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  1. This page of score was actually meant to be for his wife as a Christmas present.. until he found out Daisy was visiting the scoring session.
  2. When are we getting this damn disc??? C'mon DG I need to hear the Vienna Phil give me that last G minor chord at the end of Shark Cage Fugue again!!!
  3. I love hearing about the Maestro’s adventures around the US conducting gigs and the like. It is nice that he is making many appearances - he must be focusing more prominently on his conducting work this year. I wonder whether he ever misses the Boston Pops days..
  4. JW: You’re a what? No, no, you must be mistaken - they don’t allow women to do that.. HG: Fuck you.
  5. I had never heard the brass polyphony writing so clearly until Vienna - unbelievable magic.
  6. Guy’s not using a score either. It’s there but he knows he doesn’t need to open it. It would be a distraction from engaging with the orchestra in his final moments of being able to play with them in front of an audience.
  7. According to this description from the delightful ASM, herself and Williams DID go straight to the airport to fly home... !! 😮
  8. knew my music degree would come in handy for something
  9. Just the rall seemed to be greater and more dramatic. Much more separated beats. I was surprised
  10. Has Dirk Brosse reared his head yet? Still can’t believe this is happening!! My brain won’t allow me!!!
  11. John Williams- a true professional- doesn’t miss a beat when he realises cellos are out of time and turns to politely make sure they are still with the beat. A true talent with an amazing focus. Unbelievable for his age. Incredible
  12. From someone’s Facebook.... I am going tomorrow and will be so overwhelmed I can tell already... oh my god FullSizeRender.mov
  13. I am conVINCED he came to the Royal Academy of Music to do a concert there in the 90s? that sounds to me the last time he gave a concert in the UK perhaps it was this then.. 😦
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