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  1. Jurassic Park III and Solo - close winners Rogue One - runner up. Superman II and Superman III - close losers Haven't heard the non-Williams Jaws scores.
  2. Man, Disney had 7 of the 10 highest ranking movies last year, with a profit share in an eighth (Spidey). Walt Disney must be thrilled!
  3. one thing is for sure, no matter what happens ill of course continue my ongoing daily updates of. the mstrox
  4. We had the "flu" in the first week of March, which was fairly severe and lingering despite our flu shots. We were never tested - just told "it's the flu, don't worry, go back to work once your fever is gone for 24 hours." This was before any COVID testing was available in my area, and 18 days before the first confirmed case in my county. I put in a day or two of work before we got kicked out of the office. Since that time, I've had some lingering effects - over a month now. Rolling low-grade fevers (topping off at 100.0) with fatigue, and some minor ongoing shortness of breath (a sensation that I'm not breathing as deeply as I could, and occasional inability to finish a sentence when reading books to my kid or talking). I'd been doing better, was running laps around the house carrying my kid on good days. This got worse on Thursday - the low grade fever became less "rolling" and more consistent, as did the fatigue. I called a tele-doctor a few days ago and they sent some antibiotics to hopefully knock what was lingering out of me. So far, no beneficial change from the antibiotics - although who knows, maybe I'm more suffering antibiotic side effects now... The one option is that it was COVID a month ago and I just need to tough it out, although the recent worsening has me somewhat concerned. The other option, I guess, is that I actually did have the flu, had lingering side effects, and now have new-onset COVID. Add to this the fact that my spouse took a spill in our yard on Thursday and broke one ankle, sprained the other, and the stress of being the primary caregiver for both her and our kid due to that. I'm extremely anxious to the point of losing sleep, and anxious as well about the prospect of having to go in-person to the doctors' (or the hospital) if this continues or gets worse. Also anxious because I haven't been able to mow my lawn this year yet due to all of this. Might have to see if I can do some sort of hands-off hiring. Thankfully, we got set up for telework before we missed the cut-off for paid leave. Havin' an mstrox day.
  5. To be fair, I mainly made fun of them for wanting it.
  6. A lot like Solo, it didn't leave a lasting impression on me - unlike TFA, Rogue One, and TLJ, all of which I thought were great. It was fine. I didn't hate TROS, but it really wasn't for me. I remember liking that little Babu guy, thought Keri Russell had incredible eyelashes when she was ogling Poe, and liking Kylo's goony smile before he poofed away. Maybe if I do a second watch when it hits Disney+ I'll have more opinions. My spouse said it was her favorite Star Wars movie, though.
  7. The studios already have stuff slotted into late 2020 and I'm sure they're hopeful to keep those slots. They're starting to backload, filling slots previously reserved for movies that haven't been/won't be completed on time with movies that will. I think the only reason those won't stay put is if they'd need to be pushed back again.
  8. Yeah, from a business standpoint it makes a lot more sense to time it to coincide with a movie release. But musically, Battle of Crait might be the worst track on the album to "end" it - it just kind of tapers off a bit. Wish they hadn't been slavish to the chronological approach.
  9. Listened to this a few times this week - I think it's fine, not my favorite Star Wars album, but worth listening to. I'm very happy to have a studio recording of the new Solo/Princess. It's a little weird ending with The Battle of Crait, which isn't much of an ending at all. Shoulda shuffled Throne Room/Finale to the end, or waited for TROS which had a concert arrangement which wraps everything up very neatly.
  10. There's no knowing - viruses morph and change in ways that could make them less contagious, vaccines can be found, etc. This is such a new thing that nobody really knows. No studies have been done. I didn't mean to swing this conversation to the doom and gloom thread I've been avoiding, so sorry everyone!
  11. I don't have any worries about that, personally. To the extent that people still do go to the theater, they will continue to do so after this health crisis resolves or plateaus. I'm more interested, at least in the US, to see if more businesses move to telework (or at least telework-capable). It's cheaper than renting big buildings. I can see that being a big change.
  12. The Zahn books aren’t as bad as the KJA books of the same era, but man did I not care for them. For me, I think the only really good books of the pre-prequels era were a few of the Rogue Squadron books. And the kids’ books about Palpatine’s three-eyed sons Trioculus and Triclops, of course
  13. Yeah, I hope they do a second one some day.
  14. Dropping in to say that I put tons and tons and tons of time into Breath of the Wild, beat the big DLC mission to get the motorcycle, and finally beat Calamity Ganon. As I predicted to myself, I lost a lot of interest in mopping the other stuff after that and haven't touched it in over a week, but it was good fun and satisfying up to that point.
  15. I wouldn't call it disgusting - it's a reality of the film business in a time when everybody will be hurting. We almost paid $20 to rent Invisible Man the other night, but we spent $10 to own a different movie digitally and watched that instead. Shrug. We'd almost certainly do a 4K Black Widow rental. Mulan looks too old for our kid, so we'd wait for that one. Pirating doesn't prove anything, and doesn't make a point about anyone but you. If your concern is about supporting movies directed by women, you'd buy the streaming rental or wait until this whole thing passes by and we see the inevitable big screen "re"releases.
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