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  1. I knew there we a lot of themes in the scores, but this is Williams/Star Wars & Shore/ LOTR level. Insane. Love the scores. He needs to get more credit for them (and other scores) then he gets now. Terrific composer. Should have won an oscar already. But funilly enough I would not give it to him for one of the scores he's actually been nominated for
  2. So excited for Masters Of The Universe: Revelation, Pt. 2. The 1st part is one of the best albums of the year for me
  3. They even used Williams' theme in the trailer. So Debney must have reused it in the film
  4. How the music sounds is always the director's choice. The director has a certain vision for their movie and wants the music that best fits the picture in their head. There are always certain composers with whom you know that you'll always get orchestral or always more synthy/sound design. Of course the composer is the one who wrotes the music, but it's always after the the director has spoken their vision
  5. I didn't grow up with the Connery, Moore & Brosnan Bonds. But with Craigs. I've seen all the movies and in their films Bond is indeed more of a ladies man. But why does Bond have to be a 'sexy' movie. Why does it matter if the movie is sexless. Ana De Armas' character is a lot of fun!! Small but great role. Lea Seydoux is the emotional side of the movie. Lashana Lynch is Bond's equal in many regards. But very much her own character. But this is still Bond's film. None of the female characters overshadow Bond and the movie doesn't try to do that at all. They all complement each other. The women to Bond, and Bond the women. The movie didn't need the sex angle. I really like the more grounded 'real' take on Bond. And I do love the old movies. But Craig's Bond from the start was very different. It was more about him as a person, and less about the crazy villains and plans and ladies. I know that giving Bond a child is not going to fall right with everyone, but for me it made him a very real character (even if he is fiction and actaully does horrible things). Craig's been my Bond my whole life. His movies were very different from all the other Bond films and that's exactly what I like so much. I'll miss him as Bond, but I am also very curious and excited to what the future of James Bond looks like
  6. Cuba Chase is amazing!!!! My favorite cue. Also probably my favorite sequence in the film
  7. Only the song is not in the same place as in the film. Everything else is chronological
  8. Just came back from NTTD. I absolutely loved it!!! Some people won't appreciate the last quater of the film. But I thought it was 👌🏼. Production, cinematography, direction, action & acting are all superb! Zimmer's score is another thing I love. I'm a big Zimmer fan, so this for me was great!! Not a lot of bery important music missing. Lot of suspense music is not on the album. The album as it is, is really strong.
  9. I think Naomie Harris in Skyfall is great!!!!
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