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  1. Has a recording survived? Or just the programme?
  2. Oh yes, I will try; and I will try to visit my soulmate in Turino, and I will try to persuade him to come along with me from there.
  3. I can; stumbled upon these by pure chance while browsing/calibrating a day before the concert, made me raise an eyebrow: At 2:00 (!!) and 8:20: https://www.digitalconcerthall.com/en/playlist/10# (EDIT: I just checked - you have to go down to the end of that page and click on "Watch interview") He is one of the absent soloists, I suppose? I also watched two movements of the Tchaikovsky by the way (the famously energetic 'Allegro molto vivace' and the quiet finale) - excellent; but the conducting is so utterly over the top, I do prefer Williams. (Imagine the latter behaving like this - even back when his conducting was indeed livelier 40 years ago)
  4. Incredible!! I just saw the video, you were great! Please, where? EDIT: Neither have nor want Insta and FB accounts, but found it, thanks.
  5. Aloha, by the way (hope to see you in Milano ;-D) - do you think you will again end up in the booklet or DigiPak as it were? ;-D (Like Biodome always manages to end up prominently in all the edits ;-D)
  6. I would love too - alas I'm not in Berlin physically - but at least I saw you jumping up and applauding behind the orchestra right after Close Encounters on (live) video. Again. Maybe in Milano then... I have a soulmate who is half Austrian. half Italian who now operates a music studio in Turino. Always wanted to visit him, and apparently there's a 80 minutes train ride for 10 (!) Euros to Milano. Enough smileys now. I enjoyed the concert, the Maestro's joy while conducting Nimbus 2000, ASM in the audience, you, and the Elegy especially. Seeya! o/
  7. Nice, I was there too, at the Barbican in 1996. I managed to thank him for his music and inspiration, he in turn thanked me for coming to the concert. We shook hands and he signed the booklet of my brand new CD w/ Summon the Heroes. Will never forget this.
  8. 1941? In quite a couple of places and in style... That drum solo was great indeed.
  9. Very sweet how he passes on the baton. Nice gesture! This could be akward, but here it radiates ... sympathy and joy. <3
  10. Sweet indeed. Trouble is: I will be returning from an open air screening of "Cinema Paradiso" 250 km away, with the gorgeous music of Ennio Morricone and his son Andrea around 2am at the earliest. Around here the broadcast will start at 1am; and next morning will be Monday. /o\
  11. Danke! :-D "Aber die sind alle tot!" LOL Except for that ending the article is quite nice but nothing new, as had been said.
  12. Here on the shelf I have Richard Hayman's album "The Best of John Williams" with the "Philharmonic Rock Orchestra". I did purchase it because of some then unreleased Accidental Tourist excerpt I think. The "Raiders March" is especially ... hilarious in its last bars.
  13. Sony rhymes with phony; for a loong time now, a looong time. We must be cautious...
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