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  1. It was perfect as is 🤩 I recognized some fellow JWFAN member in the crowd.
  2. In about 9 hours, I’m going to see John Williams conduct an orchestra. Something I had started to think would never happen after London.
  3. Everyone have a great time! My flight takes off in an hour or so, see you tomorrow for anyone who will attend 🙂
  4. Flying to Berlin tomorrow (from France ). I CANNOT FUCKING WAIT
  5. So I just wanted to download the visitor form as indicated in the email: But the link they provided no longer works. Also, going to this page: https://www.berliner-philharmoniker.de/en/concerts/visiting-information/ it makes no mention of such requirements. have things changed?
  6. Loved the big old orchestral score of the first two seasons. Can’t wait to see how it goes in season 3!
  7. I wouldn't mind seeing Williams at the Philharmonie de Paris
  8. Just gave it one listen. It's neither bad nor good it left me unimpressed but not necessarily disappointed either. I think I'll watch the show then give it more listen.
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