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  1. There's a 20% discount on HDTracks (until 4/12/21) Code: 20HIRESAPR With discount its $16.78 (from $20.98)
  2. The CD is listed as Limited Edition on Amazon now, but no price or cover yet... https://www.amazon.de/Spotlight-John-Williams-Limited-Griffiths/dp/B08ZW4RJJ6/
  3. I actually started it yesterday, but as I saw @crumbstranslation, which was much more fluently written and better in terms of grammar than mine, I didn't go on with it. So it's already pretty accurate I'd say and you definitley understand all the important stuff. There are some small things like ... that would be something like "No, not really." or I think he wants to say something like..."I learned that in my first years working in the Film/TV industry." But overall its pretty good.
  4. The german sentence makes no sense either. I thought the translation by @crumbs was already pretty accurate, but the german translation itself is not right. I understand what is meant but it's still phrased weirdly. Yeah, the transition makes no sense.
  5. Something about this translation is really weird and amateurish. What about "With a two-tone bass ostinato that gives a plastic monster danger." WTF is plastic monster danger? Is that a thing?
  6. I think it's a different take. The alternate sounds just a little bit more exciting and expressive overall, especially the celli starting at 0:32 and towards the end.
  7. 1. Prisoner of Azkaban - everything mentioned beforehand already, great themes and texture-like pieces, unique sound. One of Williams' best. 2. Philosopher's Stone, well, "Hedwigs Theme", "Nimbus 2000", "Leaving Hogwarts".. not much to say. 3. Deathly Hallows Part I - fits perfectly to the somber mood of the movie. Tracks like "Godrics Hollow Graveyard", "At the Burrow", or "Hermiones Parents" give me chills every time. The sordino strings sound amazing. 4. Chamber of Secrets - feels more like a Philosopher's Stone, Part 2 and always had a hard time appreciating it on its
  8. Thanks for clarifying, such a deluxe edition would be really nice indeed.
  9. The sketches sound better than the original album lol, the synths are really nice and everything is a bit more playful. What is the difference to the normal cd? Like a CD deluxe edition with additional tracks?
  10. I also don't like his stuff that much. Tenet is a really weird sounding score IMO, it's nowhere as through produced like Zimmers work, sounds like he picked the first random synth presets he got and mingled all together. That 747 track is a cheap Zimmer Inception rip off. No other ideas to score this scene? Using the truck siren in Trucks in Place is a nice idea but having this drop in there doesn't fit at all to the scene and style of music he used in the film and stands out weirdly. Feels like he couldn't decide for a style of music to score the film with, and the score lack
  11. Haven't received mine as well (Germany). Did you order from buysubscriptions too?
  12. Saw this on Facebook, looks like it will happen https://www.facebook.com/johnpowellmusic/posts/2760977620792189
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