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  1. Didn't Powell mention on his insta story that Hidden World would be shipping from the US store before March?
  2. Out of stock, AGAIN. I missed picking it up this time too. 😭
  3. Love the crazy-souped-up jazz stuff in Jujutsu Kaisen, so much vibrant energy and chaos!
  4. I should clarify here, because in my haste to write my last post, I came off sounding rather anti-Thor; Whilst I'm fed up with Thor's opinion on C&C releases, I have for the most part of my time here in this forum found his critique and general film opinions to be fairly agreeable. I just can't abide with the anti-C&C critique...
  5. I'd say an expansion of this quality being released thirty plus years after the release of the film is no laughing matter, nor is it something to turn one's nose up at. When these sets are as miraculous as they are to come to fruition, against the odds of studio money and interest, it baffles me that there exists a subset, albeit tiny I'm aware, of people who will insist on backhandedly snubbing these things as inferior. I'm not in the habit of messing around on here, but for fuck's sake, after all these years I'm so tired of seeing Thor's childish arguments and stance against these releases. Listening experience is something as subjective as the type of derriere someone prefers, but with these expansions comes the cleanest, clearest sonic improvements that do directly affect listening experience. Why would I want to listen to the 1991 compilation when it sounds like a turd in comparison to later releases? I'm going to say something controversial here, but to hell with Williams' intended listening experience. Nine times out of ten, I find his editorial decisions to go against what my preferred listening experience is. How many decades are we supposed to wait to hear cues that Williams thought ought to be cut? Or cues that had portions microedited out? I'm thirty now, and scores like those for the Star Wars prequels remain for the most part incomplete and unavailable to listen to in their full form outside of the films - how many more decades am I going to wait to get a release? When it happens in 2030, I'm going to find Thor on here, opining that he doesn't need them and the OSTs were more than enough... Yeah, well waiting, hoping, asking, buying release after release with the promise of future expansions is more than enough for a lifetime.
  6. Just got around to listening to a bunch of the isolated score cues from the film and oh boy it's a mess. Pulse of the City sounds so jarringly out of place.
  7. I can't tell you how my heart sunk when I heard all these other cues ripped from other scores, but the more I think over it, the more likely I think it wasn't Williams' choice; it's the editor and Mangold going through Williams' past scores and going 'right, this fits here perfectly and that's that'.
  8. Instant order! So glad I held out for this instead of going bankrupt over the earlier edition. Haven't been this excited since the Potter release!
  9. In today's corporate-driven era of content creation, the marketability and ease of throwing content out to make an abundance of paraphernalia and memorabilia, it baffles me that these corporate giants can't or won't go the extra mile to actually give people (who I should add are willing to pay whatever) what they want and produce actual expansions. What are they worried about? Clearly they don't care that collectors already have this material... In short, Disney should use its capitalistic might and go all-out - actual gold leaf embossed covers, the finest cotton papers in the booklets, posters, collectors cards, every second of recorded music and even the recordings of people still mic'd up when they're taking a shit - EVERYTHING!
  10. This. Because we all know the agonising helplessness of waiting years for expansions to scores and will probably still be waiting until we're dead. Anyone can create their own curated listening experience, but they can't make new music appear out of thin air. Television scores always get a bum treatment because there simply is not the budget to release twelve or however many episodes there are in a season as scores. I'm still weeping that there are so many lovely cues from Murray Gold's Doctor Who scores that will likely never see the light of day. Just like Doctor Who, The Mandalorian score releases have a handful of cues from each episode and it leaves you wondering why there isn't more because they've gone to the effort to produce an album, but at the same time, composers and producers are making cuts to make these things marketable in under 2 discs. The whole thing is fucked.
  11. This has got to be the worst release of a CD ever. It's actually embarrassing how fumbled this release was and still is.
  12. I do have most of these albums on CD, but for completionists sake, I'd prefer to have these two on CD too! Shiro is great, I didn't discover Evangelion until about a year ago and I instantly fell in love with the world and the music. One of my favourite albums is Evangelion Infinity which includes almost all of the variations of Decisive Battle, it's amazing how versatile it is and how many musical genres Sagisu puts it through!
  13. Anyone know where to get the cd? Amazon US is unavailable and I don't see it listed anywhere else 😭
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