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  1. i actually really enjoy the movie, with all the issues aside. the good outweighs the bad for me. i know it's shit at times, but i don't care. but i'm also someone, who at times, enjoys the young indy series more than the movies...although might not be a fair comparison due the vast difference. i mean that's essentially what i mean when I say lazy. if you're going to back yourself into the 'aliens helped an ancient civilization trope' i'm not sure what purpose they can serve on screen besides leaving and killing the villain (which was super boring), like how the macguffins always do. anything involving aliens coming to earth (if not completely pulpy), should involve some suspense and mystery and it really lacked that in this movie. nobody gave a shit by the time they reached the temple with the aliens. it didn't have any suspense and not enough pulp.
  2. Believe me I have no problems with aliens being in the Indiana Jones franchise. But none of the previous movies 'insult' the intelligence of it's group of people/civilizations like that. (Although the temple of doom dinner scene.... might be some slight issues there lol) Look I don't think it was intentional to be insulting, I just think it's lazy "derrr they live deep in a jungle derrrr how else could they figure out agriculture and math derrr...must be aliens?!"
  3. Again, the only true issue with the aliens in this film is the implication that they helped the central and southern American civilizations with agriculture, science, ect ect. It's an actual disgrace to those people and archaeology itself. Lazy storytelling.
  4. I really like this score, but I don't really look forward to any specific cues like I do with the other 3. That said, what makes me enjoy this score is simply the nostalgia of the return of Indy back in 2008. The anticipation of KOTCS and the months leading up to it were so great as an Indy fan. Even if the film was a slight letdown, I still enjoyed it a lot. But yeah, any time i throw on KOTCS to listen to, it brings back those good memories.
  5. lol hey i was just doing a meme! i wasn't expecting all this math JAY IT'S JUST A MEME!!! although you're proving my meme works either way.
  6. Mutt to Indy in KOTCS: "What are you, like, 80?" Ford when Indy V comes out: "Yes"
  7. Edmonson crushed the first 3 games! I agree. But I absolutely LOVED what Jackman did with Nate's theme in 4. Really made it feel grounded (like the game) As far as the movie trailer, it looks alright. I'm with @Koray Savas as I thought they would be exploring more origins of the character and more 'original' material. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say the executives made a point to have those memorable action scenes from the games, in the movie. But I could be wrong. Those moments in the game are already so 'cinematic' and you're already immersed in the game itself/storyline, that it will be hard to feel excited for those moments in the movie. But I'm someone who's 100% all of the games on Crushing Mode lol. Also, very happy to see that they're having Sam in this game. He was one of the finest additions to the series, imo. Loved his character.
  8. poor dude had to start his own thread to recover.
  9. apparently not if Jay is hoping they come back. unless that means he's hoping for an apology, begging to come back, first
  10. politics (for better or worse) has snuck it's way into everything these days....even a film score board.
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