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  1. I agree. This episode was the first one that wasn’t clumsy and awful. I think Ezra added much needed chemistry and SW levity in the life and death situations. The pacing was such that the weakness of some of the actors didn’t have a chance to slip through. Thrawn was doing his Thrawning. I actually felt something here. C-3PO (along with Luke Skywalker) is my favorite character, so it was great to see him, and have him scored with The Star Wars Theme (sorry, I don’t think it just belongs to Luke). It was rather silly that Leia Organa didn’t simply Zoom in via hologram to end the Senate bullshit. But that would cost too much, so hello Threepio, good to see you. The heart and soul of SW.
  2. It’s the half completed Starkiller 2 (even BIGGER than Starkiller Base) from the already filmed Episode X.
  3. Usually fictional universes hit their peak when they are getting established, before they get too bloated or repetitious. Star Trek is an exception to this, which seems to have a template that allows for limitless storytelling and deeper character connections. Not that they stick every landing, but it's easier to wipe the slate clean between episodes or series.
  4. I still love Star Wars. The 9 Skywalker films are where it’s at for me. Everything else is extra. The TV shows have been on a general decline, such that I think they should rest it and go back to the cinema. There really is nothing like the anticipation of a new Saga movie where you don’t know what will happen and you read the crawl for the first time. I know the Sequels get hate, but they’re the only stories going forward instead of shrinking the Galaxy and filling in timeline gaps. Every other project is a prequel, and the stakes never feel as high.
  5. Let me see if I understand. I just bought the CD, but it has tracks that sound better on the digital download as well as the boot? Edit: in other words, tracks on the CD itself are inferior to the digital version and perhaps the boot?
  6. Same. There are some saying the previous boot has more consistent sound to their ears
  7. I haven’t bought it yet @Thor, but I’m gonna get it with humanoids. Fortunately I got Wolfen for a reasonable price from the estate sale Lukas Kendall was managing.
  8. There’s a heroic little adrenaline riff that oddly Silvestri never reused for either of the sequels, yet it appeared in both the 85 Mall and Clocktower sequences. I love it.
  9. For me, nobody beats his westerns. This is a great compilation. and make sure you try out To Kill a Mockingbird. And yes Heavy Metal is great. From his comedy years, Stripes is a hoot.
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