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  1. Since he didn't use any established themes for S1, I doubt he'll use anything from Kiner. Would be cool though
  2. Well it's out now. Lots of callbacks to JP in the score, I like it so far
  3. Shame they never released more on the blu-ray releases.
  4. It certainly does remove mystery for me. Instead of a mysterious creature with insect like qualities, it basically is an insect now. I love Aliens, but for me that film did more harm to the actual creature than the prequels did. While having David create the alien does reduce the mystery, I love the whole concept thematically. After all it's only fitting that a rapey creature that defiles the human body in every way, comes from the imagination of a perverted, deranged AI with a strong hatred for his creators. Totally in line with Giger's disturbing visuals and neatly ties into Ash's behaviour in the original.
  5. Yes, but point was that the prequels really don't ruin the mystery that much in comparison. The pathogen introduced in Prometheus helps keep the mystery intact, as we don't know its origins. Anyway I doubt anyone here is interested in any of that with the hate boner still going strong.
  6. No idea.. don't think it's been announced yet.
  7. They do reduce the mystery, but I find the answers interesting enough to make them worth exploring. David's a great character, Fassbender nails it. Personally I think the introduction of the queen and the hive structure reduced the mysterious nature of the alien more than anything in the prequels anyway.
  8. The raging hate boner for Ridley Scott and the Alien prequels is just silly. They aren't perfect, but far from bad. Anyway, I'm excited for Raised by Wolves. Since we might not get a third prequel now, this is the closest to it.
  9. Well, it gives me hope we'll get more expanded Powell releases. The Bourne trilogy would be great...
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