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  1. The only thing that would make this release better would be if they A: did a limited vinyl run and B: released a DVD-audio version.
  2. Really liked PROMETHEUS, on my second listen now. The Goldsmith quote got me emotional, but there's more of his DNA in the score than just that one track.
  3. There's an amazing three part one on Pops Britannia. But the best is 'The Return' on Keisuke Wakao plays JW.
  4. I'll try and get the new one if I can afford it, as I don't have the old one. I was scared for a second that it was coming out tomorrow.
  5. Based on a comment by MV on FSM, LLL will be releasing Jerry Goldsmith's WARNING SHOT soon.
  6. My problem is the whole design looks cheap - and the custom created logo is nigh on the same as a bootleg cover that previously made the rounds. The back cover as well just looks ugly and cheap. I agree on the yellow font, but it's better than the LLL. I had previously assumed the long "Music from the Paramount original motion picture soundtrack" was contractual as it was the same on the original LP, but I guess not.
  7. I agree, they do. But I don't think it's a pre-requisite, and it's certainly not something we should expect from a label who - for better or for worse - actively ignores the online community. We know Varese doesn't do this kind of thing, we've known for a decade or so, but we still bitch as if it's something we can actively change. I don't agree that re-releases should immediately equal more music. I think we've been conditioned by the multitude of expansions (which is certainly something Varese have previously contributed to) but there's no rule, written or unwritten, that says any new release should be expanded. I certainly understand people's frustrations, but the bottom line is either buy it or don't. Don't spend pages and pages (as that FSM thread has) grinding about something that everyone has already known for years just for the sake of it.
  8. That is, thanks. But I'd like the inlay and spine as well. Or I may just make it myself.
  9. Can someone who gets this do a high-res scan of the artwork? I absolutely loathe the LLL cover.
  10. That's because Varese don't pre-announce until the product is ready. We know Varese don't like the internet community and they don't communicate, so why is everyone up in arms? It's nice that from time to time we do get an explanation, but I don't think it should be demanded. After all, we vote with our wallets. I would readily buy an expansion, but I dofeel the LP program is fantastic and it deserves to be out there. My only gripe is that it's part of the CD club and therefore a limited edition (what is with these low unit numbers for requested scores?). Also I guess that means a faster turnaround for someone else to issue it.
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