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  1. 1. The Witches of Eastwick 2. Far and Away 3. The Fury 4. Dracula 5. Jane Eyre
  2. (Last updated: May 11, 2021) › BOSTON (ONLINE EVENT) ‘A Tribute to John Williams’ May 20 – June 19, 2021 Boston Symphony Orchestra conducted by Keith Lockhart + Exclusive Interviews with John Williams Performance details – Discussion thread › TANGLEWOOD ‘Honoring John Williams’ July 23, 2021 Boston Symphony Orchestra conducted by Keith Lockhart + Exclusive interviews with John Williams Performance details – Discussion thread › TANGLEWOOD ‘Andris Nelsons and JOHN WILLIAMS conduct Montgomery, Williams, Copland, and Stravinsky *JOHN WILLIAMS’ VI
  3. The Maestro of the Movies is back! https://www.hollywoodbowl.com/events/performances/1274/2021-09-03/maestro-of-the-movies https://www.hollywoodbowl.com/events/performances/1275/2021-09-04/maestro-of-the-movies https://www.hollywoodbowl.com/events/performances/1276/2021-09-05/maestro-of-the-movies
  4. 1. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 2. Close Encounters of the Third Kind 3. The Empire Strikes Back 4. Return of the Jedi 5. Superman - The Movie 6. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 7. Raiders of the Lost Ark 8. Jaws 2 9. Jaws 10. The Witches of Eastwick
  5. The "cardboard" editions look nicer IMHO.
  6. That was great indeed. They guy knows his stuff, although I'd definitely rate the score 5/5.
  7. Beautiful! I'm a proud owner of the original vinyl release since 1980, and I applaud very much Varèse's efforts. This recording may sound poorly and hastily performed according to some, but I love its freshness and energy from start to finish.
  8. The date and link have already been mentioned on the main page article from April 8, but thanks for the reminder.
  9. The Worst Musical Score category existed between 1981 and 1985 (and JW was nominated) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Raspberry_Award_for_Worst_Musical_Score
  10. TPM UE was criticized for not including every note written for the film, as advertised. So the desired release would have been much longer than the movie.
  11. You've been saying similar things for a while now. Are you hinting at your imminent departure?
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