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  1. At the time, yes. Caveat there that I got it while it was still in print and actually for a decent amount less than retail. The music is great, as you know. The book is comprehensive. The DVD is fluff, only in the sense that it’s verbatim interview stuff used in the book, only less (and due to what I’m assuming are licensing issues, does not use movie clips or music). The box is shitty and increased the value unnecessarily. It includes what is likely to be the only expansion of Alice in Wonderland, Corpse Bride, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. No music
  2. Only heard Soul and Wolfwalkers, and would go Soul (although both are v. Good). I’ll let somebody remind me what other movies came out last year before I throw in the non-poll honorable mentions.
  3. Heard 1917, Us, and TROS. TROS wins this. Us is also very good! Can’t imagine that HTTYD would do it for me after the first two. Endgame isn’t bad, and a shortened version of the album we got would probably qualify as Best MCU (faint praise?)
  4. There are a lot of actors who stand to benefit from this if it’s successful, those whose name allows them to negotiate points. Thinking Emma Stone from Cruella on D+. And outside of Disney+, all those people whose movies went direct to digital or co-premiered on HBO max over the last year.
  5. Another vote by default for me. Unlike his first Apes score, I really like Giacchino’s second.
  6. I’ve only heard Fantastic Beasts, so it wins by default. It’s fine. Probably near the top of JNH scores for me, all of which are “fine.”
  7. Yes thank you as always to intrada at intrada dot com for your fast service
  8. If you’re looking for something with a steady loping pace, there’s probably a good amount of that in the Murray Gold/Who run in general if you ever want to dive into like 11 seasons of material.
  9. I run three times a week, but I usually don’t listen to film score tracks. I think in recent memory, I’ve listened to two full albums during runs - the Solo OST and WAR HORSE. Obviously I wasn’t using them to keep pace or get pumped, but it was just something I wanted to listen to those nights. The only film score track that crossed over into my running playlists at one point was The Long Song from Doctor Who S7. Not on there currently though.
  10. This is a pretty heavy score. For me it’ll be a decision of “is the film program too much?” If so, I’ll just stick to the OST for a routine listen. I suspect like in most releases, the alternates won’t be anything I regularly revisit.
  11. Jupiter Ascending would have had a better chance with me, but IMO anything Giacchino has written is hopeless against TFA (no diss).
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