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  1. Looks like this: http://www.jw-collection.de/start.htm
  2. This is SUCH fabulous digging work and really helps!!! Cannot thank you people enough.
  3. Hi everyone, Trying to piece together a bit of missing history regarding a concert JW gave at the Royal Academy of Music in 1996 as part of their American Music Festival. Has anyone got any memorabilia, programmes etc or any information regarding this concert?? Seems like there's a great gap in my knowledge regarding this. Thanks guys
  4. Only annoyed about Dartmoor and CE3K - but those can wait til the album :-)
  5. Anyone got any ideas on how I might be able to stream Monday’s broadcast in the U.K.? VPN the only logical way?
  6. The whole album was a bit of a joke to me... you'd think the winning combination of Dudamel/LA Phil/Williams would produce GOLD but for some reason this weak album was a bit of a let down. From most of the recordings I've heard them do it just sounds like the brass section needs a bit more motivation.. esp for Williams' music. But of course the Vienna recordings will be absolute gold dust. JP and Imperial March have proven to be worthy interpretations so far. Can't wait for SW Main Title and Dartmoor. Thank you DG for getting it right this time round!
  7. I don’t like to name drop.
  8. One of the top musicologists working in Britain currently. Nice!!!! Great choices
  9. I know some people who regard TreeSong as one of the best violin concertos of the 20th century, and would probably be grateful if his “non-film” music was played more often.
  10. Fresh look at a short clip from Devil's Dance, as well as what looks like a new edit of the Imperial March, for some reason. Nice to see it's been done in 60fps. Note the dude conducting along at 0:40". Must have been off-putting for ASM to have that in her eye-line if she noticed him, but he is doing a good job of keeping time.
  11. I do think the low piano riff paired with the bongos in “The Hunt” gives it comic but unintentional Peter Gunn vibes
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