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  1. “Carbon Freeze & The Imperial March”? Is that the same as the version on the Gerhardt TESB recording? If so, cool!!
  2. Not exactly; I took a pair of scissors and cut up that atrocity so it would fit! 🤣🤣
  3. I’m really looking forward to seeing this in Boston next month! On one hand I’m disappointed there are so many shortened pieces (which I usually find very irritating!) but I totally understand why they needed to do that in order to get in as much material as they can. To be fair, each trilogy should have its own full-length concert. That would be incredible! One can dream…
  4. I'm going to the Sept 23 concert in Boston. I agree with @Tom, they will mostly likely only play the title track from Episode IX. The program is probably easy to determine, considering they must play at least one piece from each film, and the show can't be more than two hours. There probably won't be time for any serious deep cuts like The Forest Battle or Speeder Chase. I just wonder if they'll go in order (Episode I - IX) or break it up. I'm sure The Imperial March will be saved for the encore. 20th Century Fox Fanfare Main Title Anakin's Theme Duel of the Fates Across the Stars Battle of the Heroes Princess Leia's Theme The Asteroid Field Yoda's Theme Parade of the Ewoks Jabba's Theme Luke and Leia March of the Resistance Rey's Theme Scherzo for X-wings The Jedi Steps (concert version) Rebellion is Reborn Rise of Skywalker Throne Room & Finale Encore The Adventures of Han The Imperial March A playlist of these selections comes to about 1 hr 25 minutes, which sounds about right for a 2-hour concert, including whatever narration there will be. But if anything my list is probably too long; I would probably remove Jabba's Theme and The Jedi Steps... I wouldn't have included The Asteroid Field either, but considering they played it at Film Night, that makes me think they pulled it out of the drawer for a reason! The Adventures of Han is a total guess, as it's not part of the nine-film series, but I think it would certainly work as an encore.
  5. Merchandising, merchandising! Where the REAL money from the movie is made!
  6. Spielberg talks all the time about potential projects. John is less than two months away from age 91; any "potential" project is a year, maybe even two years away from the scoring stage. Never say never, but if he doesn't have anything definite lined up at this point, I don't see it happening.
  7. Thrawn was so popular that Timothy Zahn has written several new novels since the Disney takeover that fleshes out Thrawn's backstory (slightly altered from the original story he'd worked out) and fits into the new continuity. Under the old Heir to the Empire storyline, nobody knew Thrawn even existed until he returned from the Unknown Regions to take command of the remnants of the Empire about four years after the Battle of Endor.
  8. What the hell did they do, break up the suites into individual tracks? That’s got to be one of the dumbest things I’ve seen.
  9. They were probably just taking advantage of an extended passage where they didn’t have to play anything so they could do a routine cleaning of the saliva and condensation that builds up in their instruments. Happens to all wind and brass instruments; brass instruments have a spit valve but winds usually pull a piece of cloth through.
  10. Is this really anything new? I seem to remember trombonist James Nova saying the same thing a few years back when he created that album of Star Wars music arranged for trombone ensemble. He tried to get his transcriptions published but was told no.
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