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  1. And Now This is my favorite Williams theme
  2. Now https://open.spotify.com/track/0UvXARxghc7E5grZSpGArl?si=J4unb5qUSHaLGy0RJD-PiA&utm_source=copy-link
  3. It's crazy. It's been said over and over but if somebody told me in 2012 that we'd be getting a John Williams Obi-Wan suite in 2022, I'd ask them to kill me
  4. I figured it would be an entry into JW's elegiac sound given the nature of the show. I wonder if it'll be more of a hopeful minor key theme (Window to the Past, The Garrison Family Theme, Gabriel's Letter, The Days Between from Stepmom) or will go more for an all out elegy (The Immolation Theme, Anakin's Betrayal, The Starkiller)
  5. I was thinking about that when listening to it last month. I think the jauntier pizzicato and "The Lanes of Limerick" sections better capture the slightly comic tone of the book
  6. Since the theme was a last minute addition, I'm not sure if it'll even have that
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