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  1. @Chen G. That sounds less like a hint at the Imperial March rather a foreboding segment of trepidation, not a suggestion of some dark side connection in The Jedi Steps. Then again, The Spark is another major Luke moment in the ST that has allusions to Vader's theme... @Mattris the only way you're going to know if that connection you're banging on about is true, is if you ask Williams. If the connection is true, then it's more likely than not Williams alluding to the dark side/Palpatine theme which itself doesn't necessarily need to be tied to the character i.e. not mutually exclusive.
  2. This score was Williams' soul on fire, every drop of creative sweat seems to have been poured into it. Everytime I listen to The Battle of Hoth Medley, or The Asteroid Field, or Rescue From Cloud City my mind is constantly engaged, and blown by just how it all pieces together like each moment was inevitable - theme after theme, hints of another theme here, the droid motif weaving in and out there, it all makes sense. It's a score I can point to and say 'that's the power of film music right there, that's how it works its magic'. This is perhaps one of the greatest Star Wars scores and none since have matched it in its endearing quality or intensity.
  3. This thread with Mattris slipping in and out of troll/conspiratorial mode:
  4. Can't disagree more, but whatever, it's all over now.
  5. As a fan of Tartakovsky's Samurai Jack and his art style, I think some of the CG Clone Wars is a bit putrid and awkward in comparison, I don't know if seeing them redone would appease anyone.
  6. Clauson has a point, they fired him and replaced him with robots aping his style, but they have a grievance with him delegating some of the work to other people?
  7. Wrote a post about it in the rating thread: As for Genndy's Clone Wars series - can't praise it enough, the episodes were brief, centred on the action and really brought an energy and sense of fun to the franchise making it, you know, feel adventurous. It was exactly the thing my friends and I snapped up at the time leading to the release of Sith and we savoured whatever we could get. I don't get @mstrox calling it 'boring' or @Bilbo saying it's overrated when the series is shorter than half of a feature film and concise, and when it's been pushed to the back of everything Star Wars ever since it was overshadowed by the CG series and the Sequel Trilogy. One thing I loved about the series was how menacing they made General Grievous; his coughing and wheezing a result of Mace Windu crushing his chest in the general's escape from Coruscant. He was fast, relentless, freakishly dangerous and gave the Jedi someone to fear and he wasn't force sensitive, just a killer cyborg. The CG series chose to retcon this and made Grievous a coughing and bumbling lackey from the get go. Grievous became Team Rocket, blasting off again everytime his plans were foiled.
  8. It's unclear what versions or mixes they used, though. Anakin's Dark Deeds for instance doesn't follow the film mix at all, even if I absolutely love the added drums to the Palpatine section which give those brass exclamations some extra oomph. It seems they went through the trouble to recreate the album versions when they could've dropped the whole thing as an expanded set!
  9. I don't listen to it often, but when I do, I like what I hear. Originally, I questioned why I bought it and started to think that it was more an impulse buy than a thought-out question of need versus want. In the end I reasoned that it was three Williams scores in one set that I hadn't owned before and the themes were all really powerful.
  10. I don't even know who you are, so moot point...
  11. I love the little celeste figure that opens the theme in Christmas Star - Preparing the Trap - so magical and fuzzy feeling.
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