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  1. The Wario levels have a BGM that's the best music in the game!
  2. Well it's not like they just have finished copies of the game just sitting in an attic.
  3. I don't know how much that'll catch on unless major players such as Microsoft decide to adopt a similar model in the future. But gaming subscription services (assuming that it's a different thing), I can see that becoming the primary model of gaming. I don't know if that would benefit developers, or make things even worse. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.eurogamer.net/amp/2019-07-05-xbox-game-pass-developers What would concern me is if it puts pressure on developers to create longer, more nebulous gaming experiences.
  4. I wanna say it was confirmed he wasn't...I don't think he had much to do with that one.
  5. Does this mean we'll actually get a Pikmin 4?
  6. Oh huh, it's still in early access: https://www.amazon.com/luna/landing-page
  7. Well there is Amazon Luna that started up a few months ago. I had no idea it existed until my friend told me he's interviewing for a spot on their team this week. He was told it's a very small team at the moment, and they're really trying to build it up.
  8. @Edmilson So I'm talking yo a Brazilian girl right now, and she dropped a bombshell on me. I need you to confirm or deny...give it to me straight........... ....is White Chicks considered a classic comedy film in Brazil?
  9. Oh god I tried watching Naked Gun a couple years ago with my father when I visited him a few years ago, and the moment OJ popped up he said "Turn that shit off."
  10. Thanks for the clarification. I recognize that I was conflating the two, but I don't want to put words in your mouth by misremembering which scores you think earn that place. True, but I consider these channeled in a way that feel very fresh, where the sum far exceeds the parts. I see this a la Star Wars and Close Encounters, with their precedents found in multiple scores such as Black Sunday and Family Plot.
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