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  1. Watching Mr. Villain's Day Off which is like watching a 3 minute short stretched out to 22 minutes. It's a testament to the consistent quality of anime music that even a show like this has some pretty good music. There's a beautiful John Williams-in-heartfelt-mode piano theme that plays after the end credits and a stirring string elegy as his panda melts in the coffee or whatever. Also watching Restaurant to Another World, which has a poppy pastoral piece for the bassoon and piano that plays after the end credits *Edit here the poppy piece https://youtu.be/VyslF_SSIXg?si=-1T3DMtUJ0aEfw6R Technically a video game but it's also an anime I've been playing Persona 4 Golden, which has a fantastic OP and a fun poppy choral chant that plays before you enter the mind palaces
  2. Got worried before I remembered what this was referring to
  3. Just finished watching Kemono Michi. A beautiful anime about a wrestler who loves animals. It's one of those anime where the score is almost TOO good to have been written for this show (and idk maybe it was library music, I didn't check). Good wrestler style OP and I love the dog ED
  4. The dinosaurs all fight on a grey empty field
  5. Old enough to rent a car
  6. Oppenheimer doesn't work as the "awards scapegoat" because it's actually good.
  7. Really don't get why everyone expected Spider Verse a shoo-in to get a nomination. It was clever but not even the fourth best Spider Man score. Superhero avatars always tend to overinflate the quality of certain scores (The Batman last year). The Oscar hopes for that movie in general were very forced (like when people expected No Way Home to get a best picture nom)
  8. I fucking hated Everything Everywhere. One of the most annoying movies I've ever seen
  9. After the last few BP winners being stinkers, it would be nice for a good movie to win (Oppenheimer or Killers of the Flower Moon)
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