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  1. If the Metallica cover thing is true, it’s very funny!
  2. Young should have written a love theme about the romance between me and the first two Spider-man scores. It still probably wouldn’t have been very good, but at least it would have been about something good
  3. True - and one or two other much smaller tweaks, like adding some Batwing music to the Batman OST proper iirc - feels like he wasn’t beholden to the historical artifact of the OST, but had some feelings about the listening experience he wanted
  4. Great batch! I’m only picking up two immediately, but I WANT four of them.
  5. Elfman feels some ownership over the OST programs, I’d think. It’s how he personally expanded all the Burton scores in that big box. Most of the expansions that have come out since have included the album program. On a lot of his recent OSTs, he even uses the same approach - throwing a handful of “bonus tracks” after the album program proper (see Dumbo, Wednesday, The Circle, etc. etc.) (I’m happy to say that this is also my preferred method of expansion, so thanks Danny!) Release of the year for me, I think!
  6. It seems like a lot of people have issues with the content of TROS and I have to say that for the most part I don’t. What turns me off completely about TROS is the form - it feels like a movie that never slows down to let you and your brain sit with any of it. I liked it better on a second viewing - I think the worst disappointment of it for me was that it was coming off of the highs of TFA and TLJ. I was really hoping it would maintain quality. Removed from that disappointment a bit, I do think it’s fine (although at this point the “least” of any live action Star Wars since 2015).
  7. I was terrified for my friend The Bell Ringer but HELL YEAH. WIsh he’d gotten to ring a few more stormtrooper bells. What a season!
  8. I maintain optimism because I loved TLJ and most of Johnson’s other movies - plus, if and when it actually happens, I’ll get to be SO smug, you guys!!
  9. well in the end, the director still has to make the movie good
  10. IMO the best person to adapt something is the person who isn’t beholden to the source material. They’ll be hellbent on making a good movie instead of making _________.
  11. YES! I think you’re joking but I want Star Wars movies in every genre
  12. Now now everyone. There’s room in here for all of these hacks
  13. I’ve switched to digital for both comic books and regular books, and will never go back. I still love comics, but superhero comics from the big 2 frustrate me a lot, because a lot of the time there are way-too-busy mega-events, and everything in every line ties into the mega-event - so there aren’t simple stories being told during those months, and the event is inscrutable unless you read a hundred books, many of which might not be in your regular series pulls.
  14. I think you were all getting way too worked up if you were expecting anything from an announcement from Empire Magazine that was not an Empire Magazine article!
  15. Loved the idea of making the capital ship crank up their tractor beam and then letting it slurp up weapons
  16. None at this point that I clocked, unless you also count some familiar-looking members of Saw’s entourage (the Tubes guy). Edit - oh! The one stuffy imperial ISB agent in white is supposed to be Yularen, who was the stuffy imperial guy in white in the boardroom in A New Hope
  17. Interesting that that’s what they’d choose to do rather than complete the film program. Expanded or not, it’s not a score I feel particularly interested in digging into beyond the previous DE from the Horror Box.
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