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  1. Here's the 5-minute interview on YouTube (Berlin snippet at 4:48)
  2. I have to say that the "New For You" previews in the app are quite engaging.
  3. Yeah the mobile version is better but it's nice to have this option. Plus it'll probably attract new members who discover the forum through the app. Which is always a good thing, IMHO.
  4. Not an album edit but a film edit: Indy and Short Round punching the bad guys simultaneously to the rhythm of the Raiders March. Sheer brilliance. (4:34)
  5. The January 27 performance at the Carnegie Hall has been canceled as expected. Williams' next scheduled concert is set for June 9, 2021 in Pittsburgh.
  6. I didn't ask 3 times about the old theme. Please leave the subject as it is.
  7. I know. But it's weird that the bug couldn't be fixed for the IPS Default version of the default theme (a.k.a. "the old theme").
  8. Perhaps that's the problem. That you label them as "awful people" instead of accepting that they just have a different view (i.e. you discriminate them). Not one person in this thread condemns or goes against homosexuality, not even gkgyver. The disagreement is about a certain attitude from a growing number of people (of any gender) which is certainly not exclusive to this subject.
  9. If you want purity, in the case of most pre-90s scores you should only own the original vinyl releases, which were intended to sound as vinyl does (never as CDs) and played on two-side LPs and not as a continuous program.
  10. The english audio on this version of the video is louder and clearer: https://www.antena3.com/noticias/cultura/john-williams-agradece-el-premio-princesa-de-asturias-y-recuerda-a-ennio-morricone-el-mundo-ama-su-musica-iconica_202010165f89da20df72120001c34e26.html
  11. The concert has been rescheduled to June 9, 2021, as mentioned here: https://www.pittsburghsymphony.org/production/62701/an-evening-honeck-mutter-williams
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