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  1. The movies (not only the first two) are really close to the books. For example, closer than the Lord of the Rings films. Some characters are a bit different than in the books but that is ok. Yes, some films are too long, but so are some of the books from Part 4 onwards. Some parts had to be left off because it didn't fit into a 140min movie. Talking about the first two soundtracks, they are really complex scores, rich in thematic structure and do exactly what they are intended for: create a magical atmosphere. I would go as far and say that without the music the films wouldn't be so succesful. My only complaint is that Hedwigs theme is used a bit too much. Other than that it's hard to imagine more fitting scores for these movies. The 3rd score is also a masterwork and imo Williams best score since then. It's sad that he doesn't conduct pieces from that score in concert anymore.
  2. What's the problem with the first two movies? They are pretty accurate to the story in the books. But I guess one can nitpick everything 🤷‍♂️ 21st century things🙄
  3. Don't care about Imperial Match too much. Just to be in the same room with Williams feels magical. So if you get the chance be there!
  4. I hadn't noticed this before. On what JP tracks does he use piccolo trumpet? Never heard that either. "Journey to the Island" would be the most likely candidate because it contains the highest notes. The Berlin Philharmonic principal also used a piccolo trumpet on Jurassic Park. That was the first time (the concert in general) that I heard Williams music played on piccolo trumpet. Not sure what the background was. Surely Williams approved that.
  5. Is it only me or do the videos from symphony hall look rather poor compared to the Tanglewood video and the other DG Williams releases? One front angle is somewhat shaky. And some orchestra sections were not shown at all (maybe due to the lack of cameras?). Also what irritates me a bit are the microphone cables that are above the orchestra. You can't see that in the Berlin Philharmonic, for example. IMO the older BPO videos from evening at pops look better than these new videos.
  6. What's that, a two minute version of Raiders march? Or was the video cut. Nice to see the maestro in good shape!
  7. I wish the video showed "Fawkes the phoenix" instead of Hedwig. We still have no video of Williams conducting that piece.
  8. What happened in Berlin stays in Berlin.
  9. I would love to hear that recording if you like to share it
  10. Nice story! Just a few corrections: When Williams substituted for Fiedler at the Hollywood Bowl 1978, he conducted the LA Philharmonic not the Pops. The first concert as principal conductor at Carnegie Hall was on January 22nd 1980. Can't wait for the event!
  11. He has conducted music from the Patriot in Boston Pops concerts. Unfortunately I never heard a recording of it. I wish he'd conducted it more often.
  12. Why are there a gazillion posts from you in every thread? 🤔
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