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    jurassicjello · At Home With Gustavo Dudamel And John Williams
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    In his conversation with Dudamel at KUSC, Williams just mentioned that he was asked to write a processional for the Vienna Philharmonic annual ball. He also confirmed that the idea is to premiere the new Violin Concerto at Tanglewood, Summer 21, covid allowing.
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    A lovely treat, listen to this!: Arranged by Richard (Gus) Sebring, principal horn player of the Pops. Unfortunately marred by the same excision of the middle episode that JW's performances of the theme have lately tended to inflict on the piece. But otherwise gorgeous!
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    https://thelegacyofjohnwilliams.com/2020/06/24/ben-palmer-podcast/ Hope you'll like it, guys. It's quite a long and insightful conversation.
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    An even earlier, completely different version of 1M5 that was eventually discarded. Kind of interesting to hear Vader's theme all over it.
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    ROTJ vs POA

    Could almost imagine Ron saying "I got about 6 of him" to Harry's "Hey, I got Ross!"
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    Being 87 years old at the time (now 88), I'm just glad Williams was there at all to finish the SW saga, in any capacity, and this got done before the virus outbreak.
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    And right now he's working on a "fun" new fanfare for the Vienna Philharmonic Ball to replace the one Richard Strauss wrote in 1924! No current scoring projects though. It's wonderful to hear him speak. He seems to have grown even more eloquent and poetic with advanced age!
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    Made a visualization, just for the hell of it: You could fit a couple slices of IV into space of the IX, and still have plenty left over.
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    The cue 5M6 Inner City from the original 1977 Star Wars included a section for a brief deleted scene of Darth Vader and an officer walking through the Death Star. However, this was removed in the revision 5M6R, which was the only one recorded. So, I thought I’d mock it up, especially because as a timpanist, I’m always game to hear more of John Williams’ great soloistic writing for the instrument (Death Star establishing shots borrowed from Rogue One):
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    https://thelegacyofjohnwilliams.com/2020/06/09/marcus-paus-podcast/ Marcus is a true genius and his music is brilliant, I recommend everyone to check out his opus if you don't know it already. It was a joy talking with him. I hope you all enjoy.
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    Don't forget 2077, when it will be Star Wars 100th anniversary. That a good time to release the box set
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    I've been experiencing sleepless nights on Williams account for over two decades and brought friends and family along -- last night was the wife and the cat
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    I'm honestly a little surprised this isn't getting more play here! The fact that we have a completely different version of "The Scavenger" (and, kind of by extension, a completely different version of Rey's Theme) from TFA strikes me as a major revelation! Even if it's only hearable right now in (quite good!) MIDI mockup form. And, from the little I know about TFA's unheard material, I can say this is 100% legit. I've been debating including this theme in my catalogue since I learned of it. Maybe I need a new section of curiosities and alternates! The unused lydian Rey & BB8 theme from TFA could go in there too... I've whipped up my own little melodic transcription if anyone's curious. The theme has grown on me quite a lot. I'm not sure it's as fitting as Rey's ultimate theme, or as novel, but it's more immediately ear-catching. Seems JW's initial instinct was to go highly ambiguous & chromatic (love that F7/A-F#m cadence!) in his representation of her, and later settled on the more modal final version. @Ludwig, I'm really interested in hearing your thoughts, and if you detect any elements of Rey's ultimate leitmotif in this apparent provisional version... I swear, when the full recording sessions of the Sequel Trilogy ever come out, especially TFA and TROS, it's going to be an unbelievable source of discovery for JW fans.
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    Just reshoot it with Christopher Plummer.
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    Williams' Fenway Park Fanfare

    New recording maybe? Anyway, new to YouTuibe and the montage was Williams' idea...
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    I heard the same and couldn't believe it either. How on earth does HP1 lack magic? It's overflowing with magic. Five seconds and I still feel like I just entered a completely new world.
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    Earlier version (1M5 Alt2 R) of The Scavenger cue from The Force Awakens. Dune slide is different and it's overall slightly longer than the released version.
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    Star Wars Disenchantment

    This thread will be closed if you guys personally insult each other. Remember: Just because someone says something on the internet that you disagree with, doesn't mean you have to respond to it. You could always close the thread and read a different one instead. You all continuing to engage with Matriss has kept this thread going and going, nothing else has.
