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  1. Do we have a poll for the titles that people think are most likely to be announced?
  2. I noticed that all my Dune covers have a spelling error so here is the corrected and updated set:
  3. Even worse is that they are targeted ads based on your purchases etc. So if I bought shoes one day, I’ll see shoes in the movies for weeks lol... Physical media doesn’t have this problem!
  4. Looks the same for me on my phone but looks fine on my computer. It you click the image it’ll look OK on Flickr on the phone.
  5. An updated version of a cover I posted a few years back for Captain America 1: Click for full resolution and a "Complete Score" version of the second Tenet cover.
  6. Ah I’ve never seen Fringe so that must’ve been someone else. Have had the GOT one for years.
  7. That's very good. Upgrading RAM yourself is often cheaper! Who is Olivia?
  8. Computers can have way more than that even, but I have 40GB which is ok if you don't load every articulation and instrument at once. Logic Pro has a very good feature that lets you open a big template but only loads the tracks in use or the ones that you select which saves a lot of ram and enables you to work with big libraries and templates without needing huge amounts of RAM.
  9. I use Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra exlusively and like the brass in it a lot and it also mixes very well with the other AIR libraries but if you're not going the Spitfire route, maybe SSB isn't the way to go. I have heard very good things about Berlin Brass and Junkie XL brass (same developer) so check those out as well!
  10. I don't know any scores by him, except Nocturnal Animals but that one is amazing!
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