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  1. IMO there are far worse entries in the MCU soundtracks than the efforts of Brian Tyler Agreed. They should've sticked with Silvestri in the first place…
  2. I head electronic music. Because to me, there are tunes in there. Sound design is an adjective I would give to Dunkirk or Joker. And I know lots of people would disagree and that's fine really I'm merely stating an opinion here, not trying to pass it as fact
  3. If anyone is interested, there are around 1000 concerts recorded at the Philharmonie de Paris that you can watch https://live.philharmoniedeparis.fr/Concerts.html?lang=en-US
  4. Am I the only one around here who likes the score for Social Network? I do prefer HTTYD by far but one does not prevent the other.
  5. I voted No. but this has nothing to do with current composers and their various styles. There are outstanding composers out there. I voted no because the current process of film making itself inherently prevents any great score to be written (or heard).
  6. Here is my extended list: JNH: The Hunger Games Desplat: Suburbicon Zimmer: Dunkirk Elfman: Justice League Giacchino: Incredibles Williams: Munich Powell: Knight and Day
  7. FFS can't we just discuss music around here? You like a composer, there is a work you can't listen to, you list it. Listing between 1 to 3 works is fine! But of course if you can't listen to 90% of a composer's output then maybe you don't actually like that composer
  8. The closer I get to night time, the worse my english becomes. I'll update accordingly!
  9. I’ll start. James Newton Howard: I like a lot of his works but I can’t listen to any of the Hunger Games Score. They bore me to death. Funnily enough, I cannot say why though
  10. I knew and I preordered it BTW there is a great comparison here: https://www.hdnumerique.com/dossiers/904-test-4k-ultra-hd-blu-ray-gattaca.html
  11. I hope to see something about the music https://arte-magazine.arte.tv/press-kit/1821 Lame Google translate below:
  12. I'm not yet a true JWFANer in a sense that I won't do it but… I thought of creating a thread called "To whom will John Williams lose his next Oscar?"
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