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    HP1 is as top tier as you get, an iconic masterpiece that got a new generation to get hooked on JW. I love how at first it's single-minded and ramps up Hedwig. I love how then the motivic approach and soundscape opens up with the world opening up. I love how then it kinda focuses on Nimbus until that really culminates and the heart is injected with the Friends theme now appearing. I love how after you may think it's showed you everything it has to offer with QUidditch Match and Christmas Morning, it pulls a sneaky on ya and just casually drops Invisibility Cloak, Filch's Fond Remembrance, Dark Forest, and The Stone. Then onto further creative setpieces until the great final culminations. Williams clearly loved the concept, and clearly was completely inspired by it and loved doing it, just look at all the extra goodies on the LLL Disc 3 like the Children's Suite, and him scoring the trailers and commercials and doing little bits like Hedwig for Harp and Hogwarts Forever Vocal so that they may or may not get used but he'll have fun with it anyways. Calling it tier 2 is just foolish. And that's with me trying my hardest not to count that it's basically in my DNA. I love the Hook Suite on S/W II (only thing that album's good for, but boy is it good for it) and will probably really like a hopefully soon upcoming proper complete release but as for my personal preference as of right now, there's no competition.
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    Might as well complete the triptych and break down Born On The Fourth Of July, too, though it’s by far the most straightforward of the three, with no cue combinations at all. Cue list: 1MX Trumpet Prologue 1M1 Acting Out The Future 1M1 Alt - Kids At Play 1M1A Earliest Memories 1M5 Early Days 2M1 On The Mat 2M2 The Call To Duty 2M3 Recruiting Scene 2M4 After The Soda Shoppe 4M2 The Shooting Of Wilson 5M1 (New Start) Ron Is Hit 5M1 Ron Is Hit 5MA Approaching The Village 7M1 The Homecoming 8M3X Parade Overlay 8M4 Off The Platform 10M1 Campus Rally 11M2 To Mexico 12M5 Shopping For Present 12M7 Montage Of Girls 12M8 Writing The Wilsons 13M1 To Georgia 13M1 Insert 15M1 Convention Disturbance 15M2 The 1972 Convention 15M3 Alternate 15M3 Short Version End Credit Intro End Credits Ron’s Theme OST breakdown: 1–8 Various pop songs 9 Prologue 1:24 1M1 Acting Out The Future 10 The Early Days, Massapequa 5:00 1M5 Early Days 11 The Shooting Of Wilson 5:09 4M2 The Shooting Of Wilson 12 Cua Viet River, Vietnam, 1968 5:20 0:00-0:31 5M1 (New Start) Ron Is Hit 0:31-end 5M1 Ron Is Hit 13 Homecoming 2:39 0:00-0:55 13M1 To Georgia 0:55-end 13M1 Insert 14 Born On The Fourth Of July 5:42 End Credits
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    I think the others would probably fit on a single disc, but seems like Nixon would need to be a 2-CD release. Here’s the complete cue list: Nixon Trailer 1M1 Opening Emblem 1M3 Opening Credits 1M3 Gen. Haig Insert 1M6 They Want To Believe The President 1M7 It’s The Lie 1M8 Lewis J. Fielding, M.D. 3M1 Did I Approve 3M3 T.V. Debate 3M4 Election Results 3M5 I Hate Losing 4M1 Mother’s Faithful Dog 4M2 Sound Like Mother 4M4 Football In Whittier 4M4R Football To Campaigning 4M7ABC Early Days (Pat And Dick Theme) 4M7ABC Early Days (Pat And Dick Theme) Alternate Version 4M8 I Want A Divorce 5M3/6M1 Camelot Overture [source, composed by Frederick Loewe] 6M4+5 Love Field 7M1 Johnson’s Farewell 8M5 Track Two 8M7 Talking With Lincoln 9M1 Harold’s Death 9M2 Battle Hymn Of The Republic [source, composed by William Steefe] 9M3+4 The Miami Convention 10M3 Meeting On The Potomac 12M2 Family Chat 12M5+6 It’s The Lie 13M4 Hoover’s Death And The Jones Ranch 13M5 Harp Introduction 13M5 The Meeting With Mao 16M1 Firing Of Associates & Dinner Scene 16M3 Father Daughter Scene 17M2 Nixon To The Hospital 17M4 Back To Life 21M1 Praying 21M2 I Am That Sacrifice 22M1 Farewell Speech Brass Theme Cuban Connection Funeral Cortège Drums [source] Tape Machine Motif And a breakdown of the OST: 1 1960’s, The Turbulent Years (5:04) 0:00-0:37 1M1 Opening Emblem 0:37-end Nixon Trailer 