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  1. I’m kind of bored with Superhero movies at the moment but I’m actually interested in this one because Millie Alcock is really good!
  2. How much time is supposed to have passed between the first and the second game? Based on the images IMO they don’t really look older than in S1, especially Ellie.
  3. Was the recent CD version longer and more complete than the digital weekly releases?
  4. I think while an OST might be well produced, the complete score is almost always a better presentation of the score, at least in cases where the composer properly tells the story through music using various themes and motifs. OST albums usually miss a lot of the thematic scoring and focuses on big set piece cues which kind of defeats the purpose in my view. Thematic scoring with lots of developments/variations of themes is my favorite aspect of film music so onece there's a complete version of a score, I tend to never go back to the OST again.
  5. I agree completely with this. While I prefer a more serious tone for Thor, I think ragnarok was great for the reasons stated above. In Love and Thunder Thor is an idiot whose character development is completely removed and he acts more like in the first film before he became worthy, destroying a whole city (in the prologue) because he’s an idiot etc.
  6. The funniest thing about Cavil and Argylle is that he is barely in Argylle despite appearing all over the marketing.
  7. I’ve always had an issue with JW’s Heidi (not because it is bad musically) but rather because the score is not appropriate for the story which is very Swiss. The american sound of JW’s score just doesn’t fit with the story, culture and the setting as someone who read the book as a kid. Again, the JW score is well written music but just doesn’t feel appropriate for the story. There is an older German/swiss TV show based on the same book whose score I would love to see released though.
  8. Here is my cover set for Fallout S1: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjBievM
  9. I finished the first season of 3 Body Problem and I think it's a terrific sci-fi show, which deals with huge concepts, both in terms of science and in terms of morality. Many interesting concepts are explored, but the show is not just an info dump of cool concepts, the main focus is the characters which for the most part all play important roles, even though the roles aren't always apparent at first. The series deals mostly with the present time but pivotal scenes, especially in there earlier episodes take place in the past during the cultural revolution in china and these scenes are incredibly well done and feel authentic. The opening scene is quite disturbing. The actors play their roles really well, with Liam Cunningam stealing every scene he is in. Jonathan Pryce also does some amazing work, especially in some scenes where he is practically alone (but I won't be more specific because of potential spoilers). The score also works well and creates an eerie tone for the show while introducing several themes, which grow throughout the season and culminate in some great renditions in later episodes. Especially Will's theme is very moving. I do think that the season should have been released with weekly episodes rather than a typical Netflix binge release as the episodes benefit from having some breathing room between viewings. I hope this is something they do in season 2.
  10. Agree with this completely. Zimmer often puts down his own playing and while he is not a virtuoso pianist, he can play decently I’m sure. Some composers often tend to use self deprivation about their skills as a way of expressing themselves, this is something I’ve heard many composers do. As you said, Djawadi graduated Berklee where he stated out with guitar after which he started studying composition, both orchestral and jazz.
  11. I think that being a good pianist is not at all a requirement for composing great music. A composer’s main instrument might be cello or guitar or piano etc and the quality of the music they write is not dependent on their proficiency at performing piano.
  12. Yes the Feyd theme in the Arena track is definitively the same as in Seduction. The theme can also be heard in Song of the Sisters (in the latter half of the track) and that arrangement is quite similar to Seduction. However, there’s also a really cool vocal continuation/variation section of the theme in the suite which was sadly never used in the movie. The Chime theme is also in Part One but the tuning of the bells/notes are a bit different. It plays in the middle of Stillsuite and in an unreleased cue where Paul looks at the film books (before Hunter Seeker). It’s a nice little idea which works so well with the Vast Mystery harmonies playing alongside it (like in Stillsuits).
  13. Here is my complete cover set for Ramin Djawadi's 3 Body Problem S1: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjBibLE I really like the show and thought that the art designs for the promotional material, including the character posters (which are often dull) were inventive so I tackled most of the available material. To access the covers click the Flickr link!
  14. 3 Body Problem Episodes 1-3 Super impressed with this show, one of the most exiting new shows in quite a while. Full of mysteries and interesting ideas. Looking forward to see how it unfolds and I believe S2 is being written right now!
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