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  1. I didn't like it that much to be honest. I feel a little disappointed. I am not really convinced I bought Ansel in the role. I think his singing is good enough in context I guess. The movie I found to be too long and a bit boring overall. They say updated but I didn't find it to be that updated at all. I will noodle over it a bit more.
  2. If Fablemans has wrapped, I think they could get a workable cut to Williams by Feburary. So he could start with that. Indiana Jones he might start end of next year or even early 2023.
  3. Pardon me but this is an outrageous comparison.
  4. Not to get all political but there are relatively fewer female composers getting big, juicy, scoring gigs. And this is undoubtedly a big scoring gig - a megahit adult fantasy show for Netflix. Don't know why they didn't just keep her. I am sure she would have liked to come back, I really doubt she's getting assignments as big as this in scale and reach.
  5. Listening to them one after the other confirms it - Elfman's Theme > Horner's Theme > Gia's Theme
  6. So thankfully at least some of the main themes are returning even with a new composer. Specially Geralt's theme and the main theme. I think the main theme is a keeper. It is a very good theme. Full soundtrack coming Dec 17, same day as the series, it will have 32 tracks and an hour 42 minutes of music. Jaskier will perform 3 new songs.
  7. I was listening to a podcast and they said the exact same thing that people in this thread are saying. The podcasters LOVED the movie and they hated Ansel. They made the same point - the film is being sold on the name of Steven Speilberg, Tony Kushner and the pedigree and prestige of the original. The ENTIRE cast is newbies and fresh faces, from the musical theatre scene and ALL getting acclaim. The film is not being sold on Ansel's name at all. In fact they are almost hiding him. So why then did Speilberg hire Ansel? He could have literally had his pick from the rooster of the brilliant young talents on broadway. Like he could have gotten anybody. A guy who can sing and dance in a heartbeat. Why was the need to get Ansel in this part? Why?
  8. What is the benchmark for "dark". Where do we put Funny Games on the scale or Salo? Or for novels - Brothers Karamazov? I don't think violence necessarily makes movies "dark". Tarantino's movies are filled with violence and yet they are often completely juvenile. So I think we lack even with the first articulation of what "dark" reasonably represents and what a usable scale could look like.
  9. Oh no! Why. Will they throw out the themes. Season 1 had several well established themes for several of the characters and concepts. Why do franchises today do this. If the actor can't be discarded wily nily and replaced (nor the showrunner) then neither can be the composer or at the very least the musical themes. So disappointing!
  10. I might have attempted to engage in a discussion but I realize it is pointless. We won't collectively have any meaningful exchange of ideas. So I will leave it at that. You can have ownership of that term. And I will continue to think it is a ridiculous term. We both win!
  11. Pardon me but to me Into the Wild is a trash American indie. So I will just discard that. Frances Ha is actively a comedy so obviously it won't meet regular definitions of whatever dark is meant to be. And Manhattan I would argue does have "darkness" in it. It deals explicitly and in a head-on way with something that might be deeply unpleasant to a lot of people.
  12. So that means literally every single art house movie ever made? Or basically your average festival film? I think only man-children thrill at the idea of watching a ZOOOGGGMMMMGGGGGGGZZZ DARRK film and get a hard on when they watch batman and think they have seen something dark.
  13. I just the saw the video and some of the choreography is similar to the the 1961 film and making the song between the Sharks women and men was an invention of the 1961 movie. And also in the interview junket the stars of the 2021 movie themselves called it a remake. So yes, it is a remake.
  14. So basically movies that are literally dark, as in take place in shadows with drained out colors, slow motion, terrible defeaning metal scores and some emo-goth shit?
  15. What does dark even mean? I feel it is one of the most horribly vague and undefined terms in film criticism (right next to "personal"). What does dark mean? Serious? No humor? What?
  16. Licorice Pizza is a masterpiece. Also I don't find his movies particularly dark by any stretch.
  17. Not to pre-judge before watching but a thought just occurred to me - why not Timothy Chalamet? He's an absolutely absolutely outstanding young actor and mega-talented and a proper bonafide A-list prestige star.
  18. He sounds okay but she shows him up. He isn't matching her. On his own he's okay but considerably inferior to her. Her voice is properly trained.
  19. So first two junkets and the lead star is not included. He attended the premiere. So dunno what's up. Maybe he was unavailable. But this is the biggest moment of his life. So you would imagine he would promote the living hell out of this movie.
  20. Then that's weird right. It would be more realistic to show they speaking Spanish wouldn't it. Anyways lets wait till we watch the movie to litigate. I have a feeling the 40% of the movie is unsubtitled Spanish might be exaggerated.
  21. Supposing there's a very long scene between Maria and her family. If that conversation is not subtitled and there are no non-Spanish-speaking characters present in the scene then it does not advance the theme of language barriers between characters. It only advances the theme of language barriers between audiences. --- This isn't new. We all watch plenty of films not in our native language. Hell English isn't my native language. As long as movies have been made, people speaking different languages have watched movies in different languages. Why is now the time to suddenly make it a political statement is baffling to me. It's a fact - many people in the US can't speak Spanish. What about it? They should be ashamed or something? There are many English language speakers who watch all movies and shows period on streaming with subtitles on. What about them. Closed captions are offered in theaters for hard of hearing etc. Again, maybe it is a political choice but I find it strange to make one for such a benign issue. Yes we all speak a limited number of languages. Tough shit.
  22. I was explicitly respond to a particular post which presented previous treatments of non-english languages in other Spielberg films. I commented upon a completely different stance he seemed to be adopting compared to his prior films.
  23. What makes you think I am not calm? I already said let's wait for commercial screenings.
  24. I think those are bad examples but he clearly cheated in those films. He had English when there should have been none. Schindler's List should have been in German and Polish and Hebrew all the way through. Also Bridge of Spies. Also Munich. So he DID make a convention to movie participation and render the dialog in spoken English. So rendering Spanish dialog in subtitled English is less of a bridge to cross. So suddenly Spielberg does not care about audience participation?
  25. I'd rank them thus 1. HP 1 2. FB 1 3. HP 3 4. FB 2 5. HP 2 then the rest FB1 is an enormously imaginative score. FB2 will not as cohesive also has some absolutely stunning highlights. HP2 is low because its best moments are recycled from HP1 and the new material is good but not great.
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