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  1. First actual clip from the film with score: Multiple game themes! Definitely wasn't expecting this, and I couldn't be happier to have been wrong in this case. Based on this clip alone, the score is already 100x better than I expected; Brian Tyler may knock this one out of the park. Really looking forward to this.
  2. Lol, I got downvoted to oblivion on reddit a couple months ago for daring to assume that the trailer music in the leaked trailer was still going to be used in the final public version. ...Annnd here we are. Absolute garbage, and it sounds even worse in good quality. The horn samples towards the end sound unbelievably fake. Would it really have killed them to just use some of the classic Indy music from the previous films???
  3. Pianist doesn't look too happy at 0:34. Wonder what she's saying? She keeps flipping her pages as though she's lost...
  4. The glaring trumpet flub at 3:45 keeps Berlin's HPWW from being a benchmark, for me. It's not like it's just some random accompaniment note—it's the melody, flubbed by the loudest instrument that plays it. Not only that, but it's the only time that that phrase (the first part of the Hogwarts Forever theme) shows up in the piece. So, if this were the only recording of the piece that you ever heard, there is literally not a single correct appearance of that phrase anywhere to be found in the recording.
  5. Is it just me, or does Qobuz generally seem to have a delay in releasing new albums, compared to the other services? Seems like the OST is available everywhere but there.
  6. I was thinking that one reason for releasing Fawkes in particular, might be that—aside from Sound the Bells—it is the only piece from these Vienna/Berlin concerts which DG has not yet released a recording of Williams conducting. For example, the tracks that were omitted from the first Vienna album had already been featured on the "Across the Stars" album; likewise, almost every piece on the 2022 Vienna program has already been featured on the Berlin album (and the Violin Concerto No. 2 on the Boston album earlier this year). Of course, I'd still love to get a full album of the 2022 Vienna concert. But I guess part of me wonders if DG is willing to release that much duplication of repertoire, with the same conductor within about a single year. We'll see.
  7. Why exactly do we think there will be a full album release?
  8. Not even close, and probably not even my favorite theme from the series. I agree with the others who think it comes across as too simple & repetitive. It's a famous theme, for sure, mostly for franchise nostalgia reasons—but the famous themes aren't necessarily the best ones. EDIT: Side note, but I also for the life of me don't understand the point of Williams performing both the complete Raiders March and Marion's Theme on the same concert (especially if they're one after the other, like in Berlin). I kind of hope that in the future if he features Marion's Theme, that he will just play his new condensed Raiders March version that omits her theme.
  9. True. I figured they may have just been recording his score then, if she is the piano soloist playing on it.
  10. It's entirely possible (maybe even likely) that Williams wasn't even at those piano solo sessions.
  11. Were the episodes released in the wrong order? I thought I had heard somewhere that the Ahsoka ones were going to be the first half, and the Dooku ones the second half. Pretty weird to have the Dooku ones sandwiched in there the way they are.
  12. Over the past week, in addition to watching the show, I've listened to the overall season OST all the way through several times, and a few of the individual episode albums. Obviously, the season OST is wonderful and has a ton of great concert suite versions and nice edits of score tracks, but I was wondering: what are your favorite tracks from the individual episode albums? In other words, if you were making a playlist of your favorite music from the first season, what tracks would you include that are from the episode albums?
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