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  1. Just listened to the concert and the interaction where Williams is reminded that Across the Stars comes from Attack of the Clones made my heart glow as it's one of the most wholesome moments of his speeches I've ever heard. <3 maestro
  2. This is just marvellous to see, I have to say. As someone who went to the first Vienna concert (still can't believe we're lucky enough to be in a position to say 'first Vienna concert' rather than 'only Vienna concert' - 90 years old!!!) I did not think I would be too bummed about missing this - but I have to say now the event has come around I have enormous FOMO and wish everyone at the Sunday concert a wonderful time. Looking forward to hearing the DG extra-flubs-included-at-no-extra-cost recording Xxxx
  3. The BBC (not just BBC4) have gotten very artsy this Xmas period.. and it’s very much welcome
  4. I can imagine “music consultant” means he recommended Dudamel to Spielberg to conduct the score. Which in my opinion is the wrong choice. I remember Dudamel’s recent JW Celebration DG album and it was awful.. so been a Dudamel sceptic since then. Saw his Rite of Spring at the Barbican Centre pre covid and it was v much average. Hoping I don’t have too many qualms with the WSS remake soundtrack
  5. The score - when presented like this - is absolutely sublime and really ups my estimation of TLJ's music, so thank YOU! And darn directors and their unmusical alterations to their pictures
  6. I'm finding the decision to programme Marion's Theme right next to Raiders March quite striking, given the almost direct repetition of nearly a minute's worth of material into the March, but I suppose it's just like having Princess Leia's theme next to Main Title etc etc. If the programme is legitimate then shocked at lack of 'Adventures on Earth' which I believe is the ultimate first-half-closer. Schindler's will be an encore and it will bring the house down. I was lucky to be there for 'Rememberances' in Vienna and it was extremely poignant. But it should be noted there is no official confirmation of this programme on Berlin Phil's website.. so take this with a pinch of salt for now. Jealous of all attending.
  7. Now it all makes sense.. surprised she doesn't claim royalties from the "Imperial March" as she did sit at the side of the stage watching..
  8. I mean really, what was Anne-Sophie Mutter attempting to do by demanding credit for playing violin on Raiders March? Does she get royalties from each individual track stream she's on or something? I was at the concert and her lingering around to play Raiders' Violin 1 part felt awkward anyway, but now she actually gets credit for being on that track even though she played the sectional like the rest of the orchestra? Just think it's odd.
  9. Gah now that gets me gagging for a re-recording of the whole HP Children's Suite..
  10. I don’t agree with there being a Lucasfilm fanfare at all - should be silent
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