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  1. Yeah this sounds amazing, can't wait. Wish more film composers did stuff like this!
  2. So this one does have an actual Star Wars score? Huh, maybe there's hope after all.
  3. Considering how much of a chaotic mess the film is, you're probably right. Do we have any idea which scene it was written for?
  4. Wow, that pretty much 100% confirms they recorded a new version of Duel of the Fates. I know there was a leak that mentioned it, but I hadn't seen this before. Gimme the complete score already!
  5. Can't quite remember sadly, but I'm pretty sure he said they were thinking about doing a trilogy boxset at first, before they decided to just do Williams' scores. I think he said it in a podcast or interview somewhere.
  6. Mike said they initially considered putting JP3 in the box set, right? Surely it's in the works, especially now that they've done the first two again... Still excited for TLW though. Hope they have more film versions in there, at least for Ripples. And some isolated percussion stuff would be neat.
  7. I'm still baffled as to why one of the highlights of the score is still missing.
  8. Not looking forward to someone absolutely butchering Rey's theme.. unless John is doing the score himself
  9. If the chances of getting complete Hobbit score releases are higher because of this, it's worth it
  10. Yeah, I noticed the similarity too. Such a gorgeous track too, bizarre that it wasn't included on the OST. Same goes for most of the redeemed Ben material, which is odd.
  11. Still annoyed by how crappy her score for Obi-Wan was. I hope they pick a better composer for Ahsoka :/
  12. Haven't seen the film or listened to the full score yet, but I suppose this is why Silvestri is credited: Seems to be a subtle reference to the original theme.
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