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  1. The Eternals at this point doesn’t interest me beyond the MCU label. At the same time, neither did Guardians of the Galaxy until I saw the first trailer, and that worked out real well.
  2. I’m at about a 66% hit ratio on his movies. Liked MI3, Star Trek, Super 8, TFA. Disliked STID and TROS. A higher hit ratio than I have for Zackyboy!
  3. This very 20+ year old website was built on score album expansion! The Phantom Menace in its days of infancy, and Temple of Doom in its fairly early days! I suspect that talk of expansion was not as hot back then because there weren't ten labels that made their bones doing that. (I prefer the OST in many or most cases, so this isn't a diss, but people who want expanded albums just want more of something they like - it's not a bad thing!)
  4. Anyone else think the Wachowskis want to drink a guy?
  5. With vaccines at 90+% effectiveness, there's the theoretical possibility that we'll see the eradication of COVID, much like we did with Smallpox, so gone that they don't even vaccinate for anymore, although they have a massive amount in cold storage here. It all depends on vaccine buy-in, really. If the vast, vast majority of the world's population is onboard with the vax, it could go away. If we don't reach whatever threshold that would entail, we'll likely have regional outbreaks to stamp down forever - and the likelihood of lifelong booster shots. Luckily, in the case of outb
  6. At least in the US, the federal government provides two vaccine supplies - "first doses" and "second doses." The content of the vials is identical between the two, but providing specifically second doses means that the same provider can schedule you with a second shot with the same product. At this point, my parents, my spouse's mother, and my brother have gotten stuck -all of them were given a second appointment with the same provider at the time of treatment. (My dad and my spouse's mom both got their second pokes this week). I'm booked for my first dose a week from tomorrow, and the pap
  7. The Bad Batch arc's script/voicework/storyboarding was completed back in the days before TCW was first canceled. It was one of those "lost storylines" - others of which they've utilized in other fashions (releasing animatic versions on DVD, adapting into comics, etc.). I'd imagine that at the time, it was not intended to be a backdoor pilot to a new series - just a filler arc that resolved some dangling clonetrooper storylines from previous episodes and introduced new/recurring series characters.
  8. Lotta mileage to get out of that! Pretty fun idea!
  9. I use 'em, they're fun! I doubt I'd have seen them yet if I were playing through this again myself.
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