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  1. Yeah ok then it's clear that everything was captured. On the digital concert hall website, they now put a concert that took place on 23.10, before (!) the Williams one in the "available soon" list.
  2. I don't see why they would choose another performance for the Digital Concert Hall, because for all recent concerts, they always put the last performance in their archive, as it was announced in their concert calendar. So I think it's safe the saturday performance will show up there. If they recorded all three concerts it makes most sense of course that they choose the best performances out of the three concert recordings, so that the release might feature a mix of all three. But as far as I know, it's not confirmed that they really recorded all three, would make the most sense though. We have to wait and see... Would be nice to have something before end of the year Edit: Right, that will be interesting to see if they include Princess Leia's Theme...
  3. Another thing I disagree with the reviewer who doubts that children find their way to classical music through Williams music. Because for me, Williams music is the reason I started listening, discovering and appreciating more and more of classical music.
  4. Might be, but the pieces you mentioned have their own sound and soul. Or do you think Superman March and Star Wars sound the same?
  5. Thanks @Steve ! Just some thoughts on this review: I disagree with almost everything that is said in that review. The headline already makes no sense.. "Too much, too loud, too similar" - Williams work is incredibly diverse, even if he uses marches for Superman or Indiana Jones, they're totally different and associated to different 'topics' (films, themes etc.). It doesn't make sense to leave a march out of the program, just because there is one already in the program, if it is a significant work of the composer. The reviewer also said that Williams' music is so easy to grasp (and always ends with the same 'boom'), in contrast to classical music, where you have to follow the structure (form?) of the music, to understand it. As soon as you don't have a distinguishable melody, the problem starts. He concludes that the concert documents the dead end, in which symphony orchestras are stuck. Well, I get his point that if audiences are not familiar with the underlying topic of, let's say a classical Beethoven Symphony, they will have a hard time naturally to understand the music. But, to argue that Williams music is "Too much, too loud, too similar" also misses the point that the music presented in the concert are concert arrangements of music originally written for film, and not a classical piece written for the concert hall, in the first place. The concert gives just a grasp of some of the major themes of Williams film music, and actually no idea of how diverse his music already is within each film (f.ex. in Azkaban: Buckbeaks Flight vs. the Knight Bus vs. Window to the Past), and between films (the general tonality of Memoirs vs. Star Wars vs. Far and Away etc.).
  6. Is anybody able to read the full review? It's hidden behind a subscription for me... https://www.berliner-zeitung.de/kultur-vergnuegen/musik/john-williams-dirigiert-die-philharmoniker-mit-star-wars-und-harry-potter-li.188919?pid=true
  7. Some interesting points from a radio interview this evening with Andrea Zietzschmann, General Manager of Berliner Philharmoniker: BerlinPhil tried for a few years to get Williams to do a project together in "Waldbühne" stage (https://www.waldbuehne-berlin.de/en/) but it didn't work out because of scheduling conflicts. Says they tried to get him to conduct subscription concerts instead. Is happy to have him, at almost 90 years, conduct BerlinPhil, especially because he hasn't really conducted in Europe before, except Vienna. When asked about the atmosphere in the rehearsals: says it was Williams' wish to conduct the BerlinPhil, that he is very curious and interested about Berlin as it's his first time in the city; Appreciates Williams as great human and artist, many musicians know his filmscores and associate some kind of life experience with his music; that it is a special experience (to have him personally conduct etc.) for all involved. About a potential album release: says they're currently thinking about how to release it (mentions CD, Digital Concert Hall, and the radio broadcast); says they hope that they can release something for a large audience. https://www.rbb-online.de/rbbkultur/radio/programm/schema/sendungen/der_tag/archiv/20211014_1600/kultur_aktuell_1610.html Direct .mp3-download of the interview: https://rbbmediapmdp-a.akamaihd.net/content/9c/58/9c58d3b6-e875-45f5-ab59-c7d7a8cc0d0e/776be749-8813-43ac-8d67-03f6d3e51214_0a471277-09af-463f-9e32-29e5a5f05780.mp3 Radio broadcast on Saturday: https://www.rbb-online.de/rbbkultur/radio/programm/schema/sendungen/berliner_philharmoniker/archiv/20211016_2000.html So I guess it's pretty much confirmed (at least very likely) that we'll get some kind of audio release. Look at all the microphones in @GlastoEls photos Can't wait for Saturday
  8. I have no idea. I mean the (physical) boxsets produced by the BerlinPhil Label seem to contain all more than just one concert I think. https://www.berliner-philharmoniker-recordings.com/?___store=rec_en&___from_store=rec_de I don't know, if they would prepare such a physical release of just one concert of 75-90 min by themselves. Digital release is a different thing. You find for example "Beethoven Symphony No.9" as separate, single release in digital stores (with Berlin Phil label) and without the other stuff that is included in the boxset.
  9. Well, the Digital Concert Hall has basically every concert of the BerlinPhil and the other stream is just a local radio broadcast with limited (30 day) availability and probably just lossy mp3 quality right? I don't think anyone in their right mind would miss out on the opportunity to make at least a nice CD and digital release out of this. Especially considering the bestselling Vienna album and the BerlinPhil's own label. I'll be surprised if nothing is released within the next 6 months... I'm pretty optimistic in this regard
  10. The program brochure has been published as PDF, for the moment available in German only. Looks like this will also be sold as print version at the concerts for 3.50€. https://www.berliner-philharmoniker.de/fileadmin/Dateien/Programmhefte/2021_22/BPH_Programmheft_2021_10_14.pdf A few things mentioned in there: Intermission will be after Jurassic Park Theme. The saturday concert will be published in the Digital Concert Hall (as expected), after the live broadcast (https://www.digitalconcerthall.com). It will also be streamed at german radio station "rbbkultur" on the 16th, at 8.03 pm, so can be heard about an hour later than the actual concert on that day. The concert can then be accessed for 30 days through their website (https://www.rbb-online.de/rbbkultur/). The article about Williams in this program is the one that has been published in their BerlinPhil magazine for some time, as well as on their website. I think this was previously available only in german, but there is now an english version: https://www.berliner-philharmoniker.de/en/stories/john-williams-portrait/ Additionally, it contains a short summary of each film of the scores played in the concert, and a biography of John Williams and Bruno Delepelaire.
  11. Yes: https://www.berliner-philharmoniker.de/education/projekte/john-williams/ Follow the yellow buttons and select your seat on the map. They will also check your age (16-28 year old).
  12. Wasn't there some kind of waiting list for the Vienna concerts? So that if tickets were returned, they wouldn't show up on their website again because they were directly forwarded to people on the list?
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