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  1. I don't remember which season it was, though it must have been a late one, where Larry is disguised and gets into an argument about Pepperidge Farm Cookies at a hotel... really funny scene, could have been season 10 I think. I'd say that the later seasons have really funny parts but are overall maybe a bit less funny than the early stuff.
  2. Good news! Am a big fan of this show and thought the last season was very funny, especially the Latte Larrys storyline!
  3. I heard that HZ & Nolan are still friends, just like HZ & Ridley Scott are still friends, but them working together in the future might be unlikely. I hope it's temporary but I am very disappointed that Göransson is the new Nolan collaborator... I was not a fan of his Tenet score.
  4. Göransson scoring it... this is so disappointing.
  5. What does Göransson's Venom sound like? I know his work on Tenet and Black Panther
  6. I haven't seen the older movies in a while, and remember being a big fan of the Connery ones, but I actually think Spectre is my favorite bond movie. It's definitively my favorite of Craig's. It's the perfect mix of modern and old school bond. It's modern and serious but doesn't take itself quite as seriously as the previous Craig movies (which I like a lot, except QOS), and includes a bit of the tone from the older movies. Also am a big fan of the score. Definitively agree! Another example is the whole sequence where Q meets Bond in Austria at the Hoffler Klinik, which is then followed by a classic bond action sequence in the snow!
  7. Thanks! Yeah that image is cool! A bit different than the others!
  8. With No Time to Die being released shortly, here is my complete (so far) set of covers for the score:
  9. The samples don't play for me either. Seems they have region blocked it.
  10. Didn't he release something last year? a 1 min cue I think Edit, found it:
  11. Just wait till you get the OST, it'll sound as dry as any other Giacchino score...
  12. He was never attached to the project at all.
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