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  1. Evil Dead remake score by Roque Baños, an evil score and a great score!
  2. According to the person who runs this site, Intrada‘s Scissorhands is complete: https://chrono-score.blogspot.com/2015/12/edward-scissorhands.html?m=1 They don’t use any of the isolated score in their playlist anymore; it’s all Intrada’s release. The only thing not on Intrada’s release are a few cassette tape demos exclusive to the Elfman/Burton box. Honestly, it’s such a slight expansion and the OST is a much better listening experience anyway.
  3. Not too bad! Back in the before times we went every week at a sports bar and made it to their tournament of champions (across all of the trivia company’s bars and restaurants) where we placed third. We’ve been doing this Zoom thing every week basically since the lockdown with a different group of friends and we are the winningest team, but he did a 1 year anniversary tournament of champions and we placed third in that too. Our team chokes under pressure when they amp up the difficulty, I guess! Btw @Jayor anyone else, if you’re into trivia and are looking for something to do or want to p
  4. We watch them together and my spouse goes to bed early on work nights because she works at 6-something. Our team also does Zoom trivia every Wednesday night, which snuffs out an early watch.
  5. Hope Twitter doesn’t spoil me by Friday night! Interesting move on Disney’s part. I wonder if they’re going to abandon the Friday drop day and have stuff coming out all through the week
  6. I can count the HTTYD movies I’ve seen on two fingers, although TBH it might be against the rules to show you.
  7. The first two Bourne movies, Solo, Evolution, Face/off…well, whahaddya know! Same here! The guy’s his generation’s Jerry Goldsmith.
  8. I agree with more Solo, although I’m sure some don’t (when I started typing this an hour ago before I got sidetracked, I coulda predicted Stu’s response )! I thought Solo was good fun, and I’d love to see some of the new characters like Q’ira and Enfys Nest explored in more depth. The fact that they haven’t popped up much or at all in books, comics, etc. in any meaningful way means to me that they’ll probably pop up again elsewhere - maybe the Lando D+ series, Book of Boba (Q’ira) and/or maybe Enfys in the republic commandos show that is presumably missing a female lead now.
  9. It goes to show that they’re not joking - only two people know the actual results of the awards before the envelopes are opened. A big swing like that can go awry really easily.
  10. I agree with Jay. I recall Civil War being good enough, just a letdown after the excellent Winter Soldier. Too busy! Apparently I didn’t retain much, because when we watched those Disney+ catch-up shorts before WandaVision and Falcon/Winter Soldier, a ton of stuff from that movie seemed completely new to me. While it comes down to Iron Man vs. Cap, the movie is really “everyone vs. everyone else,” so I’m also not convinced it fits the theme per se. if it weren’t there, the clear winner would be Freddy vs. Jason for me.
  11. And now he’s ill and tested positive. He’s had his first shot and was waiting for his second. Best he can tell, his 7 year old brought it home from school. Woof!
  12. Happy for those of you who do records. I was a late adopter of the Gerhardt albums (didn’t have the SW/CE one until a few years ago, even) because by the time I was able to buy my own scores, Sony Classical was in the midst of releasing the Special Editions, so I went with those. But this is a good album! Probably my favorite of the three. Wish somebody would have gone all-in like that on the prequels or sequels…
  13. It doesn’t hurt that Danny Trejo has looked 76 since he was 40
  14. I’ll reserve all judgment until I see the movie - I had “age fears” for KOTCS at the time and it ended up not being an issue for me. I suspect that with a combination of script concessions, stunt work, and the same suspension of disbelief that you have to pack for any movie like this, it’ll be fine. I do strongly believe that they should hire an even older guy to be Ford’s stunt double, though.
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