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  1. Some really beautiful, dark, almost minimalist qualities to some of this score, especially in the quieter cues where it's sort of gently simmering with intrigue and mystery. The synth and piano have a haunting effect together that date the score, but it's still timeless in a way only JW can make it. I was going to track down a old copy last year and now I'm glad this has come out and given a new expanded presentation.
  2. When is Jaws expected to come back in stock? It's been a while now...
  3. The more I watch of this show, the more I'm convinced Spielberg didn't have nearly as much a hand in crafting it as I've heard he had. @enderdrag64 Sean Callery isn't some no-name composer and he's done some great things, but I do agree with you here that the music sounds like it was temped with every generic synth score ever. As a fan of Callery's work on Jessica Jones, I was hoping for some more introspective and meaty music that felt unique to Halo.
  4. John Williams is starting up, this may take a few minutes...
  5. ***spoilers ahead*** I was relieved they didn't return to Hogwarts for nearly as much of the time as I thought they would, but when they did I felt it was deserved and respectful without being overbearing. Here's a few things I had issues with: Yusef Kama's character and his involvement with the plot felt a little underdeveloped. His memory of Leta was taken and I don't know if he still retained it, or it was an act to deceive Grindelwald? Perhaps he wanted to be rid of the memory of his sister? The Secrets of Dumbledore aren't really secrets and the truth about Credence being Aberforth's son is underdeveloped and when it is revealed it doesn't have the impact it should. All the pieces are there, but perhaps they could've written Aberforth in earlier in the series given the weight of this revelation and the consequences it has. Grindelwald, in an effort to try and appear fair and reasonable, is less malevolent and hellbent in this film. I want Mads Mikkelsen's version to go more evil villain mode! Queenie has two or three small interactions that setup her return to Jacob, but not enough to make the change feel worthy of her betrayal in the first place. Where's the redemption, where's the cost of her actions? Was Vogel acting out of fear when he allowed Grindelwald to run for the election, or was he secretly on Grindelwald's side? This wasn't clear. Grindelwald's henchmen (including Vonda Rosier) get some menacing moments of the standard henchmen fare, but are ineffectual and quite harmless when at multiple parts of the film, they could've killed multiple goodies at any turn. Here's some things I liked: Jude Law's Dumbledore has some elements of both prior Dumbledore actors, particularly leaning more into the hints of an Irish accent, and he has some very 'Dumbledorian' lines that Rowling has obviously spent time writing. I also love Dumbledore's abilities in the various duels that shows how skilled he is in a way that makes it look like he's always one step ahead. Mads Mikkelsen could've been Grindelwald from the start, his casting here was a nice resolve from the Depp thing. They didn't draw attention to his character's change of appearance (like Gambon's from Harris) but I wouldn't have minded a line from Dumbledore to say something along the lines of 'So now you've decided to use your real face' or something to that effect. Lally was a fun addition to the cast and I'd say the scenes with her casting all these complex charms were some of the more impressive ones. A nice little detail you might miss at the start is how her wand is disguised as an umbrella handle. The entire prison escape was fun, utilising Newt's antics with the 'Fantastic Beasts' which leads me to: Finally there's some attempt to reintegrate the Fantastic Beasts part of the title back into the story in both meaningful and entertaining ways. I loved seeing Newt at the beginning tracking down the Quilin, almost teasing the sort of thing I was hoping this series might be about and had the potential to do! JNH's score isn't particularly revolutionary or does it stand out in the entire Potter series, but it's got all the appropriate bells and whistles that make it fun and worth a listen beyond the film. Here's what they could do next; either they're going full steam ahead with five films, or more likely they'll bring the story forward making the next film the last one. The ending of this one makes it seem like they could potentially end it like it is, but we'll see...
  6. I saw the film last night and it hit me that here was a major fantasy adventure film with a full-blooded and often whimsical orchestral score, abundant with themes and motifs - something of a dying breed in the age of Djawadis, Holkenborgs and Balfes one dimensional approaches.
  7. The thing is @publicistthat you have the opportunity to whittle down those tracks to your heart's desire, whereas for a majority of score releases you simply wouldn't have the material to whittle down in the first place. I'd rather have the option of more music than spend years waiting for a expanded release...
  8. It really doesn't matter if you have someone like Kraemer, Williams or any other non-Zimmer type scoring films these days because you won't be able to hear it under the slavish devotion to sound effects over music.
  9. Easier said than done - what if those other collaborators weren't making films at the time, or had already hired other composers? Film studios often invest time and money in people, booking them for a certain timeline ahead of productions, and then when projects get pulled or cancelled that's all those people out of work and all the commitments made meant other productions have already sourced the work out. It's not about a fallback plan, it's about contracts and agreements between creators and keeping them - it's all on McQuarrie for dropping Kraemer.
  10. Harris and Gambon were great, personally, I found they both portrayed different aspects of Dumbledore well - whether it was Harris' calm demeanor and ability to use his eyes to pierce through anyone's soul or Gambon's ability to give this strong presence to the character that commanded both authority and respect, and a small bit of eccentricity. Harris' Dumbledore reminds me of John Williams, in a way.
  11. Received my copy today! So glad to have this set and that these companies are invested in producing them. Everything sounds so pristine and clear! I reckon once people got a taste for the first score's deluxe edition, they jumped on this one with more fervour. Hopefully Disney are watching this.
  12. 2024 will be six years after the release of The Hidden World. It's been eight years since How to Train Your Dragon 2, and twelve years since the first film. Where did all the years go?
  13. The worst, and most bafflingly stupid article ever written about Williams: https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/films/1586662/steven-spielberg-jaws-john-williams-score-soundtrack 'Relatively new'.
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