2 Main Title… The White House Gate (4:16) 0:00-2:57 1M3 Opening Credits 2:57-end 1M3 Gen. Haig Insert 3 Growing Up In Whittier (2:42) 4M7ABC Early Days (Pat And Dick Theme) 4 The Ellsburg Break-In And Watergate (2:43) 0:00-0:28 Cuban Connection 0:28-1:36 17M2 Nixon To The Hospital 1:36-end 1M8 Lewis J. Fielding, M.D. 5 Love Field - Dallas, November 1963 (4:52) 6M4+5 Love Field 6 Losing A Brother (3:17) 16M3 Father Daughter Scene 7 The Battle Hymn Of The Republic (1:03) 9M2 Battle Hymn Of The Republic 8 Making A Comeback (2:21) 0:00-0:36 Brass Theme 0:36-end 7M1 Johnson’s Farewell 9 Track 2 And The Bay Of Pigs (4:46) 0:00-3:23 16M1 Firing Of Associates & Dinner Scene 3:23-end 8M5 Track Two 10 Miami Convention, 1968 (3:19) 9M3+4 The Miami Convention 11 The Meeting With Mao (3:09) 0:00-0:15 13M5 Harp Introduction 0:15-end 13M5 The Meeting With Mao 12 I Am That Sacrifice (4:49) 21M2 I Am That Sacrifice 13 The Farewell Scene (5:01) 22M1 Farewell Speech
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    Hey everyone, lots of politic and news talk has been spilling into other forums lately, and that has to stop. Keep it all in Other Topics, or don't post about it at all. Thank you.
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    Nobody is saying John dislikes JJ, Rian, or the films, or that he was unhappy doing them. Clearly he enjoyed writing for Daisy and the opportunity to work with the orchestra, or he wouldn't have come back. I was referring specifically to the treatment of his score in TROS. Early last month, @Fabulin translated an interview with ASM where she specifically mentioned John's reaction to the treatment of his score in TROS. And I doubt it's a coincidence that John repeatedly mentioned TFA's lousy mixing when performing Scherzo for X-Wings. As others observed, JW's public persona is very professional and he has a subtle way of voicing displeasure (so we must read between the lines). He's also repeatedly mentioned how much JJ changes scenes. He did add the caveat in one interview that he doesn't mind doing rewrites (in the Tavis Smiley interview). I never said he didn't enjoy working with Rian Johnson, actually the exact opposite (based on the score he delivered). I said that some would jump to that conclusion simply because we didn't hear as much from JW about his experience with RJ as we did with JJ. I agree with @Holko's theory that the production went so smoothly and unremarkably, there simply wasn't much to discuss afterwards (unlike the other 2 sequels). I thought that featurette was lost! Brilliant find, thanks so much for re-posting. I only saw it once back in 2017 and forgot its content, so that's great to see some actual footage of JW working with Rian and describing his process. So I believe that makes 3 scoring featurettes altogether for TLJ, two of which we have in high quality (plus the two videos RJ posted on his twitter page, on May 4th and the Main Title recording). Here's the other one, with plenty of footage of the two working together (even hugging! ): Hah! I'd love to hear a supercut of how that anecdote evolved across 2016-2017, from his apprehension to scoring VIII with KK, to cutting off RJ mid-sentence to say yes.
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    I beg to differ... I only wish that this featurette was included in home video like there was for Episode VII (Blu-Ray) and IX (iTunes and Disney Plus) (except no 360 degree video format). Then again, I can always watch it via YouTube on Apple TV.
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    The entire feel of this broadcast was that of timelessness in a way. First Jurassic Park, then Williams-suggested Beethoven's 6th Symphony, then Mozart's Jupiter, then Leonard Bernstein, and at the end Flight to Neverland. Williams discussed nature, talked remembering World War II, and had a normal, rather unimpaired eloquence about everything, despite it being nearly 80 years later(!). He was in a very self confident mood; got called the modern Mozart and this time did not shoot down such comparisons, got asked about scoring more films, and did not express any self-doubt.
