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  1. https://news.avclub.com/jack-cruz-the-monkey-from-david-lynchs-new-short-film-1841205368 Jack just dropped an album.
  2. Just realized that I accidentally stole my bitfrom Waynes World 2!
  3. I was going to mention the BMG music club, but I figured JS didn't have the frame of reference for it! I would always sign up for the freebies, fulfill my purchasing obligation, cancel, sign up for the freebies, fulfill my purchasing obligation, cancel, etc etc etc. It was a great deal at the time when CDs rarely went below $15. Nowadays, the shipping cost alone would price it out of being a deal.
  4. gk, what would you say to the many people I've seen who want Idris Elba to play James Bond because he'd be an excellent James Bond? Because that's a separate scenario from what you're mentioning, and I've seen plenty of people online respond to that sentiment with "James Bond is WHITE!"
  5. So do I. I think the government issued a copy of that one to everybody who entered junior high school between 1993 and 1997.
  6. I want them to have Rey Force-project herself into the past to go on an adventure with Obi-Wan.
  7. They can make it Maul/Mandalore-based to some extent if they want to - people love seeing things they are familiar with! They already seeded Maul with Solo. Its era is ripe! You got yer Darth Maul, you got yer Bo Katan. Baby, it's a party.
  8. I don't think he has trouble working with anyone. If you want Williams, you have to be willing to pay for Williams. The studio has to be willing to foot the bill and not concurrently demand something cheaper and more "modern" from the factory.
  9. A communique from Bail Organa about a direct threat to Princess Leia (during a time when kid Luke is just peacefully kicking sand and smooshing frogs on Tatooine) would be a reasonable prompt to draw him off-planet. Whatever happens next could be a fun adventure! Maybe whatever trouble he gets into could follow him back to Tatooine in some way that impacts the Lars/Luke homestead, therefore leading to the strained relationship in Star Wars. You got Jimbly Smipts, you got Joel Edgerton and Bonnie Piesse, just do it Disney. Just do it. Here I am, Disney, give me some monnnneeeeeey pleeeeeease.
  10. Sure - and the production schedule change was widely reported last week. It's not new news - it's the same thing that threw all the dinguses into a panic that Obi-Wan was canceled last week (which was also reported by the trades before they did actual research into the issue). Honestly while a lot of actors just deliver the company line, I've seen enough off the cuff stuff from Ewan McGregor to the press to know that he's probably being frank here. That said, it never hurts to have things fully developed before announcing them, LFL...
  11. Ahsoka is good as hell. Saw this video on Twitter yesterday. Maul got sliced in half in his first battle with a Jedi padawan, and at the end of his road he gets killed before he even swings his saber. Why would him losing 1 to 1 versus a different padawan (trained and war-tested as displayed in 6 previous seasons) be controversial to this loudmouth?
  12. This is a fun article. If you're looking for "news," not much there - but it does say that all of the returning cast members shot their roles scattered over the course of one week, so don't expect any of them to play a major role. https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2020/01/hanging-with-bill-murray-on-the-set-of-ghostbusters-afterlife
  13. I'm sure Disney's concerns are based more on the public perception of the prequels
  14. I doubted it at its first leak, but when Jason at Making Star Wars corroborated it, I bought it. Don't think it sounded particularly good, though.
  15. There was never any official word of Matt Smith in this movie, and the leaks that were actually accurate never included him as far as can tell.
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