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  1. It doesn't help that 2016 also saw us getting scores like Doctor Strange and Star Trek Beyond from Giacchino, both of which I find to be far superior.
  2. Whenever I get the chance to voice my opinion on Rogue One, I love just playing the first minute of The Master Switch for them. 30 seconds of the exact same sound followed by another 30 seconds of a slightly denser version of that same sound. Can you imagine somebody like Williams or Powell ever doing something like this? There are still parts of the score that I like, but it's something that is far too grating to listen to in full.
  3. For the love of God, why did they go to all this trouble and not show any of it in the film?
  4. Times were tough for you before and you managed to find your way to what made you happy, and I'm confident you'll be able to do it again, my man. I realize simple words don't mean much when you yourself are having to deal with the reality day-by-day, but just know that I'm sorry you're going through what you're going through and we're all in your corner over here.
  5. Table should hopefully look a bit better now. Sorry it looked so cruddy there for a bit. Thanks for all the help, guys.
  6. Yes, thanks. It's a mess now but I'll have it better formatted here in a sec.
  7. I started doing so a couple pages back and will now start transferring it to a Google Doc while adding in the contributions of the other members.
  8. The whole battle that immediately follows I found to be surprisingly nihilistic, making musical moments like this all the more needed at this point in the film. Stripping them away causes the film to feel just that much emptier.
  9. I unfortunately can't take credit for that. Sounds really funny.
  10. I'd been wanting to see for a while now how well the "taking off" section of We Go Together would work with the similar sequence from ROTJ. Even with some editing, it's still clunky, but it might still be fun to see.
  11. Very belated happy birthday to you, @SteveMc. Sorry I missed ya. Sending birthday wishes to @Sweeping Strings as well.
  12. Excellent job, Crumbs. Really fun watching these. Having the score implemented in these ways would have really gone a long ways to dispelling some of the views from viewers that thought this film provided little to no new memorable musical material.
  13. Happy birthday wishes to @A Ghost From Highwood and @Blumenkohl. Hope you all both had great days.
  14. I love that this is the next large Star Wars musical release after the big sendoff with Episode IX.
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