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  1. It's strange, but the post has been jammed for months in most countries. Australia Post started rerouting parcels to Sydney to handle the overflow of sorting. I've got things I've been waiting on for a few months now somewhere in the system.
  2. The father theme from Last Crusade will be a little more sad the next time I listen to it.
  3. Hey guys! I have a website now! Please check it out, preferably on desktop mode as it isn't formatted for mobile just yet! https://www.rpurton.com/
  4. @Tom GuernseyThis site has a breakdown of OST and CRs. https://www.amagpiesnest.com/main.htm
  5. Over the years I've come to appreciate the Lord of the Rings OSTs more after listening to the CRs for so long. For instance, despite how much I love the track 'The Fighting Uruk-Hai', I think the presentation of several of the key moments is nicely arranged and edited in the OST track 'The Great River'. The medley is truncated, but it still presents the essence of those scenes. 'The White Rider' is another OST presentation I love, even if it unforgivablly excised the Shadowfax part of the scene. So nowadays I prefer to have both CR and OST on my walkman to be able to switch between versio
  6. A film score and its album can only be as musical as the film allows. OST assemblies may make listening more palatable but you can't hide the obvious incidental nature of it completely.
  7. @Nick Parker Yeah I thought it was too. I haven't played the game, but found myself listening to the music.
  8. Yeah, that's a shame and I think it would've reflected poorly on Disney if the book recounts how they gave the middle finger to Lucas as a matter of fact and historicity. The truth is, that juicy controversy sells and I think it would've been a fascinating insight regardless if it made Disney turn red. It's like, 'that's what happened, what're you gonna do?' Disney should've put their spin on it, try to rationalize everything because a decade from now, or sooner, people are going to start talking.
  9. The great thing about that is that the material matched with the surrounding tracks, but we can't be sure if the original recorded versions in TFA or TRoS even match anything in the final film, it'd require it's own album.
  10. If the poll was about which deserves to be done, unquestionably RotJ along with the rest of the OT. RotJ has some of the most satisfying thematic developments of the saga that either sound like crap on the releases we have or are discarded to do remakes of the OST. It's downright despicable. Forty-three fucking years and we still don't have comprehensive, restored, remastered, pristine releases of these scores. Little, obscure scores to countless horror and scif-fi films can get their expansions out and about over the years, but not the most popular films scores of all time?
  11. I love this, but that's what I mean when the time comes to expand this score, how much of the early versions would be released? How much of TFA and TRoS went through rewrites? I just think it's unrealistic to expect the whole thing as opposed to the C&C of the final scores plus a handful of alternates etc.
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