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  1. Did… did he have enough time to write it? Seems like he just announced he’d begin writing.
  2. Nope. Not at all. But the heart wants what the soul dreams up.
  3. I can’t believe it’s happening. I’d consider selling my soul to be there for the last day on the recording stage, finishing off the end credits with da-da-dada-dum!
  4. i know, right? I make cakes. Nothing professional, but it’s an occasional hobby for me, so this is really fun for me to see.
  5. Sorry, I just had to fix that. Stunning. I completely get what Williams sees. Thank goodness for her and the music she inspired.
  6. Wow, what an insanely cool event! Thanks to everyone who shared. I’m blown away. I want to live to 90, and have it look like this photo. (Seriously look at Ridley’s smile. That’s confidence! )
  7. Non-Williams? Man, I think I'm pretty happy. I'm having a tough time thinking of stuff. I suppose some television stuff like the Rankin Bass holiday specials by Maury Laws would be cool. I don't have many Bond scores, so I'd be cool with a big box set of those if they dusted them off and completed them.
  8. Murray gets MVP for me this season. He was always clever and subversive, but he's grown some serious balls. They really want you to like him now, and it's working.
  9. Tons. They're in 13 parts, about 20 minutes each, so more than double the amount of time to tell the story of the film. The beginning of the film narrative with the Star Destroyer and Blockade Runner doesn't even come until halfway through the third episode. 1st Episode: ALL Luke on Tatooine with Biggs and his friends and Owen and Beru 2nd Episode: ALL Leia on Alderaan with her father (He wasn't named Bail at this point) and their connections to the Empire. Leia even has a diplomatic interaction with Vader, and there's a slimy Imperial Officer who wants to marry Leia to have a stronger link between the Empire and Alderaan. A fun mini adventure with the Droids outside the Cantina An AWESOME Han Solo by Perry King (Who originally auditioned for the role in the film)... a totally different take - VERY intense and fun. You get the Jabba scene at Mos Eisley, but with another bounty hunter instead of Jabba. Lots of detail on the Force instruction aboard the Falcon and lightsaber training. An embarrassing extended mind probe torture of Leia by Vader - Leia's moaning is very over the top, and could be completely misunderstood by your neighbors if you have thin walls. More time on Yavin with Luke trying to convince Han to stay and fight. A subplot of Admiral Motti brown nosing Tarkin to try to secure more power for them both, ultimately convincing Tarkin not to evacuate the Death Star. An epilogue of Luke and Han sharing stories of what happened after the battle of Yavin, before they get their awards. (They really do a great job of building their friendship throughout the series). This was also the first time at home listeners could hear the entire score in a different context. It was glorious. They had access to everything, as well as all of the sound effects libraries. A first rate production. Mark Hamill and Anthony Daniels are in them. Billy Dee Williams joins for the Empire one. Empire's adaptation was shorter, only 10 Episodes. Jedi is the weakest, and was done much later with I think 6 Episodes, and some questionable voice talent.
  10. TAN-tiv-ee That’s how they (Leia, Bail, Capt. Antilles) all say it, including Anthony Daniels.
  11. The Radio Drama actually explains it. Threepio most definitely knows who she is. Leia and Captain Antilles are aboard the Tantive IV (first place it was ever named, and not pronounced like you might think) and about to intercept the Death Star plans. They are programming the droids to go outside the ship to fake making repairs as an alibi for being in a restricted system. The droids are further programmed to protect the identity of Leia being aboard at all costs “that includes lying and self destructing” So yeah, it’s suggested that Threepio was following Antilles’ override programming and lying to Luke. Listen at the 1 hour 1 minute mark
  12. You know, it’s funny. I’ve been jokingly calling Obi-Wan Benny, but this series really does make you take note of how that is pretty much the only way Luke calls him by name. “I’m here with Ben Kenobi!” (and Leia’s “Ben Kenobi! Where is he?” Leia isn’t puzzled or delayed by the name Ben) ”Ben is a great man!” “I only wish Ben were here” In ESB he calls out to “Ben” on Hoth. (And when dangling from Cloud City) ”Ben, tell him I’m ready!” ”Ben… why didn’t you tell me?” If I recall, the only time he doesn’t call him Ben is when he sees his force ghost in ROTJ “Obi-Wan! Why didn’t you tell me?” but moments later… ”I can’t do it, Ben.”
  13. When Luke is viewing Leia’s message, Threepio asks if he knows to whom she’s referring. Luke says he doesn’t know anyone named Obi-Wan, but knows “Old Ben” who lives nearby in the Dune Sea but is sort of a hermit. Then at dinner, Luke tells Owen about the message and says, “I wonder if he means Old Ben?” And also Luke recognizes him immediately after the Tusken attack. “Ben? Ben Kenobi? Boy am I glad to see you!” it is implied that Luke at least knows of him. It can be inferred that they may have met. Them meeting on this show doesn’t contradict canon. in fact, the Radio Drama (which was at one time considered canonical) has Luke recounting to Threepio a time when Ben saved him and his friend Windy after getting injured and lost in Beggars Canyon (A children’s Golden Book was published years later, adapting this tale!). Obi later tells Luke he had intended to give Luke his father’s lightsaber at that time, but Owen got pissed and ordered him to never come back. Man, the Radio Dramas were damn good. Brian Daley really got the characters and tone very early on.
  14. Well, I finished reading the non-existent novelization. No epilogue or anything like that, but it DOES explain how Reva survived! Here is the final excerpt from the non-existent novelization:
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