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  1. I am not going to dignify this silly charade with an answer! I just stopped by to say this. Ta ta!
  2. I think I'll take a listen Sami. Sounds pleasant enough but is hopefully more than just pleasant.
  3. Hey Thor some older obscure scores get a mention in the most recent talk! And thank you for another fascinating talk Maurizio (and Mike and Tim)! It is always so fascinating to hear these behind-the-scenes stories and background not just on John Williams and these new releases and how they came to be but also on the industry and its constant evolution as well. We rarely hear these publicly discussed anywhere, like how Nick Redman's passing actually affected the soundtrack restoration projects in a major way etc. which is really interesting business side of these things and how Mike Matessino and the new people he is working with had to learn a lot of new skills in the changing environment as older generation of people working on these projects or particular studios (e.g. after Fox was bought by Disney) are retiring or have passed away taking with them their knowhow and even previous teams working on these soundtrack projects.
  4. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Complete Recordings by Howard Shore: It has been a while since I took a listen to this and time really hasn't diminished my love for this music, on the contrary. Just brilliant!
  5. As much as I like this score and how great the previous Quartet's Goldsmith releases have been, I think I'll pass on this one since I own the Intrada version. I'll try to reserve my double and triple -dipping on Williams releases only (if possible).
  6. It is in my opinion Azog's is one of the worst plot threads of the whole movie trilogy. Could have been much better handled if they had stayed even a bit more faithful to the novel and the underlying history.
  7. Sadly yes. He was known as Jean "Background" Sibelius in his lifetime.
  8. Well I did listen to some Sibelius in honor of our independence day last Friday. He is pretty good even though he didn't write background music for films at all!
  9. The Nativity Story by Mychael Danna Home Alone by John Williams The Lost World: Jurassic Park by John Williams Congo by Jerry Goldsmith Across the Stars by John Williams (+Anne-Sophie Mutter) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull by John Williams
  10. I got this one for the new arrangement of the Han Solo and the Princess.
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