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  1. Yeah the alternative would have been having Cooke and D’Arcy play younger versions of the characters which wouldn’t have worked as well. I think the way they did it is great as both the young and the older actors are doing a great job and you really get a feeling of the characters growing up in this generational shift which is central to the story.
  2. Agreed, Considine is mostly known for "smaller" UK based movies as far as I know. His work on HOTD is truly great!
  3. Episode 6 is really good! The time jump took a couple of minutes to get used to, with new characters (names and lineages) to get to know but the new cast members are so good. Rhaenyra and Alicent both feel completely like the same characters as in the first 5 episodes, just at different stages of their lives. The last episode with young Rhaenyra showed her accepting the marriage and the burden/responsibility that comes with being the heir to the throne and specifically a princess. That kind of acceptance that was shown by Rhaenyra in episode 5 can be seen in episode 6 by D'Arcy's older Rhaenyra as well and the introduction scene was really well filmed and I especially liked the scene of her and Leonor (who is also very well acted by the older actor) going to see the Queen and the King. Cooke as Alicent was also excellent and her scenes with Viserys, both at the council and in their residence were great and you really see the built up anger and resentment she feels which we already started seeing in episode 4 and especially episode 5. The Viserys line about barely being able to use the privy in peace made me laugh! Paddy Considine shines again as a much older Viserys and the acting in the council scene was particularly good. The dragons were all cool as well and seeing the dragon pit in full was great as we only saw the ruin in GOT. The developments involving the Strong family towards the end of the episode was also fascinating and I really didn't see it coming. I loved seeing the Harrenhall castle again but it seems Harren's curse still reigns. Seeing a bit of Pentos was nice as well and Daemon's development with Laena was interesting and again, the end was a shame as I liked her as a character. Her final scene was really good though, with the music and the connection to the Aemma scene from episode 1. Oh and Vhagar looked awesome! I also really liked Rhaenyra's A theme (I think) being used a few times in this episode and I think that this theme represents her princess duties, whereas the choir theme represents her more rebellious and free side. I'm really impressed with how they are telling this story and Miguel Sapochnik does a great job with the direction and as usual the set design, costumes, cinematography are all very well done. This is very cool. I especially like the interactive map.
  4. Murder on the Orient Express (Doyle) - I like this score a lot, especially the train/travel cues and the justice theme. Death on the Nile (Doyle) - Not sure if I prefer this over Orient Express, but it's good, especially the way in which Doyle uses his main theme where the theme can sound completely different. The English Patient (Yared) - A classic score. The Hungarian influence and the Bach influences work very well. I hope this score gets an expansion from one of the labels soon. The Adventures of Tintin (Williams) - Great score that is a bit like a sequel to HP2 and Indiana Jones 4 in a weird way. Snowy's theme is straight out of the Wizarding World. Loads of fun with a nice influence from Catch Me if You Can. The Terminal (Williams) - One of JW's most uplifting scores with impressive clarinet writing. The Survivor (Zimmer) - Haunting and dark score that switches between oppressive sadness to dread to beautiful violin and vocal parts. I want to see the movie to see how it plays with the movie, especially the final cue which is a real highlight. Little Women - (Desplat) - Nice score but nto one of Desplat's best. It reminded me a bit of other Desplat scores that I like more. Outbreak (JNH) - Rather scary score with some nice melodic cues. Very impressive horror/action writing and some of it reminded me of the action music in the final Hunger Games score.
  5. I'm not watching this show but I think that the main function of the LOTR name is to tell audiences that the show is connected to Middle Earth which is not a bad idea in my opinion.
  6. Was Splinter Cell released? I never heard of this and I have listened to a lot of early Desplat.
  7. Here are some covers for Avatar: The Way of Water:
  8. Here is my collection of covers fro Avatar, including Avatar: The Way of Water, plus 2 new covers for House of the Dragon Season 1: I updated 2 of the covers with a few fixes but for some reason I couldn't edit the original post without almost all the covers disappearing so I posted the 2 new versions plus the ones that got deleted in a new post:
  9. I really hope that this gets a release. I know that some Zimmer & Howard Shore cues for this game were released a few years ago so it's not impossible that this could get released sometime in the future.
  10. Just started listening to this and it's right up my alley! Very nice arrangements and performance.
  11. Yeah hopefully he can use sketches and maybe even unused ideas from the first score.
  12. I have seen a clip of the movie (underwater sequence) which was shown after the remastered Avatar which was one of the most impressive cinematic experiences I’ve had! The scene looked amazing (in 3D) and the score cue was very nice. It reminded me a bit of JNH in “underwater mode” along with some Hornerisms. Very dreamy which fit perfectly for the scene. I was kind of lukewarm about Frangen scoring the movie as I love the first score and don’t want a watered down version of that for the sequels but I’m slowly changing my mind after hearing this underwater cue plus the trailer music. Of course it’s still too early to say but I trust that Cameron made a good decision regarding the score!
  13. I agree, I'm also a big fan of the MOS score, especially the Supes theme which to me perfectly captures what makes Superman, Superman, like JW's theme does. They do the job in different ways but both are great! I'm still disappointed that BVS wasn't a proper superman movie because we never got more full on heroic superman material. I read that HZ was a bit disappointed as well that the sequel didn't allow for developing the superman material in a more heroic manor.
  14. He has said on twitter recently that it's entirely his choice not to score so many things these days so I wouldn't count on him doing any blockbusters soon. It would be great though!
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