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  1. Outlander: Season 1 (both volumes) - Bear McCreary Some of the best music in television and it doesn't get the credit it deserves. Terrific stuff!!!
  2. The first part of the 4th season, for me, is the best the show has ever been. I'm glad the filmmakers & Netflix decided on the long episodes. They really take they're time to tell the story right. I won't talk about any spoilers but the reveals and twists are incredible! I was screaming to my television. I loved it. The cast is fantastic allround. The original cast all have great storylines with Max, Dustin, Eleven, Hopper, Joyce & Murray being standouts. Will, Mike & Jonathan get a bit shortchanged but it didn't bother me too much. Steve, Nancy, Robin, Erica & Lucas are all also great and get a lot of great stuff to do. I was especially fond of Nancy & Robin scenes. Great new additions are Jamie Campbell Bower & Joseph Quinn!! Both scene stealers! The writing is as good as it's ever been. It's just amazing. The pacing is, I thought, perfect. The first episode does a really nice job of easing you back into the world. Then the end of the epsiode is a total mindfuck and the season doesn't let up after that. The 7th episode was 'cheff's kiss'. The directing by The Duffer Brothers, Shawn Levy & Nimrod Antal is very very strong. There are shots and camera movements that are so inventive that I actually can't wait to see again. Production & VFX all are top notch! The villain for the 4th season is incredibly realized and very scary. Music also plays a very important role in the season and it's used very well. The score I think it the best of any season. I just really love being in this world. It's been my favourite series in each year it came out and I'm just such a fan. July 1st can't come soon enough!
  3. I know we have had 2 episodes. But maybe we should wait with all the negative judgement etc after all 6 episodes. Who knows what Holt does with the next 4 episodes. We have had pretty much everything from the trailers in the first 2 episodes. So there's is a lot more coming I believe. I am very confident that we'll get some big orchestral moments in the next 4 episodes. The only real action we've had is that rooftop chase which had more 'modern' drums in it like with Mandalorian, but Holt is also using a lot of orchestra. I'm confident that we'll here more of it and Williams' themes. And maybe there haven't been a lot of Williams' themes in the Disney+ series because of rights and stuff.
  4. Could someone make this cover without the volume 1 or 2 on it?
  5. That's not at all consiously. I really don't think about it.
  6. I jist finished episode 5. Have to continue tomorrow. Really annoying. Such a great show!!!
  7. Operation Mincemeat I always like these sort of films. It's a bit slow sometimes but the story is very engaging. It's incredible to think that things like this really happened almost 80 years ago. Firth, MacFadyen, MacDonald & Wilton were all in top form. The few scenes Jason Isaacs is in, he is very good in. Newman's score as always works really well in the film. It's a bit less interesting on album. But there are some very strong cues.
  8. I have the same shelf closet but then for all my DVD's & Lp's. It's very handy
  9. Seventh Son - Marco Beltrami I really like this score. The main theme, villain and love themes are all great. The action music is, just like in Gods Of Egypt, some of the best Beltrami has written. Just a shame it's attached to a bad film. Beltrami is on fire here and I do hope he gets to score more action/adventure/fantasy scores in the future. He is so good with a full orchestra.
  10. Mortdecai - Geoff Zanelli & Mark Ronson Haven't heard this in at least 4 or 5 years. It's really fun. Nothing groundbreaking. But a nice 40 minute score album (minus the 2 songs).
  11. It's the normal release. It's 107 minutes long. And it's really like Giacchino to put those multiple titles. So it might be that there are more shorter cues in the film that they pasted together for the album release. But we'll know for sure in 2 weeks when the film is out.
  12. It'll probably be on the New Zealand itunes halfway through thursday. I think they'll release the theme as a single. And then 2 volumes with Holt's music.
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