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  1. Well I don't think I have something I should absolutely listen to over this new theme but yes I have listened to it quite a few times today if you count the live version before the official recording of the suite was released. I should probably go back to listening to A Gathering of Friends again. Just for a change.
  2. This new theme is a perfect blend of the old and new Star Wars music reminding me very much of the Rise of Skywalker suite in its approach. Taking the Force theme as a starting point Williams sort of deconstructs it and weaves a new theme out of it that is more personal and indeed moodier music for Obi-Wan Kenobi, heroic but tempered at the same time. I love how the suite opens with that solo horn, evoking the Binary Sunset and Force Theme mood wise, drawing an immediate connection in the mind of a seasoned Star Wars (music) fan and then begins slowly spinning these different variations on the material from determined to elegiac and even heroic. Great stuff. I saw some comments how this theme wasn't hummable enough for some listeners but I couldn't disagree more. Williams has such a knack for writing memorable melodies and this is no exception. He certainly knows when to be direct and grab the ear of a listener. I haven't seen the show but usually you have to be doubly more direct with a TV show main titles when you aren't afforded time to present your music in long form.
  3. A fantastic new theme! And the suite gives a nice set of variations and differing moods on the material. And it is indeed amazing that Wiliams at the age of 90 still keeps churning out this great new music for all of us to enjoy. And the first thing I thought (I saw this mentioned in the other thread) when I heard this new theme was Sigfried's motif from Wagner's Ring cycle:
  4. Indeed! And the Planets type thematic suites programme on both albums works very well as a listening experience in these cases.
  5. The Music Box Records had a single copy still available so I was able to snag it.
  6. I expect it to be quite a while before I get to listen to this since I ordered from the Music Box Records and it takes time for them to get their shipment. It's very interesting to hear, will the film mix of the score change my mind about this music as to my ears this score has always been somewhat middle tier Williams and the original album recording sounded somehow subdued and dispirited. I think the music would have benefitted from a wetter mix.
  7. Well I don't think you can call it a spoiler anymore. Back in the day maybe, but not now.
  8. Ordered! An intriguing title from Varese to release but a welcome one and its interesting to hear basically the film version of the score for the first time (judging by the track titles).
  9. I have to say that Music Box Records is the exact opposite experience in terms of delivery and service. With all my orders the delivery has taken 2 days to Finland from France without fail and always with up-to-date tracking. Plus they to my surprise in this latest package with HTTYD 2 even included replacement discs for my The Eiger Saction and The Sleepy Hollow sets I ordered via them without me even having to specifically ask for them.
  10. Got my copy today alongside The Iron Giant. Damn I love this score, loved it in the OST album form which is a great distillation of the music but it is just that little bit more satisfying in complete form. This is how you score a sequel! Also it sounds awesome to my ears on this new release!
  11. Several cues in the score feature the synths marked simply "animal sound" or "groan" which I believe is what you are hearing in this cue.
  12. Again a fantastic interview Maurizio! Randy is such a great down-to-earth guy with such obvious love of the music of John Williams and music in general. I feel that these interviews are such important work, helping us to better assess and appreciate the legacy of Williams' music and his influence through the lens of the people helping to bring it to life and giving us these intimate glimpses behind the music making that really speak volumes.
  13. My copy arrived just in time for the Maestro's 90th birthday.
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