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  1. https://web.archive.org/web/19991013020724/http://starwars.talkcity.com/starwars/trans/5-6-99.htmpl As a curiosity, here's an article from TheForce.net mentioning my transcript. https://theforce.net/episode1/story/Williams_Chat_Transcript_80586.asp
  2. I remember attending and then transcribing that whole chat for the earliest incarnation of this site, hours before an official transcript was available. Those crazy nights of '99...
  3. Well, I'll comment on yours. You use the word 'vegan' as an equivalent to 'skinny' because you don't know shit about the subject. That's how it is. PS. I bother replying because I don't belong to the majority who hate every one of your posts, quite the contrary.
  4. Most skinny people are non-vegans. And a great number of vegans are fat.
  5. Indeed. Although Jay didn't say he hasn't heard it, he just doesn't own the CD. Not the best audio quality but it does the trick: Also, for those interested, here's Omen II's excellent analysis of the complete score:
  6. https://screenrant.com/star-wars-princess-leia-theme-violin-cover/
  7. If anything, the LTP screen would be too small for this film (as it's often the case in these concerts). Superman - The Movie was, is, and will always be a perfect movie to watch on the largest screen possible. I'm sure it would. I think that most people still see them as the icons that represent the man of steel on the big screen.
  8. Boston Symphony, Boston Pops, and Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra Performances From Recent Seasons Available for the First Time on Video and Audio Streams
  9. As mentioned here. 2020 Tanglewood live performance and education programs, scheduled to take place june 19-august 27, are canceled due to concerns over spread of COVID-19.
  10. The 16:9 Facebook video provides a wider view of Williams' working space:
  11. A final decision on the Tanglewood season will be announced this week.
  12. Then don't expect us to give a shit about what you do or think about the subject
  13. "Seems", if you don't count high-res players, that is. And those aren't called MP3 players, that's for sure.
  14. Don't tell anyone, but I'm actually ageless
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