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  1. Until I see John Williams in the armor, I'm not buying it
  2. I feel like this and Mandolorian are good examples of when to deviate from the established sound. The problem is, all the other D+ shows are doing it too. Had they gone the full traditional route for Obi Wan (in a perfect world where it wasn't a low budget sci fi channel original) I don't think anyone would have cared that Andor doesn't sound like SW. As is, it's just another step into the generic modernizing of SW music
  3. I feel like of this weren't SW, very few people would have anything to say about it, positive or negative
  4. I was expecting a little more to happen in the wedding scene given the tension they establish. The knight killing the guy was violent and unexpected but the way the scene was paced led me to believe that something more planned and concrete would happen (as opposed to a random outburst of violence)
  5. The new Amazon Prime LOTR score is a better SW score than any of the recent D+ shows
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