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  1. This is why I don't like when this forum craps on stuff like The Social Network (a quick example). I'll take that over a Giacchino hack job score every day of the week.
  2. me at LLL looking at all the freshly shrink-wrapped CDs
  3. This is both "without revealing your age" and "you know when you're a film score fan" topics wrapped up into one
  4. I honestly think 'Tryouts' is my favorite Goldsmith cue. Rudy, while the movie is just a sopping wet cliche, was one of the first movies as a kid that I realized the score could be an integral part of the experience (that wasn't John Williams of course)
  5. Incredible. I love this score. 'Tryouts' never ceases to give me goosebumps.
  6. Ahhh okay. Yeah so if you liked those then you're already a rarity! Lol Most hate of the series online is usually from those, but even that might just be a strawman. Tbh I haven't talked to many people online or in real life who have seen the series lol
  7. Oh I would guess they're probably talking about Corey Carrier episodes (basically Indy as a kid). Those episodes are very different from the Sean Patrick Flannery ones. They have very little to no action and are definitely a slow burn. I'd recommend "Journey of Radiance" out of those episodes (they're all on YouTube for free ) If you don't dig that episode, you probably won't like any Corey Carrier episode. The good thing about that season, is that the actor who plays Professor Jones Sr, is outstanding. He's actually in the new Lord of the Rings series on Amazon.
  8. Haha I love that show so I have to disagree with it being remade. Even the slow or "eh" episodes you talk about hold a special place in my heart and were a genuine bold step to take the story of the character in.
  9. The only thing I know about Sallah is that he never once thought about pulling out
  10. Well my guess is Disney is going to tackle the post young Indy/pre-temple of doom years. Lots of potential there. Even though I kinda just want it to be completely over after Indy 5. It lines up with how they're treating star wars. So maybe there is no need to have someone take the reigns.
  11. Does anyone else think this theme confirms that Phoebe's character won't be taking the reigns of a possible new adventurer. I'm not naive to think Disney would leave the "Indy" franchise alone after this movie. But nothing in this theme conveys she's the next one. Phoebe is wonderful and I've loved everything she's ever done btw
  12. .....when you have (film version) in the track title in your playlists
  13. ...you cringe when people call tracks on scores, "songs"
  14. Well more importantly if she is, it lends itself to Indy wanting to jump back into the game of adventuring if that was something the teaser/plot hints at. Indy and Brody were clearly very close.
  15. Maybe she's Brody's granddaughter! That would make total sense with the godfather.
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