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  1. I don't know every bit of unused music, but I think my favourite unused piece is the low piano written for the first glimpse of the AT-AT's in The Empire Strikes Back.
  2. That looks familiar. I'm pretty sure I was sitting right behind the guy who filmed that!
  3. I was in the balcony above them when they did that the first time. Judging by their faces, they weren't expecting the applause they got. I think that was my favourite part of the whole concert.
  4. That's okay. Too bad I didn't get to talk to everybody, but it was a great time nonetheless!
  5. They've been consistently tagging that account throughout the weekend.
  6. Well, he is in his late eighties. If he wants to go home to water his plants he has every right to.
  7. Sure. But it was probably too late to have Williams and the orchestra return by the time the decision was made to track in the adventure theme, so I guess they had to work with what they had.
  8. He also mentioned that he wrote a love theme for the original Star Wars. So from Williams himself: Across the Stars wasn't the first one after all!
  9. Ah yes, I forgot which piece it was. I noticed the exchange as well. Truly, there was a lot of love and mutual respect on that stage throughout both performances.
  10. JFK wasn't played. Carlborg is confusing it with another piece. Biodome's list is accurate.
  11. I'm told he attended the rehearsals and was in the audience yesterday.
  12. Surprise encore! Didn't expect the first one. My feet are killing me, but this was amazing. I look forward to sitting down at tomorrow's concert.
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