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  1. https://www.engadget.com/netflix-hans-zimmer-extended-ta-dum-intro-animation-123546424.html
  2. This. I can barely listen to any piece with Mutter. No matter how talented she is. I'm just not into classical stuff like this. Nonetheless, haven't listen to the stream, patiently waiting for the Blu-ray
  3. Yes this year was complete trash I don’t understand given it was so much better other year. This year the music had no relations with each other and was not synchronized with the firework. I guess it was a rush job due to COVID...
  4. This year concert is ongoing : https://www.francetvinfo.fr/france/14-juillet/direct-festivites-du-14-juillet-regardez-le-grand-concert-de-paris-et-le-feu-d-artifice-depuis-la-tour-eiffel_4044843.html As last year, no Williams music for the concert but who knows for the fireworks
  5. My god... the level of energy, of skills, of precision and of passion of his craft you can see in this video. 🤩
  6. https://www.thedigitalfix.com/film/home-releases-news/middle-earth-20th-anniversary-4k-blu-ray/
  7. This time, JPC refund 4€. Maybe by the time the Blu-ray is out it’ll be free 😂
  8. Introducing the beginning of Rey's Theme 0:44 - 0:49
  9. Rogue Nation > Ghost Protocol > M: I 3 > M: I 1 > M: I 2 > Fallout
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