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  1. Fallout actually has multiple themes running through it. But they are a lot more easy to spot after watching the series.
  2. Yes, I did. I like the songs, but the score was a bit of a letdown to me personally. It's a lot of mickey mousing and I felt there wasn't really a strong theme to hook you into the score.
  3. John Ottman to Direct Antonio Vivaldi Biopic
  4. Trailer The trailer makes it look like Powell's music will be mostly something for in between the songs. The video description has a link the pre-order the soundtrack with songs performed by Brittany Howard. Nothing on the score. Edit.. In this Instagram post Powell is talking about 40 minutes of score! https://www.instagram.com/p/C5yYUirR9kJ/?igsh=MTNqdmM0cm13N2ZtZA== "Coming soon: Thelma the Unicorn🦄 On @Netflix May 17th. Just wait till you hear Brittany Howard’s songs and about 40 minutes of underscore for this amazingly heartfelt film!"
  5. This was the tracklist of the promo release. I also would've preffered if the score suite was smaller cues, but I mostly want this for the concerto anyway.
  6. Available where it's Tuesday. Tracklist is the 3 movement concerto and a 21 minute score suite https://www.qobuz.com/nz-en/album/the-piper-original-score-the-bulgarian-symphony-orchestra-sif-309/jwedpb1muzbnb
  7. Also on the 16th! Great day for Young fans!!!
  8. Episode 5 Great episode! My favourite thing of the whole episode was probably the line about leaders & terrorists. That was very strong The second half took a dramaticly dark turn. Did not expect that. So many casualties and destruction. The action remains spectacular to watch, with power usage I've been waiting to see for so long. But the end left me speechless. That was tough to watch. The music this episode was strong. But the best part was that during those final moments there was no music. Made the impact even stronger. This series is really incredible! Oh, and if you watch closely to the sky around the 20:40 mark someone else shows up very briefly😏😏
  9. Episode 12 LOVED that they brought Admiral Rampart back in the fold. Very clever! And I think it's great it wasn't just a one off, but he'll be bacl next week. And am I understanding it correctly that Hemlock is trying to combine the M-count of the multiple children in some way?
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