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  1. Shark vs whales. Who you got? 'The Shark Cage Fugue' - John Williams: 'Whale Fugue' - Leonard Rosenman: This is a difficult one for me.
  2. I appreciate The Lost World didn't rely on the 'Journey to the Island' and 'JP' themes. But all the different themes in Temple of Doom are just untouchable. Nobody can make a score like that anymore. Nevermind his ABSOLUTE GRIP on the Raiders March in ToD. 2:45-end.
  3. Eventually MM will grace these scores. The bootleg sound gives me a weird nostalgic feeling though.
  4. I wish they'd make/release Fate of Atlantis for the Switch
  5. That bit plays as soon as Indy opens the grail diary to compare the stained glass window! It sounds like it's in the family of the 2 bits in my original post, and even those I will admit don't seem to be exact, but very, very similar. I adhere to the fact, that if JW wanted us to know about a motif for the grail trials, it would have been in the blimp scene when Indy and his dad discuss the trials. But I like to think JW was being conscientious with these little bits of music during these particular scenes. The grail trials had a sense of mischief, and a very obvious malicious intent to the them. And these 'playful' bits reveal that. I'm probably looking too much into it, but I'm okay with that.
  6. Is there a possible motif in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, for the deception and trickery of the grail trials. First heard in 'Father's Study'. 2:05-2:17. A sorta playful yet sinister sound. Played shortly after Indy views the 'Path of God' painting in Professor Jones's house. Then after Indy passes through the first trial, in the unreleased cue, 'Papa Jones is Shot' (2:15-2:38). It's played much faster. Barely noticeable in the movie, you need the cue to really hear it. Am I just hearing things and totally wrong? It's most likely just a coincidence? Or could this be a motif for the grail trials deceptiveness?
  7. i actually thought the nuclear explosion and the ufo taking off looked good.
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