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  1. Thank you for setting the record straight on this. Your devotion to this plight is a boon to us all.
  2. Amen! When I have a daughter, I want her to be able to watch a movie like Space Jam and aspire to have big boobs like Lola.
  3. turns out being a hotshot at halo with your boys when youre 11 doesnt translate to online after taking a 15 year hiatus
  4. Last year I created a custom desk setup that is pretty huge, and for like $3-400, which is waaaay less than explicitly advertised "music studio" desks! It was pretty simple to set up, let me know if you'd like more details. To answer the OP, I use the Arturia KeyLab Mk2, and it's awesome. Plenty of control options, synced with DAWs, and a great interface that makes things like switching MIDI CCs a snap.
  5. I'm sure they considered it. They probably didn't want it to compete with all the other motion control sports games out there. Toadstool Tour is awesome, by the way.
  6. Interesting that you feel that way about his concert music, I feel like the sensibilities that drive his film and concert music are very, very close. A great intersection between the two is his ballet of La Strada, including the suite based off of it. One of my favorite melodies ever gets really good workouts in it: From 1:23 on It was really disappointing to hear Dumbo and not get that again.
  7. Casanova is probably my favorite single score of his, but his output, especially his concert music, is sooooo vast, you're really digging into a whole 'nother world. This is also another great compilation:
  8. So I ended up enjoying my time with Battlefront 2. The highest grade sniper rifle is sooo satisfying, the kick felt so powerful that I would often instinctively pull the mouse up in recoil and mess up my shots! That said, after uninstalling the game, I don't feel compelled to really play it again...though the game was fun and easy to pick up and play, it's a little too basic and repetitive in a way that got tiring after a while. As I played the same maps in the same modes, I started to recognize all the same choke points, the same tide turns, and same general contour of most match
  9. Chain all those 30-day trials together and you have a free demo for life!
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