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  1. My post is not a political post - I am not expressing a political position or expressing political views. My post is discussing a reviewer which is pertinent as that is literally the point of this thread. With that said CC of filmtracks announced an endorsement of Joe Biden. https://www.filmtracks.com/ (See front page) I am immensely disappointed. Not because of who he endorsed but because he endorsed somebody. This really is outrageous. What next, my elevator technician solemnly announcing an endorsement? That he felt the need to do this is t
  2. I think the main theme constantly accompanies Hero as he goes about his business. I took it to represent him.
  3. Some of these don't seem intuitive but I can see the overall logic.
  4. I saw the movie. It's pretty dull. But the score is good. I could easily recognize the themes. Hero's theme is nearly constant. It opens the End Credits suite. GHW's theme is also played whenever she appears. I will listen to the full score tomorrow.
  5. He absolutely made a mistake there or mis-spoke. I am aware of this exchange on Vero. It is incorrect. The actual trailer they released is in 1.33. So I think the movie is either 1.43 or 1.33 - we need to see when it releases. But most definitely not 1.66.
  6. I actually think it is has a lot of variety. Some standalone scene specific cues. And I might be mistaken - but I think at least a half dozen themes, probably more.
  7. A good performance of themes from Portman's Chocolat - an outstanding score.
  8. I actually think Williams might not have taken as dark an approach as Elfman. I still think it would have been slightly on the brighter side.
  9. His score for Mary Poppins Returns is outstanding. Probably the best of its year. And I mean - the main theme from The American President - damn! Talk about an all-timer classic.
  10. Here is how it looks in motion. And these days, so many TV productions have even a scene of 2 people talking with some blu screen backgrounds and voila - they are in a room with nice production design.
  11. I will actually challenge that CGI is always awful. I would infact say this - CGI is only getting better and better. How do we know this? It is increasingly getting more pervasive and insidious. In the sense, even in your regular ordinary drama movies, there is so much CGI these days to alter backgrounds and scenes and what not, it is absolutely seamless and the audience is none-the-wiser. The problem with something like The Witches is that it is so obviously impossible that her mouth would open that wide that your brain's uncanny valley reflex kicks in telling you that
  12. I just checked his tweet announcing his casting. It has just 12K likes on twitter. Oof! If this were today and he posted on Insta, he would get 5 million likes.
  13. It does have a fantastic hero theme. It just doesn't have a concert suite. You need to listen to the score to enjoy the theme. But it is there. And it is extremely memorable. How do I know this? I was doodling on the piano for some friends of mine and they are film fans but not film score films. And even they could recognize the Tintin theme when I played it for them.
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