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  1. Who exactly is this Nami Melumad person and why is MG working with her?
  2. "Can't cut corners with Star Wars." Pretty sure TCW and Rebels are Star Wars, and they regularly used samples.
  3. Pretty sure at least some of it (if not all) is sampled(?).
  4. Main theme is very "Adventures of Han"-esque. Though I think I recall Haab having written another theme that also sounds kind of like that, before Williams even wrote his tune...?
  5. Another Lebrecht article... Man, some of the comments on SD make me want to vomit. https://slippedisc.com/2020/09/john-williams-is-top-of-the-national-charts/
  6. All these orchestras "reimagining." I wish they would just be straightforward and admit they're cancelling everything. Not sure why they don't.
  7. When it comes to orchestral classical recordings, the usual way I put things into iTunes is the following: "[Orchestra] & [Conductor]"; if there is a soloist then "[Soloist], [Orchestra] & [Conductor]." I try to use the original language name of the orchestra when possible/readable. So, "Berliner Philharmoniker," "Wiener Philharmoniker," etc. It is easier this way rather than translate everything to English. I used to do that, but then ran into some orchestras whose names are seemingly never anglicized for one reason or another, even when being spoken of in English publications. So it was weird to do it for some but not for others. I always put the soloist in the Artist field at the track level, but only at the Album Artist level if he/she is the main star of the show and features in more than just a couple numbers. Say for instance, a CD featuring one soloist doing a warhorse concerto or something, where that work is the highlight. So even though ASM features on the album, she is only actually on two tracks; therefore my Album Artist for this release is "Wiener Philharmoniker & John Williams." At the track level, the two tracks featuring ASM are entered as "Anne-Sophie Mutter, Wiener Philharmoniker & John Williams."
  8. Sorry, I was looking at the NZ version of the site. Also didn't take into account the fact that it's not USD. That being said, if the album is 3+ hours long it makes sense it would be a little more expensive than your average soundtrack. But no, you're right; it's not on the American one yet. Sorry to get your hopes up!
  9. How so? I think it's a great recording of "The Flight to Neverland." The trumpet duplets at 1:10 are the clearest they've ever been. (Always wished that part would be brought out.)
  10. I just took a quick trip through "Adventures on Earth" recordings on Spotify; you're right, they pretty much all have a B-natural at that spot. However, I'd like to note that at least the City of Prague Philharmonic recording features a B-flat too, just like this Vienna version. Of course CPO isn't the best orchestra in the world, but I'm thinking there might a published version out there that has a B-natural for whatever reason. Possibly a misprint, but still. EDIT: Funny enough, just found some guy's MIDI realization of the piece (as in, he sat down and put in all the notes), which also features a B-flat. Must be a couple versions out in the wild(?).
  11. Don't forget Leonard Slatkin. He is fairly well-regarded and a major champion of Williams' work. Another up-and-coming star (Philadelphia's lead guest conductor and St. Louis' new MD) is Stéphane Denève, also a major champion of Williams. And while it may have been just that one New World Symphony concert down in Miami, MTT did in fact conduct Williams.
  12. Loving this expansion; sound quality is great. "Casper's Lullaby" remains one of my all-time favorite Horner tracks. I've always loved the combination of that high solo oboe with the choir starting at 0:18.
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