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  1. They were probably just taking advantage of an extended passage where they didn’t have to play anything so they could do a routine cleaning of the saliva and condensation that builds up in their instruments. Happens to all wind and brass instruments; brass instruments have a spit valve but winds usually pull a piece of cloth through.
  2. Is this really anything new? I seem to remember trombonist James Nova saying the same thing a few years back when he created that album of Star Wars music arranged for trombone ensemble. He tried to get his transcriptions published but was told no.
  3. Agreed that it was a fantastic ending to a fantastic series. Not much to add to what's already been said, just that I loved all the little touches, callbacks, and Easter eggs that seemed to be littered throughout the episode. One in particular: when Jimmy was finally coming clean in the courtroom, upon mention of his brother Chuck, the camera shot immediately cut to the EXIT sign, buzzing with electricity, a callback to the final shot of "Chicanery."
  4. Tickets for the 2022-2023 BSO season went on sale this morning! www.bso.org
  5. Damn, you’re right! I screwed that up. Makes much more sense, thanks!
  6. I'm a little late to this discussion, but I'm shocked to find out this episode was October 2010, meaning only a month or less since Saul left ABQ. (I've never listened to any of the Insider podcasts or reddit discussions; here is the only place I chat with anyone about it.) It always felt to me like the Omaha scenes took place much later, several months if not a year later, and he was entrenched in his life as Gene, settled into the daily routine of running the Cinnabon, etc. Such as the scene in the very first Gene flash-foward where he digs the shoebox out of his closet and watches his old Saul commercials, just felt to me like he was reliving ancient history, but despite the passage of time he just couldn't shake the paranoia that sooner or later somebody would find him (the way he would look twice at customers, or not want to set off the alarm in the trash room at the mall.) Maybe I just misread it, or maybe I felt that way because we're experiencing the show over the span of several years?
  7. Yeah, it was just a thought. Besides which, using TLW's novel-style cover would probably never be approved by the studio since (at least as far as I remember) that image was never used for the film's marketing.
  8. Given that this new release's artwork plays off the original novel's design, I wonder if they'll do the same if/when they reissue The Lost World, with the downward-facing T-Rex?
  9. I agree, I believe it’s only a matter of time before The Lost World gets reissued. I also wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see it released as a 3-disc set with the original 1997 album included this time. But unlike Ian Malcolm, I’m not right all the time, so don’t take my word for it!
  10. In my experience, there's no such thing as luck.
  11. As I recall, “Hooray for Hollywood” is quoted in 1941’s The Battle for Hollywood. Also doesn’t he quote the “Spanish Ladies” tune that Quint sings in Jaws?
  12. Actually, I think it's the other way around... the version performed by the FSO and the Marine Band is the Signature Edition suite from Hal Leonard, while Keith Lockhart's version is a new arrangement, based largely on the OST's concert track, but with a new ending as you noted above. I know Williams conducted the Hal Leonard version back around the time the movie came out, and I'm certain I've seen a youtube video of a July 4th Hatch Shell concert that included it.
  13. I loved how Mike whispered "Do it" when Nacho had the gun to Bolsa's head. You just know he wanted an excuse to unload and take out all the Salamancas at once, and hopefully save Nacho's life at the same time.
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