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  1. This 100%. Not a fan of the Mutter arrangements, but the Vienna program wins hands down.
  2. Just some personal thoughts… Vienna was the first European show after the disappointment in London. For me it was a combination of the venue, the snow that day, the fact that the shows were held in the morning (the odd time just gave it some extra) and the possibility that these could’ve been his first and last shows in Europe after all this time…. It was all kind of magical in a sense.
  3. Hi guys, the concerts starts at 1900. What time do you recommend arriving at the venue?
  4. This is amazing news! Will be there 10000%. (assuming I’m able to get tickets 😅)
  5. How long is the total show (including intermission)? Cant wait until tomorrow 😍😍😍
  6. Hi all, quick question please - is there a specific dress code for the concerts?
  7. So we need to buy a subscription if we want to get tickets now… pfff, bunch of criminals.
  8. Anyone else experiencing some post Vienna depression? It's like, I was looking forward to the concerts for so long - then it happened and now...my life feels so empty 😢
  9. When did this happen? Have a date? Thanks! Nevermind, still morning here 😅 (thought you said Williams performed in het Concertgebouw 😍)
  10. One thing about the venue - Was it just me, or was it like an oven in there, jeez! Where's the ventilation?!
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