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  1. Just enjoyed his score to Fear Street pt1 in-film. Don’t know why Beltrami scores so often fall flat for me in listening settings, but maybe this will be one of the good ones!
  2. Really liked her Loki work - very top tier of MCU, despite how faint of praise as that can sometimes sound.
  3. Even if “I have a bad feeling about this” was some sort of studio mandate, why would that be so nefarious? Some variation of the phrase is in each movie, IIRC, and it’s not like Lucasfilm mandated strict adherence to timelines, canon, or even any sort of house style.
  4. LOTF AINEC. One of the only Horner scores I actually love.
  5. I thought the score was fine. It’s not one I’ll go out of my way to revisit though.
  6. For a variety of reasons but mainly because of disputes with cast member Chevy Chase, Dan Harmon was let go from Community for season 4, and then he returned for all subsequent seasons after Chase left the show. The original showrunner of Dexter left mid-run and is coming back for the reboot. One could argue from writing staff recollections at the time that David Lynch (who was always credited as an EP) essentially left in season 2 of Twin Peaks and then came back for the return.
  7. They announced Moffat in May 2008: Davies’ run didn’t end until January 2010. They announced Chibnall in January 2016; Moffat’s run didn’t end until December 2017. It’s just business. Contracts inked, announcement made. Hard to keep it a secret otherwise.
  8. I think especially in geeky circles, people have known showrunners. I’m sure Trekkers debated the relative merits of the different showrunners in bygone eras. There are also showrunners who made headlines in, say, the pre-Sopranos era. Off the top of my head, Bochco/NYPD Blue, Dick Wolf/Law and Order. It seems like in the late 1990s or so, showrunners moved out of the writers room and into the forefront/promotion.
  9. Can you imagine if Silvestri did those movies, though? Gettin sweaty just thinking about it.
  10. All of the Illumination movies are passable kids entertainment. There’s lot that are better. There’s a ton that are much, much worse. It’ll be fine (and anyone old enough to post on a message board who was expecting a Super Mario Bros movie to be “for them” was probably misreading things anyway). It’s bound to be better than the old Saturday morning cartoon and the 1990s movie. Charlie Day and Seth Rogen seem like good casting for the “look” of the characters. Pratt specifically is a baffling choice though. Anya Taylor Joy is great, but as far as I can tell her voice lacks the affect needed for a cartoon character. I’ll be happy to be surprised.
  11. The songs are all credited to Barry Mann and Cynthia Weill! Good score though, and one of his most traditional efforts of all time, really.
  12. But showrunners are essentially just head writers who also function as producers. Literally all shows have a showrunner. For the most part, it’s just been behind the scenes/less publicly known until ~20 years ago.
  13. Waller Bridge has a kooky energy I’d like to see. Don’t care if the next Doctor is male or female or non-binary, but I guarantee the discourse will be irritating regardless.
  14. The release date would be way after October 1 if they had to scrap one of the discs and reprint. Definitely just a manufacturing/supply chain thing. Likely nothing that isn’t also wrong with the CDs!
  15. A little bummed to not find anything from this in the iTunes Store on new release day.
  16. Finally got around to listening to “Women Warriors: Voices of Change” a few times today. Bought this one without listening to samples as usual, and to be honest it got my purchase mainly to support the project. Didn't know what to expect from the music itself and only knew the one composer from her DC Comics work. What a lovely album! Covering a variety of modern and somewhat less modern styles (and largely or completely avoiding Zimmodern styles) and designed for listening, as you’d note from the concert origins of the album. Been a while since I’ve enjoyed a blind buy like this. A very strong recommendation.
  17. Very much none for James, excepting the craftsmanship. Maybe some love for Fox, but again mostly an appreciation of the craftsmanship. Also no love for either Witches or the Burton Charlie (outside of Elfman’s score). I think BFG is somewhere on the docket with our kid in the break between Halloween and Christmas, and I hope to like it!
  18. Just clicked into this thread for the first time in a while, saw the trailer, and my eyes glazed over a bit reading the rest. My opinions: trailer looks pretty good, The Fabelmans is still a dumb as shit name for a movie, and those of you who generally don’t enjoy musicals need to let joy and love wash over your hearts!!
  19. I can’t believe I’ve been calling this guy Dumpledorf for like 20 years now and nobody’s corrected me
  20. I’ve seen a ton of Dahl adaptations and liked very few (1970s Wonka and 1990s Matilda). I’m excited to see some other cracks at his work.
  21. Watched the first two tonight. The Duel was excellent. Tatooine Rhapsody was whatever. It felt exactly like what I picture in my head when somebody says “anime” that makes me never want to watch anime. Seems like this will be the mixed bag I expected, but I’m excited to find out over the next week or so. Hopefully the scores will be available to buy on Friday.
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