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  1. Added to my immediate queue, thanks for the heads up. How's the score?
  2. Crap now I want to buy it for the Switch and go through it again.
  3. Combat wasn't BOTW's forte in BOTW, either.
  4. @Jay I knew the moment that I saw your profile GIF that it was missing something.... No longer.
  5. This is an A and B conversation, so stay out of it!
  6. Yeah, he loved this stuff in the 2000's you hear it in AI, Revenge of the Sith (and for some reason I'm thinking Return of the Jedi with something Emperor related but I don't remember the track).
  7. You can actually see Williams at about 1:35 in this clip. And yes, it's a non speaking role. Thanks! That was definitely worth the eleven year wait! No problem.
  8. It's one of my favorites of any generation! The mechanics, with the blocks and edges, is so simple but really genius and unique. One of the most satisfying puzzle games I've ever played. The story is really fun and compelling too, but last night, after getting the new character's ending...I don't know, I think it broke a barrier for me and I suddenly started looking the game in a lesser light than I did before. At first I really enjoyed how they made one of the main characters less of a bitch, or at least a more sympathetic one, but now I feel like the expanded scope of the story actually take away some of the original's charm. Which is a shame, since the slight gameplay tweaks added are such a great addition to the original. Music is really effective, though Meguro's pretty limited as an orchestral composer. Yeah they're pretty much Art: The GameTM developers exclusively, huh. YES!!! *headbutts empty Mountain Dew can*
  9. I haven't played it since 2014, but I remember thinking birth, death, and rebirth was a major theme, especially given what happens to the character, and the credits visuals. I thought the game was well done, but it never left a burning mark on me where I dropped to my knees and said, "I have experienced the next evolution of video games." Recently completed the new Paper Mario and Catherine: Full Body.
  10. @BLUMENKOHL What part of NC? Closer to the cosst or further inland? I used to live in Mt. Olive, still love going to Pamlico with my father when I visit.
  11. I remember there being shifts from 4/4 to 5/4 and back in the melody but I don't remember any others. That's quite an endorsement, @gkgyver!
  12. @Falstaft Contact Alex Ross, let him know that you've found additional information for him to present to Williams.
  13. No time like the present! The tools out there have become so numerous, easily available, and after some initial breaking in, rather easy to use, too.
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