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  1. I really like Bourne Identity but I think Supremacy and Ultimatum are much better, both films and scores. But identity sure had an impact on action films.
  2. Yes one wonders what the point is of expansions that are missing so many cues. If you're gonna release it, then do it right.
  3. Who is scoring the Miller movie? Holkenborg?
  4. Fun Thread! 160BPM from Angels and Demons, Themyscira from Wonder Woman 1984 and the Fantastic Beasts Main Title "Fanfare" (7/8) and the Mission Impossible theme (5/4). I don't have time stamps though.
  5. Having separate cues is so much better than combined cross faded long tracks!
  6. Both Bourne Identity and Zorro would be legendary releases from Varese!
  7. Oh right, both have similar names lol
  8. This was announced months ago if I'm not mistaken
  9. Another cover for Top Gun: Maverick:
  10. What did NWO lecture about? I really liked Multiverse of Madness but I wouldn't have minded to have this be the third doctor strange, following a doctor strange movie about Mordo which was set up in the end credits scene of the first movie.
  11. Having seen the movie, I think it's a good score, one of the better MCU scores actually but it's maybe a bit lacking in the themes department. The sad theme for Wanda is beautiful though and I hope it appears in the additional cues on the deluxe release and maybe the extended version of On the Run, with the Gia theme variation. My favorite cues are Multiverse of Madness, Main Titles, They'll Be Loved, On the Run, A Cup of Tea and An Interesting Question. I love the guitars in A Cup of Tea! It works great in the movie as well.
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