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  1. For me the platonic ideal is somewhere in between, tbh - you essentially have explored everywhere, so it might be old hat. I plugged my dlc in when I finished the four beasts, but I still also had tons of shrines and side missions to do. It incentivized me to keep exploring.
  2. lol just checked my Plex and apparently I didn't miss the last release after all! Maybe I'll double/triple dip, and maybe I won't - depends on how substantially different this is
  3. I didn’t even know the last one was OOP. I missed it, so if this one is more comprehensive, I’m in and I’ll jump on it asap
  4. Bought LLL's two recent animated DC Comics releases (Young Justice, Teen Titans) and Forces of Nature. I may have passed on them all in the past, but I'm not paying daycare right now and I'd like to support LLL when I can these days...
  5. Do you Switch people typically play around TV, or use it as a handheld? The desire to play console games on a handheld is a strong urge and a convenience, but I've never felt quite LOST in a video game world doing handheld - so the idea of wandering around with a little tablet playing Breath of the Wild loses some appeal for me.
  6. Isn't the Tolkien estate heavily involved as part of the deal? I'd consider that a sign that they will stay fairly faithful to the spirit of the source material. I would hope the directorial excess of the Hobbit movies and late ROTK won't be a problem with this, for the same reason.
  7. I've never read comics for most of the Marvel superheroes. DC was my bag back in my comics reading days (which didn't even start until my 20s).
  8. Half of our active posts walked away from the board in March. Save Stefan, save the board.
  9. In the Netflix shows, the violence is much more intense/less cartoonish, the language is much more adult, and the subject matter is much more mature. To indicate that they are aimed at young teens is being purposefully obtuse, I think. You may be making the Scorsese argument that comic book movies generally are not "adult." But adulthood starts in the late teens, buddy. These people watch Family Guy and Fast and the Furious movies, not Woodsy Allen. Maybe you just think it's made for mushy-brained adults.
  10. Test came back negative, btw. Spouse still hacking up a lung with bronchitisy symptoms.
  11. edit to say I never cared for donkey Kong country, despite buying em on wii. Taking my real post to the other tab on my phone, thanks Jay!
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