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  1. When I started exploring and collecting in the mid-90's, the Cincinnati Pops recordings were the only ones I trusted to buy (aside from the Boston Pops, of course!) The performances are top-notch (though not necessarily the arrangements they play) and aside from the silly sound effects tracks, I've enjoyed them all. I remember buying a CD by the Orlando Pops, or something like that (forget the exact name), expecting it to be like the Boston or Cincinnati Pops, and oh boy was I shocked... I think it was a CD of Star Trek themes, and it went straight in the trash! It was all synth,
  2. I would like to have purchased the Bernard Herrmann box set Varese put out several years ago. That was a fast sellout, as I recall, and I didn't make it in time. I bought several of the scores that were released later by Kritzerland, but still, that set would have been a very nice addition to my collection.
  3. Love in an elevator, Livin' it up when I'm goin' down
  4. I said, "What does God need with a starship?"
  5. Disappointed by the music? No. Disappointed with the idiotic dinorama packaging? Extremely!
  6. Actually, I just discovered (or remembered) that the full version appears on this album: Actually, in addition to the soft coda after the big finish, somebody added two final bars with a sudden fortissimo ending (and sounds rather tacky; I can't imagine Williams wrote it). It's also a bit of a sloppy recording, so I wouldn't recommend it. I bought it off iTunes several years ago and I think I listened to it once (that's why I forgot about the extended Raiders March...)
  7. Wouldn't Dracula or The Fury count for that?
  8. According to this article from Boston.com, the concerts this summer are all about 80 minutes long and will not have intermissions, and I doubt there will be any encores. I suspect JW will only conduct the concerto, but anything's possible! https://www.boston.com/travel/travel/2021/04/08/tanglewood-schedule-summer-2021
  9. I don't mean to turn this thread into a wish-list of JW works, but I've always thought he should compose a true Concerto for Orchestra, perhaps for the Boston Symphony... with his mastery of orchestration, and his knowledge of both that particular orchestra and the acoustic qualities of Symphony Hall, such a work could be truly amazing.
  10. I've never had a problem with Adventures on Earth as a concert piece. It's probably because I was so familiar with that version before ever really listening to the OST, that the differences didn't bother me (i.e., the build-up to nowhere, instead of the Flying theme where the bicycles take off over the Feds). It is a longer work, but it's not overlong...9-10 minutes seems about right for a concert overture (such as The Cowboys). Playing it through as written for the film would just make it longer.
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