 discs. The package is larger and more impressive than the Sony box.THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT is included. BY REQUEST and POPS BRITANNIA share a disc.
  2. Hey in case anyone gets a copy in advance or if it ships -let us know here.
  3. I believe multiple studios and also because the OST album is tied with the source cues.
  4. The Suite that Williams performed in Japan has some sections of it.
  5. I would hope for THE PATRIOT. It would be ideal for a 4th of July release. But since labels have no control over the approvals these days so it could land anytime.
  6. They remastered the Herrmann Phase 4 albums. I’m kinda hoping they will follow suit here as well. The Herrmann issue was a UK production. So I hope for the best otherwise it would be a wasted opportunity.
  7. If anyone has heard the Japanese Decca's reissues of the Philips including BY REQUEST- you will be surprised how crisp and louder their pressings is. I actualy upgraded this from Japan directly and it was ver impressive to my ears and played well on a high end system.
  8. Absolutely. I love the fact that the OST albums are remastered for an alternative listening experience. I must say the new WAR OF THE WOLRDS Remaster is so good and enjoyable now and its always my prefered listening experience on the go while the film experience is something I visit only occasionaly. From a nostalgic point of view and becuase its more easy to relisten to the highlight- the OST program being part of expansion as a stand alone set is greatly welcomed. rehearing it in improved pristine masteroing is a bonus.
  9. Same here. I cannot play the previous album until I have the new one in me hands
  10. I think every label is aiming for a February releases or at least as a start as his 90th Birthday Anniversary commences. I'm sure, LLL, Intrada, Varese , Quartet etc will continue that celeberation through out the year. Now it upto Disney, Philips, Sony and other labels to do their bit and surprise us.!
  11. I like the box version #1 & #2 with Gogwarts design. Wish they had kept it..
  12. An Italian JW Facebook page is breaking news that Williams Milan concert being postponed..
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