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  1. Yeah, this one is my most desired for an official release. I love the false ending at 1:43, and then he’s like, “Wait, I’m not done with you, yet!” Right through the heart with this one, Johnny.
  2. I saw only the first Karate Kid movie, haven’t revisited it since the 80s, but found I didn’t need to go back and rewatch to enjoy the show. I will say it is time for it to end, as the longer it goes on, the more it becomes pure parody. Some of the fights are quite silly really. But it’s entertaining as hell for when you don’t have much brainpower left in your day.
  3. How cool! That’s a nice short throw. I love it! JWFan Meet-Up Watch Party at @Jurassic Shark’s home.
  4. That’s really cool! Did you paint the ceiling with projector paint? How large an image is it throwing? Sort of a brilliant idea. Hmm Just a quick look at some titles in my collection and quite a few of them do. The Star Trek movies, Dragonslayer, Creepshow, Daughters of Darkness, Cemetery Man, and of course the Cameron films all have the Dolby Vision logo on them.
  5. That’s the ticket. I know not everyone’s home can do a projector, but there’s nothing like it. I have a 120”’screen with a 10year old Epson projector, so not even 4K… but it’s just an awesome experience. And the 3D is almost better than in the theater. Perhaps when I upgrade to a true HDR 4K projector I will see a bigger difference. But it won’t be soon.
  6. My same reaction to almost every 4K. Is it a combo pack with the Blu Ray? I will frequently compare the Blu to the 4K and not see much difference, as long as they are from the same scan. Again, this is usually my reaction. It’s fine. For a format that keeps telling me about its “wide color gamut”, I don’t feel like I’m seeing the entire Geordi LaForge spectrum with my jaw dropping to the floor. I suspect I’m not supposed to be seeing the floor demo quality material with film, but a darker, duller picture that is more faithful to celluloid? I don’t know. I will say I do not have Dolby Vision, but my SONY XBR-65X900E ought to do the job. The real appeal for me is not the HDR, but the opportunity for a fresh scan to get it right. But that, as we know, doesn’t always happen. We tend to think a slick futuristic movie like 5th Element would have a polished look to it, right? But it is an old movie now. I think healthy, appropriate grain is good, but I also think there’s a place for careful, precise DNR. It’s analogous to hiss elimination in our music recordings. You still want the recording to breathe with living air, but mitigate the distracting hiss. That’s where I fall with grain. I really don’t want it distracting. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts about comparing the Blu. Your TV probably does an excellent job upscaling a 1080p source to 4K. I also feel vindicated knowing that you weren’t absolutely “blown away” and that it’s not just me. Truly, I want to be dazzled,, but I’m not there yet. It may be my TV, because I don’t have an OLED. But that’s one of the things that bugs me about the format. You can’t just have a decent SONY 4K TV, you gotta have OLED and Dolby Vision. At the end of the day, for me it’s about watching the movie, not the pixels. I obviously want the best presentation possible. But 4K is not the step up from Blu as Blu was to DVD.
  7. Shout Factory discs have it. I think it’s from the plastic case outgassing or something.
  8. Me, wiping manufacturer’s oils from the 4K disc so it won’t skip.
  9. Yes and yes. I have the Panasonic DP-UB420 Not as sexy but gets the job mostly done. Mostly.
  10. I’ll never buy a SONY player again. I have mixed feelings about my SONY TV also.
  11. Andy

    Pet Peeves

    It’s the backpack used in Dial of Destiny. Strange. So it’s leaning away from the straps and towards you? Maybe the straps aren’t heavy enough to counterbalance it?
  12. Andy

    Pet Peeves

    What are you putting in it? A laptop? Maybe you need a rucksack with a weightier bottom. Frost River Geologist Pack
  13. I have one too. I had to ask Peter at Moviemusic what batch he got in that he was selling. That was a cool mistake.
  14. Oof, sorry @A24! I know precisely how you feel. I had the same player brick on me like that. Now I’m rocking a Panasonic and I can enjoy the normal anxiety of hoping the fragile 4K medium doesn’t skip on every brand new disc that I buy.
  15. Don’t listen to me. I am probably wrong! I’ll be the first to admit that I’m often full of it. Hopefully the pendulum will swing back to physical media, especially if it offers an incredible quality that streaming can’t touch. But who knows.
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