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  1. Did notice any source music. As I noted I think most of the score is new. Indy theme is played of course multiple times.
  2. One old returns for sure - . For the others couldn't detect any other returning themes.
  3. 1. I think the vibe seemed to me to be maybe Tintin-ish and maybe even Star Wars prequel-y, in the sense it is a very busy scoring style I think. The music often lurches and pirouettes to reflect the action on screen. The raiders march does sound good. It is played at length a couple of times in the film proper. 2. Maybe a mix depending upon the set piece. THe rickshaw set piece that you've seen in the trailers should have sounded more fun but sounds a bit serious like. I could definitely hear some Tintin in there I thought. 3. There is one of those famous map transition scenes where the music plays without almost any FX. 4. Hmm. It's a Williams score. So of course I like it. I want to listen to it on album. Frankly I am more interested to hear all the villain stuff again than Helena's stuff. I think the villain themes are good.
  4. Okay quick thoughts since I know you guys are waiting End credits order is Indy fanfare for the main credits (that appear one at a time) Maybe 2-2.5 mins Helena's theme begins when the scrolling portion starts. Full suite played. Following that - seemed to be like another suite, going through as many as 4-5 themes. Most of these are sinisite / villain or macguffin themes. I think there are 2-3 villain themes and 2-3 macguffin themes. This is where the credits end, the Indy fanfare is not reprised after the villain suite. (This could be a film cue too). Some other thoughts Honest to god, score is mixed well. None of should be able to complain. I could hear it throughout, but was I paying attention to it all the time? That's a different question. Guys, I am at Cannes and let me tell you this is a very tough place to watch movies. You are always exhausted and can't always focus. Helena's theme in the score proper is frankly okay. It kinda even sounds different than the suite. There are several villainous themes as I noted above, they are good. I couldn't detect a direct Dial theme - it has some motifs for sure but I dunno if I might call it a direct theme. But then again, my mind is half shot at this point. I think there are some straight lifts from Tintin. I think the Tintin End Credits piece is ripped off for one of the set pieces. Almost note for note. B part of Indy's theme is also used. If you have any questions, I can try to answer. But I'm in screenings all day long and don't really have much of a chance to check my phone. Edit: orchestration and conducting is credited to Williams and Ross.
  5. This is not the case. She owns the IP, period. She's going to make money out of this. Love or hate her - HP Is entirely 100% her creation. So she wants creative control. Exec Producer basically mean you get to give opinions and notes and input. It may or may not be followed - but you have influence to chance the direction of the project. So of course she's gonna have that role. It is her creation afterall.
  6. it was both shaky cam, bad lighting, and editing. Like I say in the cinema starting at the screen for that entire 5 minute sequence wondering when on earth it would stop. it was comparable to Quantum of solace opening car chase in How terrible it was.
  7. agreed it looked bad. The car chase for the life of me I couldn’t make out what was going on. Terribly shot.
  8. Its worth putting money on Everything and Fabelmans. A lot of money could be made if they win.
  9. I think Babylon is vomitive trash and the score is just as bad and grating. Haven't seen All Quiet. Banshees is a decent movie but the score is milquetoast. Everything Everywhere is okay but the score is unremarkable. The Fabelmans is a masterpiece. And the music itself is superb - even though there is little of it and it is used sparingly. Who should win? Need I say it. Who will win - This is a fairly open category. I think anything apart from Banshees can win. Though All Quiet and Babylon and Everything have a better chance than Williams.
  10. i am sorry but no. A Hollywood talent’s obituary will never cite their AFI win. If they have an Academy Award you can bet your house that will be mentioned.
  11. You are thinking way too much about it. Doing interview about your work is NOT an indignity. It is often a pleasure - if you take pride in your work and Williams does. It is a sign of honor that he's on these shows. No composer besides Zimmer and some other hybrid stars are getting these interviews. And lastly - and this is an undeniable fact that people who don't work in the industry don't understand - an Academy Award is 100% consequential, desirable and it 100% matters to anyone who works in film. If they tell you otherwise they're lying. It's the biggest award in English language Cinema. It is unquestionably prestigious. There's no pretending otherwise. Awards are like currency - if it matters to the people giving and receiving it - it has value. The Oscars matter for the people who give it - the industry - and to those who recieve it - the industry. So yes, they matter and even Williams would be pleased to win another.
  12. You misunderstand how campaigns work. Some talent is definitely desperate to win an Oscar. We know Williams is not. He does not lack for Oscars. He's supporting the Fabelmans campaign. They want him out there because they maybe see an opening. Every film wants Oscar winner slapped on its cover. Fabelmans looks like its going to win almost nothing, so they are trying everything they can and think Score is a shot for them. Williams is gracious in supporting their efforts. EDIT: There's a campaign team of 10-15 on major awards film. They make all the decisions about which talent appears where and make all the bookings. It's not like Williams is calling up all these networks and setting up interviews.
  13. That has the disadvantage of having Leia's theme sandwiched in the middle. The best version of that track would have no other themes - JUST the love theme. The best version is the middle version here https://moviethemes.net/starwars.html. That has the disadvantage of having Leia's theme sandwiched in the middle. The best version of that track would have no other themes - JUST the love theme. The best version is the middle version here https://moviethemes.net/starwars.html. That has the disadvantage of having Leia's theme sandwiched in the middle. The best version of that track would have no other themes - JUST the love theme. The best version is the middle version here https://moviethemes.net/starwars.html.
  14. Gotta say - this full court press. They are definitely trying to get Williams an Oscar. This is definitely a serious campaign. Maybe they sense an opening. The other front runners are Babylon which is a hated movie. And All Quiet which is a tech giant. So maybe they think they have a shot. I'm still unconvinced Williams is really competitive this year. That's mainly down to Fabelmans being weak as well. It's now fallen to 4th or even 6th place in the Best Picture race. With the film being so weak - Williams ain't winning.
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