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  1. The pond is for the older ladies I know it is But just do it for the old man
  2. Probably but I don't think it's as 'instant'
  3. @Naïve Old Fart @Andy No IBS and I'm almost certain there was no food poisoning because of the time frame from eating something to when the hell started. That's why I think ecoli since it can take a couple days for it to hit. I also didn't vomit which I always assumed was related to food poisoning but I was not nauseous at all during this. Thanks chaps for reading my shit, literally.
  4. I'm pretty sure I had ecoli this weekend. I had all the symptoms (except for blood in the liquid death that was coming out of my ass) no joke I would just sit down on the toilet and it would already be coming out with no push. I think I was on the toilet a total of over 30 times over 2.5 days. I couldn't even do test farts to see if it was just gas. Nope. Junked up my shorts trying that. Straight to the toilet all weekend. Countless times. Had a fever and body aches...those I can take it's the fever dreams and thoughts i can't. Just no concentrating on anything besides confusion. I wanted to crawl into the ground. Finally over it. I think I lost like 5 lbs.
  5. Horner scores are the only other scores that give me that happiness feeling that Williams scores do.
  6. Keep your head up @Edmilson Based on your posts you're too bright, funny and nice to let it get you too down. Even though it IS okay to be down at times. I always look forward to your posts here fwiw. Things always get better even when you don't realize it. Where else can I shit on Dial of Destiny film AND hype up the score at the same time without coming off like a schizo?!?? 🥴
  7. when someone tries to tell me Dial is better than Skull:
  8. iconic, great, legendary, memorable, ahead of it's time to meh
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