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  1. Now it all makes sense.. surprised she doesn't claim royalties from the "Imperial March" as she did sit at the side of the stage watching..
  2. I mean really, what was Anne-Sophie Mutter attempting to do by demanding credit for playing violin on Raiders March? Does she get royalties from each individual track stream she's on or something? I was at the concert and her lingering around to play Raiders' Violin 1 part felt awkward anyway, but now she actually gets credit for being on that track even though she played the sectional like the rest of the orchestra? Just think it's odd.
  3. Gah now that gets me gagging for a re-recording of the whole HP Children's Suite..
  4. If it was a new piece it would have "world premiere" next to it in the programme listing.
  5. I don’t agree with there being a Lucasfilm fanfare at all - should be silent
  6. “Track 1 - Applause” ... gonna have this one on repeat for weeks on end..
  7. Perhaps a "deluxe CD" with the rest of the Anne-Sophie Mutter arrangements included? My thoughts on how DG get to cash-in further anyway ..
  8. And also International Men's Day, but that fits in more with the philosophy of the Vienna Phil.......
  9. In a BBC Radio 4 interview from this morning, John Williams mentions that he "[hopes] to be in Berlin in October conducting the orchestra". Is this the first we have heard of a potential concert with what sounds like the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra?? What do you make of this? Interview starts at 7:40am (1h40min in) but JW mentions Berlin at 7:44am, (1h44min in)? https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000ph3t If this is to be true and the vaccines are here to enable us to see concerts again, it is amazing to hear JW is still able and willing to work!!
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