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  1. The Ludlows is one of the best pieces Horner ever wrote. Just based on that LotF. but this is a surprisingly strong list of scores.
  2. We Have All the Time in the World - wow. What a great idea to revive that - one of favorite Bond themes.
  3. This should be a doozy. I didn’t like the second film but JNH still came up with great stuff. He’s clearly very inspired by this franchise. Most awaited score of next year.
  4. if it were one 5 hour movie, they should have shot it like lotr, all at the same time. That they shot it like 2 separate movies means at least they think of it as two standalone films though apparently no one else does.
  5. LOTR has natural breaks in the story. It was even released as 3 separate books and still is. Dune has no such breaks in the story. The breaking up of the book into two pieces is completely arbitrary and unnatural. So there's a difference.
  6. My friend if you are asking for 8 hours to do a single book, you want to make a miniseries, not a movie.
  7. i genuinely think Elfman’s Batman theme can’t be improved upon. It’s futile to try.
  8. i think Gia himself introduced it as such calling it his main Batman theme.
  9. I still fail to see how this is a good theme. Sounds like a direct theft of Imperial March cords.
  10. Let's just I don't trust Denis' judgement when it comes to length. He cut 1 hour out of his original cut of BR2049???? I might missed that because the film as released is stupidly long by at least 40 minutes if not more. Even Ridley Scott called it needlessly long and he wrote the damn story! A result of not filming the whole novel is that there is a chance of a devastating humiliation for Denis if Part 2 is not green-lit. So overall I am not sure his length gambits have really paid off.
  11. That's not really a answer right. I would reckon if you would give 5 hours, ANYONE could do the book. The challenge of cinema and film-making is that is it NOT 5 hours 99.99% of the time. And you have to use all your art and creativity to do it in 3 hours. So why couldn't Denis do it in 3 hours? He would at least have the chance to do the full book. And then could make sequels based on other books.
  12. Harry Potter established that there was a dedicated audience with 6 hit movies before it decided to split a book. twilight did it after 3 movies. Isn’t Dune arrogant for doing it with the first book itself,? What happens if the second isn’t green lit? Wouldn’t that be a devastating failure?
  13. Let me rephrase the question. Why does the book have to be done in 2 movies. Why can't it be done in one long movie?
  14. Can anybody make a valid case as to why this couldn't be a single 3 hour movie? It would still have 50% more screen time than the David Lynch movie. What is the affirmative case for why this absolutely had to be filmed in 2 parts?
  15. That’s a big endorsement. Though honest to god he was paid to do it. He makes money if the movie is a hit, so he’s not going to bash it. I’d take that with a grain of salt.
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