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  1. How was he to know that there would be a good Harry Potter score if he just waited a couple movies?
  2. I actually liked episode 3 a little less than the first two - felt less like basking in the world and more like Plot. Still pretty good!
  3. They’re all real good. I picked Adventures of Han, but that’s probably based more on my level of familiarity with it than anything intrinsic to the piece itself.
  4. I liked it well enough until they came up with a better one. Now I’m ANGRY.
  5. After the first two episodes, I really like it. I’m honestly not ready for it to blow up into the promised sprawling Dickensian tale that Gilroy promises. I’m very happy to just have Space Jason Bourne (Spaceon Bourne). Brittel’s music fits like a glove. It’ll rankle all the “this is the Star Wars sound” people for sure, but for this series (which thus far feels very little like Star Wars beyond the fact that we know it exists in the same universe, which works great for me and I’d imagine would be a big plus for everyone who is tired of Star Wars spinning its wheels in the rut of the past), it works great. Will it do the same on album? I’d suspect not, but that’s the secondary purpose of the score. I expect the colors of the score to broaden as the scope of the show does. Very disappointed in Lucasfilm for switching back to the Star Wars logo theme from Mando/Boba, after the nice switch they did in Kenobi. Looking forward to watching the third episode tonight, or earlier if I quit my job and leave my family.
  6. I’m of the opinion that if Williams isn’t scoring the thing, they shouldn’t try to sound like Williams.
  7. I’d agree with this. Maybe it’s made clear in the appendices, which I last read some two decades ago now. I’m assuming the history will become more clear as time goes on, given the newfound alliance. Really enjoying the show, by the way!
  8. Two Dumb Guy confessions: I never particularly cared for Kubrick’s original, and I really liked Doctor Sleep!
  9. I’m glad to see them at that price. I thought they were nice enough in the movies when I watched them with my kid, but I never considered them $20-nice. Picked up all three tonight.
  10. Decent sale - picked up a few things I’ve been back and forth on.
  11. Probably not Boba, but Obi-Wan got similar hype. It had a Vanity Fair cover story.
  12. He’s been releasing a movie every year or two since 1966 - people have had plenty of time over the last few decades to ditch Woody if they wanted to, and some have and some haven’t. I’m in the former group, but it’s not exactly a sacrifice for me because I’ve only really liked one of his movies that I’ve seen.
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