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  1. Jumping on the bandwagon too - How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World by John Powell. Yeah, wow. Powell pretty much nailed this one. It's a fantastic conclusion to his near masterful score trilogy, and a phenomenal album on it's own.
  2. That would be a dream come true. I'd pay some serious money for expanded series 1-4 soundtracks, there's so much unreleased gold (haha) in those early seasons.
  3. Mine arrived today 😃 The artwork looks pretty great (no signs of the dodgy logo editing as far as I could tell) and the score itself - I'm listening to it right now - sounds phenomenal.
  4. I mean, I disagree completely. I thought First Man as a movie was amazing, and I found the score fantastic. Don't get me wrong, I do like the score for Black Panther, but nowhere near as much.
  5. First Man wasn't even nominated? Seriously? Such a shame, I thought Hurwitz's work for the film was one of the better scores of 2018.
  6. Fair enough, musical enjoyment is a fairly subjective thing after all. I personally enjoy most of Giacchino's music, and I do also feel that his Star Trek scores fit rather well with the films - though you could definitely argue that the films themselves are quite un-Trek, especially compared to the previous entries to the franchise.
  7. Star Trek: Into Darkness by Michael Giacchino Giacchino's Star Trek scores are all amazing, and this one is no exception. It's a shame we likely won't get a fourth one (as I hear the next film's been cancelled) but we're still incredibly fortunate to have three of these fantastic albums.
  8. The Amazing Spider-Man by James Horner A phenomenal score, and one of Horner's best in my opinion. The main theme in particular is superb.
  9. Yeah, Infinity War was definitely disappointing in that regard. There's still Endgame though, so here's hoping that Silvestri properly goes for it this time - ideally with a couple of excellent action cues and a bit of an evolution for the Avengers theme. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to it. Giacchino seems to really understand this iteration of Peter Parker, as his music reflects the character really well (Academic Decommitment of course being a great example of this) so fingers crossed we get a solid sequel score.
  10. Same here, loved that score - especially the main theme (not to mention that fantastic 1960s theme appearance). I think I also remember reading somewhere at the time that Giacchino was planning on evolving his theme as Spider-Man grows as a character (from an inexperienced teenager with superpowers to a full on superhero), so hopefully we'll get that to some degree in Far From Home. Thematic continuity has been somewhat lacking in the MCU, so it'll be nice to actually get a theme that grows alongside the character it's representing.
  11. Mysterio looks very cool, thankfully they kept his fishbowl helmet.
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