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  1. He then in a rather typical fashion just repurposed a lot of his music from Apocalypto for the people and jungles of Pandora, almost wholesale. The choral vocals were something more unique though.
  2. Indiana Jones and the Field of Dreams Tagline: If you put in a museum, he will come (cue Raiders March) I am sure Williams would be keen to score Indy 5 if Mutter is involved. Also they could reveal Indy's mom as the McGuffin in number 5 (as bit of clever German word play on the title).
  3. The Phantom Menace OST album is among the worst in the Star Wars series. It is missing so much great music. On the other hand the complete score in the way the composer intended it is nothing short of masterful, so full of great themes, energy and colours.
  4. Obviously not very well! I said AVIATOR, not Avatar. Ouch that was too punny! Get your coat! Right now!
  5. I actually enjoy The Departed more than The Aviator.
  6. Perhaps there'll be a novelization you can enjoy for each episode.
  7. Perhaps they can podcast the new show for your listening pleasure so you can enjoy it while doing other things.
  8. What I call Sophie's Theme is first heard in the Witching Hour at 2:08 on clarinet: As another example you can hear it clearly at the end of the Finale:
  9. As I say in my earlier comment above, my estimation of this score has gone up from my initial reaction to it but I think it cannot be denied that Williams has done this style of kiddie flick scoring many times before. Parts of this score sound stylistically if not in melodic content very much like Home Alone, Hook or Harry Potter. I guess it is his "children's" voice with which he addresses movies involving children and child-like situations. I am certainly not saying that there are no singular ideas in the BFG as e.g. the prominent woodwind writing for the dreams and catching dreams is very effective and new and lovely. There are several little melodies that I find absolutely endearing, like the leaping waltzing travelling theme, the forlorn piano melody denoting loneliness on the The Witching Hour and There Was a Boy tracks, Sophie's theme and the BFG's own gentle tune or the whimsical Dream Jars and Dream Country with those prominent flute parts. Williams has always been a master at conjuring the storybook ending feeling of "and they lived happily ever after" and the Finale is another great example of that. Also this score is the woodwind antidote to all the modern film scoring which seems to shun the entire woodwind family at times. The flute writing is definitely a highlight.
  10. I personally found that score a rather anonymous affair.
  11. An excellent and thorough report @Marian Schedenig! I sadly couldn't make it but am looking forward to listening to the recordings of the concert.
  12. I first read the topic title as Rick Moranis Returns to Hollywood...for Money...
  13. A glitch in the Matrix is my theory.
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