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  1. I had a crazy work day and am finishing with a headache, and so… I haven’t listened yet! It’s killing me to wait, but I’ve always wanted my first time to be, you know… special. This deserves a proper listen on decent speakers with a clear head, so I’ll come back tomorrow. I will say, what an amazing treat for the lucky people attending. I’m astonished he agreed to make that appearance. Like no one near to him said, “You know John, you don’t really have to do this if you don’t want. “ The man is not slowing down, he’s speeding up! Owes us nothing, and he’s giving us his all.
  2. I’m thinking that’s why we haven’t seen it released sooner. YES. Somehow film grain helps sell the long time ago aspect of fantasy. Probably because we associate so much of the genre to the 80s standouts.
  3. So much of the texture of Willow is James Horner. Such a loss, felt even more now.
  4. I am going out of my mind for this movie. I want this more than any other film. More than Decker wanted to merge with V'Ger... I want this.
  5. If he wasn't, he most definitely should. I love that album.
  6. Man, I freaking love Star Wars. That’s it. That’s my post.
  7. I remember the first time I heard the music for the Mynocks going bonkers around the Falcon in the album edit of the ESB album. Those piccolos were a bit tough on the ears. Perfect for the scene, but rather unpleasant. 13 years later I felt John got carried away with those piercing piccolo accents for Jurassic Park action music. Again, I get it, and I think on both cases he’s finding a register of the orchestra that will compete with the sound design, but it’s not my favorite technique. Now the piccolos in The Patriot theme? Divine.
  8. I thought that I could instruct him just as well as Yoda. I was wrong.
  9. I've stopped going to Fathom Events because of the presentation always being disappointing technically, at least in my theater. Your experience of hearing the bass of the blockbuster one theater over is so common. I am blessed to have a dedicated projector for screening my movies at home, and that always weighs heavily in my decision to just watch at home rather than trust the Fathom presentation. Glad to hear your son enjoyed it though. That's terrific! Definitely worth it, just for that.
  10. It's fun to think of beloved movies that were weak box office that you were in for the ground floor. I saw A Christmas Story theatrically in 83 for example. Blade Runner in 82 also. Edited to add: I did see Shawshank theatrically because Tim Robbins was really on a roll as an up and comer with Jacob's Ladder, Bob Roberts, The Player, Short Cuts, and Hudsucker Proxy.
  11. I was pleased that Mike mentioned Home Alone’s Preparing the Trap when talking about Training Montage. I’ve long had the same opinion. Neither is more dated, it’s just that Home Alone is a more beloved film.
  12. I think it might actually help if I saw the film of John Goldfarb. I listened (again) to Jeff Comings’ review of it on his podcast (The Baton) and he had more enthusiasm for it after watching the film and then listening on its own. I have to admit combining Irish and Arabian sounding music into a football fight song is an assignment that would frighten off just about anybody. I’ll see if I can catch the film. I’m not above enjoying a goofball comedy of its time. Maybe it’s a matter of appreciating the score for what it is, than what it isn’t.
  13. In my rush to order Presumed Innocent, I was a dummy and forgot to browse the sale. Don’t be a dummy. Don’t be like me. I had to place a separate order for this one that’s been on my list forever. Themes and Piano Transcriptions $5
  14. I know, right? Mike’s technical work isn’t his only superpower to encourage a fresh take on an old listen - he has a gift of encyclopedic knowledge and compelling commentary to make a re-evaluation of anything appealing. The man knows his film history, and he’s very good at distilling it down and sharing it with listeners to get us excited about his work. I also want to say that Maurizio is a hell of a writer as well. His blog just strikes the right balance of eloquence and celebration, accessible to all readers, yet never pandering. Thoughtful work from Tim as well. It’s the only podcast I’m listening to these days. I save the Mike Matessino podcasts. They’re fun to revisit and add to the end of the score playlist, like a bonus feature.
  15. I hope so. This one really matters to me personally. I am a ridiculously huge fan of Indiana Jones. I really hope whatever is written, it is developed and performed with enthusiasm and a celebration of all things Jones, without the re-use of old sequences that plagued Crystal Skull (yes I even like that movie. )
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