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  1. The vinyl? BB8 disappeared in the Emporium looking for it in 1546. I almost died of typhus looking for it myself.
  2. is this the part where Indy is calling 911 after seeing his colleagues dead? I thought I heard something from WotW there --- if not, yeah, we got more WotW here
  3. Average film score collectors trauma dumping to their therapists like
  4. 1944 opening sequence or opening tuk tuk sequence? edit: Okay I found some Jungle Chase in the 1944 sequence! and it is MOST definitely the part that's right before Marion's theme 13:59-14:10 in the movie: is the first 8 seconds here (it seems it's extended in DoD) 18:36-18:47 of the movie is 2:16-2:30ish. ---- again these cues are either shortened or extended in Dial also there seems to be more KOTCS when Basil is about shoot the nazi, Weber. starts at 19:13 for those you playing at home.
  5. i'm not doubting you, when I made my list I also thought I heard bits of the Jungle Chase, which makes sense since KOTCS is quoted so much. It must be well before Indy realizes Helena is on the plane though. I'm gonna let the scene play in the background while I work and maybe I'll catch it. edit: yeah i'm hearing nothing in the plane in ancient greece ONLY thing it could possibly be is 2:09:14-2:09:18 but it sounds so vague, to me at least, and if thats what you're talking about after a viewing in the theater....then you got some amazing ears, my friend! The Jungle Chase might be in the tuk tuk sequence. I was losing my mind keeping up with all the quotes from KOTCS and TLC
  6. what timestamp in Dial of Destiny are you referencing? If you don't have the movie and just wanna try to remember what exact part, I can try to find it. there's a slight buildup that seems to be original underscore to Dial just before Indy goes to help Helena when the nazi is hanging on her leg and then this plays:
  7. Except for that GIGANTIC CRACK in our trust of Disney Emporium for the rest of eternity. Glad you got it though, finally.
  8. i feel like it's natural to be a bit 'harsh' when you try to talk about something or someone being overrated though
  9. Yeah that's fair. Even though my post may come off harsh, I still do like some of his scores, and actually The Batman is my recent favorite of his.
  10. It's Giacchino. There's nothing he's done that is iconic. Everything is 'surface level' quality, he has rode the coattails of famous franchises but I still to this day can't 'hum' a single one of his themes. Stupid argument sure, but to me that counts for something...only because he's been involved with so many iconic franchises. And his action music is also incredibly boring too. I understand his scores can sound warm and that's fine and all, but I'm not tricked into listening to them anymore. I also hate his cue puns. Write a cue that's amazing and then we can get cute with the names. And just for reference on my musical knowledge, I have none. I might as well be a caveman trying to explain why I don't like an iPhone....but here we are. "me no like"
  11. It was my single most wanted cue of all time that wasn't from an Indy score. I believe it has THE best rendition of the E.T. theme in the entire score. Not to mention the transition to it is GODLY. The Kiss represents everything we got into archaeology expanded scores for, Marcus Brando
  12. lol...good point. i do remember trying to explain the concept of all the music from films usually can't fit on 1 CD yet it's not cost effective for these companies to do 2 CD releases for EVERY OST. and it turned into something like this: "ooooh i love so & so soundtrack (which of course was all pop songs they were referencing) So wait, you really bought E.T. on CD for the 3rd time for a 49 second track???
  13. the only time film scores come up in any sort of conversation i have is when someone finds out I still buy CDs. it's usually followed by a "really?" and then based on the moment and person, i decide whether or not to tell them about expanded scores, missing cues, orchestra fees, financial fees, this stuff never ending up on digital streaming, MM, Titus Artwork ect ect ect. They usually check out mentally by the time I say expanded. I end this with saying this conversation has happened maybe once or twice in real life (friends and family don't count, because they're not real friends if you're embarrassed to talk about this)
  14. you are absolutely right. i can't deny it, cause it's an absolute stretch when you watch 4,5,6,1,2,3 (which is a totally acceptable way to watch them) and ultimately it being a family drama, conceptually from the VERY start..... is simply riding on whatever was truly in Lucas's brain ---- something we will never know. And something I try to not worry about or discuss, because its hopeless. If you view 1-6 as a whole, the family drama concept holds up. Maybe that's my argument. You have to view it as a 9+ hour story. But like you said (jedi and sith) --- there are so many ways to view these movies, which i love.
  15. Jay consoling the first poster to ever read the Star Wars Disenchantment Thread in it's entirety (black & white ©1992)
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