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  1. Kylo is the main character, Luke is a mentor figure to essentially the supporting character (Ye Rey is a supporting character in TLJ). Luke is stuck on an island and that's it. TLJ has 3-4 separate plot lines happening in several places. The Ach-To plot line is centered on Rey with Luke helping her. Kylo is ostensibly involved in all the plot lines in one way or another. I don't see Luke as the protagonist of TLJ at all.
  2. Out of all the problems I have with TLJ, I have absolutely none with Luke's portrayal at all. None whatsoever. Luke is a side character in the sequel trilogy. I think fans just have to accept that.
  3. He's all we have got right in terms of real legitimate soundtrack reviewers right? Has been on the job for over 20 years and his body of work is essentially a compendium of how to listen to and appreciate film music. I very much have time to listen to what he has to say.
  4. https://www.filmtracks.com/scoreboard/forum.cgi?read=79873&expand=1#79873 Clemensen is going to give this a split rating. He usually splits rating when he does Music as written for the film and Music as heard on the album. I think he's going to give 5 stars to the music as written for the film and 4 stars to the music as heard on the album and give it an overall 4 stars.
  5. Cavill is a non-starter. Brosnan and Moore were famous but had not been top billed in multiple 100 million dollar movies. I kinda think they absolutely have to go with a black guy or the backlash would be monumental. It won't be Idris. But I think atleast not actively considering a black Bond would be a PR disaster. Also think about it, what could be the possible upside for going with another white man? Where could the series go from there? Critics will say been there, done that, what is this franchise doing? I said the same thing about Star Wars sequel - they made a consequential change - a female Jedi hero. Without that, there would be no reason to make the sequels. Bond will for better or worse have to come into today's woke culture. There is no getting around that. Welcome to the real world folks.
  6. Credit in Hollywood MATTERS. It can make careers. And break careers. I work in a normal corporate office. And I wouldn't mind flinging it in my manager's teeth if he tried to take credit for a paltry excel sheet I had prepared. Credit where it is due. There is remuneration for work done. But it also has to be attributed to you. For the RC minions, whatever I think of their music, they deserve the credit if the composed it or contributed significantly to it. I think there isn't a composers' union or this would have been litigated long on. Think about the writer's union and the rules they put in place to protect poor writers. If you started a script, you have an inalienable right to a credit unless there is a page 1 rewrite. If you contributed to a script significantly in rewrites, you can go to arbitration and win credit. These minions deserve their credits. It will serve two purposes - god forbid someone talented emerges out of this pool and gets to have a voice. And it would expose some of the star composers for the charlatans and hacks they are. Both are necessary.
  7. Fantastic. Love the rendition of the magic theme while walking through the camp and the Family theme for Harry entering the tent is a nice touch. I think this is really driving home the fact that the thematic foundation of the first 3 films was so strong and continuing with the thematic material would have paid such rich dividends later on in the franchise. These themes could definitely grow up and mature with the characters. What a missed opportunity the film-makers had. Even if they could not get Williams, they should have kept his themes.
  8. I actually thought of Knights of Ren theme for Death Eaters. And the Wayfinder motif for the horcruxes. And the trio theme for.... well, the trio! And the victory theme for the order of the phoenix.
  9. What is happening guys? The forum seems to be getting hacked and attacked repeatedly.
  10. You are describing the Hollywood model largely. For some auteur films from Europe and other parts of the world, the movie can be said to be the singular vision of a single mind. Sure you have other people doing the actual work but every single thing in the frame is absolutely 100% the director's choice through and through without any intervention of any kind from anybody. Also happens in Hollywood but is much rarer.
  11. Zimmer is not even a composer. He's basically a publicist representing the cabal of minions that will actually create the noise pollution for the film - also sometimes gaslit as a 'musical score'. He will just be the face of it - the charlatan that sells their nonsense to the eagerly awaiting world.
  12. why not? If they want to do a grand series saga, that seems like the logical starting point since it is the start of well, everything.
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