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  1. Lol I know right??? I personally think the overall theme is just a bit overrated. I'm well aware this is a horrible opinion. But I do love the statement of that theme at the tail end of the Battle of Hoth. I like it in really short moments.
  2. Golly. I swear I still find something new in this score. I'm not even a huge star wars fan. But goddamn if this score isn't perfect in every way. Which is nuts cause I could care less about Darth Vader's theme. I really think I'd love it the same without it. There was once a time where ESB was regarded as the best on JWfan...is that still the case?
  3. I'm in the part of my brain that says this movie is gonna suck ass Next week I'll think it's gonna be amazing. Send help
  4. Really? You're cherry picking "babysitting" Jesus fucking christ. No shit there are professions that will favor a certain sex Woman are more nurturing than men. Who would have thought!!!??? 😂
  5. Not a totally fair comparison. Men aren't being held back in any of those if they were to pursue in greater numbers. Which is the point.
  6. I wanna see JW working through a theme or piece that quite isn't there yet. Seeing some sort of rough version of a theme we may already know and love. I want to see that down and dirty creative process of getting something right. How he deals with it. His creative process. I also want footage of the scoring session of Temple of Doom.
  7. The Greatest of All Time
  8. I'll give this a go... The scene in First Blood (Rambo 1) where he steals the military truck and tells the driver to "keep your eyes on the road, that's how accidents happen". That scene alone creates a character that could be turned into a franchise. I'm not saying that line is out of place or John Rambo doesn't have it in him to be funny with a one liner. One could argue that that was his personality prior to the Vietnam war. Which could actually make the scene sadder and deeper. But that line is the ONLY comedy relief in the entire film. I truly believe it's the line that spawned that franchise. Or a character that could "kick ass and take names". Far from the actual tragic character that is John Rambo. Not a good or bad thing. Just something I've always noticed. Just wanna be clear though, I don't think it changed the entire film and I understand the need for comic relief. But it was extremely late in the movie to drop that type of line on us. Also I never read the book...so keeping this film specific.
  9. A New Hope will always be my favorite recording
  10. "I think my only input was can't you use both??? And he did! He made the latter the bridge and he made the former, the main theme." 😂 I've listened to that interview on disc 5 so much
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