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  1. Dude, it's practically interchangeable with so many other scores these days, and it sounds closer to noise than music. Where's the melody? You could put this score under practically anything and it would have the same effect; it's just wallpaper. It doesn't sound like it was thoughtfully composed to support a specific story. Just because it makes you feel unsettled, doesn't mean it's good music.
  2. This is genuinely depressing. 1. Why should anyone take any of these awards seriously anymore? 2. How did we get to this point? How did these awards all fall so far from what they once were?
  3. Yes. But nobody in the media misspoke and said plane crash; that was just me not thinking the moment I wrote my comment. But I do agree about the media at large, rushing to conclusions and misreporting. As for the 9 people thing, though, that claim is now more or less confirmed since the Sheriff came out and stated it in the official press conference about the crash. The media didn't seem to be saying 9 people until he revealed that bit of info.
  4. Sorry, I misspoke. Helicopter crash. But yes, there were 9 people. EDIT:
  5. The LA County Sheriff just said in a press conference that 9 died in this plane helicopter crash...
  6. It's now being reported that 9 people died, up from the 5 earlier reported. As to the original topic of this thread, part of me does wonder if this may get a release sometime soonish, as a sort of tribute to Kobe. Who knows.
  7. The music in the second one is by Mark Griskey, who composed the music for the Narnia games as well as THE FORCE UNLEASHED—all good video game scores. It also sounds live(?), at least more-so than the obviously-sampled first game's soundtrack. This soundtrack definitely made more of an impression on me than the first one. But yes, I agree about the themes as well. Kreia has become an instant favorite SW character of mine; great voice(!), and genuinely interesting from a philosophical perspective. I wish the new canon under Disney would reintroduce her.
  8. I'm sick too, though I didn't attend the concert and am on another continent. Just that time of year, I guess. Feel better!
  9. I did! Yeah, I had heard that there was a lot of stuff cut last minute before the game's release. I would highly recommend playing the sequel. I loved it about as much as the first, if not more.
  10. Very interesting post by the director. However the following bit caught my eye: Curious as to what this past was, I took a trip Victor Salva's Wikipedia page and found out:
  11. Just finished my first play-through of KOTOR 2, about a month after I first started playing KOTOR 1 over the holidays. Man, this was all just what I needed, to cleanse my palate of the sequel trilogy and other such nonsense. My little brother had been nagging me to play KOTOR for years; I'm so glad I finally made the time for it. Any other fans here?
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