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  1. Love this; thanks for sharing. One of my favorite moments of the TROS score & film. Amazing how well it fits this scene, too.
  2. This is a very important post, and I agree completely. The scariest thing about the whole situation has been how willingly people are willing to give up/accept massive govt restrictions on their lives—especially in America, a place where such actions would ordinarily be unthinkable. And now I'm seeing multiple people calling for a One World Government. Problem is, this isn't STAR WARS. If your world goes to crap, you can't just hop in a spaceship and go to another planet the way you can currently go to another country. When the World Government eventually (sooner rather than later) becomes corrupt, there will be nowhere to run or hide. There will be no other country/planet government to petition for help, to rescue you from whatever tyranny you are under. Throughout history, nations have always been able to hold each other accountable. Yes, war sucks, but some things are worth fighting for. What happens when there is only a single government, and a Hitlerian figure manages to rise to power? What happens when a worldwide state uses mass-censorship to silence dissent? What happens when people are microchipped and tracked? What happens when the world's citizens are all entered into a single database, that keeps track of/controls their healthcare, their purchases & ability to purchase goods, etc. We're already seeing govts use mobile phone tracking to keep a fix on exactly where citizens are, during this COVID crisis. Bottom-line is, as a Christian, it's situations like this that make the Book of Revelation sound more and more plausible. If the world gives power to a single govt (and it is bound to happen, I just pray not during my lifetime...), we're all screwed. Here's a related tinfoil hat video, for your viewing pleasure (and horror):
  3. LOL. Check out Oma Tres' official STAR WARS Databank entry: https://www.starwars.com/databank/oma-tres "As a bartender in Kijimi City’s infamous Spice Runners’ Den, Oma Tres has heard his share of discord – and on occupied Kijimi, the drums of war are part of the soundtrack of life. Tres can only hope the present strife will reach its crescendo and be followed by an era of harmony."
  4. It's already out on iTunes/Apple TV, for me. Not sure if that's because I had pre-ordered it, but I'm able to access it.
  5. Whoa, they got Sarah Willis to interview him! EDIT: Ugh... That opening of "Flight to Neverland". Not sure if the oboes at the beginning are rushing or the horns come in late/at a slower tempo, but they're not exactly together. Overall sounds good, though!
  6. I kind of hope not. I want him in a bunker until it's all blown over, lol.
  7. It's not SW fatigue; good SW content (THE MANDALORIAN, for example) is still loved by many. This trilogy was just a dumpster fire.
  8. So wait, is it not possible to just buy an individual ticket to the event (for a cheaper price)? Is the gala package the only way to attend?
  9. Honestly a bit tough to choose between SW and HTTYD. But I'd place both substantially above THE HOBBIT scores.
  10. The only person I'd accept (and actually kind of be interested in) as a replacement at this point would be Powell.
  11. Does anyone have a list of all the themes/motifs of the HTTYD trilogy? I feel like we should have a thread cataloging these themes and where they show up, like some of Jay's other threads for THE HOBBIT trilogy, THE BFG, etc. I am listening through the Powell scores again in order at the moment and am simply stunned by the extent of his glossary of themes for this trilogy... Safe to say this may very well be his magnum opus; it's like his equivalent of SW, or LOTR. And for a kids' franchise of all things, this is unprecedented.
  12. Love this cue, but my all-time favorite unreleased TROS cue will still always be Kylo & Rey fighting the Knights of Ren/guards. Possibly my favorite score moment in the film.
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