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  1. I like to listen to the first four tracks of the soundtrack when it drops at midnight on streaming services (yes.. streaming services...) and then go and watch the film that day. Going to a midnight showing of TROS this year though so I suppose doing both at the same time!!
  2. Checked instagram - saw this trailer - immediately went to JW Fan for the "is it Williams" discussion. In my opinion, it's the most convincing Williams-esque music so far..
  3. At the end of this film, it cuts to 35 year old George Lucas waking up from a nap with the words “...and it was all a dream” written in blue text
  4. "JJ Baby, I can't be fucking bothered to listen to that opening title music any more!"
  5. Defo weird that this thread got bumped - but anyway, yeah. that is a string triplet, anywhere you can hear a strong sense of "1,2,3, 1,2,3" in string instruments I guess - he uses it often to drive things along and I think it's a great technique. He also swaps it for triplets in the brass at 1:26 which he likes to do often as well!!! Creates an epic sound. Think of it as the strings setting up an unsettling background idea with the audience feeling that the triplets are there but not actually knowing. Then, the already set-up triplet idea comes to the forefront in the brass for an almighty payoff. Epic stuff.
  6. Could be any one of hundreds of recordings of the SW Main theme haha - top Bb sounds a bit out of tune..
  7. oh please.. come on you lot. Firstly, Home Alone 2 and TROS are from completely different franchises. It's like being annoyed that Memoirs of a Geisha isn't scored with the the mickey-mousing of The Asteroid Field. Secondly, composers change - Williams is an old school composer. You can mark a clear difference within the music that Stravinsky, Debussy, Strauss were writing at the beginning of their lives vs the end. There is a change in the music they are writing, whether it is more popular or not. Williams is the same. We've had the bump and crash music of Temple of Doom in the period that he was writing it. We've got that music, in a period of time, that we can appreciate - now we've got a different style as any composer would develop - this is Williams writing now. We can appreciate this music in this period of time too. Heck, if Williams is writing til he's 100, we will have a different style when he is a century old too... sorry for the rant
  8. The music is more of the same - scurrying, "The Falcon"-esque lines in flutes and good dialogue exchanges within orchestra, which for me is a good thing
  9. Oh I'm seven seconds in and I just want to cry! The music is thrilling
  10. tmarps

    Us with JW

    Semi-enjoyed this video - but would like to see what it would be like with JW dancing to raiders march and us meeting him unexpectedly... similar reactions I would imagine.
  11. This made me laugh embarrassingly way too loud in a cafe
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