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  1. Ah. So basically Adagio and Beautiful Lie did not replace rejected cues? They were meant to be in there all along and Zimmer recorded versions?
  2. Do we know if Zimmer wrote an original cue for Beautiful Lie scene or was it always supposed to be Beautiful Lie?
  3. Her score for Elle 2016 is very good. The main theme is very attractive.
  4. AI for both. AI is a very sophisticated film. It is directed with real intelligence and feeling (not mutually exclusive and not a Spielberg-Kubrick either-or).
  5. I had immediately sought out the composer on watching the movie. This piece, heard once in 2008 - I have never since forgotten, it had that indelible of an impact on me. I have been so inspired by this piece of music that in a screenplay I wrote, I wrote a scene specifically as if it were cut to this cue, though my script will probably never be made into a film and even if it is, they might not want to use this cue for that scene and even if they do, perhaps they might never get the rights.
  6. Anyone heard/like his score the Oscar nominated drama Never Look Away? I think a lot of people here might like it. It is your old fashioned stirring biopic epics - unspools at over 3 hours with a mediation on history and art and love. Enlivened by Richter's score which gets to shine in many sequences bereft of Sound FX or dialog as the lead character paints. This climatic cue has been haunting me today - The beginning reminds me of Man of Steel of all things. But what follows is pretty simple and new age-y but nevertheless quite stirring when you are t
  7. https://web.archive.org/web/20140415053240/http://www.aintitcool.com/node/18753 I wonder if he wrote anything before he was let go.
  8. Troy for sure. I literally can't for the life of me can't imagine what they were thinking. Like if you just heard Yared's music you would be like that is splendid.
  9. I couldn't hum a single theme from Black Panther. Avatar's best moments are beautiful and lovely. I dislike the film but love the score.
  10. The decision has been made by the world. Those who like physical media can like it. The world has moved on. Physical media will only ever be niche collectors items etc.
  11. The title track is indeed quite good and on a fresh listen struck me as not particularly space-y. Honest to god, had you played it to me and asked me what genre of movie it was, I would have guesses a period piece.
  12. This will always remain JW's story-telling masterpiece. I feel he has never displayed better mastery of narrative than here. Every single cue is lifting the movie up - providing suspense, providing pathos, providing tension and poignancy, provider wonder and magic. The music does soooooo much of the work in this film it is absurd though the movie is magnificently directed anyways. I can understand a composer overcompensating for a bad script and direction and performances to life up the picture but for an already excellent picture, JW just hits it out of the park. The d
  13. Exactly this. And I am also going by the adage that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I found Soul's score entirely unremarkable. I firmly believe Thomas Newman would have delivered a superior score and he can do this kind of tinkling ethereal texture stuff in his sleep.
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