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  1. Four people's dreams are about to come true! Keep a watchful eye on the CH event ticket page over the coming hours for the following seats, which should become available any minute now: - Balcony Center: RA, S37 ($103) - Balcony Center: RB S13, S15 (next to each other, $206 or $103ea.) - 2nd Tier Center: R46, S6 ($178) https://www.carnegiehall.org/Cart/Event-Seating?itemNumber=40210#/seatmap Hope it's a wonderful night for you should any JWFan-ers end up getting one of these :-)
  2. if anyone is interested: Don Davis will be conducting the Royal Philharmonic live alongside a screening of the first 'Matrix' at London's Royal Albert Hall in October, as part of the RAH Films with Live Orchestra series. I'm so excited to see this. there are still tonnes of tickets for sale: https://www.royalalberthall.com/tickets/events/2020/the-matrix-live/
  3. of course open to be corrected on this by all means. I know someone who met John a few years ago and he was smoking at the time. Hans smokes like a chimney also, in case you were wondering I have met Hans about ten times. he is the nicest person ever. he loves 'Over the Hedge' and considers it one of his finest works!
  4. my theory is that John will sail from NY to either Southampton or Cherbourg, and travel to Vienna by train, possibly the Orient. if this theory were true, he'd likely be somewhere in the mid-Atlantic right about now he's a heavy smoker, and whilst we'll likely never know, I'm pretty certain it was the long haul flight which complicated things last time.
  5. imagine if Spielberg flies in to introduce! I would actually faint.
  6. I personally felt Danny Elfman's haunting, choral + brass motifs played wonderfully with the notion that Depp was descending into madness in 1999's 'Sleepy Hollow'; only to then reveal that Depp was right all along. I'm still scared of forests because of that movie
  7. John Debney's 'Liar Liar' OST from 1997. I consider this to be the finest track of the album the orchestration in this is just so superb! reminds me of very much of Goldsmith's rousing late 90's action/adventure epics, such as 'The Mummy'. I think Debney is majorly underrated as a composer.
  8. 'Minority Report' happens to be my favourite Spielberg film, and I adore the OST. my favourite track is 'A New Beginning', which plays over the final SC. as the camera reverse pans over the house where the precogs live. as crazy as I'm sure this may sound to some experienced classical vets on here, this piece has echoes of Tchaikovsky's Romeo + Juliette Fantasy Overture for me; which is my favourite piece of music of all time. all hail Mr. Williams
  9. from 10:33 also - how amazing does Kathy Kennedy look?!? (she's my hero, btw
  10. thanks hugely for sharing this! I joined Oct31st @ 14:00 GMT.... so, 68hrs after you but only selected tiers 4-7. holding out all hope I will get as lucky as you.
  11. I'm Ryanair... unfortunately Easyjet don't fly to Ireland. no idea why. the flights from London are currently £15, also w Ryanair, if anyone else without a ticket wants to be as crazy as me and book this trip regardless
  12. £23 from Dublin; £33 with a 10k checked bag
  13. it hasn't been mentioned here yet, but the 1st encore in London last year was - to everyone's surprise - 'Jaws'. if I recall correctly, this wasn't listed in the programme either
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