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  1. I listened to this last night and it was simply wonderful. Unmistakably Williams in his concerto and concert hall style which I love for its clear distinction from his film music output. While the whole piece has its attractions in its contrasting movements, the last movement, Epilogue, was my favourite (the finales of his concertos usually are) and it reduced me to tears with its lyrical yearning beauty and the singing quality Williams brings out in Mutter's playing. The interplay with the violin and harp throughout the piece was also a highlight. While the 1st violin concerto fee
  2. Always (Expanded) by John Williams Hard Rain (Expanded) by Christopher Young Under Suspicion by Christopher Gunning The Call of the Wild by John Powell Lionheart (Deluxe Edition) by Jerry Goldsmith Hoosiers by Jerry Goldsmith Conan the Destroyer (Tadlow re-recording) by Basil Poledouris
  3. Williams himself specifically mentioned in a Boston Globe interview in 1990, how Jane Eyre sheet music was gone and he had to copy part of the music from the record for his Jane Eyre Suite when he wanted to feature the music in a Pops concert.
  4. The "official" concert version is the one found on the Williams on Williams: The Classic Spielberg Scores album, which I think is also the signature edition available for performance. On the OST the Theme from Jurassic Park is just the cue Dinosaurs (from Journey to the Island) with a new horn intro and harp ending edited into it, creating a new independent thematic suite of the hymn theme for the soundtrack album. The track called End Credits on the OST is actually just an edit of the end half of the actual end credits suite Welcome to Jurassic Park with the island fan
  5. I loved the discussion on Williams' use of electronics. Although he is considered this big writer of orchestral music, his film scores contain quite a bit of electronic enhancement. Very rarely it becomes the "gimmick" though or the dominating sound in his scores and Williams never went the Goldsmith route of actually taking time to learn to use these "electronic sound sources" as he likes to put it. I remember in one 1999 interview regarding the Phantom Menace score Williams makes mention, how he usually uses the electronics to enhance the actual orchestral sound, augmenting the w
  6. Since I have no way to know what price they mark on the package VS what my bill reads, I paid VAT for the first CD set (Knowing which I ordered with Lionheart) separately and am sure I have to pay the second VAT for this second package. That is all fair and square but now I have to pay separate 2,99 € for each declared package so that Finnish postal service deigns to deliver it to me. Wonderful new regulations. But as someone else here said, this is an expensive hobby. But I am really excited to get this score finally on CD! Absolutely classic Jerry!
  7. The Close Encounters compilation album itself credits the Rare Breed arrangements/orchestrations to John Williams/R. Franklin. Probably it is an unofficial arrangement since certainly no official signature edition exists.
  8. Ditto! I ordered from the Varese international store. And now I await with great anticipation how many weeks it will take for this package to arrive to Finland from Britain. The last one with Knowing took "only" 3 weeks.
  9. Another great episode Maurizio! Very interesting discussion and it's nice to hear Williams fans just exchanging views and opinions on his music as well as offering great insights.
  10. Ditto. I doubt it. All parcels outside EU are going to have to be declared beginning the 1st of July which means that there will be massive delays in the customs with international packages. Ah the postal bliss! Making us work for our parcels! But it is wonderful that we are little by little getting all these Spielberg/Williams scores in complete form.
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