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  1. Wouldn't that be like, hella expensive? With the post 2005 LA fees etc?
  2. I'm still waiting for a composer announcement.. Giacchino liking that tweet has me scared to death.
  3. Nice Do you mean a version without the deluxe edition banner?
  4. New covers for the deluxe edition of Solo!
  5. Yikes. Don't see how they can still make it all work. Oh well, at least we have some good scores to look forward to, hopefully. Unless JNH drops out.
  6. Yeah, just a promotional still. Doubt it's representative of the new 4K version.
  7. It was a last minute idea. Ian McDiarmid literally got the call a year before TROS was released.
  8. Since he didn't use any established themes for S1, I doubt he'll use anything from Kiner. Would be cool though
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