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  1. I am sorry for the delay…here are my shots of the wonderful gala concert @ Carnegie Hall…if they add something.
  2. I agree with all that has been said. Lovely concert, wonderful orchestra, great atmosphere, and “Just Down West St” was a treat🤗
  3. All of the above might be true. Don’t forget he enjoys surprise guest conducting…or he might step in at the last moment. Its difficult to keep up w the Maestro😅
  4. I used to make these lists over and over again. They happen to change over time, and with mood. My favorite JW period is probably 1979-2002, concert works and all. Overall I find myself coming back to Jurassic Park, Harry Potter 1, Sabrina, Always, Hook, Schindler's List, Phantom Menace, E.T., Dial of Destiny, Temple of Doom. Mostly the orchestration 'Bibles', I think.
  5. Nice poll. I had the same idea some time ago and even made a playlist:
  6. On Friday August 11 JW’s La Jolla quartet was performed by BSO members among whom Jessica Zhou in Ozawa Hall. Then they played Theme from Sabrina in an arrangement for the same ensemble. Sabrina is my all time fav JW score and this version was just too beautiful😪 At 8:00 pm Anne-Sophie Mutter masterfully performed JW’s Violin Concerto no. 2 in the Shed (conducted by Andris Nelsons) after which the Maestro took the stage once again to lead ASM and the BSO in two wonderful encores (Hedwig’s Theme and Helena’s Theme).
  7. Not sure if it adds anything - there’s no way to surpass mr Hooper’s photos for sure😅 - but here are a few shots for whomever interested.
  8. Marvelous concert and wonderful to see the Maestro in such excellent condition! Loved the “wounded pride of the film composer” joke now being told with “Asteroid Field”. I am not so active on the board anymore but great to see so many of us made it to this concert🤗 Here’s a playlist:
  9. I have got 3 tickets to sell for August 5, 8 and 11, 1 ticket per concert. All in front sections in the shed. Please pm if interested.
  10. Btw somehow I expected (hoped?) JW would use ancient Greek scales for his mystery themes 😅 but the ones he wrote sound exotic enough already (mostly using Hungarian minor) especially combined w the orchestration (setar). Ancient Greek scales seem to be quite complex☹️ …
  11. For whomever it might be of interest: my 2 cents on Helena’s Theme which I did back in September 2022, for my friend Ramon. Forgive the harmony mistakes and meter guesses…and probably the hemiole isn’t right either. @Falstaft yours looks great!
  12. Yes the fanfares will sound during the opening ceremony when the VIPs enter. After the debutants entered, there is one piece performed by the VPO & Nelsons. I also hope the two Vienna concerts and the commissioned Fanfare will be credit enough to make JW “Ehrenmitglied” (honorary member), like Strauss, that would be just amazing🙏🏼!!
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