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  1. Any poll that makes KOTCS look this good..... I'm a fan of. Thank you, Bespin.
  2. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
  3. The Terminal. Don't really care for the film that much. But the score alone, even without much context to the film, is just beautiful and fun to listen to. One of the few scores I associate absolutely nothing with the film while listening. It's actually in my top 10 JW scores.
  4. King Kong Memoirs of a Geisha Revenge of the Sith In that order, probably.
  5. nothing can compete with the Indy trilogy and E.T. that's for sure.
  6. You know it's funny, I never knew what to call that motif. Has it been named on this forum? But it basically is a motif for Indy that's never referenced again in the other films.
  7. The Adventures of Mutt Yeah...I said it. I love that cue.
  8. I haven't seen the movie or listened to the score. But I will say the poll being a 50/50 split as I type this, really surprises me. Maybe I'm missing out.
  9. I really hope the Indy V score mimics The Last Crusade in terms of globe trotting and emotion. I also want statements of the Raiders March similar to 'Indy's Home' from Raiders and the lovely statement of the B theme in 'Sinister Visitors' from Crusade. Assuming the story calls for it, but with Indy's age, I'm not sure why it wouldn't. The softer moments do more for me and the character than the big moments at times. Although I'd love for full on brilliant Indy fanfares when the time is right. KOTCS lacked those sentimental moments that The Raiders March c
  10. Maybe, I really dunno. Haven't seen the movie (don't care to) and bits I've heard don't do much for me.
  11. @Disco Stu Are you a fan of this show? 😍 Favorite episode??
  12. Young Indy is now on Paramount Plus. Not sure how long Paramount has the rights for them, but figured I'd let you know.
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