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  1. Yes, the structure. He says "If Williams composes concertante like in "Elegy" the progression seems helpless. One thinks how Deleplaire could memorise this back and forth meandering Solo"
  2. Nobody said a word about hatred. The conclusion is that Williams is a bad composer who can only compose fanfares and pomp and if he tries to compose for the concert hall, e.g. Elegy, he fails. If you don't see the rejection the writer feels for Williams then maybe you don't want to because you agree with him.
  3. Maybe later. I'm at work at the moment. But this is the most snobbish article you will find about a Williams concert (rivalling Lebrecht) Conclusion is: Williams is only a march composer.
  4. Yes I have photos from it. Will post it later. Edit: here we go "Too much, too loud, too similar"
  5. I guess you didn't read the "Berliner Zeitung " review...
  6. Here is John conducting and playing the piano on two songs with singer Jessye Norman and the Boston Pops:
  7. I think you mix that up a bit. He replaced Fiddler when Fiddler was to make an appearance at the Hollywood Bowl with the LA Phil in 1978: As it happened, legendary Boston Pops conductor Arthur Fiedler had been scheduled to conduct the Los Angeles Philharmonic in a “Pops at the Bowl” weekend, but illness prevented him from doing so. “Ernest called me to do those concerts,” Williams said, “mostly, I thought, because all of the practicing conductors would have been booked during the busy summer season. I was working in the studios, and he assumed, rightly, that I would have been free on those weekends. So I had a couple of dramatic substitutions there for Arthur Fiedler a year or two before I had any connection at all with Boston.” He admits, however, to having “very little” memory of the experience. https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1998-aug-06-ca-10429-story.html
  8. According to the critic in the "Berliner Zeitung" Williams can only write marches. So he had no choice but play marches
  9. His debut with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra was on 31st July 1994 at the Ravinia Festival. His LA Philharmonic debut was on 28th July 1978 !! He has conducted them every year since then (except for 2020), which means it is his longest concert collaboration with an orchestra (not counting LSO where he rarely conducted concerts).
  10. For the record, Williams said the Berliner Philharmoniker are the best orchestra in the world.
  11. The tempi were very good. It seems like someone told Johnny that in Vienna it was a bit too slow. Jurassic Park on friday was the fastest I've ever heard it perform.
  12. I didn't hear many mistakes in the saturday concert. On friday the horns and trumpets were more nervous. Obviously saturday was the better concert from a playing perspective. There were no major errors. Some timing issues from the percussions e.g. that the beginnings or some endings were not together with the other sections. But overall a top notch performance and much better than the Boston Pops.
  13. What should Dohr have played better? The principal horn player played without noticeable mistakes.
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