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  1. I thought they said this was going to be available for digital download as well? Still not seeing it... EDIT: Or maybe I was mistaken?
  2. Thoughts? (I think it’s a bit of a stretch. It’s just 3 notes… But idk.) https://www.reddit.com/r/StarWarsLeaks/comments/kg3was/jedi_steps_theme_in_lukes_hallway_scene/
  3. Not surprised by that. I’ve come across multiple albums on iTunes that list—in the Composer field—a composer whose music was referenced/used in the track, even though they themselves had nothing to do with writing the specific track. I think it’s an iTunes/digital music store common practice. The Artist field seems to be used for the guy who specifically worked on the track for the most part (generally the main composer of the soundtrack), while the Composer field is used to list every composer whose music was featured in the track. Take for instance “Canto Bight” from TLJ; in the
  4. Not sure if this is any sort of motif that can be found anywhere else, but I noticed this figure that shows up in both these tracks: (1:09) (1:44) EDIT: It might actually just be an underlying counterpoint to the show’s main theme. Either way, those two spots are the same.
  5. No need to be snarky. I did a Google image search with the .jpeg you posted; no other results showed up for me.
  6. Where’d you find that? I’m not seeing the image anywhere else online.
  7. Ah, makes sense. I may drop JW from the artist field for that track in my personal library then, just so I know who actually worked on what.
  8. Apple Music lists Empire Recruitment (1M9) as also being Williams. Based on the fact that the other tracks Powell mentioned line up with Apple Music (“John Powell & John Williams” or in the case of 1M8, just “John Williams”), should we perhaps assume that Williams did in fact had a hand in 1M9 as well?
  9. Eh, I don’t think so. Seems to me they just listed “John Williams” for the main tracks where his music from the other films is reprised. Not quite the LSO; it was a London studio orchestra (which of course featured some players from the LSO).
  10. Yep, weird not to see a single Williams score there. Honestly, his list is kind of a joke.
  11. I think the article was mistaken on that. I think I definitely heard some live brass in this new episode (from non-tracked-in stuff).
  12. https://variety.com/2020/music/news/mandalorian-music-composer-ludwig-goransson-interview-1234819443/
  13. Apologies if I missed this, but do we know for sure whether or not this season will have weekly soundtracks like last time? As in, should we expect a soundtrack late tonight? I’m hoping so.
  14. “Casper’s Lullaby” is one of my all-time favorite Horner tracks. The theme's appearances throughout “‘No Sign of Ghosts’” and “The Lighthouse - Casper & Kat” are exquisite as well.
  15. The transition from E.T. to Gone with the Wind in particular has always struck me as so perfect. It sounds almost like a continuation of E.T. till a few notes later, due to the opening two notes of the GwtW theme having the same upward leap motion.
  16. This is one of my all-time favorite JW motifs. I remember back in mid-2015 listening to that section in "The Quidditch Match," and thinking about how all I ever wanted is a SW sequel score that features that. Then TLJ came along and my dream came true!
  17. How about the aptly-titled "Pirates!" from The Pagemaster, by Horner? Some Korngold (Sea Hawk?) might do nicely as well.
  18. Why did they wait till the day after it won an Emmy to announce this?
  19. Who exactly is this Nami Melumad person and why is MG working with her?
  20. "Can't cut corners with Star Wars." Pretty sure TCW and Rebels are Star Wars, and they regularly used samples.
  21. Pretty sure at least some of it (if not all) is sampled(?).
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