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  1. Here is another Evening at Pops broadcast. The "The Mission Theme" is played here too (start the video). It's the first time I saw a live video of him conducting this piece. Otherwise, mostly other music.
  2. "Only" John Williams conducting, twice in Vienna. I'm mostly a Williams music lover, not so much film music in general (even though I also like many scores by other composers). I've attended some film music concerts, but none of them conducted by a famous composer.
  3. Nothing new, it's exactly like the Blueray on the CD/Blueray edition: https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/classic/detail/-/art/john-williams-anne-sophie-mutter-john-williams-in-vienna/hnum/9843487
  4. Maybe their brass section is too weak for Johnnys demanding work.
  5. None of the above mentioned versions.
  6. Yes it is, I still have to use it sometimes. But I rather pay an extra 1-2 € for music/film than supporting tax fraud.
  7. Here is another concert broadcast from Japan 1990 with Johnny and the Pops. This program also features non-Williams stuff. There is a lot to nitpick in the brass for @Jurassic Shark and @bollemanneke in this concert
  8. Totally wrong observation. If you ever listened to any other recording of ASM you will recognise that she tends to rush and is often a bit in front of the orchestra timing wise. It was the same here. Nothing to do with the VPO trying to slow her down.
  9. Finally the full Japan 1993 concert was posted. It includes an all Williams programm (includes Sound the Bells, Olympic Fanfare, Adventures on Earth, The Accidential Tourist, Raiders March, Leia's Theme, Imperial March, JFK among others). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tCL-MhDkCs
  10. I watched the concert again yesterday and I very much enjoyed it. Yes, 4 pieces include some errors. I'm glad they didn't overdub them. It makes the album more authentic. It is called a "live album", ok? What p*sses me off here is that the nitpickers only complain about the few errors in 4 pieces but don't mention the flawless performances of the other 15 titles. They don't accept that many do enjoy this album a lot.
  11. That's a good question. I'm not even sure who the members of the academy awards orchestra were. Surely, this isn't a concert, but it's him conducting in front of a big audience. I just took this as an example. If we are talking about an organized orchestra, my earliest notes are his appearance at the Albert Hall in 1976, conducting the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. According to the article I posted, his regular public conducting started in 1978. So I was curious to learn if he conducted concerts before that year.
  12. Hello, I'm currently researching Johnny's public conducting career. I know we have some Williams historians here. I'm looking for the year/date of Johnny's conducting debut in a concert setting. He conducted in the army, but I'm more interested in him conducting large orchestras (e.g. Boston Pops, LA Phil). I know he started conducting concerts regulary in 1980 when he was named Boston Pops conductor. He debuted with the Pops in 1978, the LA Phil in 1978 and LSO in 1978. I'm also aware of the 1976 Royal Philharmonic concert. The earliest I know is him being th
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