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  1. Lol. Greenaways recording has no energy, is poorly mixed and sounds pretty lame overall. The original prequel recording with the LSO is much better than that. Please provide a YT-link to the actual Brossé recording.
  2. Did they release the remastered version of the score on vinyl before? If not, that release would make some sense but yeah, some expanded release would be much nicer The artwork looks great though.
  3. I agree. I find some of the comments here a bit hilarious. Most of the tracks are fantastic performances with a phenomenal sound. The mix is superior to anything I've heard, (especially compared to the cruel Dudamel album) and very well balanced. I see no point nagging on every opportunity where someone in the orchestra might've been a milisecond late or whatever. Some of the things mentioned here is beyond fair and serious criticism. These were two live performances with a top orchestra which never played most of Williams music before, not recording sessions with various opportunities for correction. Rehearsal time might indeed have been a bit short with 3 rehearsals for 19 pieces?!! I guess nobody in the audience cared about little mistakes, I certainly didn't. The audience, orchestra and Williams seemed to have tremendous fun, it could not have been better. On top, we now have some great recordings to choose from. The brass timing in the beginning of Star Wars is indeed a bit unlucky, considering this is probably Williams most well known piece, but otherwise, I like this performance very much. The blockade runner section is superior to anything from LSO or else IMO, the slower tempo makes these chords sound so grand and powerful, like an army marching. The brass section was breathtaking. Devils Dance is fantastic (the best of all pieces featuring ASM), Luke and Leia amazing, same with Adventures on Earth, Jurassic Park... I prefer the Boston Pops version of Flight to Neverland. Not sure about Rebellion is Reborn, I guess if you're used to the OST, then this sounds a bit strange. Overall, I find this album very enjoyable and we were so lucky that this once-in-a-lifetime event has been recorded and filmed, right before god damn Coronavirus hit Europe.
  4. Great that you got them already! Ordered the bluray with Amazon and the limited edition vinyl via DG Store, but do not have a shipping confirmation yet. I'm also in Germany. I found the cover of the album in the best resolution (3000x3000 px) again on ASMs website: https://www.anne-sophie-mutter.de/assets/press-photos/2020_Williams_in_Vienna_Cover.jpg
  5. A UHQCD-MQA version from Japan is listed on Amazon for release on 21. August 2020: "Japanese Ultra-High Quality CD (MQA) pressing. Universal. 2020. " https://www.amazon.de/John-Williams-Vienna-UHQCD-MQA/dp/B089BMTKFF/ Does anybody have this kind of CD? Is there a distinct difference in sound quality compared to normal CDs? Edit: Looks like there will be two versions: Deluxe Edition with the UHQCD + Bluray and just the UHQCD CD. https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/searches?term.media_format=&q=John+Williams+In+Vienna+
  6. No it doesnt. It says the Tracklist is just for the CD. "Tracklist for Compact Disc". "Selections" makes it clear that the Bluray contains additional tracks not mentioned in the CD tracklist.
  7. Philosophers Stone: Harry Gets His Wand Gryffindor Wins the House Cup CoS: Petrified Justin Transformation Class (alternate segment) Fawkes Heals Harry (alternate) Azkaban: Trouble Takes Many Forms On the Bridge - Remembering Mother Summoning the Patronus The Executioner The Rescue of Sirius Sirius Says Goodbye / Turning Time Back
  8. Absolutely! Yeah, maybe it has to do with the mics they used I dont know. Anyway looking forward to monday
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