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  1. Yes. Yes, it does. (fortunately and terrifyingly) None of us ever will. We are ... "Class of January 2020" PS: Good to know that at least you had a small party with living breathing humans at all. We weren't that lucky with our daughter. PPS: Where did you acquire this funny animated GIF with Max Steiner?
  2. Oh yes, and right now we were sitting in "Gmoakeller", thanks to you: Happy birthday to you, Fabulin/Karol! We celebrated with our daughter via Zoom this time - absolutely no comparison to 365(+1) days ago. I hope you've had a nice birthday...
  3. ...and exactly now it has been 365 days (!!) since we went to bed after a cozy evening in that great hotel right next to the ferris wheel to awaken to nice breakfast with view to same, a small walk from the museum's quarter to Starbucks, fresh snowfall, and the most amazing experience in our family life since, well, 365 days. *sigh*
  4. Indeed - and I fondly remember something else: Surprisingly, I was very moved and mesmerised by "Sabrina" as it was played so delicately by Anne-Sophie Mutter, especially towards the end. I remember turning to love of my life whispering "this is wonderful..." It was on Saturday only, because I didn't get the same reaction from the Sunday recording, although the (multi-channel) reproduction - as Marian already mentioned - really replicates the acoustics of the Golden Hall. Something is different with the Sunday recording of that theme; it's played louder, more pronounced if you will
  5. Alright - now I reveal something from my treasured memories that - to my knowledge - never appeared (at least not in these later, IMHO petty discussions) in this amazingly long-lasting and extensive thread here: When I (and the rest of the world) experienced for the very first time the Star Wars Main Title being conducted by John Williams at the Golden Hall of Musikverein - I heard details in the brass in the first minute I have *never* heard like this before, neither in concert nor on recordings - it's hard to describe, but I was in heaven; and no, it did not, I repeat, did not so
  6. Alright, before I read this thread and negative opinions might harm me like they did in that Vienna thread I just put down my fresh and sincere observations right now: I waited with enjoying BBC magazine until this afternoon - you have to celebrate the few moments of joy these days... ...and I have to say this was a really interesting, well-researched article and engaging interview with new sights and some new insights as well plus it got me teary-eyed twice when, at the beginning of the second page of text, they stated that one concert luckily did happen and later on when Anne-Sophi
  7. This all means that there was only one concert in 2020, and a quite legendary one for different reasons (thank god)... *sigh*
  8. Which one? The DTS 5.1 or the Dolby Atmos? I have to decide - when I plug in the loaned BD drive for the very first time next week - which tracks to use for my BD-to-something-else transfer. (either first and second half of concert stand-alone video files or one or two DVDs, will decide later; but it's "only" those 2 hours and 3-5 minutes I'm interested in, which would fit nicely on a DVD, if I would not waste space for best audio quality) BTW: Which tool to use? FabDVD or something else? Never had this problem. (and hopefully will have never again)
  9. Well, I had a period about 10 or more years ago, where I met him a couple of times in my dreams (after having met him for real, see below) - and those were quite funny dreams: Interesting locations in England and elsewhere, strange architecture, interesting people, likewise journeys - and the funniest bit: In the later dreams I greeted him after the concert right there in the hall which looked like a small auditorium for medicine lectures (!) and he recognised me and we continued (!) conversations or alluded to some others we've "had" in the dreams/concerts months before. :) When was th
  10. Thought so; and for the better to all involved. The info above has not been changed because there's no official anouncement yet, I suppose?
  11. It is beginning to look like this will turn out to be a historic year as far as Williams and film music are concerned: He will have celebrated his amazing debut in Vienna. And that will have been the *only* concert for all of 2020; plus: we have been *extremely* lucky to have had that at all! (a window of three months only!) Or is Milwaukee (see above) still on? Unlikely now. (and better not to be attempted by the Maestro, I dare say) No script doctor could have written such a tale of triumph and defeat (and victory again - because the maestro seized the day and put the tim
  12. Rest in peace, Maestro - we heard your work while strolling through the old streets of Grado, Italy, each and every year - because there always would be some kind of TV programme on RAI featuring your music... ...this year we had to skip our Grado summer holiday, sadly, but we did meet you in1999 in Austria, great times...
  13. That's *exactly* how it was done, they explained it beforehand, IIRC.
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