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  1. Every device/system, or 'thing' in the world that uses a computer has had to be coded in some way. That's a lot of code to write. I'm a software engineer, and I'm constantly being told by my project managers that it's difficult to recruit new people in this field.
  2. Don't see why - JW seems as willing to write alternates as most other composers. I've read about a few late composers that didn't like revising cues, but you'd never get away with that mindset now.
  3. I checked my music folder, and the only track I have for active listening is the end titles. However, I went through a period a few years ago of getting rid of albums that didn't appeal to me in a specific mood (which is a really bad way of maintaining a score collection, but hey, it happened), and this would've been a victim. I'll give this another listen, although I suspect I bought it largely to legalise the handful of tracks I did have.
  4. What? Minority Report has loads of unreleased music. SPR is much more debatable.
  5. I have the McNeely compilation and I do rather like the excerpts from JW's disaster scores.
  6. Probably similar to Thor's, maybe a little higher. I've bought a heck of a lot from Amazon marketplace.
  7. For once, I'm with Thor. I never entertained the notion of buying this.
  8. How many people bought this simply because it's a JW score and a Matessino production (and not for any actual musical reason), and we were all excited for BF? I'm guessing a lot.
  9. Rosewood. I've never seen the film, and only ever listened to the latter part of the end credits from the original album. I'm not sure why I felt I needed more music.
  10. Never seen to be able to find Burwell's The Alamo at a 'normal' price.
  11. Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan Eraser I didn't dismiss either immediately, but I realised after a short time that neither was for me.
  12. The Hunt is a pretty cool action cue as music, buit in the film, it just doesn't feel right to me. The scene has a lot of little changes of pace which the music doesn't seem to recognise. As unpopular an opinion as this may be (what with JW's original intentions being gospel around here), there are very few bits of tracking in either JP films that I find problematic. SS would've had good reason for changing what he did, and by and large I think he got it right.
  13. Kraemer liking that tweet a few years ago was rather telling. The fact that he then 'clarified' his stance is meaningless, as that's just PR. McQuarrie clearly didn't want Kraemer for the first one.
  14. Writing a lot of music that doesn't overly draw attention to itself. Some directors definitely want the music that those guys compose, but it seems McQuarrie doesn't. I'd bet pretend money that that explanation was artistically-populist bullshit from the start. He just wanted Zimmer style music.
  15. I'm interpreting the UK's new guidelines mostly by going out for more walks at weekends, and not worrying about spending some time in the woods near us with my camera. But my parents and I will also do some drives to some areas further from us, such as the South Downs, where social distancing is basically the norm, as there's so much space.
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