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  1. Does this mean he won't be able to do Jurassic World 3, resulting in John Powell scoring it instead? A man can dream...
  2. Good, hopefully they'll find a way to release the Hobbit in HFR. And the complete recordings too
  3. Trevorrow confirmed Grant, Sattler & Malcolm will have major roles.
  4. Shore better be involved with the series, or I'll be incredibly annoyed! Either way, hopefully the book releases soon. With the CR's alongside it.
  5. Powell's score for The Last Stand is great.
  6. Yeah the thing with 4K is, the extra details from the higher resolution are nice but it's also about the wider colur gamut, HDR and better sound
  7. Same, I think it's a great score.. Very sincere, definitely not generic. Really nailed the feeling of nostalgia and just, everything coming to an end. Loved the references to other scores as well.
  8. Really curious who's going to score that show. Imagine if Shore was involved... 😵 but of course that won't happen.
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