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  1. Mention that to Sony next time you hop into the DeLorean.
  2. On my shelves I replaced all of those cases, from the first ones I bought in the 80s (Hair, Star Wars, et cetera) to the last ones (I stopped buying CDs in 2017)...
  3. I have it on MiniDisc since decades; that's enough for me.
  4. ..and another one by Luc Besson's, "The Big Blue", before that and all the others. I'm sure there are some before, but I don't know any. And yes, opening titles with animations or elegantly designed credits plus an "opera overture", so to speak, seem to be a thing of the past, unfortunately. It was good that the main credits legally had to be up front; a shame really... ...now we have crazily long end credits that are no longer watchable (I used to; every bit of them). Hopefully they will find a solution, it's getting out of hand. Maybe a big QR code instead. LOL
  5. Indeed. Even if I repeat myself (does it matter after those hundreds and hundreds of groundhog days?): I still remember clearly after having been transported into another state of mind by the Flight to Neverland and the absolutely incredible acoustics of the Musikvereinssaal (I envy you to have that in reach, so to speak) that I was moved to tears of joy by John Williams' and the VPO's performance of Close Encounters although I experienced the same with the London Symphony under his direction too. I will never forget looking up to the ceiling of the Golden Hall and thinking ... these mome
  6. Yes, exactly, like the Sony Double CD Menace (pun intended): Literally the *soundtrack* to the movie. I miss the good ole days when a film composition ended up on the soundtrack, more or less as is. I think that went out the window after the 80s in the middle of the 90s of last century with digital editing. *sigh* Luckily Williams' best scores of his anni mirabili where done this way, and it shows in the movies and you can hear it with or without the movie. The Phantom Double CD Menace will be the only isolated score on CD published by a major label.
  7. That's very, very true - thanks again. Projected film excerpts in a movie theatre would have been celebrating with style, of course - not that many people could have been made happy like with what you did instead, though. PS: Do you think John Williams is a) aware of this and b) might watch it?
  8. Haha - actually I do wish they had spent their ample time (!) to incorporate more than a couple of audience and moderation shots of the historic and in a couple of cases better Saturday performance in a more balanced way, so to speak. Well, let's be thankful for what transpired.
  9. This was an absolutely astonishing, heart-warming, informative, musical, even lyrical, funny, a bit nostalgic celebration of both John Williams (more candles than piano keys, that's just adorable, haha) and Jerry Goldsmith. Thank you so very, very much. It brought tears of joy into my eyes during the first minute and the last. Indeed. Say, Marian - am I going mad or did I meet Maurizio (briefly) standing next to you with our daughter during intermission at Musikverein?
  10. Yes, indeed - I raise the glass right now - all the best to the Maestro! Looking forward to the stellar discussion panel in less than two hours. <3 "I can't wait to go back", "I would love to go back" - maybe there is a positive force (pun intended) in the universe that makes his (birthday?) wish come true, although he and us have been incredibly lucky already; just seems like an awful waste of time. (not to him, I'm sure he kept himself busy with music and composing) Cheers! *clink* To his very good health and the future!
  11. Yes. Yes, it does. (fortunately and terrifyingly) None of us ever will. We are ... "Class of January 2020" PS: Good to know that at least you had a small party with living breathing humans at all. We weren't that lucky with our daughter. PPS: Where did you acquire this funny animated GIF with Max Steiner?
  12. Oh yes, and right now we were sitting in "Gmoakeller", thanks to you: Happy birthday to you, Fabulin/Karol! We celebrated with our daughter via Zoom this time - absolutely no comparison to 365(+1) days ago. I hope you've had a nice birthday...
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