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  1. Makes sense to use a bookmarking system like reel during production, since timestamps would be constantly changing in the edit
  2. I've never seen that before - really neat!
  3. Lynch is so weird that that conversation actually sounds plausible.
  4. I was immediately suspicious because I follow a lot of Lynch and Twin Peaks folks on Twitter and hadn't heard a peep, 4 days later. This is a joke. If you go to the front page of that website, the header in the browser is "Movie Satire" and the front page includes such kneeslapper headlines as "Tenet was already released 2 years ago" and "Bruce WIllis wakes up."
  5. Uncharted 2 is great! The first Uncharted is a bit clunky at times, especially in the vehicle levels. I’m surprised to hear they didn’t work on that for the remasters.
  6. Beating it actually killed it for me to some extent - like I had a ton more exploring/finding I could do, but once I stopped Giant Monster Ganon, a switch flipped in my brain that was like, "Well, what's the point?"
  7. That happened to me with Breath of the WIld like four times, before I went in and actually finished the story.
  8. All of his themes are great! The complete presentation is a bit energy sucking - takes a lot to make it through it. The OST is a better presentation. Same with Elfman's first Batman, IMO, but Returns is much better as a longer, fuller piece.
  9. I think that's the natural case of things in countries that have had some success though, right? Once you get the spread and disease under some sort of control, you need to shift priorities to catching new cases and isolating them to prevent community spread.
  10. My local paper prints both new cases and new deaths. Our area is trending upwards (our state had ~300 new cases per day for a few weeks, but now is between 600-1000 daily and still rising after a phased reopening). Percentage of positive tests has also gone up, which is much more telling of infection risk when entering the community - thankfully not as drastically as Florida, Texas, Arizona, or California. The real test will be hospital readiness. It looks like Florida, Texas, and Arizona are starting to struggle. In our county, thankfully it’s not as bad as in others right now - partially because we were at the low end of the counties hit hardest in March and April. We are seeing a lot of spread now in the Pittsburgh area which was once fairly well insulated. As testing actually becomes readily available in areas, it makes a lot of sense that it will be deemed less deadly - since the “mild” cases and asymptomatic cases will be represented, where back in March through May you couldn’t get a test unless you were “severe” or high risk and symptomatic.
  11. I have no doubt that her retirement will happen someday in the not so distant future, but I put absolutely zero(h) stock in the “Star Wars rumors” industry in general.
  12. Both aren't very good, but only one is fun.
  13. But what kind of wood will the bookshelf be made of?
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