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  1. I have to say i adore all the new JW music for this film (which i will only be able to see when it starts in our cinemas in Austria in March). The music is just so beautiful, magical, simple and uplifting. A real (much too short) gem, which leaves me wanting more... more extensive development of these themes, more extensive arrangements,... It seems like a wonderful appetizer to a more extensive score that you crave but will never come, it is that good.
  2. Honestly the trailer itself is great and the first music part before the Indy Theme kicks in works quite well (even though it fulfills all the standard generic trailer music tropes). But the Indy Theme in this slowed and spread out version with this low budget synth brass is a major head scratcher. The major behind the scenes drama at Disney and chaos at Lucasfilm seem to continue to result in these ongoing quality hickups that should have never passed the upper management.
  3. Ordered Amistad but from a European retailer and really looking forward to it. Such a wealth of unreleased material. I still remember some great underscore music when i watched the film for the first and only time about 8-10 years ago. And finally also the gorgeous guitar source cue gets released.
  4. It says a lot that you support and even propone an entertainment for the dumb, for the easily entertained "switch off your brain" people. An entertainment perfect for lazy producers, lazy writers and lazy directors...who would otherwise deservedly be out of a job. I'm the opposite, i want care, excellence and quality. Not the minimum effort. I want the maximum effort in a believable and great story that makes sense and follows the rules set for the chosen fantasy world. If a story makes no sense anymore, then you can't respect it or believe anything you see or read anymore. Such a story is dead and such a franchise loses the deep fanbase that really cares.
  5. Read the last part of my post, In RotJ Kenobi tells Luke that he has hidden Leia and Luke from Vader/Anakin That is at the end of ROTS and at that point Obi Wan seems to know that Vader/Anakin is still alive. Otherwise why would they need to hide the kids from a dead man? Padme says there is still good in Anakin on her deathbed, directly after the birth of Leia and Luke. Why would she say that about a dead Vader/Anakin. That also confirms that she and Obi Wan know that Vader/Anakin is alive.
  6. That's not between the lines. Obi Wan knows it. You should rewatch RotS. The Kenobi writers show their absolute and true incompetence by creating another huge plot hole and story mistake. This results in the end of Kenobi Episode 2 making no sense and directly conflicting with RotS. After recalibrating the code to warn Jedi to stay away from Coruscant, Kenobi views a security recording of Anakin killing Jedi and younglings in temple. It then cuts to Anakin kneeling before Darth Sidious/Palpatine. Sidious tells him, “You have done well, my new apprentice. Now, Lord Vader, go and bring peace to the Empire. After viewing the security footage, Yoda tells Obi-Wan, “Twisted by the dark side young Skywalker has become. The boy you trained, gone he is. Consumed by Darth Vader.” Obi-Wan is then tasked with killing Darth Vader by Yoda as he sets out to face off against Darth Sidious. That means since that point of time Obi Wan knows that Anakin is called Darth Vader, even though at this point he is still without mask and injuries. Later on when the name of the guy with the mask gets known as Darth Vader in the Galaxy, Obi Wan of course pieces it together that this must be Anakin! In RotJ, Kenobi makes it abundantly clear to Luke that he knew Vader was alive when Luke questions him about the other that Yoda spoke of. Kenobi tells Luke, “The other he spoke of is your twin sister.” Luke retorts, “But I have no sister.” Kenobi then explains, “To protect you both from the emperor, you were hidden from your father when you were born.” (see https://boundingintocomics.com/2022/06/06/obi-wan-kenobi-writer-appears-to-be-oblivious-of-revenge-of-the-sith-has-no-clue-kenobi-knew-anakin-was-darth-vader/) They obviously wouldn't hide Leia and Luke from Anakin, if the believed Anakin to be dead. Also Padme says that "there is still good in him" when she dies. Why would she say that to Obi Wan that there is still good in Anakin, when they think Anakin is dead? So this dialogue in RotJ and also RotS confirms that Obi Wan knew that Anakin is Vader at the end of RotS and that the Kenobi writers are completely incompetent, because this is a huge story mistake.
