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  1. The score will have 2 releases, one Sketchbook release (Paul’s Dream is from this album) and then later the OST (Ripples in the Sand will appear on this release). https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210723005099/en/Three-Epic-Dune-Soundtracks-Featuring-New-Music-From-Academy-and-Grammy-Award-Winning-Composer-Hans-Zimmer-Coming-From-WaterTower-Music
  2. It has been confirmed by Mark Petrie who did the trailer music that he used a few elements from the score when making the trailer track. Here is his post about it: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=352755436407727&id=100050198212385
  3. Here are a few covers for Black Widow:
  4. That’s cool! Does this app work with non mp3 files like m4a or flac as well?
  5. Harry Potter 7 and 8 by Desplat. Also Ice Age 2-4 by Powell comes to mind.
  6. I prefer when scores are tagged using - instead of / if a track contains 2 cues.
  7. Just discovered this thread. Did anyone ever add BOTFA to this thematic breakdown? @Jay
  8. I’m an iTunes Match user since many years and the service has always worked great for me. I keep my lossless files on my home computer where I listen to music most of the time but have access to stream and download everything to my iPhone or iPad etc! Strongly recommended unless lossless streaming is a requirement.
  9. Actually I agree with this. I was listening to this a few weeks ago and the sound was weirdly very sharp and also a bit thumpy at the same time. Could have been something either the original recording I guess.
  10. The Mask of Zorro & The Legend of Zorro by James Horner:
  11. I look at the track names but after a while if I like the score a lot I won’t need to look to know them.
  12. I don’t as I prefer to focus on the book while I read the book and the music when I listen to the music. However if I read something where I know the score well I will often think of the score while reading certain parts of the book
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