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  1. No one's claiming R1 is the gold standard or ever will be. Giacchino has become a prominent figure in championing the symphonic film score in the modern blockbuster, but he doesn't represent a particular movement. If anything he's still under the very large shadow cast by the likes of Williams, Goldsmith and Horner.
  2. Urgh. 'wHy Do pEOPle LiKE thIS mUSic?'
  3. 'Old style listeners' can get stuffed. If a drum loop annoys you, you're a lost cause!
  4. I haven't listened to any of the Doctor Who audio dramas, might have to start with Eccleston!
  5. @Chen G. It was an adaptation, not your semantic bullshittery. Way to downplay the job!
  6. 'Through-composed'? The loops are never really the focal point, though - they add some rhythmic texture to some of the tracks which I think gels with them without ever standing out. In hindsight, the drum-loop complaint seems kind of strange. Don't you think Williams would've voiced his displeasure at the use of them?
  7. On an emulation scale, Haab would be at the end closest to Williams. This crude scale doesn't indicate quality, nor all the composers who've written for Star Wars: Williams Emulation Scale NOT WILLIAMS <- - - - - - - - - - Goransson - - - - - Powell - - *NEUTRAL* - - - - - - - Giacchino- - - - Kiner- - - - - Haab- - - - - -> WILLIAMS
  8. I really appreciate the way in which Powell is able to mesh his style with Williams', it's a nice balance between the two without ever sounding like he's trying too hard to emulate the other. It's just a shame how the score was treated in the film and the sound mix, like so many modern films. I don't know if I would rate it higher than his scores for the Dragon series, however.
  9. The Knightmare sequence might've worked had there been a sufficient development of the character beforehand. It's funny so many people didn't like it, but to be honest looking back on that trainwreck of a film, I would pay to see an entire film set in that reality! It would've given some legitimacy to their conflict beyond the lame excuse BvS gave.
  10. Yeah, I would say I was taken with the main theme and its many variations, but most of the scores for each episode are kind of a blur of synth noodling. I would love to hear what he could accomplish if he had to write something that was largely orchestral for an entire episode.
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