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  1. I really don't see Cavill or Hardy playing Bond just because they are way too well known. I can see Richard Madden, Taron Egerton. Or Phil Dunster.
  2. It’s funny how critics like to point out when a Williams score isn’t instantly memorable while praising any other sound design-y score by other composers.
  3. I thin everything is Williams except trailerized later by someone else.
  4. It's supposed to be the track "Godzilla!" From Alexandre Desplat and starting at 0:36.
  5. Definitely not a temp track, nor a big big similarity but I spotted it right away when my playlist launched the Godzilla! cue lol
  6. Has this been posted anywhere? I know it probably doesn’t belong in that thread but don’t want to create a new one if it’s old news.
  7. That's not what I said and that's not how I think about scores . It's my first post in this topic since the score has been released and I love reading different opinions on scores. It's actually fascinating to read everyone's opinion in here and you can feel the passion revolving around the LOTR scores and movies. But I would love for us not to be too judgmental with each other just because we like a specific score or not. Completely agree on this!
  8. Does it sound like shore? No. Is it as good as the LOTR scores? No. Was there any chance the answer to these two questions would be yes? No. Does it make this score bad? No. I find this score to be very very solid and I would gladly sign for every TV show, hell, even most of movies to have such quality material. Sure we can debate about the sound mix and the most modern colors here and there. But we are clearly listening to something that was well prepared and well thought out. I will wait for the show to see how it works in context. I was highly skeptical when I first heard the two themes released a while ago but I’m in a way more positive state of mind now that I listened to the whole album. It’s not perfect for sure but still. I think McCreary did a good job on this one (way WAY better than in Foundation). Of course and despite saying the contrary, they are trying to sell this show as part of the same vein as the Peter Jackson movies. But it’s not. We just have to accept it’s not and judge everything on its own. Im optimistic about the music treatment. And very very cautiously optimistic for the show despite some eye rolling stuff I saw in the trailers.
  9. It cannot solve the screenplay but that 4K release at least solved one major issue with the movie and it's way more acceptable look-wise now.
  10. Hated Dunkirk and Tenet. Basically I don’t like Nolan when he is the only one writing. however I am still interested in this one!
  11. What makes me like Loki is that it creates a singular soundscape (very much like Djawadi in Ethernals). It also switches and works well through different emotions and all. TVA first view is just perfect scoring.
  12. Just watched ep 3… I will preface this by saying I loved Loki's score and am by no mean a Nathalie Holt hater or anything. I will also say that I found Powell's score for Solo to be great so I'm not just shittalking because it's not Williams score. But wow… the music in that episode was so bad… the music itself was bored to death and so was I. How can you possibly end up with this! There's something fishy imho.
  13. Scherzo for hello there and orchestra.
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