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  1. In that case I'm hoping he's scoring one of the Star Wars shows too.
  2. Makes sense. I'm still really curious to see who will score the Obi Wan show. Also, I just saw this lol
  3. Thanks! Here they are without the deluxe edition stripe:
  4. Here they are! No idea why they disappeared
  5. Rex looked fine in the last two, but this is a big improvement. Even has the more defined pattern like the og Stan Winston animatronic and all.
  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/saltierthancrait/ I wouldn't put too much stock in anything that comes from that place, lol.
  7. Ah yes, Prometheus killed the franchise, let's just ignore Alien 3, Resurrection or AVP 1 and 2. Typical youtube rubbish.
  8. I've been wondering about the Mandalorian too. Hell, they even send Williams the videogame stuff to approve, at least with Battlefront. So I imagine he's at least aware of what's happening with the TV shows?
  9. Hope the recording quality is more like FK, sounded much better than JW
  10. I'm not looking forward to all the terrible SW scores we'll have to endure in the near future, with so many projects being worked on. I just hope they get a decent composer for the Obi-Wan show at least.
  11. I'm glad Blomkamp's film never got made. Would've probably been a fun but ultimately uninspiring nostalgia grab, which doesn't interest me. Still hoping for a continuation of David's story, great potential there.
  12. Wouldn't that be like, hella expensive? With the post 2005 LA fees etc?
  13. I'm still waiting for a composer announcement.. Giacchino liking that tweet has me scared to death.
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