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  1. #metoo After having acquired the original Warner CD and then the Japanese version as well as that re-recording in the 90s, I thought the nice release from 2000 is the one I will cherish. It took me more than 20 (!) years to change my mind ... as I would not fall for buying a whole box set for yet another version ... and later that yet another version. All from secondary elements even... When I read about the discovery of the original session tapes I did raise an eyebrow, but still my 8 versions of Blade Runner stood as clear warning on my shelves! Finally, after the amazing events in Wien and Milano and now the current news that it's available again ... I gave in, two weeks ago. *phew* It was graced w/ hefty price tag, taxes, import taxes (!), etc... ...don't remember that being so extreme from when I ordered lots of CDs from all over the world (a world that was different then)... ...one thing's for sure: I will make this a very special listening concert here.
  2. It's funny - every time it is being mentioned that "only one person received more nominations ever", I feel good for maestro John Williams, since that is a very wrong statement, albeit numerically true: They threw Oscars at Walt Disney (whose now monstrous company is haunting the media world) - I mean, an Oscar for each of the seven dwarves, are you kidding me? (if those actually counted, we're done already), plus: Walt Disney had the vision and talent, no doubt, but he completely pales in comparison to John Williams because the latter created basically everything himself with a handful of collaborators for a longer period of time whereas Disney simply did not. Peace; there is no competition. (and that's not even the most important thing, which should be the wonderful music :D)
  3. It really was; have to sleep now. We watched the trailer at the movie theatre today, in front of the only screening of "Last Film Show" since its release in August around here, an absolutely wonderful Indian film about the magic of the movies in the vein of Cinema Paradiso I would recommend to any cinephile... ...the trailer of the similarly themed "Fabelmans" and my anticipation of this interview later tonight enhanced the experience. Great times ... good night, you all.
  4. Congratulations ... that is exactly what they were trying to achieve with that line when they used it in "Goldeneye"...
  5. Well, 35mm is about nostalgia and authenticity. Me, I embraced digital projection in so far, as it can reproduce a 35mm origination adequately. Yes, films shot on 35mm look differently and I miss the artefacts of analogue projection w/ digital distribution, which brings us back to ... nostalgia. The meaning of all this: It's difficult to explain to someone who has not experienced 35mm exhibition and origination for the most part of life.
  6. Aaw, thanks - that's too kind. I was just being in a good, relaxed mood.
  7. Never heard better live acoustics (and I've been to a few concert halls) ... it was heaven, couldn't listen to recordings for weeks afterwards; just my 2 cents...
  8. Made a pilgrimage to the local art house cinema for that one and absolutely loved it (even suggested to the projectionist that she might increase the volume because of the score excerpts); it's a shame that Spielberg doesn't feel up to something similar (anymore)...
  9. What, that late? I've been reading it since right after Milano! And yes, it's a wonderful celebration of (movie) music... ...and a nice companion or sort of bookend to the "Gramophone Film Music Good CD Guide" I purchased through Cinema Soundtrack Club in 1996 that even contains a full-page ad for the then upcoming London concert and helped me immensely in expanding my CD library...
  10. "Johnny (The Maestro)" Kidding aside: We caught that Tornatore documentary at the movie theatre, and it would indeed be wonderful to have a similar treatment of Williams' œuvre/life for the movies and the concert hall...
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