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  1. Hans Zimmer: Conducting Howard Shore: Conducting + photo + autograph Dany Elfman: Conducting + autograph James Newton Howard: Conducting Joe Hisaishi: Conducting Alexandre Desplat: Conducting And last but not least, JOHN WIL…DIRK BROSSÉ! I gave up on ever seing John Williams, let alone conducting. What I would truly love is for John Powell to come to France conduct 2 concerts, one of his film music and one of his Prussian requiem.
  2. I might join, sporting my worst french accent, of course
  3. As everyday shows, we sadly live in a world where people take opinions as facts, and facts as opinion.
  4. Age is not a concern, at all. Ford can play Jones as long as he wants, as long as he's able. However, I do have an issue with movie that refuses to let their character grow old. So, I don't want a 80 years old Ford act and play and do stunts as if he's in his mid 30… This is where things get ridiculous. It would be way more interesting to see what an actual 80 years old indiana jones can do
  5. When this concert was made available on streaming platform, I remember catching error in Star Wars main title and finding the tempo to slow for my taste on imperial march. I can now say in hindsight I have finally changed my mind. While I can still spot issues here and there, I can also recognise how rich sounding this recording is. I have a hard time not to smile listening to these pieces. So yeah, there are mistakes but I can now confidently say I don't care.
  6. Liked the movie (though bellow Inside Out and Coco imho). As for the score I found it to work perfectly.
  7. Happy new year 🥳 https://youtu.be/VKjFjFtKBRI
  8. Checked again... still costs an arm and a leg to ship it to France 🙃
  9. I think so far he only composed for Kaamelott (Tv Show) and two movies: I know he studied here https://www.asmm.fr/en/ but other than that I haven’t been following him as a composer but more as a screenwriter and director
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