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  1. "What are you, like, 80?" I keep doing the same thing! I'll think of Ford's "recent" performances in TFA and BR2049 as justification for how he could still pull off Indy V and forget that those films have been out for years now.
  2. Halfway through it looks like he suddenly remembers the 10 cues he needs to rewrite for the following day.
  3. I wish they'd give him a beard in the new one. He can rock a beard like nobody's business.
  4. Something like that would be fantastic. I'm hoping that is something that might be befitting of belonging to a History or a Legacy Theme of sorts? What does one's life stand for after they're gone, what does one want to be remembered for in the grand scheme of things, what is one's place in history, what is the importance of acquiring and preserving these artifacts, etc. If the film is meant to be the send-off to the character, I can't help but think the film will try to touch on at least some of that in some way.
  5. It's crazy that we've gone from having nothing to now multiple works to be excited for from the Maestro in a matter of months. Happy days!
  6. Nothing big here. I just appreciate the positive Williams shoutout from the asker.
  7. Just to know JWFan has been given another Williams score to look forward to and to anticipate together is immensely exciting. I'm so thrilled. If you'd told me that in the span of 10 years, Williams would be working with the likes of Rian Johnson, JJ Abrams, and James Mangold, I would have called you crazy. It's so neat that Williams has gotten to spend what could have easily been his retirement era working with an entirely new generation of filmmakers that have all come to dominate the industry in different ways.
  8. Was hoping someone had posted this one. This has been my go-to for the last few years whenever I'm driving to work and feel a little off and need a bit of a shot in the arm. By the time I get to that little flourish of a variation at 3:05, the track has almost always done the trick and I feel ready to take on the day. Simply marvelous.
  9. Yes, exactly! Thank you. Worded it much better than I myself could.
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