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  1. There's something about studio fades that I really like.
  2. It starts out so light, but gets heavier and heavier until it becomes a knockout powerhouse by the end. Goddamn.
  3. Nick Parker


    Bespin's Society's view of Michael Jackson.
  4. Is it me or is everyone skirting about the source of this cue? I haven't seen a single direct answer.
  5. Ugh, tell me about it. It's on the bottom of my Williams list, right along crap like Jurassic Park with that generic and anonymous fanfare that doesn't represent a single character in the whole thing.
  6. But in spite of his proclamations of giving up on the show he continues to watch, so there might be something to this show after all. So far I would say it's potentially the most interesting Trek we've gotten in about twenty years.
  7. My immersion is ruined! Star Trek is not better than everything!
  8. That's even more old-school!
  9. It's a definitely a sequel in many of the traditional ways, yeah.
  10. Chen, I don't recall any topics made by you before. Clearly, the universe wanted to bequeathe this opportunity upon you.
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