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  1. Thank you Maurizio, Yavar and all the others for putting together this wonderful event! That was a such a lovely, informative and entertaining panel and covered a lot of ground and perspectives and memories! Not only do these discussions and collective stories and personal experiences from friends, peers, experts and fans allows us a glimpse of these two great musicians as composers and music makers but also as human beings, which I find most interesting. And as you said Maurizio, this discussion could have gone on for another hour or two, or three.
  2. Clearly time to petition for a new edition of this score. This is almost as bad as leaving the shawm off the Potter box! Home Alone 2
  3. What is missing from the 25th Anniversary set? Actual film score or something else?
  4. Home Alone (LLL 25th Anniversary Edition) by John Williams: Quite the quintessential Christmas score that always brings that sweet warm Christmas mood with it. It is indeed like meeting an old friend every time you listen to it. The 25th Anniversary Edition is the definitive version that contains both the complete chronological film score and the OST in the same package with stellar sound. The Nativity Story by Mychael Danna: Another one of those scores that has become a Christmas staple on my Yuletide playlists. The composer very cleverly weaves amazing amount of well integrated q
  5. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Complete Recordings by Howard Shore Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (complete score) by John Williams
  6. I did miss this bit of news. Thanks for bring it up Holko!
  7. The piece on the OST and Anthology opens with The Training of the Jedi Knight but is edited into the piece called Luke's Nocturnal Visitor after 0:44. Just another one of those little edits Williams and other film composers make for their albums.
  8. That was another brilliant episode @TownerFan! Such lovely stories and memories from Jim Self, who is indeed a musical legend himself and who was so very graciously appreciative of John Williams and his music. Keep these wonderful interviews coming Maurizio! 🙂
  9. Thanks! And yes I tend to write quite long sentences without even noticing and often have to go back and chop them into more easily digestible pieces. Perhaps it is the Ent in me.
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