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  1. This is so beautiful and lovely - I'd argue better than the famous vocal version as it delineates the melody so much better.
  2. Adapting a 70,000 word novel into a 160 minute movie with a light plot? Dear god somebody get me this writing gig. I have written screenplays recreationally and some that I hope will be produced some day and they are rather tricky and difficult to write. But by far, BY FAR, the biggest challenge is keeping the page count down and cutting and cutting and cutting. 160 mins for such a short novel is an outrageous luxury and honest to god almost anyone could do it. HP1 coasts by purely on the strength of its world building and elaborate production (and score). The screenplay is not something that stands out.
  3. This is true. Snyder Cut is made up bullshit. In the sense, a marketing coup. He marketed something that did not exist. Now he actually got somebody to pay for it. And now he's going to make up whatever the hell he wants and call it his original vision. We already saw this with the black suit. I am still curious to see it though to finally lay it to bed.
  4. That's just a minor deviation. Not enough to say Williams lied about it.
  5. Maybe I am thick but I guess I am not seeing where is the material lie. Film is made in fragments as it is. So even if some of the sequence was cut to the music, the story still stands right?
  6. So the actual truth is - 1. He recorded the 15 minute version of the final cue 2. And the editor cut the picture to what he recorded ?
  7. I know the story of course. What's the error? That the picture was NOT edited to the music?
  8. He doesn't always deliver but I might put him in Top 5 best theme writer we have in Hollywood today - with Williams and JNH and I might throw in Desplat and Elfman in there too.
  9. Why did there need to be a collaboration? Why didn't Gia write on his own? Or did they write separate cues?
  10. ALL interviews are boring today, period. The United States has destroyed free speech. Everybody is always on their guard today saying the proper and correct thing and nothing truly provocative or interesting ever slips out.
  11. What an intelligent gracious man. Williams need not only speak through his music. He can speak as a human being too. What he has to say is very interesting and worth listening to. They should officially engage a biographer to interview him for 100s of hours over many years and produce a definitive book about his life and work.
  12. My suicide is not used in the movie. It is replaced with Vertigo. That's why I said above that it used Vertigo for finale and many academy members felt is should have been disqualified.
  13. The only ding is that the absolutely outrageously beautiful love theme was not composed for this film. It was from a prior symphony that he wrote. So the most memorable music from the film, the music that everyone remembers and wants to buy, is not written for the film. But still, I agree it is a great score. I might not call it his best but one of his best for sure. It also works very well in the movie.
  14. Some of my favorite Main Titles - such glorious beautiful lovely memorable themes. 400 Blows by Jean Constantin La Strada by Nino Rota Amarcord by Nino Rota Jules et Jim by Georges Delerue Les Parapluies de Cherbourg by Michel Legrand Le Mépris by Georges Delerue Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma by Ennio Morricone Cinema Paradiso by Ennio Morricone Novocento by Ennio Morricone Dans la maison by Philippe Rombi
  15. It is good. Though they use Vertigo for the climax. i remember one cue very well. When the actor is dancing with the actress and repeatedly bungles his take. That was a very memorable piece of music.
  16. I have also said that the Luke and Leia theme represents incest in the Star Wars universe. So it was perfect for Leia and Like and perfect for Lando chatting up his daughter.
  17. That's not a small amount of music. Why is it then the music doesn't really stand out in any major way in the film at all. If people just saw the film, they wouldn't exactly be rushing out to buy the album.
  18. i haven’t seen 3D in 6 years. Zero interest. I find it to be extremely juvenile.
  19. I'll add this to the conversation something which I said even when I was very young and working with a friend on competing painting projects for a competition. My friend was undoubtedly more skilled but I inevitably placed higher - due to what I attributed to greater imagination and compositional skill. I think the same is with movies. High quality modern equipment only take you so far. Go 100K if you want rather than 4K and the best VFX money can buy or not, but there is no substitute for framing, for blocking, for knowing where to place the camera and where to put people and things in a frame etc. It is the latter things which make for stunning and memorable images. Which is why so many classic older films have a greater visual impact that modern films shot on 16k or whatever. Something like Lawrence is spectacular simply because of how it is composed. Modern directors have great cameras and hard drives but rarely a good eye or good imagination.
  20. I am not exaggerating when I say this - I would consider Ben Affleck as batman to be the worst casting in a comic book movie ever. Absolutely indefensibly awful and horrible. Watchmen has too much story for Snyder. His sweet spot is a relatively simpler story that he can layer on with visuals. Something too complex and it begins to fall apart.
  21. I continue to maintain that Snyder's masterpiece is 300. He is wrong for mainstream four quadrant movies. That's not his sensibility at all. Snyder is best making fringe weird freakish movies at a slightly mid budget level - not higher than $100 mil and then they can be either hits or not. Don't fucking task him with a $350 mil movie. He ain't right for it. Also Snyder can literally never work in anything less than an R rating. So I'd agree that he was absolutely and completely wrong with DCEU and I actually like him despite what it might seem. Watchmen is a failure. All his DC movies are failures because he is working in studio confines. Though in Watchmen he was not. But yeah, the DCEU is an absolute failure. They really should have known that after MOS underperformed. They should have course corrected. But they doubled down with BvS.
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