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  1. I appreciate that! I wouldn’t agree that I prefer Phase 4, but in a lot of ways it feels like a necessary “reset” to stock the action figure bin for future events. It feels almost like a return to Phase 1 - unconnected or barely connected material (though a whole ton of it, and with much higher stakes - much different than where we started with a guy in a robot suit punching another guy in a robot suit at the finale). If anything, I think I’d have preferred the movies to be LESS connected to what came before - and have less of what is clearly connective tissue to future media - though that would surely have been box office poison.
  2. Watched the first episode and thought it was pretty good - surprised and maybe a little disappointed with how closely it’s hewing to the game, but generally as a thing to watch it’s good. They did great work casting the daughter, RIP. She was terrific.
  3. I hope the MPAA finds every one of these crooks and gives them the chair.
  4. Watched Black Panther last night and really enjoyed it! Basically, minus the obligatory Everybody Punching Each Other battle at the end. Probably top for me as far as Phase 4 movies go.
  5. Jon Favreau hates all the things I hate about Star Wars, and Kathy Kennedy made those things happen!!!!
  6. Just came into this thread because we watched this tonight! What a nice score. Makes me wish for more kids’ scores that aren’t just Zimmer Jr.s following the template.
  7. I watched an episode thinking, “oh god they’re putting Batman on an island full of dinosaurs, this is gonna be dreadful!” And I was hooked! I think I looked forward to new episodes of Brave and the Bold more than any other (adult) shows during that run. and then the next series went the exact opposite direction, the gritty dark batman who wants to fuck, in charmless 3D animation - and taaaaaanked
  8. Read this in that article: That last sentence is definitely erroneous! Morrison’s run on Batman & Robin is pretty good, but couldn’t be further from the animated show in content (the show was about superhero team ups, where Morrison’s B&R was very Bat-family focused) or form (the show - which was tons of fun - was extremely goofy by design, while the Morrison books were well on the “dark” side of center). What’s interesting about the slate is that it’s fairly risky. I would have expected WB to play it safe, given their current financial state and the lukewarm reception for Black Adam, but here they are launching a cinematic universe on the back of The Authority and Creature Commandos! Whether it works for them or not, it goes to show that the new regime is passionate about the source material.
  9. If you want me to be excited about your slate, say the words Booster Gold, imo. I’m enthusiastic about some of the titles they’re working on, although his descriptions of the movies and series themselves didn’t excite me too much. Might just be brand hesitance after the last 10 years or so.
  10. I don’t think Phase 4 is any different quality-wise from Phase 1 - which had Iron Man 2, Thor, the Incredible Hulk, the first Captain America, and Avengers - all of which were just okay to me. Even back in its high point there were movies that were just all right like Captain Marvel and Guardians 2. (Imo)
  11. Opinions! Haven’t seen BP2 yet, but looking forward to catching it this weekend when it’s streaming. Shang Chi was good and I liked Black Widow and Eternals as well. I expected to enjoy Spiderman 3 more than I did, but that may have been unfairly set up by everyone’s raves about it. For the most part, I’m struggling to care too much about the movies that have some End of the World!! type climax, of which most of them do now. The end of the world seems to be coming even for the freqking Ant Man! The low stakes of the TV shows really fit the fun comic book vibe I enjoy more these days. The series should earn its apocalypses.
  12. Nah, I don’t think Love and Thunder ever fully won me back after that scene tbh. I do think, as a whole, I liked it better than Doctor Strange earlier in the year. I think ever since Endgame, Marvel’s movies have been just pretty okay. I’ve enjoyed all the D+ shows more.
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