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  1. Jesus Christ. The Uwe Boll quote is hilarious. The rest is largely depressing.
  2. In addition to the above comments, I would say that I love the way Herrmann develops the themes in a very operatic fashion. There's a Wagnerian touch to the score that I'm sure was intentional--indeed, the film is very much like a cinematic opera without singing. Ultimately it's up to you what clicks in terms of the musical taste, of course.
  3. That last quote was the big facepalm moment for me.
  4. Bilbo and Marian hit on the big issues for me. I think GL had Williams overdo it with the foreshadowing, with this being a big example. I don't fathom the logic that prevailed: "We COULD tease and hint the Imperial March over the course of the trilogy, finally unleashing it in Episode III, when the Empire becomes reality and Anakin turns to the Dark Side. Fuck that. How about we just shoot our load now, and then track these really iconic, important scenes with the music that should've been kept in for the CGI monster battle?"
  5. This looks awesome. I don't think I've seen any Polish films, but I've heard of Kieslowski and have wanted to see his stuff. I hope this comes to a city at least near me.
  6. The sequence of Craig entering the town, with the character introductions (especially Rockwell), had me wishing that the whole thing would be a straight Western.
  7. Indeed, more character stuff, and an alternate climax would be smashing.
  8. I enjoyed it. I also would've enjoyed an extended pilot, but for the beginning, it was pretty entertaining. I liked that the plot took turns I wasn't always expecting, and overall I kind of got a sort of Batman: The Animated Series vibe at times from the treatment of the first case we see here. Coulson stole the show, especially in his final confrontation with Michael, and that scene had me looking forward to where this show will go. Coulson's earnestness and idealism is such a refreshing quality that served the pilot well, and will hopefully continue to do so. He seems to be a guy that recogn
  9. A number of "finally" purchases: Players - Jerry Goldsmith Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin The Fury - John Williams Family Plot - John Williams Origin of Symmetry - Muse
  10. Just watched the video and I had to laugh at the beginning. Of course it was a D.
  11. Yes, but what was she trying to get out of anything? What was her motivation?
  12. I was completely at a loss as to why she was in the movie, in organic terms. I mean, I get WHY she was in the movie, but she didn't mesh well with the overall story, and by the end of the film I still didn't understand what her stake in things was.
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