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  1. Hi all, there may have already been a thread about this somewhere but I was wondering if we could concentrate our knowledge about some of the sounds used in this score. Dennis Steals The Embryo I was able to find the Owl Sound from Dennis Steals The Embryo (Synclavier) at 16 seconds you can clearly hear it I believe the synth boo-bams are the actual live boobams now in the posession of LA percussion rentals I believe the main clave (originally pulli sticks in the score) in the song may be synth I believe the dx7 was being used at the time (for example the TUBELL preset I believe is a sound on Home Alone Main Title) Does anyone else have info? 1447383422_OWLJP.wav
  2. certainly doable to transcribe that excellent track but I would need to get paid lol (crowdsource?)
  3. I was inspired after seeing the maesto at the bowl
  4. I’m listening to some of these Azkaban tracks and I’m convinced some of it isn’t Williams
  5. i agree with all of you the new albums don't really favor shore's writing style
  6. I am talking like at the recording engineer and mixing engineer level. They sound remarkably different for being same composer, orchestrator, players (and studio??) Thanks for letting me know
  7. granted the notes are slightly different but the intent is the same, and the usage is almost identical (for those don't know Shostakovich used this motif OBSESSIVELY (most notably string quartet 8 and Symphony 10) - the four notes spelled out his initials what are your thoughts? love both these composers
  8. I’ve been hired to transcribe some of these and would love a peek at the real thing, or roster size etc
  9. I think it’s less about JW than SM - he talks in his mixwiththemasters about keeping continuity
  10. Lets use our common sense here, engineers like to set up once - there is a 0 percent chance that the setup would involve the timpani moving in the middle of a session, or in the middle of a day - 0 percent chance. SM prefers his timpani off to a side, therefore we can infer the session was probably later - also having two endings for JW is atypical - this was probably an add on because they added more picture or something As a further example: we can assume the Jurassic Park cues with the Taiko Drum ( like the opening title) and African percussion "jungle" were recorded at the same session - I'd assume the Jungle layering which happens a few time was an overdub at lunch or later in the afternoon etc.. this is the way sessions work
  11. one can tell this just by listening - one doesn't need the sheet music or the youtube video to find out why I'll leave this spoiler free to see if anyone can figure out why this is the case
  12. I'm late to this party - any info when this is back in stock?
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