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  1. I'm pretty weary on MCU shenanigans at this point, but this is fun. Seems to be following in the vein of something closer to Beck's work for Ant-Man and WandaVision, with a bit of an Avengers-adjacent harmonic language the way the Guardians of the Galaxy theme was. Pretty good!
  2. The Sandlot David Newman LLL release 01. Main Title 02. Would You Teach Me to Catch 03. The Beast/Scotty Gets the Ball 04a. Benny Defends Scotty/Scotty Talks to Mom (0:00-1:50) 05. Scotty and Dad Play Ball 04b. Benny Defends Scotty/Scotty Talks to Mom (1:50-end; alt. title: Benny Invites Scotty) 06. Scotty and the Guys (for intended segue, mix from beginning into 04b, 2:26 of track 04) 07. Benny Coaches Scotty 08. Scotty Catches Ball – The Beast 09. Wear My Old Hat/Playing Baseball 10. Meeting The Beast 11. The Legend 12. Wendy Lotioning/Fake Drowning 13. Baseball Game 14b. The Babe Ruth Ball/Scotty Hits a Home Run (0:20-0:50; alt. title: Man of the House) 14c. The Babe Ruth Ball/Scotty Hits a Home Run (0:50-2:24; alt. title: An Omen) 14a. The Babe Ruth Ball/Scotty Hits a Home Run (0:00-0:20; alt. title: The Babe Ruth Ball) 14d. The Babe Ruth Ball/Scotty Hits a Home Run (2:24-end; alt. title: Scotty Hits a Home Run) 15. Baby Ruth 16. The Beast Is Darin’ Us 17. Getting the Ball 18. Getting the Ball (Again!) 19. Airborne Attack 20. Erector Set 21. Benny Prepares for Battle 22. The Showdown 23. Chase 24. Benny Runs Around Bend 25. Beast Under the Fence 26. Kids Follow the Dog 27. You Knew Babe Ruth? 28. Benny Steals Home I also strongly recommend subbing back in the original alternates, tracks 29-31, for tracks 18-20. Feels much more of a piece with the rest of the score and is some really good stuff.
  3. Watched it last night, having only seen the theatrical version prior (and parts of the longer TV cut over 20 years ago--"We all create God in our own image" has always been missing in my memory haha), and I thought it was pretty fantastic. The colors are fantastic. The sound mix is incredible. I'm the kind of guy that doesn't mind watching the complete Cloud/Vejur Flyover/Force Field sequence at all, I can bask, but the cuts made here are such that you still get a sense of a journey without it dragging. I will say that I last watched the theatrical a couple years ago, and having since seen the video with the Joe Kraemer mockup of Goldsmith's original "Body Meld" cue, I think watching this, with the Ilia's Theme Overture over a starfield, really firmed up my conviction that Goldsmith had it right the first time. It really works to bring the whole journey together with a big emotional punch. It's funny, because watching with the final "The Meld" cue now makes it feel like something that would have been in the initial slate of cues that Wise rejected because, "Where's the theme?" It's beautiful and transcendent, but not as specific.
  4. Delorean90


    I hadn't been aware of Reel to Reel! I wonder if there's any chance of that being resurrected someday...
  5. Hello hello! Been away for some time, but I was going through The Fury recently, and I can shed some light! Timings for extensions/cuts don't necessarily allow for extended measures of repeated material, but you can see where passages were adapted. Timings indicate score recording passages. 01. Main Title "End Title" 02. For Gillian "For Gillian" (extended/embellished at 0:58-1:15, extended at 1:32) 03. Vision on the Stairs "Vision on the Stairs" (0:00-1:18) "Father Meets Son" (trimmed 0:48-0:52, 0:57-1:53) 04. Hester's Theme and The House "Hester's Theme and The House" (0:00-1:41) "Before Dinner" (0:00-0:17, 0:37-end) "Approaching the House" 05. Gillian's Escape "Gillian's Escape" 06. The Search for Robin "Remembering Robin" (extended at 1:26) 07. Gillian's Vision "Gillian's Vision" 08. Death on the Carousel and End Titles "Coming Down the Stairs" "Calliope Goes Wild/Death on a Carousel" "Gillian's Power" 09. Epilogue
  6. Jesus Christ. The Uwe Boll quote is hilarious. The rest is largely depressing.
  7. In addition to the above comments, I would say that I love the way Herrmann develops the themes in a very operatic fashion. There's a Wagnerian touch to the score that I'm sure was intentional--indeed, the film is very much like a cinematic opera without singing. Ultimately it's up to you what clicks in terms of the musical taste, of course.
  8. That last quote was the big facepalm moment for me.
  9. Bilbo and Marian hit on the big issues for me. I think GL had Williams overdo it with the foreshadowing, with this being a big example. I don't fathom the logic that prevailed: "We COULD tease and hint the Imperial March over the course of the trilogy, finally unleashing it in Episode III, when the Empire becomes reality and Anakin turns to the Dark Side. Fuck that. How about we just shoot our load now, and then track these really iconic, important scenes with the music that should've been kept in for the CGI monster battle?"
  10. This looks awesome. I don't think I've seen any Polish films, but I've heard of Kieslowski and have wanted to see his stuff. I hope this comes to a city at least near me.
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