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Found 21 results

  1. The title says it all. I was just going through some of my Powell collection, and I was taken by just how good so much of it is. Just about all of the scores of his I've heard retain their excitment and interest time and time again. I won't say his scores are perfect or perfectly consistant...but there's more interesting music in your average Powell album than just about any other composer working today. No one can touch him action-wise nowadays. The man actually uses strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion in ways that sound individually conceived. He can have 5 different interesting things goi
  2. If you watched Battlestar Galactica or The Sarah Connor Chronicles, you might recognize this guy. I think he does a great job. Anyone else buy his albums for Battlestar Galactica? He also does an admirable theme for Sarah Connor Chronicles but that's unreleased.
  3. CINEMASCORE COMBINED HORNER ARTICLES http://jameshorner-filmmusic.com/cinemascore-combined-horner-articles/ We’d like to thank Randall D. Larson and Steven Simak in their seminal efforts to bring the insights and experiences of film composers to the small but dedicated public that appreciates film music. These early looks into the career of one of Hollywood’s best known and prolific composers are a treasure, and we are grateful they have allowed us to republish their works of yesteryear. COCOON (OR EMOTION) BY JAMES HORNER http://jameshorner-filmmusic.com/cocoon-or-emotion-by-james-horner/ In
  4. Recent posts have shown me that there are people here who truly like his music. Even if it's not all of it. This thread is to discuss his music properly, rather than just arguments or mentions or small side discussions in different threads. Talk about your favorite scores, cues, or anything else. I think the main problem on this forum is that people criticize what they don't know. Hans has so much good music that no one discusses. It's always the bad, and rarely the good, sometimes the ugly His non-action scores are brilliant, and I think those barely get discussion here.
  5. Thomas Newman has been confirmed to be scoring Pixar's 2014 movie "The Good Dinosaur", as confirmed by Film Music Reporter, which I am about to quote. But pay attention to the part I bolded http://filmmusicreporter.com/2013/03/15/thomas-newman-to-score-pixars-the-good-dinosaur/ What the heck is the other major film he is scoring this year?
  6. Here's a lengthy interview with Danny Elfman where he discusses his whole career http://www.buzzinemusic.com/interviews/music-interview-danny-elfman-tim-burton-25th-anniversary-music-box-grammy-museum-06122011 Note there's 3 pages
  7. So, a friend gave me a copy of an old Intrada CD "Hider in the House" for my birthday... and it's breathtaking. After listening to it and doing a little forum-digging, I came to the realization that Young isn't really discussed much here. Anyway, without further ado, I'll do what I can to alleviate this deficiency. A clip from Hider in the House: "Birth of Sandman" from Spider-Man 3: "Concerto to Hell" from Drag Me to Hell:
  8. He didn't have an official thread and I wanted to post this fairly recent video interview with Burlingame. I'll probably be the only one to ever bump this thread, haha. Me and @Marian Schedenig appear to be the biggest fans of his on the board. Randy Newman Interviewed by Jon Burlingame from Patrick Russ on Vimeo.
  9. Emile Mosseri is an exciting up-and-coming composer with an entirely unique and well-developed voice of his own, combining influences from Morricone, Glass, Nyman, and Elfman (he's cited Edward Scissorhands as a favourite in this interview) with a background in indie rock to not only fashion fascinating soundscapes, but also to employ pared-down ensembles and traditional instrumentation in a way that is both cognizant of prior methods and yet still very fresh. He's the latest in a line of composers whose varied musical experiences have allowed them to form their own synthesis between tried and
  10. Well it's definitely been a busy last few years for Mr. Silvestri! I addition to scoring new films Captain America, The Avengers, Flight, The Croods, and Red 2, there have also been a lot of re-issues, expansions, and world premieres of some of his older scores: On 2011-09-20, 1990's Young Guns II had its world premiere on Intrada Records. On 2011-11-02, 1987's Overboard had its world premiere on Music Box Records On 2012-03-06, 1987's Predator was finally given the definitive, unlimited treatment from Intrada Records. On 2012-05-14, 1986's Clan Of The Cave Bear was
  11. He, if I need to keep my LOTR talk limited to one thread then ?-man can do all his Michael Giacchino praising in here, were I'm not bothered by it. Comments, complaints? indysolo@comcast.net Stefancos-
  12. There's so many threads with Giacchino love and ZImmer love on this forum I thought it wouldn't be out of line to start a Desplat thread. The funny thing about Desplat is how his music has grown on me. When I first heard his stuff, it was while reviewing Hostage for FSM years back. I thought he had a good style but perhaps a little melodramatic for that film. I said at the time that his music would have fit a comic book film very well though. The Painted Veil was the next score I heard and I became more interested but, like a few here, I was left a little cold by his music- like I enjoyed it o
  13. I was surprised to find out that there wasn't an official thread for this musical genius that (in my opinion) is just as good as Williams, if not slightly better... What are your opinions on this awesome composer and what are your favorite pieces? Personally, I'd like to start with something practically unknown from him. Not his best of course, but a truly funny piece!
  14. Alright, I figure this guy needs his own thread. The one thread that is all about JNH and his music. We need a place that is centralized and not scattered throughout several threads. Case-in-point, the "What's the best JNH theme" thread is already starting to morph into something else, and I'm afraid we're going to lose a lot of great debate and study. This way, we can go off on a tangent, and everything is still in one place. So, hopefully we, as fans, can gather here and talk about his scores, in detailed analysis, and discuss upcoming pojects and their potential (like Lady in the Water, to
  15. Welcome to the Official Miklos Rozsa Thread! Here, we can appreciate the beauty and craft of one of the 20th Century's great composers. Perhaps the the music theory experts among us can increase our understanding of the intricacies of Rozsa's concert and film works. To start things off, here is a recording of Elmer Bernstein conducting Rozsa's suite from "Plymouth Adventure." The piece starts off with a rather rousing rendition of a period hymn, before transitioning into a romantic sequence, based on first a heartfelt, passionate melody (one of Rozsa's best, I think), and then
  16. Chris Lennertz has been one of my favorite composers for awhile now, but he has only recently become more popular in Hollywood and among the film score community. I'm afraid he was instantly typecasted into doing awful family films, but his occasional video game score gives him room to breath and compose some really awesome stuff. Some of you may have heard from either here of FSM (I know a thread was posted), but he has a section on his website entitled "For A Good Cause" in which he asks his fans to donate some money to a charitable cause in return for an autographed promo of one of his sco
  17. It surprises me there never was a Howard Shore thread...
  18. His name is Abel Korzeniowski. He is a polish composer, he has done a few well-received scores here and now he has been making his way in the US. So far he's been working on rather small-budget/independent movie, but his latest project, Tom Ford's A Single Man , mainly due to Colin Firth's award-winning role, may earn some recognition, and so may the music (it's already mentioned as a possible contender for the award season this fall). Korzeniowski's style is minimalistic when it comes to melodic lines, but at the same time he doesn't refrain from using rich orchestral palette. Here are some
  19. O.K. The guy deserves his own. He's the next Giacchino, who is the next John Williams. So basically HE IS John Williams. I just actually really want to know what's going on with the Mercenaries 2 score. It's not up on iTunes yet.
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