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  1. Anyone else experiencing some post Vienna depression? It's like, I was looking forward to the concerts for so long - then it happened and now...my life feels so empty 😒
  2. When did this happen? Have a date? Thanks! Nevermind, still morning here πŸ˜… (thought you said Williams performed in het Concertgebouw 😍)
  3. One thing about the venue - Was it just me, or was it like an oven in there, jeez! Where's the ventilation?!
  4. Actually thinking that may still happen! (based on absolutely nothing but my hopes)
  5. It felt like a dream these past two days... Did it really happen?!
  6. The original Sabrina version is so great 😍 Hoping for a deep cut surprise tomorrow... Angela's Ashes πŸ˜… (one can hope)
  7. Noticed some minor things here and there. But I guess only hardcore fans would hear it i.e. us 😜
  8. Do you guys think we may get a small change in the setlist tomorrow?
  9. I would have preferred the original Hedwigs Theme πŸ˜…
  10. I was there as well this afternoon (standing, but had a good view!). Was really amazing! Surprised he opened with Hook! Going again tomorrow πŸ˜ƒπŸ™Œ (Shameless plug - selling a ticket: seat next to me, middle balcony. Check out the marketplace πŸ˜‰. EDIT: ticket is sold)
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