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  1. I’m usually not against trailer music as it’s a style in itself. But that one was boooooring.
  2. Sorry to bump this thread but just a heads up that the concert re-appeared on YouTube They also posted one other concert. (I don't think it deserve its own thread)
  3. It would be damn time Haab got something more than video game Star Wars to score!
  4. Yup I saw that but realistically there is so little chance of this happening. I’ve had a subscription to the Philharmonie for several years and rarely do they add new concert during the year. I would gladly be proven wrong of course.
  5. TBH I thought FB1 was a decent and fun movie with lots of things to like. I would’ve been happy with a franchise of similar movies. But I just can’t process how bad the second entry was. Felt like I was watching a book.
  6. This video got me on the hype train. However, is it me or are VFX noticeably worse than in the two previous entires?
  7. https://notredameonfire.org/en https://www.imdb.com/title/tt12264966/ Score by Simon Franglen
  8. A ton of reasons: • More directors like when the music is barely there. Their movie should work without it. • Sound design-y scores are way easier to cut, past (and butcher) as the movie is getting re cut infinitely. • There is a trend of such scores. • It sometimes requires less musicians in an orchestra. •etc
  9. There are shots that feel like the hobbit and others that feel like LoTR, we'll see
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