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  1. Clickbait websites find this thread and post headlines saying "John Williams to Write Indiana Jones Trailer Music" and then everyone thinks the shitty trailer house music is actually John Williams
  2. I like the Fabelmans main theme enough to make it my favorite of the nominees, length issues no withstanding. All Quiet is actually a pretty effective and textured ambient score apart from the industrial stuff. Banshees is an effective score in film. Watching Everything Everywhere right now and the score is really really bad, like the movie itself. Haven't heard Babylon yet
  3. Who still rates things on IMDB anyway?? They completely removed the social component of it so now it's just like throwing numbers out into the void.
  4. They need to find a better abbreviation for that
  5. It would be funny if this was true and also the assignment was Kung Fu Panda
  6. Very similar to the Poe esque theme from Falcon Flight (that I'm going to guess is for Lando?)
  7. I personally just don't find the thematic material for KFP very interesting.
  8. I thought it was more moving than anything in either game. Even the more optimistic parts of the games have this cynical undercurrent where anyone who does something nice is secretly serving themselves or will end up paying for it later. Showing two people fall in love and living full lives it is really uplifting to see in the TLOU universe. One possible criticism I have is that
  9. The reflection in the old fashioned camera taking a picture of Martin Van Buren?
  10. I think most of the blame for poor film music comes from directors'/producers' music taste. No matter how skilled you are, you can't beat the Dunkirk temp track.
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