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  1. I have to keep reminding myself that of all characters in the whole BCS/BB universe, nobody gets a happy ending. I suppose Jesse comes closest at the end of El Camino, but I wouldn't call starting over in the Alaskan wilderness a happy ending. He's alive and safe, at least. It's been awhile since BB, and on BCS we've been watching Gus and Mike in their war with the Salamancas, so we're rooting for them (I guess), but don't forget it's ultimately Hector who wins that fight (with help from Walt). Is that why these shows are so compelling? That it's like watching a train wreck in slow-motion, we know what will happen but can't look away? Nacho will surely end up dead, somehow... Kim's career will likely go down the toilet (I doubt they would kill her off, but who knows). And just how likely is it that "Gene Takavic" will have a happy ending once this is all over? He had a chance to make another escape at the start of this season, and he decided to take care of it himself. Probably not a smart move.
  2. We'll have fun, fun, fun, 'til her daddy takes the T-bird away.
  3. That's one plus two plus two plus one.
  4. It is interesting that the Admonition, in effect, tells both sides the same thing, that one is destined to be destroyed by the other.
  5. I think he seemed 100% ready to give up. Kim was the one who pushed it further, not Jimmy (although he certainly went along with it once she had decided). This isn't all about Jimmy ruining Kim's career, she's taking an active role now, as well. Even when Rick Schweikart flat-out called her on the bullshit, and gave her every opportunity to walk away, she stood up to him and made it even worse. I'm not sure we can completely lay the fault for Kim's impending downfall at Jimmy's feet. He may have gotten her started on the road, but she keeps going, and for no logical reason at all. At least with Jimmy, you could argue that he was dealt a raw hand, with Chuck sabotaging him behind the scenes at HHM (if we're to believe that Howard's recent job offer to Jimmy was genuine, and that he truly felt he should have given him a chance when he got his degree), and he had to fight and scrape his way up the ladder, so that's the only way he knows. Kim had a legitimate law degree (no "University of American Samoa, go Land Crabs" for her), a good job with HHM, then a better job at S&C. They give her the opportunity to work for Mesa Verde, AND to spend plenty of time doing pro bono work.
  6. Reminds me of the opening to Casino Royale, where the bent MI6 section chief is taunting Bond about feeling his first kill, and says "Well, you needn't worry. The second is--" BANG. Bond: "Yes. Considerably."
  7. Right. I'm wondering about Mike, though. Seems to me like his character arc is nearly over (at least to the point of where he was on Breaking Bad). Last season's storyline with Werner was vitally important, as it showed Mike committing his first cold-blooded murder on Gus's orders. Now he's obviously wracked with guilt, and blames Gus. All that's left is for him to return to Gus's employ; maybe if Gus saves his life, he will owe him? It can't be that simple, but we know at some point in the near future, he returns and commits himself to Gus for the remainder of the story.
  8. I don't think she's trying to get Acker to leave; I think they're going to try and save Acker's house by screwing up Mesa Verde's claim to the land.
  9. What was your take on the scene at the restaurant with Lyle? There was clearly nothing wrong with the fryer, and Gus was just stringing him along. At first I thought Gus knew something would happen at the restaurant and he wanted Lyle (a civilian) to be there as a witness or something, but as the scene went on, you could see Gus in his office, just absolutely seething at what was going down. Was he just taking his frustrations out on poor Lyle, because he couldn't take it out on anyone else? Makes total sense that Gus would have him followed. At this point Mike knows virtually everything about Gus' operation, and since they didn't part on the best of terms Gus would be very smart to keep an eye on him. I have a feeling Kim is headed towards a major crash-and-burn regarding Mesa Verde. That's clearly how the show is setting us up, so it could very well be a twist somewhere along the way to shake it up, but where we've seen her at odds with Mesa Verde before, now she's actively working against their interests. This won't end well. I just can't figure out what her motivation is. Is she just "sticking up for the little guy?" She obviously cares more for her pro-bono clients, but for whatever reason she just can't quit working for Schweikart and be a regular defense attorney (which is what Jimmy wanted her to do). Is it the money? Her reputation?
  10. I don’t think she was; I think she was telling the truth and that’s where she failed. After all, the problem was solved; there was no reason at all for her to go back except for a crisis of conscience. No reason for her to go back and lie to him.
  11. Everybody won't be treated all the same; there'll be a golden ladder reaching down, when the man comes around
  12. Mother! Oh, God, Mother! Blood.....blood!
  13. I think the “no money” idea is more along the lines of not needing it for the basic necessities of life; food, clothing, shelter, etc, within the Federation. With the invention of food and matter replicators, a person’s needs are always met. However, money is clearly needed for anything extra, or outside Federation society.
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