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  1. And yet there is a trumpet flub in the used version.
  2. Yes, surely this is his intention at 88.
  3. Ok, thanks for claryfying. I was researching his early years recently and couldn't find any indication for any degree.
  4. Is it confirmed that Williams has a bachelor degree in music?
  5. I only know about this short performance, brass only
  6. It was from a Boston Pops 4th July concert in 1987. A typical pops concert.
  7. Ok, I get it. I thought they'd only do occasional streaming on that channel. That sucks. Would love to see this historic concert.
  8. It's been a while since I recorded live with it. I think you only have to start the recording process.
  9. You can record your desktop with the vlc player. Download helper might also work in some cases. If you google you can find more freeware.
  10. I guess you won't see anything until 9pm. There are several programs to record streams. Most are quite easy to handle
  11. Ok thanks! Would be really nice, however I doubt it will be accessible here. Here is the concert program, but I don't know which titles the broadcast included: https://archive.org/stream/bostonpopsorches1980bost#page/n24/mode/1up Here is an old video from the concert:
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