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  1. Intrada has this score listed as a CDR, what's that about? I ordered it from Amazon but that doesn't say anything about it being CD or CDR.
  2. Eh? That's one of the aspects of the Star Wars universe I like, that there are different classes and types of troopers and droids and such, especially during the Clone Wars. The Death Troopers are great and their reappearance in Rebels and The Mandalorian weren't wasted.
  3. I love it. Just goes to show how Williams' magic can transcend different genres of music! except trailer music trash
  4. I agree, just not the OT scores. I think AotC and RotS whilst missing a few key cues are great listening experiences curated by Williams.
  5. Oh ok. Hmm the original OSTs aren't worth listening to. I enjoy the later expanded releases for their presentation and ability to tell a story.
  6. Well that's the thing, the OSTs in my list are the 2004 editions and not the original program.
  7. He was kept alive by the 'Walt Eternaltm' where he has been building a Disneytm Fleet from the shadowy realm of Exxon Mobil. He knows Williams is approaching his academy awards streak and will transfer his life force into Williams when the time is right.
  8. That doesn't imply it's a physical copy. For all we know he was sent a digital copy via email from the academy.
  9. OST Supremacists will say it's an artistic expression the way it was arranged and all, but c'mon, it hardly represents the score or larger narrative and to add insult to injury, it sounds like Jabba the Hutt shoved the microphone under his rolls of fat and they recorded it like that.
  10. The Orphan 55 episode was alright, for the first time the Chibnall era has started to resemble the heyday of the RTD era, you know, when it was fun and engaging. Just as that was setting in, the story still went nowhere and one after another of revelations and exposition without any time to develop, it went back to being a typical Chibnall era episode. The Drex or whatever they're called were interesting monster designs but less is more when you can't do much with them and unfortunately they were completely wasted by poor CG shots and stupids actions. What happened to the Tardis, we hardly ever get to see it? It doesn't feel like a ship anymore.
  12. I think the combined powers of the past Jedi within Rey eradicated Palpatine's body and spirit.
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