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  1. Feige once said that the Disney+ shows will primarily be character stories.
  2. Catch-22 by the Gregson-Williams brothers. Haven't listened to it since it came out. It's really fun. And not too long. I really like it!! The jazz and orchestral moments really make for an enjoyable album
  3. I'll save complete judgement till after hearing the score. But up till now, Britell's score for Je kins have been the least impressive. Successions and Vice are by far a lot better
  4. http://filmmusicreporter.com/2021/05/06/soundtrack-albums-for-amazons-the-underground-railroad-to-be-released/
  5. That almost looks like a flashback. Might that mean that Matthew Modine comes back?
  6. I myself loved the show. It is indeed a slow burn but absolutely worth the watch. From epusode 5 on the show goes from kind of slow, to action packed and reveal after reveal. The cast is great. Especially Ben Barnes. The Visuals are also beautiful. And I get that people are a bit confused about the world and what is exactly about. But it will get much more clear. As for Trapanese's score. It also takes some time to get used to, but there a a couple of themes that I liked and tge score album on it's own is very enjoyable. I'm especially fond of the tracks 'Court Dem
  7. The album is chronological. The tracks are just a bit weird. Because Mega is nog the fight 3-Way battle but the fight between Godzilla & Kong. Then Hong Kong is the Mega Godzilla fight and the aftermath until the credits begin
  8. It's not GoT, nor does it try to be. It's a completely different story with different characters and a different world.
  9. I really hope that there are instrumentals of the songs in there. The orchestration on the songs is just sooo amazing. But that didn't happen on any of the previous ones. But I wish it was something they did. I think instrumentals of songs are always some of the interesting things to listen to.
  10. The film was released at the end of June. So maybe we'll get an announcement end of May
  11. Yeah, sorry my bad. I said minutes instead of seconds. Mixup on my part. Sorry. I will in the future share some links if I have anything new to announce. And yeah, album's a bit of letdown. There are moments edited together in tracks. Not chronologic and some great music missing. Especially episode 4. Some of the tracks from the beginning and the middle. That said, I am glad the fight between Sam, Bucky & Walker + the Dora fight are in here.
  12. I apologise. But this was all I good say. Maybe tomorrow I am able to share the tracklist
  13. The second album is released this friday. 26 tracks and 1 hour and 33 seconds long.
  14. Not gonna play well. Mighr be the dumbest thing the oscars have done in the last 20 years.
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