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    If all goes well I'll have a recording of this for those that miss it. UPDATE: PM me if interested
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    Sorry, this paragraph gave me a headache. Here's my deOCD'd output: Ep I: The Phantom Menace - 2:30, 2 CDs Ep II: Attack of the Clones - 2:10, 2 CDs Ep III: Revenge of the Sith - 2:15, 2 CDs Ep IV: A New Hope - 1:32, 2 CDs Ep V: The Empire Strikes Back - 2:05, 2 CDs Ep VI: Return of the Jedi - 2:40, 2-3 CDs Ep VII: The Force Awakens - 2:56, 3 CDs Ep VIII: The Last Jedi - 3:03, 3-4 CDs Ep IX: The Rise of Skywalker - 3:46, 3-4 CDs Total: 22 hours 57 minutes of music, 21-24 CDs
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    One thing I really like in this score is the Force Theme in Reunion at 0.30. Because it is the same version as in Farewell and the Trip from TFA but more complete. Here you have the Force Theme at 0.48 but it is only the first half of the theme, suggesting that they won the battle not the war. Here you have it in TROS at 0.30 but now in complete form because they have won the war.
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    Haven’t listened to any HP music all year and I’ve just listened to all of this set once again. It’s such an incredible body of work, it really is.
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    So, I made a playlist where I collected all my POA mockups. Most of them I spammed published in mockup-thread. Looks like I didn’t do just String Overlay... In some mockups, I cut out parts that don't differ from the final version (I wrote about this in square brackets). ragoz350 · POA Mockups
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    The way I see it..... I can't afford it. And I can't really afford the standard releases right now. But I also couldn't particularly afford the concert tickets. I certainly couldn't afford the standby ticket I also got for the second concert. (gulp.) I couldn't afford the flights too comfortably, and I know for sure that whilst the hotel was fairly priced, I couldn't afford the meal I had in their restaurant the first night But guess what.... I bought it all, and I wouldn't change a thing 2020 might be one of the strangest years i'll ever experience. But it kicked off with one of the very best times of my life. I can't put a monetary value on that. These releases are going to bring back some of that incredible happiness. I can't wait
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    Duetsche Grammophon have announced a limited edition vinyl of the concert. The records themselves are gold, (solid, 24-carat I'm assuming) and there's an exclusive note from John inside. 1000 copies worldwide, only through the DG online shop. (store.deustchegrammophon.com) Gah. ok. Take my money! Might as well!
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    For me, the problem is the culture of "you will toe the line and say exactly what is approved as of right now or you will be buuuuuuurned" that applies to people supportive of trans rights more than the ones who are actually transphobic. Absolute no where does Rowling voice disapproval of their choices.
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    It's a prestigious spanish price named after the future queen of the country. 42 nominations encompassing 21 different nationalities were in the running for this Award, the second of eight international awards that are bestowed each year by the Princess of Asturias Foundation, which are now in their 40th edition As stated in the Statutes of the Foundation, the Princess of Asturias Awards are aimed at rewarding “the scientific, technical, cultural, social and humanitarian work carried out at an international level by individuals, institutions or groups of individuals or institutions”. In keeping with these principles, the Princess of Asturias Award for the Arts shall be aimed at recognizing “the work of fostering and advancing the art of film-making, theatre, dance, music, photography, painting, sculpture, architecture or any other form of artistic expression”. https://www.fpa.es/en/
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    It's a piece that introduces all the major thematic ideas for the film. It works wonderfully in the trailer, doesn't really have a place in the movie per se. It's a brilliant overture and perfect encapsulation of the score. Being used in the movie or not does not diminish it in any way. It's like saying overtures or main titles are disappointingly only used over text and not dramatic scenes
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    Exactly, and if they don't post some rushed statement to their social media they'll be inundated with comments, threats etc. that they're not for the social issues they are. It's disgustingly shallow.