  7. Good job, as others have mentioned i also would prefer a more condensed version, like for example Crimes of Grindelwald Theme could be one Theme instead of 5 different theme parts, etc... I must say the biggest problem (in the best possible sense) i often have with JNH scores is that i feel he doesn't really recognize what his strongest themes and material are and often puts lesser melodies in the spotlight with many appearances, while degrading his best thematic material to only very few appearances. Take for example the in my opinion best theme of fantastic beasts, which i would call "Newts Main Theme", which in your document is a combination of "Newts Theme" and the "Case Theme". For me your "Case Theme" is in fact Newts Main Theme and your Newts Theme is in fact just an underlying Motif which acts as a lead in to the Newts Main Theme. Newts Main Theme only plays three times in the film, the main theme motif four times and it doesn't feature even once in Crimes of Grindelwald (!)...a colossal wasted opportunity in my view This theme in my opinion would even have made for a great fantastic beasts main theme. Then there is the "Grimes of Grindelwald Theme" which in my opinion is one of the best musical pieces of the last few years...it really is the absolute highlight of Crimes of Grindelwald and only plays two short times, one of which are the end credits. What's going on there, why isn't this all over the score... the quality of this theme would merit that but instead it is completely wasted... Or remember the Maleficient flies theme which is also shamefully underused but still the best musical piece of both Maleficient films. JNH is a great composer but i would wish that his Dinosaur or Waterworld sensibilities would return again (where he let his best themes stand in the spotlight and play out)
  8. Can anyone tell me, if this universe acc. to book is supposed to make any sense at all? I watched the film and nothing in this science fiction world really adds up. A science fiction world, where the Atreides the supposedly most powerful house of the galaxy and threat to its emperor lives on an empty planet on an island in an medieval castle. It's an empty ireland like world without cities, people, villages etc.... wtf? There is no civilian live at all - its like the whole science fiction world is sort of dead. All the worldbuilding won't help if the world and universe it tries to build is sorta dead and makes no sense. It completely took me out of the film. Dune the most important planet in the galaxy has only one city with only one spice raffinery??? Suppose they have a big fire and the raffinery burns down, the spice supply for the whole galaxy is gone without a single alternative? There is technology to space travel but the soldiers still fight with swords and dont have guns? Only three Atreides guards guard the shield in front of its door, the most important defense facility for the Atreides forces? No guard station or watch post, nothing. There is not even password protection or a two or three way/step deactivation procedure... nothing. There is no plan B with an alternate Atreides base in case they got attacked? All Atreides forces and ships are in one place with no backup at all? The score was really dissappointing, droning around with no identity no life and not one single memorable moment. Cinematography and acting was great, the characters too. All in all sadly the film and this science fiction world is only a shining facade with not much behind... but maybe it is that way in the book too (which i never read).
  9. Still waiting for my set to arrive (together with lots of stuff i still had on my list, like Monsignor, the River, WotW, Images and Always.) Concerning Eiger Sanction did someone combine film soundtrack and OST in a playlist or would that be too repetitious. Or do you rather listen to the film score and the OST separately each with its own playlist? Concerning all the other sets mentioned above i basically have similar questions how and what to combine. I guess i will search the individual threads for some playlist recommendations. And i usually always prefer film chronology and source music included at the proper spots in my playlists.
  10. My list still is pretty much the same as several years ago, in ranked order: 1) The Empire Strikes Back 2) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 3) Jurassic Park 4) Star Wars 5) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 6) Raiders of the Lost Ark 7) The Phantom Menace 8) ET 9) Home Alone 10) War Horse and damn, Temple of Doom is so mindblowingly good. Only in terms of themes TESB beats it. I guess Temple of Doom also must be one of the hardest scores to play in orginal film tempo (see mine car chase). The roller coaster ride of the film was perfectly matched in terms of score. From the recent scores (post 2000) PoA and War Horse were the ones that really went beyond. PoA is just a fireworks of creativity, nuance, emotion and freshness that in my opinion is unmatched in JW career (and also unique in terms of the medieval feel to it). War Horse is just beautiful, like drinking a warm fresh coffee in the morning sun, while looking through the window into a green lush spring countryside with the sun rays shining and shimmering through the coffee steam. Just beautiful performances, themes, freshness and style. Someone on JWFAN then described it like the the first sip of fresh water after a long (musical) drought - which means the years 2006-2011 where with KotCS in 2008 only one new JW score got released.
  11. That was really fantastic. I started watching right before midnight only planning to watch 10-20 minutes before going to bed, but then i was glued to the sofa till the end and went to bed with a smile on my face. I loved your selection of music previews and all the pictures/photos of JW and the LSO that were shown at the appropriate spots in the discussion. It was a great moment in the end, when David Cripps directly addressed John Williams (in case he somehow gets to watch this discussion) to personally thank him. Thanks for making that happen! Kudos to you, Maurizio and Tim, and hoping for other similar future video events.
  12. Best is Azkaban, which is a creative firework almost unseen in JWs carreer which still blows me away. Its biggest feat is capturing the Potter atmosphere so perfectly while having a completely different approach as the first two films. The new medieval atmosphere is perfect for Potter as well as the equally perfect warm and magical first two scores. Worst is DH Part 1, which is just a boring and dissapointing affair, which also further destroyed the thematic continuity of the scores. PS: GoF to me still is a great score to listen to apart from Harry Potter and the film (which is why i have chosen DH1 as worst), but in terms of a Potter film it is a horrible and totally unsuitable score. It completely fails in terms of atmosphere and magic. I have rarely heard a score so plain wrong for its type of film... This is where Hoopers scores got the upper hand even though they have all kinds of technical shortcomings. They are just nuch better in capturing the Potter atmosphere compared to DH1 and GoF.
  13. I will also see it but regarding visuals i expected much more from it. Also because i loved the visuals for BR2049, which increased my expectations for Dune.
  14. I don't know, i was disappointed about the visual aspects. Visually it looks somehow bland and boring, devoid of any colour and wonder. The set design is also far too ancient/stoney looking, like a medieval film. I mean look at that boring library set or the establishing shot of the atreides home base, that looks like a generic medieval castle or even a temple ruin. I really miss a sense of wonder and awe which is something i expect from a science fiction film which takes place in outer space and on different planets.
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