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  1. As for me here is what I have https://www.avforums.com/reviews/panasonic-dp-ub820-review.15619
  2. Even though I’m only 27 and I am a tech guy, I have a 4K BR player and a BR collection for one reason. When Netflix and all inevitably shut down, people will look back at their 10 years of subscription at 16€/month. They’ll realize it amounts to around 1920€ for owning NOTHING. Now you’ll ask: why would Netflix collapse? The industry is trying to mimick the success of Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Tidal etc. But almost everything is the same on these platforms to the point where you can pay only a small amount and get all the music you want. Now we have Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, Peacock and whatever else is being created right now. Each service recalling there content to the point where you will have to pay for all of them if you want the convenience of being able to watch whatever movie you want. At the end of the day, It’ll go back to being as expansive as buying BR. So I suspect people will massively go back to illegal download, sadly. And this is why I think this business model of subscription won’t last. On a personal note, I’d rather pay the same price for a physical Blu-ray than for countless subscription For music though I’m sticking with deezer and I hope the music industry won’t do the same as the movie.
  3. Maybe Keanu must keep long hair and mustache by contract between John wick’s movies...
  4. Featuring a full orchestra ? What for ? Joke aside, if there are people interested, there’s nothing wrong I even think it’s a good idea as it’c continuing the trend of LTP concert.
  5. 00:03 to 00:13 might have been temped with… 00:00 to 00:08
  6. I wish John Williams was at the Philarmonie De Paris on that day 😂
  7. Indeed! Though I hope the pieces won’t be buried under the sound design
  8. Ah! I’m glad I took cat1 tickets then it helps that I have a subscription at the philharmonie de Paris so every ticket is then cheaper.
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