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  1. JNH scoring Paul Greengrass' News of the World. Was hoping for Powell but I can't really complain when JNH is doing it instead
  2. Yeah, I was wondering if there were any good edits out there. Sadly there isn't a lot of clean unreleased music out there, like the SW prequels. Just release the CR's already...
  3. Prometheus was far from shite. Anyway, I doubt Blomkamp could deliver a good Alien film. District 9 was fun, but I'm not really impressed by what he's done since.
  4. I think Alien 5 is a bad idea, born from pure nostalgia. Hill & Giler give me more confidence than Blomkamp, but meh. Ripley's character is done, been there done that. She had a meaningful end in Alien3, bringing her back wouldn't add anything new. I'd much rather have Ridley's prequel trilogy completed.
  5. I'm sure there was some studio interference, as is usually the case. But I think it's been largely exaggerated, and it's clear Peter made the films he wanted to make.
  6. https://collider.com/jurassic-world-3-dominion-start-of-new-era-franchise/ Hmmm
  7. I remember Powell mentioning that Ron Howard suggested more percussion here and there. Doesn't really bother me though. Still a fantastic score, by two of the greatest composers alive.
  8. The complete recordings are never late, nor are they early, they arrive precisely when they mean to.
  9. Well, it doesn't look very realistic when they to go too far with the DNR. Take Terminator 2, for example... https://caps-a-holic.com/c.php?go=1&a=0&d1=11905&d2=11117&s1=117388&s2=109142&i=13&l=0 It's a shame, you can see there's more detail but it looks all weird and waxy because they had to remove the noise for some reason.
  10. Wow, that's pretty cool. Never thought he'd give input on the game scores. Do we know if he gave any input on the Mandalorian?
  11. I thought the kiss was kinda dumb and out of place, a hug would've been better IMO.
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