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  1. You do know that this relates to the parade of cast members presented during the end cast frame by frame? ;-D
  2. What? Not OK to wish somebody well now? *scratches*head*
  3. Let us wish her to get well in a couple of weeks - let us hope for the best. She made us feel so wonderful a couple of months ago, but we cannot help her feel wonderful again. /me raises glass. To ASM!
  4. Indeed: Thank you, John Williams! In January you made the 18th birthday of our daughter unforgettable; we will never forget. I thought this to be a brilliant start (together with our skiing holiday) of a great year back then. I hope the year will live up to that amazing start later on... ...I also wish the Maestro all the best for the weeks to come, as well as Stefancos and everybody else.
  5. On a ligher note (I am joking all the time myself, even dark humour, to have some comic relief, but this post above was not called for, I am sorry): How is it that Quintus on those pictures in the original post does remind me of our Viennese friend Marian?
  6. I can't believe this. I read his "Thank you" post, seemingly ages ago or yesterday, take your pick, in another, quite different world, and was quite moved by it. If this is true, I wish him peace. Why? How? PS: Is this some kind of black joke? PPS: Apparently it is. I am *so* relieved. PPPS: In hindsight "joke" is a complete misnomer ... nobody laughed, smiled, chuckled, or was the slightest bit amused by this.
  7. Well, as I said (in one of the first shots I spotted our daughter) there are shots from both performance in there. I'm pretty sure they will carefully select the best takes as far as video and audio (separately!) are concerned from both performances and the pickup session. P.S.: Seems like this is post #2000 in this wonderful, epic thread with a happy ending.
  8. I think we can be certain they give us the best of both worlds: Amazingly emotional visuals and audio from the "debut", and wonderful bits and pieces from Sunday too. Perhaps they tone down the amazing audience reactions from Saturday to keep the pieces intact and uninterrupted - so be it. :-D I like to think of it as the third great (and best?) performance we can look forward to: We are the ones who will be able to fill our hearts with joy like we are there again because the seeds in our ears, eyes, and hearts have been planted so unforgettably in January. Can't wait. <3
  9. But there were shots of both performances in this edit, right? We will found out in glorious detail soon (?) enough...
  10. Thank you so much! <3 So far I spotted our daughter in one of the first shots and Biodome in the last one. :-D This will be such a nice memento of those happy, emotional, uncomplicated times in Vienna that happened - it seems - like yesterday. *sigh*
  11. ...and that's why I love and cherish the Anthology Box Set as much as on the first day. <3
  12. It's not SK's mistake but the one of that young chap that got fired by now. No, seriously, you are absolutely right - this is unforgivable to do to one of your own major recording stars for decades, and another one at the same time. Unbelievable blunder that does not bode well for the future of and culture in such companies...
  13. Actually, I love this "score", for lack of a better word. (music for cross media project?) In 2009, at the film music festival in Úbeda we attended, he could have signed this for me but unfortunately he fell ill after the wonderful recital evening and the final orchestral concert, so I had Robert Townson sign this and others instead on Sunday, I think it was. (into the booklet of the fabulous 'Vertigo' recording by McNeely he wrote 'One of my all-time favorites!' ) Thankfully Patrick Doyle was there to sign my favourites of his: Henry V, Much Ado About Nothing, and Hamlet
  14. Aaaw, so we did celebrate together "from a certain point of view"... <3 ...and, again, Happy Birthday to you! Everything (positive) seems to be drawn out a bit this year; so far; I kind of like that fact. :)
  15. One last update (don't want to document the complete evening here), since it's funny: As I was preparing the excellent Gerhardt recording of Empire to play one or two selection from, I showed the picture "Producer George Korngold and composer John Williams" on the backside of the booklet to the love of my life and said: "Look at this - it's been 30 years"; she replied ", my, he sure looks baby-faced [her wording] in comparison to Vienna, " - then it hit me like a ton of bricks: Wait, this is 40 (!!) years ago. oO Long live Maestro John Williams! Cheers again! *clink*
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