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  1. Has Dirk Brosse reared his head yet? Still can’t believe this is happening!! My brain won’t allow me!!!
  2. John Williams- a true professional- doesn’t miss a beat when he realises cellos are out of time and turns to politely make sure they are still with the beat. A true talent with an amazing focus. Unbelievable for his age. Incredible
  3. From someone’s Facebook.... I am going tomorrow and will be so overwhelmed I can tell already... oh my god FullSizeRender.mov
  4. I am conVINCED he came to the Royal Academy of Music to do a concert there in the 90s? that sounds to me the last time he gave a concert in the UK perhaps it was this then.. 😦
  5. Just a quick question- there were two gentlemen in our quiet Hilton hotel restaurant last night chatting heavily about film scores, Live to Picture concert and JW - are you guys on this forum!! Should’ve said hello
  6. Bum bum DAAA! Dum dee dum ba-da-daaa! Dan daa-da-da baaaa!! (Timpani hits - *bim BOM bim bom bom*) - are usually my lyrics
  7. Wondering if I will start to like Rebellion Reborn after I hear the Vienna Philharmonic play it.. perhaps not.
  8. Hahah - at least we’re getting Williams pics rehearsing with the orchestra this time.. were there ever any pics of him on his fateful visit to London?
  9. Absolutely ecstatic to see JW looking so happy and healthy in Vienna!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Banned words on this thread from this moment on: “cancel”, “illness”, “apologies”, “unforeseen circumstances”, “deeply sorry”, “regretfully”, “rescheduled”. Thank you for your time.
  11. Hopefully anyone with half a brain who happens to have the misfortune to read the article contained within a journalistic silo will see through the "woke" bullshit that oozes out of it
  12. The jokes RE John’s love affair with Daisy Ridley write themselves now but... still can have a bit of fun. Caption this pic from the Rise of Skywalker sessions!
  13. They’ll let him through thinking Richard Attenborough is back from the dead
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