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  1. Good for him for attempting to stick to his contractually obligated amount from Marvel. They shouldn't have signed a contract if they didn't want to honor it. I'd just as soon a new Matrix movie not revive Neo, Trinity, Agent Smith, etc., so as far as that goes, it's a whateva from me.
  2. Per LLL Twitter: "Limited Edition Soundtrack CDs available to order at lalalandrecords.com on 1/28 at noon pst - #DARKMAN 30th Anniv. 2-CD Expanded Set by @dannyelfman - expanded #HOFFA by #DavidNewman & #PANDORA Season 1 by @joekraemer & @PenkaKouneva ! #PandoraCW #DannyElfman #SamRaimi" Don't believe me? Google it, I can't access social media on this contuter. Heck yeah for Darkman!
  3. Ah yes, Stinky the Hutt. My kid and I just watched that movie this weekend! Was just reminded of one of my favorite George Lucas stories, from the time of The Force Unleashed.
  4. I think the 4K versions, finalized before the Disney sale, have the FOX logos. I’m fairly certain the HD and SD versions are the available Blu-ray/digital editions, sans logo. Edit: interestingly, I now see the 4K version (with Fox logos and Macklunkey) on my phone in regular HD
  5. At that link, Star Wars outearned Jumanji every other day since its release. I doubt Disney is worried about some weird one-day Jumanji surge. I’m sure they’re happy that their movie which tanked with critics will even come close to their earlier, better offerings. if anything, they probably were more concerned about whatever this movie nobody ever heard of was doing topping them last week
  6. I don’t think anyone young enough to be affected by that word will be looking at the expanded score to Dolores Claiborne.
  7. Another one in my must-haves/someday pile with the Williams disaster set. I really like this score.
  8. three day weekend, but friday night is part of the weekend, so, four day weekend. thanks, mlk
  9. Apparently I missed 2019, so maybe I'll make it a biyearly post.
  10. I don't think Jerry is taking on new projects in 2020.
  11. Twitter embraces the original Fleming novels more than the films do!
  12. i dont know, but time has proven sinead's protest against abuses of the catholic church against children to be right on the first front, so if she does it again ill believe her. amazing the furor that that caused at the time, when now these abuses and the church's role in covering them up are reported, published, and in some cases apologized for by the papacy. shame on the people who lambasted that young woman, and unwittingly or no, i consider them complicit with the church in the cover-up and ongoing abuses due to their blind support of the church.
  13. Hook The Terminal The Patriot The River Star Wars
  14. her most recent two cds are career-best imo and i think a new one is imminent, so hold on 2 ur hoo-hahs
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