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  1. I think the 2016 might be a reference the trailerized ZOMGZ EPIC CHOIR version of Vader's theme.
  2. Jesus at least another opportunity to score a non blockbuster for Gia. He rarely scores straight dramas which is kinda bizarre to me.
  3. It’s pretty tame if you’re worried about that.
  4. Gia's music seems to be getting simpler and simpler and simpler.
  5. I saw Crimes of the future. His score is quite good. Where is the release?
  6. My first reaction is that it is banal and unmemorable, like main Solo theme.
  7. I still find dust unconvincing, and mist and smoke unconvincing, fire too many times, waves and waterfalls. Basically anything that consists of trillions of little particles, still hasn't reached the right level of realism. CGI is strange to me. Even something release yesterday like Doctor Strange looks like shit to me. I just think movies rush too much these days. There is too much of an assembly line thing going on to really perfect effects these days. I can't think of a recent movie where the effects impressed me. Dune might be one. And then what else? Maybe the first Doctor Strange in some scenes.
  8. Well hee wrote the main title right? That’s bound to be released. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/obi-wan-kenobi-composer-creating-score-disney-star-wars-series-1235140180/
  9. I LOVE classical music. But I do find pop music too simplistic.
  10. These interviews are always so cringe. They never know what to ask a composer.
  11. I don’t think that’s a fair charge. I think he gave a rave review to Tron legacy, a score which is on the electronic spectrum. i agree with his worldview fundamentally in the sense that I do think a film should be scored rather have suites applied like wallpaper.
  12. It is certainly a believable recreation of the Viking era. But as I say in my review, it perhaps comes at the expense of dramatic potency. Okay, I appreciate seeing these recreations of historical ceremonies. But are you also moving the story forward? - would be my concern. I feel Eggers slightly overegged this pudding with research. I still recommend seeing it on the big screen though.
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