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  1. Love the feeling that it's officially happening, that we're for sure getting more John Williams music for an Indiana Jones film. Still hasn't quite sunk in yet.
  2. Really cool to see Ford in costume having fun with fans. Can you tell he likes this role more than Han Solo?
  3. Thanks for the massive dump of pics and news, @crumbs. Really starting to get excited for the flavor this film seems to be taking on. So glad that it seems like it'll visually bring some stuff that is unique to this entry. It's only just now starting to sink in that we're actually getting one more of these (and that it might actually be good!).
  4. I've been told by a couple insiders that Williams spent much of 2020 shopping around for roles hoping to get his acting career off the ground after his critically-praised performance in TROS and didn't want his musical efforts to overshadow his acting contributions to the film.
  5. Man, nobody really does those sweeping string lines quite like Johnny. They just whisk you away on a blanket of warmth.
  6. Given how much of a musical junction this film has the potential to be, I really can't think of anyone else I would rather have at the helm of this film's score than Giacchino. You can say what you will about the guy, but he definitely seems to have a respect for musical continuity and throwback that goes largely unrivaled in the industry, and I really hope he capitalizes on the opportunity before him.
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