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  1. it was not allowed to just go and sit there. People tried and were sent away. The management decided who got to sit there after the break. Apparently it had to look good for the Blue-Ray.
  2. Anyone else thinks it’s exciting to see the original color scheme returning? It might all look a great deal more like Jurassic Park! How great if JW would return for scoring...
  3. Violin Concerto for ASM, as mentioned before.
  4. It was great being there with all of you guys. I will never forget the energy. These memories will last forever🎉!
  5. Shall we all clap rhythmically and shout John’s name at the applause? Maybe we can get the entire hall to join in...
  6. And now we know the ‘deleted’ pieces are the encores, so the third and last encore will be Raiders March!🎉
  7. Is that going on at this moment? I’m standing at the Musikverein right now...
  8. The middle part of T-Rex Rescue & Finale which got edited to have the JP fanfare in (in the final film edit underscoring the T-Rex breaking into the visitors center)...would have preferred the cue as written.
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