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    Hey guys, sorry it took me a while to get this up. This is a new blog I put together, I was going to publish it in the general discussion section, but let me know what you guys think! https://www.the-la-sound.com/
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    As somebody who likely had symptomatic COVID-19 in early March (right before testing was available in the US, and certainly WELL before it was widely available) with rolling symptoms for almost two months and with some residual ongoing lung volume limitations, heart palpitations, throbbing in my head without pain, etc. etc., I can tell you that the risk group is not the only group significantly affected. I'd consider myself among this group at this point... https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2020/06/covid-19-coronavirus-longterm-symptoms-months/612679/. Thankfully around the 2.5 month mark, the fatigue and low grade fevers mostly passed. I have taken up running again, although my ability has greatly diminished and as a side-effect of my breathing issues, I huff and puff so bad during pretty much every moment that my chest wall constantly aches, even on my rest days. I'm hoping it's not permanent, but I don't know. I'm not going out in the world to get work-ups at this point, on the off chance that my March illness was just bad flu and I get something else worse... I'm grateful that my spouse and kid came out of the illness seemingly okay (spouse had loss of taste, fever, lung crackles, fatigue, bad cough for 3 weeks and then got to 100%; kid had no fever, and needed one nebulizer treatment one night). I'm more grateful that some people seem to avoid any symptoms at all. But man, I wouldn't wish it on anybody. Beyond the fact that COVID can affect anybody regardless of age, the problem with just telling with just telling Boomers and older to "stay home" is that some people are required to be out in the community for essential work or other reasons. For instance, I have a close family member who is older, has all the signifiers of high risk (hypertension, diabetes, obesity, etc.) - and for those and other health issues, is required to show up to doctors' appointments. If the floodgates are open, the percentage of infected people in the community is higher, and therefore there's a higher risk of catching the virus from the community - doctors, office workers, etc. - greatly increases. Lock us down until a vaccine as far as I'm concerned. (I'm fortunate/privileged enough that my agency was able to scramble and get people teleworking, so I haven't missed work - obviously that colors my opinion to some extent.)
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    John Williams YouTube tributes thread

    how awesome is that.....?!
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    Listen carefully in the brass, the melody constantly goes from one instrument to the other. There is the melodic line, but also you can see all of the different parts, are fragments of the original melody. The pizzicato strings, that seems to me more of an transition/ intermezzo type of thing into the big finish, so naturally it would be free-er but the piece actually has an over all form too it. The sections actually have a relatable concept, rather than just a Mozart kind of one separate variation after the other. This piece is really a testament to what a (insert word of praise here) composer he is. For such a short, little thing for HBD, he wrote a very intricate and fascinating work. I can put up the full one if people are interested, I have done many hoping to turn it into a website, but I need to put up pieces of the scores (which many i don't have anyway) and was afraid that Hal Leonard would complain.
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    The Bear McCreary Thread

    Nice! This actually had two CD releases scheduled for release back in 2018 before its distribution fell apart, one for the score and one for the songs (with two Bear tracks), so hopefully that score release will be forthcoming. https://www.filmmusicsite.com/en/soundtracks.cgi?id=66510 https://www.filmmusicsite.com/en/soundtracks.cgi?id=66475 This is one of the best cover images for a score CD in history!
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    A two-hour violin concerto that is so grating, unpleasant, and harsh that even the most snobbish critics will have to credit his composing abilities. Perhaps a third movement of 30 minutes of silence and in a 6/8 time-signature.
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    March of the Resistance

    Why do people never give specific timestamps? Many people on this forum can't read music so don't know what "the interval in the beginning the fifth measure" even is.
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    Just the tip of the iceberg, @Alex
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    Yeah it would have been sort of convenient to get this "trilogy" in one box but I would be just as happy with individual releases of these scores. Born on the Fourth of July is missing about half of the score (give or take 25 minutes) plus some 10 minutes or more of alternates if you go by the bootleg which has been floating around for ages. JFK is a bit tougher to gauge since JW recorded those longer thematic suites to be edited into the film but there are pieces scored directly to the film as well that were not on the original album, quite a few in fact even if some of them are quite short. Nixon also contains quite a few cues that didn't make it to the OST album. Some that material is actually very clearly melodic precursor to the darker dramatic music of the Prequel trilogy, especially the laments of Shmi's Funeral from AOTC and Anakin's Betrayal from ROTS. So I would love to have expanded versions of all three at some point. All three are fantastic scores.
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