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  1. It's more likely Yates believed it would be easier to continue with Desplat, rather than ask Williams back for the last score. As much as I would've love Williams to come back, it makes sense that Desplat would close out the last two and not have more unnecessary musical change-ups.
  2. Oh great, another bias-confirming thread. I never would've expected the Star Wars sequel scores to win a majority vote on a forum called 'JWFan'... I think the Hobbit and HTTYD scores have a greater thematic integrity to them, but I love individual moments in the Star Wars scores more.
  3. I can see Williams still attached to this purely to close out the Indy saga. I can also see this being somewhat of a 'passing of the torch' scenario where a younger composer is asked to come aboard and begin the new Indy franchise.
  4. No, fuck you Whannelli or whoever you are. It's terrible that Snyder and DC shat out a calamitous pile of trash in the first place.
  5. Attack of Clones is severely underrated. Though Revenge of the Sith is your least favourite?
  6. It's a great film, however I thought the ending was a teensy bit rushed.
  7. The best performance was Ian McKellen acting with thin air for most of the time.
  8. Arpy


    If this is how the world responds to future viruses - which are potentially more dangerous than this one - we're fucked. We need better methods of detection for the carriers of the virus, and more effective lockdowns on international travel.
  9. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt.1/2 The Shape of Water Valerian
  10. Really interested to see who exactly Aaron Paul's character is and how each of the hosts operates in the outside world, however I'm thinking it's merely another rouse for yet another constructed world they must escape.
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