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  1. When I saw this thread title I figured it wouldn't be another plagiarism thread and that it would be about Williams going mad during quarantine and threatening a store clerk for panic-buy pencils.
  2. There's a simple poem my great grandmother would always tell me: Goldsmith and his ponytail gets you some tail Williams and his turtleneck gets you some hickies Giacchino and--you like Giacchino?You gotta go. ...But hey maybe first we can have a quickie?
  3. Good!? That's it!? The opening lyrics about how the narrator reminisces about creating and exploring his own world amidst the relentless pace of society get me everytime...it can be a choking hazard if I'm in a certain mood.
  4. Bootsy Collins' latest album came out last week, and one tune on it has already entered my pantheon, alongside tracks like Caves of Altamira, of favorite songs that deal with childhood and loss of innocence (both also happen to be in F# minor). ....Also, the album features a sample of what sounds like Harrison Ford, and..... the 2006 animated movie Barnyard
  5. I thought that second one was a shoot-em-up game from the sound of it! Damn. 'Ve been on a Killer 7 kick lately, for some reason. Some favorites of mine: And the best pre-boss music ever:
  6. Not in my heart! ...Oh goddammit why didn't I see it sooner.....
  7. I hooked up with a girl once two years ago because I overheard a conversation next to me about The Burbs, and tipsily butted in about how great Jerry Goldsmith was. I also got a date four years ago when I was waiting for a flight to DC and saw a girl reading Ready Player One (reading it for the high school class she taught I discovered). I walked over to her and said, "Hey did you know Steven Spielberg and John Williams are making that into a movie?" No hook up or anything, but we ended up kissing in front of the White House. Moral of the story, Williams and Goldsmith,
  8. Either that or 2005, for me. Both were years where the projects he took on felt distinctly suited to his own developments and tastes as a composer, and the way he synthesized multiple ingredients from varying times and places with his own distinct voice resulted in phenomenal scores that he simply couldn't have written prior.
  9. So Drax and Chen are the most prolific posters on this thread? I guess the stats don't account for word count.
  10. A little while back, I mentioned that I had done work on an upcoming album...and now it's about here! The album releases on Tuesday the 27th, but is available for pre-order now. The pre-order has four tracks currently available as a demo of sorts, and of the 43(!) tracks on the album, mine was one of four to be chosen for immediate access! https://bandcamp.materiacollective.com/track/alone-in-the-town Taking the original composition from Akira Yamaoka, I had the opportunity to imagine it through my own lens, while still incorporating certain musique concrete elements th
  11. Thank you for knowing what a transient is, it doesn't get much reaction with a lot of musician colleagues of mine, strangely.
  12. He would have been too delicate for Brazil! They would have fucked his dainty ass up!
  13. *sigh* I was saying you would eat up anything they did, and call it brilliant, as an excuse to post that GIF. See, the dude in the GIF...is you, and the slop shooting into his mouth...is LucasArts games.
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