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  1. #OneLastMine Seeing this and knowing that we're getting one last Ford/Williams combo is so surreal. It finally is starting to feel real. Let the hype begin.
  2. This has been on YouTube since February and I can't stop laughing at this Internet oddity.
  3. We know Williams read the script early on so he may have developed some themes early into the film's production, but I'm glad that he's able to attack the bulk of this score now with the film in post and all the filming completed while cuts of sequences are slowly being delivered to him. Sounds like he won't be rushed a ton and will have more adequate time to send-off Indy in a more cohesive way than he did the Star Wars ST. Should bode really well for the final product.
  4. Holy smokes, this show really took a visual leap forwards!
  5. Spoiler below is for music not featured on the soundtrack and is regarding a scene hinted at in the trailers.
  6. Williams after being reminded of his piggyback ride in Japan while being approached to work on a new anime series:
  7. Honestly, this is just sad. Williams took on Harry Potter because of his grandkids. Now they're probably all teens/young adults obsessing over anime. At this stage of his life, Williams is making a Hail Mary attempt to try to reconnect with his distant weeb grandchildren and show he's still hip by delving into the anime genre. At 90, Williams might be one of the oldest people to just now be getting into anime.
  8. Is there some sort of score breakdown of the original that you're following in doing your rescoring? I've had a hard time figuring out what some of the themes of the original stand for so I was curious if you had been able to figure that out somehow and were using that to supplement in your efforts. Or maybe you've intentionally distanced yourself from the original score so that you're working with a clean slate. Like, for example, I haven't bene able to understand what this pastoral theme is meant to represent. Is it a theme for the forest? A theme for Ashitaka and San? Part of it shows up in Mononoke's theme so it's kinda confusing.
  9. Do we think Williams will simply title it "Obi-Wan's Theme" or will he add a little titular fluff like with "The Adventures of Han"?
  10. Rando is not a system, it's a man (or woman). As I have come to understand it (and someone can please correct me), a rando is just some random, sometimes less than savory, unknown online person. The way the Reddit user uses it I think they mean that even the random, less-identifiable, unknown, low-posting user on here (generally) seems to usually know what they're talking about or add to the discussion when posting about film score stuff, which I think is generally quite true and is easily one of the most heartening aspects of this little site.
  11. Really admire the ambition behind this and you following through on a long seen goal. Thanks for sharing such a unique work with the community. It's been a really fun project to follow so far and your love for the film really shows in the compositions you've chosen to share so far. I look forward to your future efforts!
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