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  1. It is a free streaming link for the full concert. Stream starts sunday at 8 pm german time. I suspect it will only be available in Germany and France.
  2. Anne Sophie said in a recent interview that she wants to record the concerto. Not sure if live or studio. There will be encores from the Across the stars album and arte will stream the full concert https://www.arte.tv/de/videos/104491-000-A/anne-sophie-mutter-und-john-williams-mit-einer-urauffuehrung/
  3. Oh yes, you are right. I posted in the wrong topic. Sorry, my post refers to Images.
  4. Finally listening to this special score. Just one short question: Does Williams play the piano parts himself? Edit: Sorry, should have read the liner notes before asking
  5. Yes, I agree about that. However, my Williams-free periods usually last less than a month. He simply has done so much music that you can hear it without much repetition.
  6. So do you prefer to write about Williams instead of actually listening to his music?
  7. Please don't go to all three concerts and let others also have a chance to get tickets!
  8. So you can't afford 98€ to see one of your favourite composers conducting a world class orchestra? Maybe we should donate 1 € each for you
  9. I was at both Vienna concerts without a membership. But I agree, it could get tough to get good seatings, let alone tichets. Surely the Website will crash on the 9th August. Let's see how many tickets they are even allowed to sell. There are still restrictions regarding indoor concerts. We don't know how the situation will evolve until October, especially with the delta variant in the mix now. Berlin had quite strict rules for indoor perfomances.
  10. Subscription includes 6 tickets for certain concerts, including Williams it seems. You can go to 6 concerts and will always have the same place. That's what the booking system says. I'm sure both subscription concerts will sell out way before 8th August... so the only hope is going on saturday.
  11. I think it is an additional concert. If you look at the schedule they often have the saturday concert available for digital concert hall. Why would they not play live concerts on saturday? Would make no sense. And it is called "live stream" so that only makes sense when it is actually "live".
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