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  1. Wha'd you think? Luigi's Mansion 3 is pretty short, overall, if that's what you're looking for, Jay, but mediocre in the end.
  2. Jerry Goldsmith has been--and always shall be--the chief voice of Star Trek. Actually just had the Shinzon(Remus) motif stuck in my head last night. This variation is so cool.
  3. Help me out. So a few weeks ago I saw this actress with I think maybe a Middle Eastern-ish name, somewhat darker skin, known I think for a popular television show. She was on an American late night show like Colbert or something within the last month. Does this sound familiar?
  4. It took me a while, but the second one, even with its very bleak tone--the darkest "big" Star Wars story?--definitely won me over the first one. The first one is a fun romp, while the second one gets much deeper with its themes, characters and settings. I promise I didn't just copy that from a Star Wars-Empire Strikes Back review. I like the music better too.
  5. This makes Dear Basketball, film and score, way, way too poignant.
  6. Ohhhhhh yeah there are. You'll find a decent number of fans here. Did you play with the restored content mod? It really brings the game to a new level.
  7. I've heard Williams gloats about having Story of a Woman to himself all the time at galas!
  8. At what point does that "normal feeling" just cross a line into selfish, dickish gloating, though? That's where people take issue with it. Like is that feeling just so satisfactory that you just _can't_ let something as precious as a videotaped interview from the 80's between two musicians possibly trickle into the unworthy masses of fellow fans? Is that feeling the justification for hoarding that? I'm using that example to make a general point.
  9. Bradbury wanted him to make it too! I wish Daranbont was still alive.
  10. Yes, the widespread deluge of eyes that comprise the off-topic section of a message board in the name of an octogenarian orchestral film composer!
  11. Might it be that y'all are projecting onto each other, and biting your thumbs at the other for no reason?
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