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  1. I have a feeling Hildur is going to win the presidency in November. At this point, she's as good a bet as Elizabeth Warren.
  2. Godalmighty! So young! What all he could have done. Damn. RIP
  3. Titanic has a proper score. Zhivago is just Lara's theme applied like ketchup. Its a very treacly theme - maudlin in the extreme. Jarre arguably had a superior main theme as heard in the main title but that is chucked to the side for the kitsch of the Lara's theme which appears nearly in every scene - or that is what it seems like.
  4. The script is the biggest liability. It is essentially a teenage level YA script. But the technical accomplishment of the movie is hard to argue with. It is absolutely a technical marvel. And the score is stirring indeed.
  5. I know it well, but I mean more in Clint's later directing phase - after Unforgiven.
  6. Also the list is basically - let me pick my 2 fav compoers and then my top 10 favs after that and then 14 others I like. Randomly pick 3 concert suites for 2 fav, 2 each for Top 10 and the other 14 get only 1 each. Even his list was a hackjob - made in 8 minutes, perhaps longer than it took to write some of his scores!
  7. : O JW scoring a Clint film! That would have been divine.
  8. I love the theme and hate the song go figure. But the theme is genuinely outstanding.
  9. Imagine this - Star Trek which came out in 1979 used an Overture! It had the magisterial Ilia's Theme - one of Goldsmith's very best themes - unfurling in all its glory before the main title. There is more than enough material for JW to work with to provide Overtures. But then again the opening chord is so iconic, I think part of the effect of the music is that it is the very thing you hear everytime - honestly what can compare? I agree with above that in this case the main title itself functions as the overture as it is not an actual title - there are no credits on scree - just the movie name and some text.
  10. Not many directors are in the market to purchase what Williams is selling. To be completely honest, I doubt very many people are asking JW to score their films. First, he's too expensive. Second, he will take his time. They can't do a hack job with him. They will have to give him the film months in advance in and give him time to write the score. Third, he will not do demos for you? Are you fucking kidding. Williams obviously reached that milestone decades ago but obviously nobody is going to dare ask JW to write demos before he is hired. Fourth, You cannot reject a Williams score. You will have to take what you get. He will make changes for sure but for the most part, he's written what he's written. Fifth, His score will most definitely not be a wallpaper. He is NOT going to give you suites to edit into your film as you want. He's going to honest to god score it with individuals cues for individual music. Sixth, his music will not disappear into the background. It will most definitely make its presence felt and will affect the scenes it is in. Seventh, it will likely be a "bigger" score than these film-makers are used to. There will be multiple themes etc. which will have to be placed right and the score will have to be properly handled. Eight, you will likely hear the score proper on the day you record it. For all the reasons, I think newer film-makers are intimidated. They want gutter trash trailer music garbage soundscape suites that they can demos of, play on set, cut the movie to and then apply in the background as needed. No headache. Who's going to do a spotting session? And wait for the score for months? Without demos? And who's going to do a complex edit of getting the score in and potentially re-editing the movie, and redoing the mix etc. etc. Basically, it is beyond the skill, capability or ambition of these film-makers to actually work John Williams to create a score for their films.
  11. Isn't it mostly just concert arrangements? It's basically theme tracks or main titles or end titles for the most part. Hans picked these because he composes just those - the demos. He does not actually seem to actually "score" any scenes with scene specific music or variation or adaptation or anything of the like.
  12. Violin solo that would make Anne-Sophie Mutter blush! The second one is memorable in context. Scores a scene of celebratory survival sex between the two leads. Can't place the first one.
  13. Absolutely none of these are losses. So I am glad we did not miss out on anything great. This indeed is a loss. I do agree I would love to see Williams write an all out sword and sandals score. You just know it will be great. Maybe they think to hire him from the upcoming Cleopatra flm? But no, they will probably get Hans.
  14. He again wrote most of the score without watching the entire movie!
  15. Here is the love theme for Geralt and Yennefer, 2 of the 3 main characters - OST 25. And here is a song rendition of the theme - Her Sweet Kiss (OST 7) It is quite a catchy theme.
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