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  1. Galaxy 2 is perfection
  2. I got all 242 stars in Galaxy 2 back in 2012, if that counts.
  3. :00-:20 I find those first few seconds so exhilarating. 'Battle of the Heroes' is my favorite motif from the prequels as well.
  4. E.T. came out in 1982. Nothing in the future will ever top it. Whether its the 2020s, 3020s, so on and so on.
  5. I don't mean to nerd out, but the actual novelization of KOTCS (yes i read it lol) addresses Indy coming to terms with his age for a bit, when he's relieved of his duties as professor. He really does begin to question what he should be doing at such an age. I remember really wishing that concept made it to the film. It being my first time reading a novelization of a major film, it was a welcome surprise at how in depth they could be. Now obviously nobody should have to read the novelization of these feature films to achieve such knowledge of the character. So I echo your post a
  6. I'm really looking forward to some new map/trek music. KOTCS lacked in that department with the rehash of 'Flight from Peru' from Raiders and the Peruvian source music.
  7. this foreshadowing in Raiders though.....:00-:07. Maybe thats why they made him swing with the monkeys
  8. what they made him do (jungle vines and sword fight) was kinda cringe at times. Shia did the best he could with that. that role was doomed from the start. the diner/exposition scene and chase through academia was really good though.
  9. I never really did get into Deadmau5, even though he's got some good work. My favorite of his though:
  10. Hot take: I'd welcome Shia LaBeouf to reprise his role. Hopefully ditching 'Mutt' (which I've never liked) and just go with his name, Henry. Shia's done some good work since 2008, and has proved himself as a decent actor.
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