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  1. Film comes out on digital in a few days, I'll wztch it then. I'm very curious about both film & score in picture, because on both I've heard a lot of mixed things.
  2. Shotgun Wedding A lot of people won't even watch this, but me and my family always enjoy action/comedies of this type. It's fun, I laughed out loud and I can just turn my brain off. Lopez & Duhamel have great chemistry and really made this work. The rest of the cast is also wonderful, especially Jennifer Coolidge. Lenny Kravitz is maybe a bit less, but I don't really care. Pinar Toprak's score is also a lot of fun. A primary theme, fully orchestral with added ethnic drums & woodwinds for the exotic location. It's in the same sonic world as last years The Lost City. Yes, the visual effects are a bit wonky, the script is nothing we haven't seen before, and it's just dumb fun but that's exactly the reason I liked it so much!
  3. A character from the fourth one is in 6, so you might want to watch it. I don't officially know, but the directors have only worked with Tyler, so I think that's the main reason.
  4. The Legend Of Vox Machina S2 (Ep. 4-6) Last week S2 started with 3 episodes and I forgot to post about it. I thought S1 last year was really good, but S2 is is spectacular. I love this so much. It's fantasy storytelling of the highest order imo. There is room for terrific action scenes, emotional/heartbreaking moments, shock, character development and comedy. All the characters of the team get an episode as 'main character', which is really great. I don't think all the humor is for everyone and I still feel a lot of adults don't want to watch animation, even though there is so much great stuff out there. For me, everything on this series just works and I'm very happy it already got renewned for S3.
  5. Lance Henriksen in is Scream 3. That is the one in Hollywood on the Stab set
  6. This does look fun. I really enjoyed the first. But I'm mostly watching this for Helen Mirren & Lucy Liu. Mostly because it's probably not going anywhere in the future
  7. Marcel The Shell With Shoes On This was really sweet. I feel this is really a film you have to expiernce. I thought it was very special with some beautiful life lessons and some sneeky commentary on today's day & age
  8. I agree that there are bad films being made sometimes, but I never understood why the Razzies excisted. It just seems kind of cruel and not necessary to me
  9. With this also the news that Outlander is renewed for it's 8th and final season. So there are 2 more seasons of music coming!!!
  10. True, it's not really problem in that sense. But what is a problem is that there are 2 black actresses who have been nominated for all the different awards throughout the season, who have done phenomenal work in their films and in the way leading up to the awards being suddenly shut out of the biggest award of the season. And if then you look at how Riseborough suddenly out of nowhere got in (in less than 2 weeks), with the support of a lot of white actors/actresses, people are raising the question about if those people would do the same for an actress of color. And it's yet another case of another year where none of the lead actor nominees are people of color (with only Michelle Yeoh) at the academy, even though there was plenty to choose from (like many other awards have done).
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