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  1. It’s hard to gauge what the reviewer means by that. It seems like they’re talking about the mythic nature of the story during that section. My problem with Snyder’s superhero movies is that they are largely joyless. Real edgelord slogs, regardless of what the actual story is. Hopefully this isn’t like that!
  2. I have no strong feelings about Eternals, beyond the fact that like pretty much every comic book movie I’ve seen that wasn’t directed by Zack Snyder, I’ll probably think it’s fun. With that said, 75% means that three out of every four critics liked it! I like tons of movies that have a lower tomato score than that. Batman 89 does! I watch horror movies. Meanwhile there are plenty of 90+% movies that are boring as sin. Review aggregators are only so useful - and once you factor in user reviews, especially on contentious zeitgeisty films, they’re all but useless.
  3. If by “play” you are referring to music, I would play John Williams because unlike Jerry Goldsmith, his music is good. If by “play” you mean portray, I would also play Williams, because it’s easier to play a polite older gentleman than it is to play a person who is surely a skeleton with a ponytail by this point.
  4. Like all the megathreads, I never bother to come in here, but I just popped in and am happy to see Divine Comedy talk. I have the nearly-definitive boxset, a birthday present from my spouse last year and it’s a treasure-trove. For me, Foreverland is most likely my favorite album, and I agree with Stu that Absent Friends is the start of a hot streak that for the most part hasn’t ended (although Office Politics may be the weakest album since that point).
  5. Especially with Disney who has so many releases across their studios and franchises in a year, any time one movie gets delayed, it causes a ripple effect in the whole schedule. They don’t want to compete with themselves for box office money and awareness via marketing, etc. They’re also hoping, I’m sure, for COVID-era comfort levels to be higher re: theatrical releases by then.
  6. I think nudes and lewds are against the new rules, so I’ve been making slightly fewer posts of late.
  7. IIRC the Elfman/Burton set includes the exact same master as the original LLL expansion. I always found the OST lacking both aurally and in presentation. I’m usually fairly ambivalent when it comes to “OST vs expansion” - and when I do have an opinion, it’s usually that I prefer the shorter OST arrangement. However, BR has always been a clear improvement for me. Diff’rent strokes I guess!
  8. We are on the wall of Great Muppets Minds.
  9. They’ve been trying to make Pepe a thing for decades now, so I wouldn’t think of this as any agenda. It’s safe to say that he is part of the main Muppet squad at this point. It’s clear the story for this one was built around him (the lothario characterization fits into the ghost bride storyline). Whitmire is out, and since that point I don’t believe anyone has voiced Rizzo. Simple as that. I’m sure at some point they’ll recast. Bean Bunny less likely.
  10. And the companion poster showing Riddler
  11. Yes! A Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure-style chase through a film studio!!!
  12. Bought the first three today. $8-10 apiece for nine scores to animated shorts is too rich for my budget, so I’m spacing it out over time.
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