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  1. Was flying with KLM a few days ago, and look what was in their music section
  2. Any idea how much a season ticket would be? (I mean typically)
  3. Can view video from the Netherlands, thanks!
  4. Will this be the final chapter of the Maestro’s European adventure, or will we see London… Milan… 👀
  5. Totally forgot about the Milan concert… wasn’t it cancelled?
  6. Angelas Ashes on the program… interesting!
  7. Wonderful news! Not sure I’ll be able to attend. Managed to see him first time around in Vienna and also in Berlin so all good 🙂
  8. Has there been an official announcement that is has been postponed/canceled?
  9. This 100%. Not a fan of the Mutter arrangements, but the Vienna program wins hands down.
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