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  1. The Varese Club CD batch is coming very soon. They just confirmed on their facebook page to me. I wonder if they have also a CD reissue of STARSHIP TROOPERS as a surprise...
  2. There was discussion on their or some other facebook page where Varese said the Flood gates are about to open or something.... a few days back! -I will have to find that link.. I suspect a new Club batch is forthcoming amongts other releases!
  3. I think JAWS 2CD coming back in print is the big news here..
  4. Another great title is KING OF THE KHYBER RIFLES - Also on the Gerhardt SACD album as a bonus. Id love to see this fully re-recorded next. Bill Stromberg has already done a cue as bonus on his MYSTERIOUS ISLAND cd set. The OST on the FOX and perhaps the Krizterland release is pretty much the same.
  5. If only the The Young Indiana Jones Complete scores were announced with all the unreleased episodes music. That's my Holy Grail!
  6. They are pretty densly written essays. I only read them a few times. The music is the real treasure. You can probably find the scanned copies online at musicbrain.com But the Vocallion Dutton label which issued the multi channel SACD/CD has retained the original notes but only 7 albums have been issued to date.
  7. The biggest response would be on how amazing the Younger Indiana Jones CGI looks and the industry will suddenly start shifting storylines increasingly to cash on this new wonder in much more intensive approach because so far its only been experimental where it has been a hit or miss here and there. Imagine a period drama or film with dear departed actors making comeback in small effective roles. This will be quite a gimmick with a lot of legal rhetoric along the way.
  8. Its probably the essay type with film analysis followed by music discussion. I miss the liner notes but nowadays that's considered as too fanboy nerd thing...
  9. Absolutely treasure and I first heard it when Intrada did the 2CD.
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