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  1. I've listened to Fabelmans quite a few times since it was released and always enjoyed it. Yesterday I saw the movie, which I thought was great, and I'm now listening to the score again and having heard it in context I like it even more. This is probably my favorite JW score since TFA and the score is just a perfect musical accompaniment to the film. The magic and underlying sadness and melancholy in Mitzi's Dance is a masterclass in film scoring. I think Simon Franglen should have won the Oscar every day of the week but of the 5 nominated scores, JW should definitively have won for Fabelmans. The OST is short but having seen the movie, I'm not sure if much is missing, except maybe a few clean openings. Does anyone know if/how many missing cues there are in the film?
  2. I love the score to Gladiator and it is a huge part of the first movie so I would obviously like the same composer to score the sequel. I also doubt that Zimmer will score it as he is merely friends with Ridley and doesn’t score his movies anymore after quitting KOH. However, I think that if any movie would make them work together again, it would be Gladiator 2. If Zimmer doesn’t score it, then HGW would be a good choice.
  3. Much of the action/battle music in gladiator is 3/4 if I remember correctly.
  4. This is not true, it’s a rumour that was stated by someone on twitter. The rendering time for 9 hours would be physically impossible and would take years and years. Landau said that movies 2 and 3 are around 6 hours in total so I expect the third movie to be around 3 hours.
  5. If they get Zimmer on board for the score, I'll be really interested in this movie. I'm apprehensive as Gladiator is one of my favorite films but the cast announcements so far are good and I think Scott will do a good job.
  6. I think I prefer this statement of the Batman theme to all the versions in Justice League lol.
  7. I remember really liking his work on GOT. The S6 opening episode and the S7 finale episode are fantastic for instance.
  8. I have only seen Redux and while 5e movie is incredible, I think seeing the theatrical first is probably better as there are some portions of the film where the pacing is a bit tough for a first time viewer. However I read which bits are added and I think they probably add to the craziness of the film and its depiction of war.
  9. Oh I don’t care if a score is orchestral or not and like I said, I think Gone Girl is a good score, I just thought that there were a lot better scores in 2010 that deserved to win. Inception HTTYD HP7 to name a few.
  10. I think that social network by Rezner and Ross was the least deserving score winner. Their Gone Girl score is pretty good though.
  11. I haven’t seen the film yet but listened to a few cues on YouTube. I’m a fan of the Dunkirk score so I’m not opposed to experimental scores, but so far AQOTWF isn’t my thing. I’m planning on watching the film so maybe it works better in context.
  12. Newman and JNH have both been nominated so many times without winning. 5ey really deserve it. I hoped JNH would win for A Hidden Life but source music usage prevented him from even getting a nomination…
  13. The trailer looks very good and I like Ferguson. I wonder who is scoring this.
  14. He wrote a draft for a series about the dance of dragons but it didn’t end up happening and then the dance ended up being adapted by another writer in HOTD. I do hope that he ends up doing another GOT successor show though.
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