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  1. Both poor choices. Dunkirk??? Yikes! And yes Toy Story 3 is a masterpiece. I still remember the experience I had in the theater - I was crying my eyes - like actual watery tears - safe behind my enormous iMax 3D glasses- telling myself, these are pieces of plastic, what are you so sad about? Get over yourself!
  2. Main titles are not one offs. Main title is typically the main theme of the film. That is how it worked in classic cinema. These days we don’t have 2-3 min main titles. More like 10-15 second main titles. So composers have to quickly state their main theme and move on. i like jnh’s main title but I think it is a failure on his part that he couldn’t work his main theme into the main title. That’s one of the Reasons why his great main theme hasn’t achieved any popularity. so I guess the answer to your question is tradition and unity, a structurally sound score will state the main theme up front and then build on it throughout the score. edit: Also he did end up writing something original for it.
  3. The lyrical theme is carried too slow but the opening is fantastic and spot on.
  4. It does. An article in an official industry publication - Screen/THR/Variety/Deadline/Wrap is as good as a press release.
  5. Oh there have been several. The Baby Yoda-Rey sex scene was terrifying.
  6. You won’t see a lot of big crowd scenes in this movie due to covid, script being adjusted says Indiana Jones 5 producer
  7. If anything, TLJ if not quite anti-feminist movie, did not quite do a lot for the cause of female protagonists. I actually think Rian Johnson absolutely failed the character of Rey. For me the sequel trilogy has only and only one reason to exist - its actual story is crap - so the only reason for it to exist - is that it is a star wars trilogy with a female lead. JJ and KK started on that path with TFA. But... Johnson in his quest to subvert things undid it all. The protagonist of TLJ is Kylo not Rey. Kylo is a great complex character and involved in all the overarching stories. Rey is caught in a side subplot and intersects with the main story only fleetingly at the end. So Rohnson took the female lead and stuck her away for most of the movie. I think of that such a grievous offense that all of the other female characters do not make up for it. And I think Johnson so changed the balance of the trilogy that he did irreparable damage to the sequel trilogy's reputation as one being with a female protagonist. You can see in Rise of Skywalker, they are desperately trying to course correct and set up Rey as the protagonist but it doesn't quite work. So I actually think rather than helping the cause of female protagonists, TLJ did damage to it. Because of the inordinate focus of that movie on Kyle, the sequel trilogy feels like it is more Kylo's story than Rey's.
  8. Talking about main titles, what would a JNH Harry Potter main titles sound like
  9. I think it needs to be said over and over - JNH's fantastic beasts score is an absolute masterpiece and 1 of the great scores of the past decade. It is an absolute triumph.
  10. Damn. That’s called A B testing. We do it all the time in marketing. What a horrible way to choose a movie score. But given the situation, at least they went with data. Though I would have done more screenings. Maybe have had 5 parallel screenings to pick the right score. Or to heck with it, release it as a second track on DVD. Why wouldn’t they do that? It’s already mixed and ready to go.
  11. What a great video. What a luxury - having over a dozen themes at your disposal - that you can try different themes. I actually think a haunted eerie children's choir version of the main theme would have been a better candidate though I do love the current main title. His own main theme version was not good. It is bizarre that he would even think about using Jacob's theme for the main title. WTF?
  12. Fixed! Haven't seen triumph of the will yet, but 300 is indeed a formal masterpiece.
  13. I haven't see the film in a long time so the order of the events in the story might be muddy in my mind.
  14. Let's put it this way. If I were summarizing and telling the story of IB to someone, my description of that sequence would come 2/3rds of my way through the telling. In story-telling, not all parts are equal. Some parts carry more weight. Some earlier parts are necessary to set up the story but it is often the later dramatic events that leave the most lasting impression.
  15. i have a friend who’s worse. He does not want to hear even my opinion of a movie or show he hasn’t seen yet because he fears that will color his own opinion before he even sees it. i haven’t seen the film since it came out, maybe that’s why I remember it that way. The films we internalize are not the same films that we have seen.
  16. He can. Pity he can't act though.
  17. They did that too. Hollywood is full of tricks. Don't believe what you see on screen kids. And not only that, almost all stunts were done by a stuntman. Except the close-ups stuff where they need the actor in shot.
  18. He's naturally big and broad. And he's taller than Cavill. So its imaginable Cavill would feel that way. Ben was also in good shape no doubt. But they still used CGI.
  19. They CGI's Affleck's body. No reason they can't do the same to Pattinson.
  20. They are. That entire photoshoot is. But Pattinson is a good actor.
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