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  1. Then you have something to look forward to
  2. Did you watch the Vienna Blueray? The camera work is amazing there too.
  3. Yes. I thought you watched and listened to the release? Nobody complained more than you, so you should at least have listend to the recording before
  4. Dito regarding the last half sentence
  5. And here Williams was totally wrong. Listen to Malcolms solo albums, they are amazing, especially the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto is mind blowing! Malcolm's tone might not be as bright as Tim Morrison's, but it is still great. IMO the best studio trumpet player ever. Also funny that Malcolm was Goldsmith's favourite soloist. Thanks Maurizio @TownerFan for this nice episode and your great work!
  6. A completely other question about the Box: Why doesn't it include the Orchestra member credits? Usually the expanded versions list the orchestra members.
  7. Instead of "Donnybrook Fair" I would have preferred the Far and Away arrangement from the Perlam album. Marion's Theme fit quite well. A deserved rest for the brass section. I was happy that it wasn't the ASM version though.
  8. Who is Lebrecht and why does his opinion matter?
  9. He has written concertos for both instruments and some other solo pieces for cello. I'm sure it is on YouTube.
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