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  1. These are dangerous times for freedom of expression - authors must now have the same lived experience, be a part of the same culture, religion, ethnicity etc. if they want to write about another culture, race etc. What's sad is the content isn't what's critiqued, you know - the literary value of a story, but instead the identity of the author and what they can and can't write.
  2. I'm wary of them trying to turn HP into something it's not just to cater to the hoardes of ex-GoT viewers. I can't see them doing something new either as they'll want to cash in on the nostalgia for the original characters. Like LotR and Star Wars before it, I fear HP is doomed to live in the past until Rowling commits to a proper sequel book series altogether.
  3. Apart from Eiza Gonzalez, this film looks like a travesty.
  4. Jesus, the credits list is longer the entire tracklist of the album!
  5. I'm not much a fan of this show so far, but I can acknowledge its success critically and through audience reception around the web. Is it slow-paced, though? Each episode feels relatively brusque, like it was over in five minutes with only a handful of things happening.
  6. @Bespin That brings up a great discussion around what scores could've been developed further had the composer been given more time/better spotting. Some of Williams' best themes are criminally underused.
  7. Reporting in from Oz, low cases in only a few major spots - most cases are from overseas and are in quarantine. I'm not much of a nationalist or a patriot, but I'm quite proud of our efforts and sacrifices. I have family in the UK and US, so I'm worried for their health due to poor governmental management.
  8. Caught WandaVision the other day - so far it's OK, if anything is praiseworthy, it's how faithful a reproduction it is to the sitcoms of the 50's, with the tropes, sets, effects all largely done in the same vein. Yet, beyond that - and I know it's only two episodes so far - they flew by without anything meaningful happening until the end of the second episode. Some elements reminded me of the film Pleasantville with colour returning with the growth of the characters beyond their scripted, B&W TV lives. Wanda and Vision are perhaps the least interesting MCU characters along with
  9. ESB - Just for the sheer inventiveness of the three major new themes! I also love the Rebel Fleet part with that tentative statement of the Force Theme and those gorgeous strings underneath @0:42-0:47 - so warm and nostalgic: TFA is a close second much for the same reasons - showcasing the major new themes and it has this energy to it that says 'Star Wars is back!'
  10. What's the difference between a CD and a CD-R?
  11. As a collector, the physical package, the design and phenomenological aspect of reading the liner notes and tracklist is why I prefer CDs. Nowadays, because of the decline of sales and manufacturing to be usurped by the backwards technology of vinyl, I'm forced to buy digital scores which is very disappointing. It's almost the equivalent of what Kindle and e-books are to real books.
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