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  1. I'm listening in lossless on a pair of Yamaha HS5 and it feels more "open" than other JNH scores to me. Though maybe it's just me reacting overly positive because it's the first time in a year that we get a new score that's not built around fake-instruments ostinatos and loops. To me, there is a clearer distinction between instruments too. EDIT: but again, I just started listening so I might change opinion
  2. I just started listening to the album and ok I'm in. I can't judge the music yet but THE RECORDING. That suite is so well recorded. It's not the tipycal JNH score sound (not that his other recordings are bad) but this one is lovely.
  3. Now that I saw the movie, I gave a proper thorough listen to "Kaamelott Part 1" by Alexandre astier. The score worked realy well in the movie and was decently mixed too. The thematic ideas developed make sense and I can't wait to see what he oes in Part 2 and PArt 3
  4. The percussion + voice at the end of the first track is realy nice. The rest of it I don't like but that's fine
  5. That final trailer did nothing for me. Still going to see the movie because I'm intrigued to say the least
  6. I can't stand the PR bullshit of these videos "It's like anything you've seen before". Yeah. Sure.
  7. I’m glad I watched this thread. I now have a while to convince my brain that this is mutt. I won’t spend the entire runtime of the movie trying to be convinced.
  8. I like Lockington scores! Was just trying to say I'm "surprised" he's not scoring this, given he seems to be scoring all adventure/fun movies with The Rock.
  9. Looks like this is the typical Andrew Lockington type of movie 😄 let’s see what JNH brings.
  10. I fully intend to see it 🙂
  11. I don’t know anything about Dune so that might be fitting but. When I look at this trailer I’m like “Yay another desaturated sci-fy film”. I.WANT.COLORS 😂
  12. 2:18 -> 2:32 ( and to 2:47 but then it's not a short musical moment )
  13. Can't wait for this "Epic sci-fy fantasy" in desaturated colors, slow-motion and sound-design-y score!
  14. Wait. Has anyone been announced for Matrix 4 ? Davis hasn’t been asked but could still be, right?
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