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  1. Does anybody have new information concerning the release dates of the CD/DVD/BD of this historic event? Fortunately those will be produced by a top quality label using top quality recording technology ... incredibly, I can live by recalling my dream-like memories for only so much longer and therefore am looking forward to these artefacts, so that emotions felt and sensations experienced during these precious couple of hours (that felt so extraordinary long while they lasted but went by too quickly in hindsight) might be re-triggered by employing them. Oh well, I sound like an addict with a language problem, so be it.
  2. Haha, you put that really down-to-earth. I was just going to say, as a read all your thoughtful and insightful contributions, that the simple answer why John Williams is not en vogue any more (in the film world; as we know now he arrived at Musikverein ), is the following: We (?) moved on to the Zimmer age of functional, team-produced, synthetic film music.
  3. She also has been known under the screen name Princess Layer, now she's Layer only; and in her "8-Bit youth" with me, she was Crudla. (from an olympic games parody on the Commodore 64 set in the stone age, haha) Sorry for not introducing her to you properly, especially since you are only 4 years apart - I was out of my mind, literally and understandably I hope. I am still waiting for a picture to pop up in which you can see Williams at the stage entrace waving back to the Golden Hall and her standing right next to him; that would be a marvellous memento, that's what it was like for her, he nearly shook her hands! In the only picture I found in one of the reviews, she's hidden by her neighbour sitting/standing in front of her in Parterre-Loge. (one reason I am looking forward to the official video, there she should be visible for all posterity ) <joke>See you on February 8 in Vienna!</joke> ;-D Martin
  4. Thanks for answering so thoroughly, Marian! <3 Oh, so you actually did experience Brossé as a replacement _twice_ over the years? oO (You were in London too, right?) Haha, my mind must be going since about 5 days, I wonder why... ...I now corrected that in my original post - I actually meant Saturday the 8th of February! LOL We could toast to the health of the Maestro at the Austrian Film Museum's bar (I love that place), or somewhere else in your vicinity - and to your's, belatedly. (see below) Well, the other way around it would not be such an amazing improvement in instruments and polyphony, right? Oh, I thought it will be after the concert - had I known that I would have toasted with you in Gmoakeller for sure; already I was seated between two birthdays at our table: To my left Karol, a day before the concert, and to my right Lara, two days before the concert. *phew* Amazing, huh? Let me know if it could work out on February 8 then - I might even check out the Film Museum's screening schedule... ...if anybody in or around Vienna wants to meet up on February 8 to toast to the good health of then 88-year-old Maestro Williams, just tell us! ...and of course we could talk a bit more about the concert that left us all in awe and speech- as well as hearingless. (me at least Martin
  5. In any case - this will be a quality memento of this incredible event we were part of. <3 Still proud that we managed to let the Maestro know in no uncertain terms how welcome he was! :-D
  6. So, because you brought this up now: (we needed to have talked more in Gmoakeller ) "Questions, Leon", erm, I mean Marian: - Which Goldsmith concerts did you attend? Me and Romy were lucky enough to experience his 70th birthday concert in Edinburgh (so refreshing, a lot of pieces were interpreted quite differently than the known recordings) - but no small talk or autograph afterwards with our little group of afficionados (yes, it was different back then *sigh*) since he had to rush back to his hotel room to score "The Mummy", which I only found out about later. - What kind of performance are you alluding to? Did you conduct? - How about a birthday meeting on Saturday, February 8 to celebrate the Maestro's birthday and yours belatedly? I could be coaxed into driving up to Vienna again, there's so much I would still like to talk about ... and celebrate. - Some (seemingly) unrelated stuff: You have something to do with animation or games? I did both, our daughter is also interested in both and already drawing animations. (I'm more the cartoon and 3D guy, or (retro) coding/pixeling/composing, when I'm not playing the Theremin (learned the violin though), or listening to film scores or chip music... ) If this is too much (sorry) you may answer via PM, if you like, or we chat about everything in Vienna on February 8! Over & Out Martin READY. P.S.: Most importantly - when is your birthday?!?
  7. ...and now for something completely different: How should we celebrate the Maestro's birthday on Saturday in two weeks? Toast with something special as if we were still sitting together in Gmoakeller after that amazing debut? Or experiencing a disc of the concert together? (wishful thinking in both aspects )
  8. ...and now for something completely the same: As time is passing, memories of the event(s) we witnessed seem, to me at least, to be more and more of a dream-like quality, making it hard for me to adjust to "normal" life. It doesn't help that each morning for the last three days I was recalling details of them during half-sleep. It was a dream, that much is certain.
  9. Yes, next time we check the picture and then we tip. BTW: Would have liked to talk to you more, but you were on the other end of the table and time flew by so extremely quickly - at least we did ex- change a couple of sentences before our all-too-soon departure. <3
  10. Hm, I wondered about that myself - a very interesting question indeed. In London, centuries ago, he had the cello section in front on the right and the basses even further to the right, I believe. Was nice to actually see them play those sweeping lines in the JFK suite and such. Somehow it's too bad that recordings and setups are not consistent, because then you always could picture the players on these same spots in your mind when listening with headphones or a good speaker setup. As it stands now you have to adjust your mind's eye via the ears each time.
  11. The latter is so true, thank god/Williams they built w/o A/C 150 years ago. Strangely enough sitting 6th row centre felt quite nice on Saturday, we even had a faint breeze (!) going at times; and I am quite easily getting too hot... ...hm. Where were you seated?
  12. Another review of the Maestro's VPO, Musikverein, Viennese, and European debut. <3 They are getting better and better it seems: https://www.wienerzeitung.at/nachrichten/kultur/klassik/2046653-John-Williams-Sternstunden-der-Filmmusik.html Hollywood Master Thrills With Excerpts of His Life's Work ... as soon as he approaches the podium, fans cannot stay in their seats ... ovations are worthy and justified ... lush, beautiful sound ... height of bliss towards the end of the concert ... etc.
  13. Paul, I hope you returned safely and soon will share the picture taken after our food *finally* did arrive and actually did *stay* on the table. LOL This will be a special photograph to me, as all three of us will be on there; we managed to take one at the Café before the concert when it began to snow, but somehow - in all the excitement - we forgot to have one taken of us in full concert regalia at the Musikverein. oO Thank you all for the enjoyable moments with you! <3
  14. What the?!? The two of us were in the 6th row as well, one/two seats to the right of dead centre (exactly what I usually prefer in a movie theatre as well! Our daughter, as I wrote before, was right in front of and on the same level as the orchestra at the stage entrance and nearly shook his hand). I was looking to you in front of me, not to my left side, *smirk*. So we experienced everything together in the same row, that's comforting and nice to know; as somebody wrote above - all audience members were friends anyway.
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