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  1. Don't talk to me about tears... ...but I agree - the piece (I almost wrote movement, hehe) from War Horse was one of the highlights in the "second concert on Saturday", as I have been calling the two halves personally since that interval. I especially enjoyed the string-based pieces (and the percussion, and brass, oh well) - they really sounded rich and lush, not only in War Horse but also Marian's, erm, Marion's theme, for example... ...in the "first concert on Saturday", for some odd reason, Sabrina did touch me in a special way (and yes, as somebody else already wrote, it might be considered better than the original version). Hook was a perfect introduction and a flight into this parallel universe (now I will never witness Olympic Fanfare and Theme, which got replaced in London back in 1996 as well - both times something more interesting took its place though), all the pieces (19, people, 19!!!) had their merits (an understatement!) - and on Saturday it was amazing how the orchestra got better and better, and the mood and excitement of the audience as well. I will stop now before I go through the whole experience, which happened only yesterday, again. oO One more thing though: I especially enjoyed watching Williams conduct so energetically and see all these emotions playing out on his face; and even his speeches were more extensive, more insightful, and wittier than usual. (maybe that's just me) This (and a couple of other wonderful things) made everything even more impressive. Except for that small emotional jolt for a couple of bars during E.T. (after being enthralled by it before and after; I didn't mind the other very few small issues in this loong concert in all the excitement/excellence/joy of the players at all) everything, and I mean everything (also the circumstances, our journey, stay near the Riesenrad, our meet-up after the concert, etc.), was bliss for me/us. *sigh* Martin (who is now going to scribble Marian's insights into the programme as well...)
  2. Hmm, well, I hope you had a great time: On Saturday we experienced and created, before, during, and after the concert, a literal orgy of standing ovations (right from his first appearance! Was not entirely sure this would happen, but it came so natural in the moment ;-D) such as the Golden Hall of Musikverein has rarely experienced I'd say, and five, FIVE encores (the last one even introduced by exclamations of joy from the audience, imagine that - it's not a rock concert, it's the Musikverein! oO) and more ovations - so Maestro Williams should have been filled with joy about this heart-warming debut and FULL of energy for you! <3 :-D (which he seemed to possess right from the first bars - I have not seen him like this for a long time , not even in London in 1996. His persona started to get a touch of the completely different character Jerry Goldsmith exhibited, not at all calm and quiet as the gentleman he nonetheless is ;-D)
  3. It was a dream, wasn't it? Did I just return from heaven? Why did I have to leave? This has been one of these historic occassions - in this case for many official film music history and personal reasons. (Maestro Williams' and our own!) I am still recollecting and jotting down impressions right into the programme booklet! I had a similar experience last year in Norway, with one of my other (completely different) passions: Retro (Commodore) chip music and dancing to live performances and remixes thereof (for hours and hours on end) - so basically I have been saying since last October that was one of the best experiences in my life - have to revise this statement now, hehe: This concert, and experiencing it with the whole family through the generations (I was on my own in Norway) and a dozen of you wonderful people afterwards! (if I would not have had to drive all the way back, I could still be sitting there in Gmoakeller discussing and laughing with you! <3) is overshadowing everything else with its light of joy and warmth and tears of happiness at the moment! I need this day off to get myself together now and read about your experiences here. ...and to listen to streamingsoundtracks.com a bit to chill out. Martin of Neverland, no, wait, Martinland ... that's what it was. *sigh* PS: I almost fainted when Williams left the stage right before the intermission (it already seemed like a full concert to me at that point! /o\ Was happy to have another concert awaiting me in the immediate future, say 15 minutes ) and he shook hands with two members of the audience in the front row of Parterre-Loge right next to the stage entrance, where I managed to get a seat for our daughter as a gift for her 18th birthday on January 16! (she said those were the people next to her; she was not up to it at the moment, but she came as close to the Maestro as I did in London in 1996 <3 *sigh) - the very best of birthdays (as if you needed that now ;-D) to you again, Karol - and thanks for organising the table. This was sooo nice. <3 <3 <3 PPS (yes, I'm famous for hitting the EDIT button): Will sort through my modest photographs I have been taking with my 20-year-old Canon, some of them will end up here eventually, rest assured.
  4. We are about to drive off 200 kilometers into the sunset towards Vienna and Maestro John T. Williams. \o/
  5. Nice. By the way: Are we going to meet at Gmoakeller afterwards, St0rMl0rD? Or are you at Falco's?
  6. Thanks for sharing your amazing dream - I had several interesting dreams relating to John Williams, after our first encounter (literally!) in London in 1996 - I "met" him several times again in fantasy as well as London locations and talked to him in my dreams. *smile* Anyway - will we see each other after the concert? In any case, I like your avatar, Pawel - it was one of my earlier, treasured albums; listened to it over and over again right after it came out - and I adore the cover artwork by Drew, my favourite poster artist; even did a blow-up/poster of sorts from it, right in the early 90s. Martin Nice! We will be there! (Goldener Saal? Im Saal?) Haha, for a second I thought you meant the *real* John Williams. (our daughter would have liked that - but I'm sure she will be delighted to have our picture taken with your special creation! And you :-D)
  7. Marian - don't forget to bring your LEGO maestro! I want to meet him. :) (as does our daughter, with whom I played a lot of LEGO and listened to a lot of Williams)
  8. Thanks for the tip, Marian - "Gmoakeller" seems to be an old Viennese traditional place. "Altwiener Beisl" ;-)
  9. Speaking of which: Where is your seat so that we can look out for you? :-D
  10. Sounds wonderful - thank you very much for this (can you PM me your phone number, just in case?)... excitement is building up; cautiously (after last year) - this will be an amazing, but suspenseful event, just consider this: Nearly 25 years ago I was worried when someone of the London Symphony announced a change of plans right on the stage at the Barbican before the concert. My heart sank for a dreadful moment until he continued and explained something of the first violin player having been exchanged. *ooph* Now we now this to be peanuts. ;-D This will be a tremendous debut and concert entrance for Maestro Williams - let us make him feel proud and welcome right from the start - ah, that moment, so much anticipation... See you all in a couple of days! Martin
  11. Did you forget us three inhabitants of Martinland? Woah - I thought you are going to take it easy after the vacation and to enjoy the event in a stressless manner? (looking forward to meeting you in any case)
  12. Marvellous, thank you! I'd like to meet you all, especially Marian and StormLord - we tried last year, despite of the circumstances, didn't we? ;-) Let's hope we find a place not too far from the Musikverein and, please, not too late (I intend to drive home to Graz afterwards) ... looking forward to seeing you all and chatting about past and present (!) experiences! <3 Bye, Martinland and family
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