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  1. Battlestar Galactica by Stu Phillips and Korngold's own Robin Hood?
  2. What the... John Williams, on a fridge! The world is a fascinating place...
  3. As has been said already: Thank you for this post! I suddenly realised it has been 30 years for me as well: Around this time of the year, 30 years ago, a soulmate if mine introduced me to the wonderful world of John Williams via his LP collection, and soon after I was exploring on my own. I still maintain this enormous binder full of articles, reviews, and pictures of John Williams as well as our travels to several concerts to this day...
  4. Hmm, some march by Sousa? It sounds really familiar, I can almost hum it... P.S.: Or maybe from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? Or from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly? Any of these would be a coincidence anyway.... ...but there is something. Now I have to keep thinking about it, oh my.
  5. Funny thing is ... I will travel to Milano over Torino anway because I want to meet an old soulmate whose music studio is based there since about 20 years. We will ride the train to Milano then, get near the concert and if we really have tickets by some kind of miracle we will attend. Otherwise we will still have a great time in these two amazing Italian cities. Bellissimo!
  6. /me is opening Pandora's box now: There ... is a flub 41 seconds into the piece. /me ducks. Sorry, couldn't resist - given the history of pointless discussions on this forum regarding live performances of world-class orchestras... I immediately apologise for not being quite on topic... ...this is supposed to be taken light-heartedly. P.S.: Thank you very much for pointing out this interesting recording (once again)!
  7. This sounds great! I adore Royal Albert Hall and would like to return some day (and meet you again :-D) - have been there in 2004 and experienced Elmer Bernstein in the Hall as well as met John Landis (alone!) in front of the Hall during the afternoon. Good times. *sigh*
  8. Oh nice - what bar was it? How many of you were there? Just asking - will be in Vienna in two weeks and might trace your steps...
  9. ...and they apparently censored (!) the muses. *rollseyes*
  10. Exactly two years (!) ago the experience had been so profound that I could not listen to pre-recorded music for about a week or so... ...thanks dear (?) world for having had that happened to us, still in a joyful, unconstrained way. I will always treasure those days, hours, minutes, and seconds in and around the Musikverein. And thanks to all you wonderful people we had the joy to meet and have conversation and a shared experience with!
  11. Thanks for reminding me - this was my main reason for buying the album, because that score was unavailable at the time.
  12. Not only is this the most horrible performance in my Williams collection (the Richard Hayman Philharmonic Rock Orchestra album on Naxos, second worst, at least has some charm and is quite unintentionally funny at times - the finale of the Raiders March comes to mind) but it is also the *only* CD of my collection of more or less a thousand that is rotting away (literally rust, must be a faulty pressing); I call this good luck. :-D
  13. It's called dynamic range; and I prefer such recordings that at least try to replicate what is really going on in a concert hall, albeit they will never achieve the same level of adrenaline. ;D Just my 2 Euro cents, Martin P.S.: Unfortunately in these times of dynamically overcompressed music such musical recordings are called "to quiet". *sigh*
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