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  1. @BespinYou should definitely do so! It has some beautiful string writing, percussion hits hard, woodwinds got their solo moments and are not mashed together with other sections etc. Maleficent is probably the best sounding orchestral recording I know. Hard to describe but each instrument got it's space (panning/mixing is extremely well done I think). Just a really enjoyable listen IMO. I voted for Interstellar, but Maleficent is a close second
  2. I'll also try to get tickets for Saturday. I think it will definitely be possible to get a ticket on the 9th, the Philharmonie has 2250 seats after all. Could get tough nonetheless..., especially when you cannot buy tickets by phone right?
  3. Where did you get that information from? I can't find the concert category on their website (nor in the link above), only the normal price list which says that depending on concert category prices can be up to 290€/ticket. https://www.berliner-philharmoniker.de/en/concerts/floor-plan-price-list-philharmonie/
  4. Nope https://www.berliner-philharmoniker.de/en/orchestra/musician/bruno-delepelaire/ The guy supposed to play in vienna http://www.johannes-moser.com/ I think its really an additional date, because the others are for abo subscriptions only and this one is not bound to something like that. Also this starts at 19:00 and not at 20:00 like the others. But I wondered that too.. maybe I'll write an email later today. It also would be the only way of getting tickets without having to buy the entire subscription.
  5. Yeah unfortunately looks like if you dont want to buy the entire abbonement we have to wait until 8th August for individual tickets :/ ("Individual ticket sales for all events up to and including October start on 8 August"; https://www.berliner-philharmoniker.de/en/saison-2021-22/) Edit: @ChewyActually, looks like the one on Sat 16th has no abo label and you cannot buy tickets yet.
  6. John Williams conducts John Williams The history of film music would be different without him: John Williams. Cinema classics like Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Harry Potter are inextricably linked with his soundtracks. They have unforgettable, radiant themes, an impressive range of atmospheres and sounds and, at the same time, the always unmistakable style of the composer. John Williams makes his debut with the Berliner Philharmoniker at these concerts. The programme includes several of his most famous scores – and of film music in general. Berliner Philharmoniker John Williams co
  7. The videos are both from Sunday. The first sounds more spacious like it has more room mics added maybe? I also like that sound, more room would even make everything sound more massive than it already is But all the Saturday performances haven't been officially released anywhere. There were some audience recordings of the Imperial March from Saturday on Youtube (some partial and even a complete one) but they seem to have all been deleted from Youtube by now. The march was faster than the Sunday perf., timing was maybe not as precise overall, but apart from a cymbal that was sli
  8. There's a 20% discount on HDTracks (until 4/12/21) Code: 20HIRESAPR With discount its $16.78 (from $20.98)
  9. The CD is listed as Limited Edition on Amazon now, but no price or cover yet... https://www.amazon.de/Spotlight-John-Williams-Limited-Griffiths/dp/B08ZW4RJJ6/
  10. I actually started it yesterday, but as I saw @crumbstranslation, which was much more fluently written and better in terms of grammar than mine, I didn't go on with it. So it's already pretty accurate I'd say and you definitley understand all the important stuff. There are some small things like ... that would be something like "No, not really." or I think he wants to say something like..."I learned that in my first years working in the Film/TV industry." But overall its pretty good.
  11. The german sentence makes no sense either. I thought the translation by @crumbs was already pretty accurate, but the german translation itself is not right. I understand what is meant but it's still phrased weirdly. Yeah, the transition makes no sense.
  12. Something about this translation is really weird and amateurish. What about "With a two-tone bass ostinato that gives a plastic monster danger." WTF is plastic monster danger? Is that a thing?
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