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  1. LMAO how else are they going to remove the applause in the tail of this? Izotope RX doesn't work like this. I've also sat in the control room multiple nights and all rehersals of the berlin philharmonic recording Prokofiev 3 with Yuja wang 2 years ago - sat there and watched them compile the edits for the "live perfomance" - but yeh go ahead and tell me more how I don't know what I'm talking about . (I also was JW's proofreader on TFA.) The man deserves DG best efforts, not this. Most of this stuff I'm picking up on my iphone 12 speakers - haven't even listend to it on my
  2. let me tell you a secret - no live concert album is ever live. I don't have the video version. the album version has endings with out applause, this tells you recordings were made ahead of time. all rehersals are recorded too. as evidence you can hear a clear poorly executed edit at 4:36.5 the left channel pops - no "live" take would have such a blemish its the second most sloppy DG i've ever heard after Yundi Li Ravel G major. I just feel the maestro deserves the full attention of the DG staff - believe me they hear these things too - but didnt gaf
  3. i mean if you can't hear it you can't hear it - doesn't matter how long a paragraph you gonna write. 36 sounds in ET the fourth horn plays a Bb instead of Bnatural, a written F#.It sounds completely alien to me but it may sound fine to you.
  4. With all of these problems it seems like a slight towards Williams and Film Music as a whole. This wouldn't be the case with a Beethoven 9 with _______ (a serious classical conductor). Turning off the violin 1 close mic takes minimal effort, but its almost as if they couldn't be bothered to rebounce the mix or to hire a score reader for the session. ITs as if the music itself doesn't warrant the serious attnetion as other DG projects. Very dissapointing album. The album has many many issues, and I invite any serious listener to listen to some of them which I mentioned.
  5. Garbage: Listen to the image/volume of the orchestra on Star Wars at at 4:58 - what is the engineer thinking? Also tons of wrong notes in the horns :36 on ET Bb? whats going on Jurassic park at five minutes in the horns? also the engineer decided to leave the close microphone on for the first violin for the entire album - so lazy i mean on star wars what is this shit edit near 20 seconds? they added an eighth note terrible album
  6. Source File: My Transcription: I figured some of you may enjoy this. What a simply brilliant composer. I have no doubt in my mind that if film/tv wasn't invented some of these old media composers would be the Schuberts and Vivaldi's of our time. I think JW would be easily akin to a Holst or R. Strauss.
  7. I didn't make them Alex Temple a current composer at Riot Games made them about 6 years ago. It took him about 2 days per cue to do.
  8. Hey Everyone I wrote Some Horn Etudes in Cinematic Style - This one is Kinda John Barry John Williams Style appreciate the likes and subscribes !
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