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  1. I also don't like his stuff that much. Tenet is a really weird sounding score IMO, it's nowhere as through produced like Zimmers work, sounds like he picked the first random synth presets he got and mingled all together. That 747 track is a cheap Zimmer Inception rip off. No other ideas to score this scene? Using the truck siren in Trucks in Place is a nice idea but having this drop in there doesn't fit at all to the scene and style of music he used in the film and stands out weirdly. Feels like he couldn't decide for a style of music to score the film with, and the score lack
  2. Haven't received mine as well (Germany). Did you order from buysubscriptions too?
  3. Saw this on Facebook, looks like it will happen https://www.facebook.com/johnpowellmusic/posts/2760977620792189
  4. I sent an email to the Berliner Philharmoniker asking for confirmation and they replied that everything concerning their next season 2020/21 will be announced on their yearly press conference, which will probably be next spring. So I guess we'll have to wait until then to get any real confirmation from their side. Here's their reply:
  5. Yup, definitely sounds like he's planning to come to Europe next year again. Wow!
  6. Lol. Greenaways recording has no energy, is poorly mixed and sounds pretty lame overall. The original prequel recording with the LSO is much better than that. Please provide a YT-link to the actual Brossé recording.
  7. Did they release the remastered version of the score on vinyl before? If not, that release would make some sense but yeah, some expanded release would be much nicer The artwork looks great though.
  8. I agree. I find some of the comments here a bit hilarious. Most of the tracks are fantastic performances with a phenomenal sound. The mix is superior to anything I've heard, (especially compared to the cruel Dudamel album) and very well balanced. I see no point nagging on every opportunity where someone in the orchestra might've been a milisecond late or whatever. Some of the things mentioned here is beyond fair and serious criticism. These were two live performances with a top orchestra which never played most of Williams music before, not recording sessions with various opportunities for cor
  9. Great that you got them already! Ordered the bluray with Amazon and the limited edition vinyl via DG Store, but do not have a shipping confirmation yet. I'm also in Germany. I found the cover of the album in the best resolution (3000x3000 px) again on ASMs website: https://www.anne-sophie-mutter.de/assets/press-photos/2020_Williams_in_Vienna_Cover.jpg
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