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  1. I find that really interesting because for me, HTTYD 3 absolutely kicks the crap out of 1 & 2 - by this point Powell's thematic catalogue is so vast.
  2. Most of those elements aren't a problem - working with the best in the business and having the time and budget to compose and record properly. But there is no way that a director is going to lock the movie 3 months in advance just so that JW doesn't have to do quite as much re-writing. That's a yearning for a simpler filmmaking period when JW produced some of his classic scores.
  3. We just had the entire half hour of snow that we're likely to get as a farewell to winter (12c tomorrow), and just as I was approaching the top of a hill during this morning's commute, out into a minor blizzard, this moment comes. It couldn't possibly have been better timed. The next two tracks made the rest of my commute somewhat dramatic. I've listened multiple times and am in the discovery phase, where I realise how deeply thematic it is. I'd almost put it on par with HTTYD - I'm not sure what's stopping me putting it in the same category.
  4. I reckon JW will easily have first refusal, and it depends on whether he views the Indy franchise as sacred to him as SW. Failing that, Powell would be perfect.
  5. This must surely be the biggest indicator so far that making this movie is a really bad idea.
  6. If JW doesn't score it, I pity the composer who does. They will receive perpetual bashing from JWFan.
  7. Come on Jay... a newbie with one post. Not everyone knows how JW structures his albums.
  8. Listened to the first handful of tracks from Zimmer's Thin Red Line album during the morning commute. This album is one of my most frequent and favourite ambient/relaxation albums - it's beautifully assembled if you ignore any connection to the film (which I've never seen).
  9. I first saw it on my work laptop screen and it looked exactly like a cat-shaped trophy.
  10. I suppose it shouldn't come as a surprise if the movie was temped with a load of previous Powell scores. I'm surprised Hancock hasn't been mentioned yet, particularly as its main theme has an Irish tinge to it.
  11. Finale part one review: zzzzzZZZZZZ If part 2 isn't really amazing, this easily goes down as the worst post-2005 series.
  12. My old PC had one but I didn't want to pay for playback software so I didn't use it. My new PC came with a free copy of PowerDVD so I celebrated by buying an Imagine Dragons concert Blu-ray. I still don't watch much on it (I'm a Netflixer/Primer) but it's there. I also means that if I decide to buy any movies in the future, there's question I buy the BD.
  13. I'm 2/3 through the album and it's a fun score; albeit not quite on the level of HTTYD. The main theme is rather nice, and it's stuck in my head by this point. Not the most original thing Powell's ever come up with, but I think it does the job. I think there's more than one motif going on, particularly in the first track - either that or the theme is longer form than first meets the ear. Woah, Buck Takes The Lead is awesome
  14. I've only really heard Hugo, although if I'm honest, I like the credits song more than anything in the actual score. I would also have seen The Departed at some point but don't remember anything about the music. I also have one or two score tracks from Gangs of New York. They're ok. The film is long and looks boring and slow-burning - not interested.
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