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  1. Thanks! And yes I tend to write quite long sentences without even noticing and often have to go back and chop them into more easily digestible pieces. Perhaps it is the Ent in me.
  2. Well finally my copy arrived! Now on to listen to this new presentation! No scratches on either of the discs.
  3. Wow the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE is broadcasting the concert recording today in a couple of hours! Sweet!
  4. The Rocketeer by James Horner Black Beauty by Danny Elfman Robin Hood The Prince of Thieves (Intrada 4 disc set) Hard Rain by Christopher Young Priest by Christopher Young
  5. I think a very deliberate design choice for Toothless. Cutesy and quite cat-like over being more traditionally lizardy and monstrous.
  6. Happy Birthday to @ChrisAfonso, @Diego and @Pieter Boelen!!!
  7. @TownerFan I just listened to the interviews of Ralph Grierson, Jim Walker and Malcolm McNab. Absolutely wonderful stuff Maurizio! These are such generous musicians and people to share their time, reminiscences and thoughts with you and through you with us. Keep up this important and good work!
  8. My copy shipped as well. The postage wasn't too exorbitant to Finland either now that were are comparing them.
  9. Happy Birthday to @Bilbo!!! And Happy Birthday also to @lemoncurd!!!
  10. Yes indeed. Can't wait! Yeah the OST was never a truly satisfying listening experience in my opinion. I vastly prefer the complete chronological score for its narrative flow.
  11. So awesome! Ordered immediately after seeing this thread (First purchase from the Varese's International shop as well). Here's to hoping we'll get to see the sequels in an expanded form as well.
  12. Happy Birthday to @Erik Woods!!!
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