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  1. They tried two different delivery techniques - one of them was ~90% effective and the other was ~65%. The 70% effective is some sort of average of the two (not an average of the two percentages, but maybe skewed due to the number of people in each trial). So presumably the end product would be delivered in the former way (a half dose followed by a full dose a month later) and the vaccine would be approximately 90% effective. We’re doing great here after our school reopening spike and in the lead-up to the why-are-people-traveling-for-the-holiday season.
  2. “Home Again” a pretty good contender for title if they swear it has to have “home” in it.
  3. I find it hard to believe that you checked all of online so quickly
  4. Williams wrote a handful of demo tracks (demo generous - fully orchestrated and recorded with a full orchestra in LA). Those were repurposed and rerecorded, presumably as-is, by Powell in London in the tracks he mentioned. He adapted Williams' themes, including stuff written for this movie, throughout as well.
  5. When I buy this thing, the first thing I'm gonna do is get rid of those cue numbers
  6. Shocking if true, given the state of things right now. Of course, if a vaccine time table goes according to some estimates, it's possible that we'll be cloooose to "back to normal," or at least the new normal, by next fall.
  7. This is all great news. Most of Powell's scores could use a little less of that "processed" sound.
  8. Anyone else use one of these to mow their lawn?
  9. I wonder if reuse fees are responsible for the less frequent releases and for keeping the tracklist theoretically short. I say theoretically, because I won't commit to a final tracklist until it's revealed. Even if Ludwig spruced the tracks up for the show, it would still be the union performances done last year.
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