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  1. But that's the thing, we can't boil it down that simply. My sister, who I discovered recently actually really likes Star Wars, fits the "SJW" template almost to a tee. And wouldn't you know, she and her wife watched it with other friends of a similar ideology, and they all didn't like the movie.
  2. That does make your original loaded claim more nuanced. I would definitely say it seems that a lot of media now appears to be consumed as an extension of a person's belief system and identity, as in there's an increased push to have media directly reflect one's views, lest they be considered at best, "problematic faves". As such, whether one likes something or not can be seen as an indication of that person as a whole.
  3. You seem, to make an observation, to have a propensity towards taking certain instances and projecting them as 100% scenarios, and try to paint them as such as if it's matter of fact. I think that can be unhealthy. Really, what truly political statements does Last Jedi make?
  4. "Are you okay ovah derrrre?" "Get away, you're getting closer than six fee--!"
  5. Who the hell gets Greek vases for their birthday?
  6. You could take up knitting sweaters. That'd be a satisfying experience without all the buildup.
  7. Isn't it? His remix for Balloon Fight is even better in my opinion.
  8. Hirokazu Tanaka's remix of the ending of Super Mario Land:
  9. If he does not give up his emergency powers after the destruction of Star Trek, then he should be removed from CBS.
  10. It's a weird goddamn show. I still stand by all the positive things I've said about it...but as a whole, it's better to pretend it doesn't exist, if just to avoid diluting the universe of Star Trek. I'm normally not a fan of rebooting "problematic" continuity, but please, someone come along and use that Picard disease as a seed of creating a series where this show is just an alternate future and just start over. Why does every new Star Trek series announcement read like an apology for the last one?
  11. All except AI, Dracula, and as of yesterday, Close Encounters. Think of all the money you can save by switching to Listening ExperienceTM!
  12. Why do you share these lists with us, Blume?
  13. So basically any drums not conventionally in or adopted into the orchestral palette. Trust me, I knew exactly what all y'all were referring to.
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