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  1. Which one? The DTS 5.1 or the Dolby Atmos? I have to decide - when I plug in the loaned BD drive for the very first time next week - which tracks to use for my BD-to-something-else transfer. (either first and second half of concert stand-alone video files or one or two DVDs, will decide later; but it's "only" those 2 hours and 3-5 minutes I'm interested in, which would fit nicely on a DVD, if I would not waste space for best audio quality) BTW: Which tool to use? FabDVD or something else? Never had this problem. (and hopefully will have never again)
  2. Well, I had a period about 10 or more years ago, where I met him a couple of times in my dreams (after having met him for real, see below) - and those were quite funny dreams: Interesting locations in England and elsewhere, strange architecture, interesting people, likewise journeys - and the funniest bit: In the later dreams I greeted him after the concert right there in the hall which looked like a small auditorium for medicine lectures (!) and he recognised me and we continued (!) conversations or alluded to some others we've "had" in the dreams/concerts months before. :) When was th
  3. Thought so; and for the better to all involved. The info above has not been changed because there's no official anouncement yet, I suppose?
  4. It is beginning to look like this will turn out to be a historic year as far as Williams and film music are concerned: He will have celebrated his amazing debut in Vienna. And that will have been the *only* concert for all of 2020; plus: we have been *extremely* lucky to have had that at all! (a window of three months only!) Or is Milwaukee (see above) still on? Unlikely now. (and better not to be attempted by the Maestro, I dare say) No script doctor could have written such a tale of triumph and defeat (and victory again - because the maestro seized the day and put the tim
  5. Rest in peace, Maestro - we heard your work while strolling through the old streets of Grado, Italy, each and every year - because there always would be some kind of TV programme on RAI featuring your music... ...this year we had to skip our Grado summer holiday, sadly, but we did meet you in1999 in Austria, great times...
  6. That's *exactly* how it was done, they explained it beforehand, IIRC.
  7. For me on the other hand it was *very* special, because me and our daughter - having been there in Vienna, at this historic moment - shared this at 3am in the morning. *sigh* (last time I did something like this was more than 20 years ago, before she was born even, for a live Star Wars chat where you could post questions intended for the Maestro )
  8. I read about it in Soundtrack! magazine I think - and I still have the Gramophone Film Music Good CD guide (a book) from 1996 which features a full page ad for that concert (!). Regarding the CD, I can prove the sequence of events quite easily: I brought the CD with me from Austria to London and the last page of the booklet now bears a signature by a certain Maestro.
  9. /me has an external BD drive on loan after yesterday's first real Commodore meeting since 120 days. READY. Let it be end of August now.
  10. Aah, this November it will be a hundred years since the first (public) performance by the London Symphony. I even asked them (before all hell/hysteria broke loose) if they have scheduled an anniversary performance, alas they had not. *sigh* I own the Williams interpretation with the Boston, which I played very often - then I learned about the old (1970) interpretation by Steinberg (a recommendation in a newsgroup back then) and I liked it a lot; coming back to both of them on a regular basis.
  11. Well, I just want my DVD (CD/DVD have been my media half my life, they surround me) of this magical event, as originally promised by the Vienna Philharmonic. I don't care for high resolution close-ups, just the wonderful audio and good enough video... (the close-ups in PAL would be retina resolution from where we sat and experienced the magic anyway)
  12. Haha, thanks - you _nearly_ made my day. :-D It took you that long to realise that? I knew in the first week of March. (e.g. half an eternity ago)
  13. More than it already has been? Hard to imagine. :(
  14. This is all very exciting. (much needed nowadays) I just watched the first minutes of the live TV stream and two questions arose for me: - This edit is vastly different to the short peek of Hook et al we saw in the BFMI showreel. Has anybody captured those snippets from there? They used longer and wider takes, somehow it was more musically (plus those were *really* the first notes Williams ever conducted on continental Europe and in Musikverein), and I like the fact that our daughter appeared right in the first seconds of the "overture", so to speak. - Do you think the
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