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  1. Agreed, though I can also watch it around December too
  2. I believe that Williams' scores would have dedicated a large portion of their runtime to new themes. Probably with subtle melodic ties to the primary thematic material (Hedwig's Theme, Family Theme, HWW, Voldenort). Though it's possible his tight 2005 schedule would have prompted him to go the adaptation route as with CoS.
  3. The story continues... *Edit* oh wait that was a joke tweet
  4. He said something positive about the film's visual style in an obscure interview. It's possible that the experience wasn't positive for Williams despite yielding a great score. Between having to abandon many of the themes/general style of the previous scores and the alleged "wrong cut" incident.
  5. I think that's exactly what it is. Young composers who take themselves too seriously and have very basic dramatic instincts. "I'm gonna make this car chase so epic and emoshunal!!"
  6. Williams is probably as interested in this project as he was about The Secret Life of Water Mitty or the Oldboy remake
  7. Just watched the clip. That was fucking hilarious, that guy deserves the prize
  8. Lots of whiny cunts in the comments. "wHy dddIdN't mY entry win ???"
  9. It makes sense as a "first reel Rey's Theme," addressing mainly the scavenger aspect of her character (as opposed to the final version, which better reflects Rey's full character, including her heroics later in the movie).
  10. It sounds like it would play over the introduction of the Order of the Phoenix in The Order of the Phoenix.
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