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  1. 90% of the time i'm in this thread, it's due to a caffeine high + listening to JW. maybe i'll replace The Terminal with 1941 in my list.
  2. 7:23-end. holy shit how is this outro so good? it's pulse pounding. this is why JW is the greatest. a movie like 1941 has something as intense sounding as an Indy or Star Wars score. 1941 is creeping up into my top 10.
  3. as soon as i knew the emperor was back....i immediately lost every ounce of excitement. I couldn't believe it to be honest. THE SCORE IS LOVELY THOUGH!
  4. I definitely disagree. Can i ask you though, with actual sincerity....how do you think RJ should have handled Luke with what was hinted at the end of TFA. I'm not trying to build a straw man argument here, I'm just honestly curious. I'm not looking to combat each point. again, i'm not a crazy fan of TLJ, haven't even seen Rise of Skywalker.
  5. i have no problem with his arc in TLJ....i just can't fathom blaming RJ for it (TLJ has plenty of flaws) What did people want? Luke just saying "yeah i'll help" right away? Where's the conflict. Unfortunately TLJ is about Luke way more than it should have ever been. We didn't need Luke anymore. It was all to make us feel warm and happy with another original character. But that's the fault of TFA....it relied far too much on fan-service. Which is why conceptually, the prequels will always be better.
  6. TFA and JJ decided to hint at Luke being a recluse in a far away system. Unless JJ & RJ decided on this before TLJ???? I don't follow most of SW so I wouldn't know, but I doubt it. RJ handled Luke EXACTLY how the character was portrayed at the end of TFA, and handled it well. Whether you agree or disagree with how, that's ON TFA! You don't all of a sudden hint at a character being miserable and alone on a planet and then midway through he becomes 'return of the jedi luke'. Regardless, his force projection was an incredible send off to the character that TFA MADE! IMO, Luke should HAVE NEVER BEEN IN THE SEQUEL TRILOGY. He should have just been mentioned as the Jedi 'god' he truly was. He should have been a myth to all these new characters. The sequels shouldn't have had ANY original characters. It should have gone it's own way without relying on old characters to make us feel good in our movie theater seat.
  7. I particularly love the expansion because we get more of the "militaristic" Dunbar theme that's first heard in the opening credits but more fleshed out in cues like "Spit and Polish"
  8. I don't believe I've ever seen this movie all the way through...if I have...I simply don't remember. It just came out during a time when I didn't care about anything star wars and I never really cared to catch up with it. The original Lego star wars game is actually how I remember this story the most. Also to this day, it's still the most least listened to SW score for me. Although probably has my favorite Darth Vader theme rendition of all time in the end credits. It being the most least listened to score for me is probably bound to change when the complete version comes out in 2085. But honestly, thanks to this thread, I might watch this movie one of these nights.
  9. @Holko check out SAW II by Aphex Twin
  10. While they don't remind me of Easter...maybe spring a bit more....when the weather starts to get nice is usually when I listen to nothing but the 4 Indy scores.
  11. with Emperor Palpatine at the end controlling everything all along. first thing that popped into my head at the end of that trailer.
  12. "You're telling me I'm not getting a goddamn theme until Indy V? Am I hearing this right, Johnny?!" "Don't fuck with me Johnny!" "Yeah man, Indy V man, it's gonna be groovy man." @Naïve Old Fart your post inspired me
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