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  1. Haven't seen the film or listened to the full score yet, but I suppose this is why Silvestri is credited: Seems to be a subtle reference to the original theme.
  2. They'd be idiots not to let Powell do more Star Wars scores. Unfortunately I don't have much hope..
  3. Oh I'm not saying it's a big issue or anything, just thought it was interesting. It sounds like a digital glitch or something to me, like crumbs said. But I suppose it's just part of the recording, then.
  4. Yes! I noticed that too a while ago, but I couldn't find anything about it online.. it doesn't seem to be as noticeable on the original OST. Either way, good to know I'm not going insane.
  5. Sooo are they gonna release expanded versions of the Hobbit scores to coincide with this? That's all I care about, honestly..
  6. It seems odd to me that Williams would have that kind of power. In the end, doesn't Lucasfilm own the themes? I mean, they were used all the time in Clone Wars, Rebels, the video games, etc...
  7. I definitely want JP3! Hopefully it's in the pipeline, along with a reissue of TLW . Would be nice to get the first three scores with matching artwork
  8. Yeah, pretty much. I don't envy being in that position. In hindsight, it turned out better than Holt's Obi-Wan... somehow. And I don't even like RO's score.
  9. As I understand it, Giacchino used a lot of Williams stuff initially. Basically reusing large portions of music from the original films, without really changing anything. Meaning the score would've consisted mostly of Williams material. He'd have to be credited as the main composer. Williams wasn't happy, so he requested them to use less of his music in such an overt manner. Resulting in Giacchino having to rewrite most of it last minute. But I don't know more than anyone else, I just read all the comments about it in the RO thread here a while ago. Whole situation seemed like a giant mess, that's for sure..
  10. My pleasure! Sorry about the massive wall of the YT videos, haha. I've put them in spoiler blocks to make it easier to load, hope that helps.
  11. I'm not entirely sure about all of them, but here's what I found: Main theme / co-existence Theme that represents mankind and dinosaurs co-existing. Similar to Fallen Kingdom's main theme, but less ominous. Only used in the beginning and ending of the film, as far as I'm aware. Timestamps: Giganotosaurus theme The first theme heard in the score, generally used for the Giganotosaurus. Can be heard almost every time it appears on screen. Timestamps: Giganotosaurus "clang" Aggressive clang sound with some sort of echo effect, also used to signify the Giganotosaurus. Can be heard several times in the film and is used in the prologue as well. Timestamps: Biosyn theme Adventerous theme for Biosyn, mostly used for Alan and Ellie traveling to Biosyn HQ. Timestamps: Ellie Sattler / locust investigation theme (?) I'm not entirely sure what this theme represents, but I think it's linked to Ellie and the locust investigation plot. Timestamps: Maisie / Charlotte Lockwood A theme for Maisie and her past. Used prominently when she finds out about her “mother”, Charlotte. Timestamps: Kayla (?) This seems to be a theme for Kayla, although I'm not sure. A Poignant melody, capturing the feeling of the story coming to an end. Appears a few times at the end of the film. Timestamps: Blue and Beta Only appears once IIRC, but it's prominent enough to be considered a new theme I'd say. Sounds really cute! Timestamp: And here’s a rough breakdown of the suite: (0:00 – 0:13) : Giganotosaurus (0:19 – 4:32) : Biosyn (4:38 – 6:05) : Ellie Sattler/Locust investigation (6:12 – 6:49) : Maisie / Charlotte Lockwood (6:50 – 7:40) : Kayla (7:42 – 8:30) : Jurassic World theme (8:31 – end) : Jurassic Park theme There it is. I probably missed something, but these are all the themes I’ve heard so far.
  12. The prologue's end logo music isn't in the film or album. Which is a bit of a shame, I like it.
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