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  1. Track 3 is really beautiful. From the first handful of tracks there seems to be a mix of really nice folky music and downright bizarre stuff with vocals and almost rocky percussion. The song is ok - it's not stuck in my head.
  2. Kloser and Wander did a decent job on The Day After Tomorrow and 10,000 BC but nothing else they've done has struck me.
  3. It's way more efficient to distribute media by P2P anyway, if you don't have the burden of needing to charge for it. It's something that labels and film studios just haven't managed to crack - being able to get revenue for something while also making it as accessible as possible.
  4. I like his score for season 1 of Fargo. I haven't noticed anything else he's done.
  5. Holy cow, that release is 3 hours long! That's astonishing for a new series with unknown composers.
  6. I'm not casting doubt, but most composers would say that if an interviewer asked them about collaborating again.
  7. I heard more in the way that Emmerich/Devlin got over-confident and pleased with themselves about how good their film was (Oscars and all that) and when JW turned out to be available, decided that they had a chance to (in their eyes) really elevate the score. I'm inclined to believe that story, as there has to be a good reason why they never worked with Arnold again.
  8. I had no idea about this - the Amazon listing says this: Boom: https://storywonk.com/unboxing-the-outlander-ultimate-collection/ and https://outlander-watch.livejournal.com/200132.html The extra tracks are in volume 2. Based on the names, track 6 is probably score with the other 2 being traditional? 06. Mr. and Mrs. Randall 12. The Wee Wee Man 14. Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind
  9. Yeah this ties into a micro-rant I had somewhere else regarding timing of expansions. If Disney/MM/JW etc aren't working out how to do this as I type, what are they waiting for? What's going to change two years from now that suddenly makes JW want to do expansion? (I'm making the assumption here that if JW phoned up KK and said 'right Kathy, SW expansion time', it would happen)
  10. Although I've renamed all but the last two tracks to the FYC names as it's easier to remember which scenes they're from. I don't remember a ribbon in the Quarry/farm scene - what's that about? However, Sixteen Hundred Men and Come Back To Us are cool track names.
  11. I listened to a few tracks from this and was pretty bored. I love Newman's score - I think it's simply because I'm not into Desplat's style.
  12. It's not being sold at the regular kind of price on Amazon on CD so I abandoned any attempt to buy it physically for now and got a copy from Google Music. I'll buy it when it appears really cheap on marketplace. Ironically I was more keen to own this on CD than TROS because this isn't missing music. At work today I was listening to the latter part of A Scrap of Ribbon on repeat - such a beautiful piano melody.
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