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  1. that's a stupid analogy. the proper analogy would have been if spielberg made jurassic park in a found footage style/deviated from regular directorial style.
  2. The rendition of Yoda's Theme in Empire's credits makes it #1 for me.
  3. Are these the C&C Elders that the Great Expanded Scriptures speak of?
  4. So Pwogwessive. The right may have some loonies but so does the left. Holy shit. @The Big Man
  5. I just want that game to be third person. That's my initial hope outside of the usual good story, clever dialogue, and good puzzles that make for a good adventure game.
  6. All I want to know with anything in regards to disney and these films, is if disney can swallow their pride and hire MM to handle them. Surely someone must know he's been handling JW's scores for the past few years remarkably.
  7. I have no doubt that Disney is going to milk Star Wars releases for as long as possible. With Indy, who knows.
  8. The pre and post concord Indy box set thread at jwfan was a purely magical time. The speculations, the hype, the sadness when we saw an interview was going to be on the bonus disc. Take me back to those times.
  9. Jay would be coy on this if it were true.
  10. The UFO and the assumption that aliens had anything to do with the technology in early Central and Southern American civilizations was a true spit in the face to actual archaeology. Aliens could've been used much better.
  11. Does this person have any history of being correct?
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