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  1. Holy moly, what a scene. I've never seen the film and am only familiar with the first track on the soundtrack album (such a great theme), but this clip alone made me tear up. The little woodwinds interjections (1:47) remind me of Williams.
  2. Just curious, does anyone know if the Love Theme itself from CINEMA PARADISO is by Andrea Morricone, or is the theme by Ennio and the actual track titled "Love Theme" was specifically written/arranged by his son? Have never been too clear on what was meant by this.
  3. Why must every single organization and corporation and institution be making sociopolitical statements now?
  4. Who knows. The good news is, the track as it stands sounds no worse than 99% of other tracks in the show, throughout past seasons. It's just the knowledge/experience hearing that this one also got recorded by a live orchestra, that makes the midi version seem so bad... If there were no live version to compare it to, people would no doubt just think it's a pretty good cue and enjoy it for what it is. For instance, I love a lot of David Glen Russell's stuff in the prior release (episodes 5-8). Of course it's all midi, but that's fine and that's what was expected, since that's what was in the show. The music is still pretty darn good. The problem with this is simply that it's a bit jarring to go from hearing something that is live in the show, to the soundtrack album where it is just computer playback. Still, like @CGCJ points out, we're lucky to even have gotten these albums, considering how much past music in this show went unreleased! It was a nice treat. And it's good that this issue can be put to rest.
  5. I agree. I feel a lot better about it knowing that it was at least intentional. And yeah I get that, though to be fair I saw multiple people thinking that might be the case (including here). DGR's absence + the statement about it being Kiner's decision, helped fuel that theory. Still think that was a weird statement to make, as it kind of threw the live orchestra under the bus... Then again, maybe that's why they seemed reluctant to comment on it. It's entirely likely they just weren't too pleased with the orchestra version, but didn't want to draw attention to that fact. Which is understandable. Oh well, at least we got what music we did, and I feel better knowing that the composer is pleased with what was released! Yeah, I honestly don't see what he likes so much about that midi version... I mean, it's his preference, but still. Strange decision imo.
  6. They used both City of Prague, and Budapest. The "Yerbana" track is clearly Prague, based on how it sounds. That said, what does everyone think about this latest update? @CGCJ, thoughts? At least it's cleared up, I guess.
  7. The composer has spoken: I must say, did not expect to see this. Why did it take him multiple weeks to comment on this? Was he embarrassed that he preferred the midi version to live orchestra, and didn't want to draw attention to the fact and appear to throw the orchestra under the bus? EDIT: Lol, is it possible he just thought the City of Prague Philharmonic sounded that bad, that he'd even prefer a midi over them? I mean, sometimes they don't sound too great, but I enjoyed their performance in this particular cue. He seems like a composer who doesn't get a lot of his stuff performed by live orchestra, so it's possible he falls in love with how his midi demos sound, to the point that anything different sounds "bad" to him... Even though to the rest of us who haven't spent days/weeks with a midi version, hearing it with live orchestra automatically sounds superior.
  8. That's messed up. Lol, I can't believe this. Is the reason we aren't getting the live orch version of this great cue, literally just bc Kevin Kiner has ego issues and can't handle someone else's music sounding really good? Really, if he is so confident that midi sounds "even better," than live orchestra, I want to know why he even wasted money on an orchestra? Or, why didn't he use the midi versions of his own tracks? Since that would apparently make his music sound better... Honestly, this is seeming more and more like just a stupid, mean-spirited, spiteful move on Kiner's part—one that he probably thought wouldn't garner the attention of fans and demand a response. If this is the case, it would mean he's making the fans/listeners/purchasers of his album suffer the consequences of his own private drama/feelings towards the composer. Which would be incredibly immature. The fact that David Glen Russell hasn't come out and said anything about this (or anything about anything, for that matter) since this all went down, is very telling imo. The guy went from saying he was proud of this particular scene and cue, to radio silence... I wonder if we'll ever know what really went down, but I'm thinking Kevin Kiner doesn't look too good.
  9. I actually wondered this... David Glen Russell's cue is better than most if not all of Kiner's own stuff for that arc of the show. Did they both have some sort of fight behind-the-scenes, and this is Kiner's way of getting at him? I mean, David Glen Russell has not Tweeted since before the final episode aired. The guy's Twitter header pic is a shot from that scene, that the cue is from. And one of his last Tweets, is about how much fun it was for him to score that scene. He seemed very proud of the final result! Is he sad/upset by how his cue got treated? I mean, if I were him and this was some decision by Kiner, I'd be fuming! Could be one reason why DGR and the other composers have neglected to publicly comment on this (even after multiple people have Tweeted at them, asking what the deal was): Maybe this was the result of some drama? It's not better. If samples are better, then one wonders why Kiner didn't use the samples version of all his cues, on the soundtrack? Why would he want something "even better" for another guy's cue, but he just wants the (apparently somehow inferior) live orchestra recordings for his own? No, something doesn't sit right with me about this. And the timing of David Glen Russell's absence from Twitter seems like no coincidence. He's probably upset by this, and rightfully so! I've just never heard of a composer outright saying that samples are BETTER than live orch, lol. By that logic, why did he use the live version in the show itself? Heck, why did he waste $$ on having an orchestra record it?
  10. Not trying to seem ridiculous. It just bothers me when mistakes get made that could have been avoided or which could be easily fixed. And I know I definitely overthink things, so I'm sorry. But still.
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