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  1. Happy Birthday Stefan aka @SnowyVernalSpringEternal!!! Happy B-day to @Chris ChrusherComix!
  2. That was a great talk @Doug Adams and @Jim Ware! And yes this music is endlessly fascinating and as you say several times there is always the delight of discovering something new about it even after listening to these scores for years.
  3. Well Legends of the Fall has in common with many of the other Horner expansions in that the OST already contained most of the lengthiest pieces in the the score and the expansion offers more of the shorter connecting cues between the big sequences. But these little variations on the major themes are a welcome addition even if they do not radically alter my perception of the score (I already like the score very much) in the way e.g. Jerry Goldsmith's The Ghost and the Darkness did. I purchased this score both because I really like the music and to support Intrada in these trying times.
  4. Agreed. Such a lovely score. And I think the OST specific tracks and film score combined makes for a really nice listen.
  5. Legends of the Fall (Intrada) by James Horner The River (Intrada) by John Williams
  6. Happy Birthday @Arpy!!! Happy Birthday @nightscape94!!!
  7. Incanus

    Hello there

    Welcome to the JWFan messageboard!
  8. Another wonderful talk with Mike and Tim, Maurizio! I really love this format which feels like an informal chat between film score and John Williams fans and also goes fairly in-depth into the behind-the-scenes of producing these excellent releases. Always a joy to listen! Thank you for all your efforts!
  9. RIP Mr Harrell. He seemed such a warm and sweet person and was a wonderful musician as well.
  10. @Bellosh Yes it seems to be a stand alone single instance melody in the score. Unfortunately as it is such a lovely little tune.
  11. Yeah if listening in film order I would certainly put the two concert suites at the start and retain the Theme from Schindler's List as the finale. I happen to like the original album presentation a lot so I usually switch between it and my own complete score programme quite often.
  12. Ditto! I loved that Mike Matessino got Pete 'n' Tillie released in conjunction with Stanley & Iris, so a similar combo would be definitely welcome for those two smaller scores.
  13. I am still missing The Paper Chase now which is also badly OOP. I got Eiger Saction for about 35 € (used) a few years back. Feels like a bargain now.
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