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  1. I've not listened to the OST in a long time, mostly listened to the concert arrangement on "Vol III". A fun piece. What do you think about the tempi of certain pieces on the album?
  2. Sometimes the trumpets sound a bit compressed, or it is just my imagination. Overall I'd say the dynamics are pretty good. Another thing I liked a lot was the accordion in "The Terminal". Was it also featured on the recording that appears on "Spielberg Collection Vol. 3" ?
  3. Got my copy on wednesday from jpc.de I enjoy it a lot. The different mixes highlights different instrument sections compared to the Williams recordings. Especially "Escapades"from CMIYC is fantastic. The vibraphone is so nicely prominent in the mix. Incredible performance. "JFK" and "Born on the 4th of July" are great too, but I think nothing beats Tim Morrisons trumpet playing on the originals. Reinhold Friedrich's phrasing is a bit too harsh at times (but great playing overall).
  4. The horn solo in the beginning of "Leia's Theme" is quite virtuos. The same goes for "Luke and Leia"
  5. Wow, such a nice programm! Does anyone know if one concert was recorded? I read somewhere that one london concert was broadcasted on radio. Would love to hear that.
  6. I'm preaching this since last august It was even more special to witness it live!
  7. Princess Leia's Theme is one of Williams' most complete compositions ever. The climax is second to none. Incredible piece that never gets boring (at least for me). Marion's Theme, even though I like it a lot, always felt like the "little sister" of Leia's Theme. It's a great composition too, but lacks the incredible climax that Leia's Theme has.
  8. It's better getting a BFG-like score than getting no score at all no? Btw. I think BFG is a great score.
  9. Spielberg should really make a JW documentary, now that JW is still alive and can be interviewed. Spielberg must have tons of video material from sessions and other meetings. Would be really interesting. 8th February 2022 would be a good release date.
  10. Well, no answer is actually an answer. I'm quite sure he doesn't like it. Otherwise he would have said things like "Oh, I enjoy a lot of it. Especially....". On the other hand, he doesn't watch movies and doesn't listen to music much. How can he have an opinion about something he hasn't heard?
  11. Here is a long discussion between Spielberg and Williams in front of students from 2011.
  12. Yes, that's really interesting. The database is not complete though. Many concerts, Williams included, are missing.
  13. Another recording with BSO https://www.amazon.com/John-Williams-Treesong-Concerto-Schindlers/dp/B00005M05E
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