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  1. I would agree. Very memorable, and the kind of out and out big orchestral score that you don't see often for this kind of a film (or for any kind of a film).
  2. He has Mad Max too. He will be scoring Furiosa. And technically he already composed for a franchise - he scored BvS and ZSJL. But curiously there he chose to discard almost all the thematic material from BvS and write everything from scratch.
  3. #RepresentationMatters #FightingForTheRightOfCannibals
  4. Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill Returning for ‘Enola Holmes’ Sequel https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/millie-bobby-brown-henry-cavill-enola-holmes-sequel-1234952481/ I hope Pemberton is returning too.
  5. DC's R rated movies are pretty juvenile though? I don't think an R rating makes a movie adult. Tits and fucks are not a sign of maturity to me. Joker is an adult film for sure. I think ZSJL is a PG13 movie forced into to an R Rating. Birds of Prey is borderline. There is some violence but is it an adult film? I think not. The Suicide Squad also doesn't seem like an adult film to me. The humor seems teenage level to me.
  6. Movie out on Netflix May 21st 2021. Tracklist http://filmmusicreporter.com/2021/05/12/army-of-the-dead-soundtrack-album-details/ 1. Viva Las Vegas – Richard Cheese & Allison Crowe (5:55) 2. Scott and Kate Part 1 (5:24) 3. Scott and Kate Part 2 (2:49) 4. Scott and Kate Part 3 (4:42) 5. Toten Hosen (3:56) 6. Swimming Pool (1:05) 7. Not Here (1:50) 8. 3 Flares (4:42) 9. Battle Hallway Part 1 (4:00) 10. Battle Hallway Part 2 (6:41) 11. Zeus and Athena Part 1 (3:17) 12. Zeus and Athena Part 2 (4:14) That is a shockingly short trackl
  7. what would you say is the major difference between a theme and a melody?
  8. That was a choice they made. Hopkins is 83. His team pleaded to allow a Zoom connection for him. The Academy denied his request.
  9. The plane scene was overhyped garbage. The ending fight was terrible. The car chase sequence was very good.
  10. So Steven Soderbergh now admits they basically the show around Chadwick' Boseman accepting his Oscar. https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/movies/story/2021-05-04/steven-soderbergh-oscars-ending-chadwick-boseman-anthony-hopkins That's a dumb move and backfired.
  11. I have no doubt if you did a serious poll the result would be the 9th as a whole and maybe the last movement as a movement.
  12. I, an anonymous forum poster, on a moderately used forum, can cause something to matter for studios and producers and the film industry? Yeah, that's not how it works. For once, you might be overestimating me.
  13. Again, I am not condoning or criticizing anything or anybody. Just bursting people's bubble who think - Oh none of this matters. It matters.
  14. Forget media or fans. It matters to the studios. It matters to the people that cut checks. It matters to the people that actually make and fund and greenlight movies. That should tell you all you need to know.
  15. Dunno if anyone did the counting but how on earth did the show clock in at 3.5 hours when the cut all the songs out. It is kinda like busy work, no matter what - they will find a way to fill 3.5 hours.
  16. Birth of a Nation definitely got rail roaded. It is not a very good film, it is good though but it would have been up for several oscars had the controversy not happened. Incidentally it stars Armie Hammer. James Franco had a lock on an Oscar nom for Disaster Artist but was snubbed once allegations surfaced. People ask what's the loss. Well the fact that they had to chuck footage and reshoot all the money in the world is already a write down. Army of the Dead was ready in June 2020 but delayed a year because they had to replace an actor. Headline
  17. There just happens to be an article about it - https://www.thelist.com/392265/the-real-reason-the-west-side-story-trailer-has-people-talking/ And there are literally thousands of articles when the allegations surfaced? What happens when during the promo people ask him about assault allegations? Ask Spielberg about it and other cast members? They absolutely would be within their journalistic right to do so. Surely that is immensely positive press for the movie per Quintus. Maybe Quintus thinks having this story associated with this movie is a badge of honor
  18. It is clearly newsworthy and affects the movie's prospects. These things are very real. Read about how Disney does not know what to do with Death of a Nile because of Hammer. Movies are being reshot because of accused actors. Zack Snyder reshot an entire character for his zombie film. So this definitely affects movie productions and is a point of discussion. It is not idle gossip. Sorry if you don't like. Nobody is passing judgements on human behavior in this thread if you notice. People are only discussing business prospects, releasability etc.
  19. Such a famous and iconic movie absolutely influences things. It has happened many times where movie adaptations influence subsequent stagings of the original play. The original play exists as a piece of the page - to be interpreted. I definitely think homage to the original film will happen. It happens right down to the hiring and casting of one of the original stars and giving her a producing credit - Rita Moreno - who apparently had nothing to do with the broadway production. I think it will be a re-imagination/re-make/re-interpretation - all of those things at once. I think it w
  20. I found this interesting and looked it up - here is what i found - Classic Score by Bernstein Is Remade https://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/07/arts/music/west-side-story-score-to-be-played-by-philharmonic.html?pagewanted=1&_r=1&hpw By Daniel J. Wakin Sept. 6, 2011 Couple of interesting observations - 1. We now know why David Newman was hired. He conducted Bernstein's restored score for the LTP screenings of the 1961 movie. 2. It seems the movie made a lot of changes to the s
  21. I saw it once ages ago, and it honestly did not leave a huge impression on me. I think perhaps because none of the leads seemed memorable to me. It is all very brisk and energetic and colorful and undoubtedly a superior piece of large-scale old-studio big movie-production. Of course it is watchable in the moment and probably entertaining and engrossing. But I remember little from it. Not one song, not one theme, not one memorable image. Maybe my memory is shit. That is why I will watch the new version fresh as if seeing it for the first time.
  22. I think we discussed this when it was announced. And most felt that if Williams is going to spend 1.5 years on a movie, it better be composing and not arranging.
  23. I actually meant that if Spielberg directs it will be good, not that it will look good. My mistake.
  24. I agree. The Oscars totally walked into that one themselves. They clearly set up that moment for a Boseman victory. They should have kept Best Picture last and then they wouldn't have this awkward moment.
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