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  1. BWW Review: ACROSS THE STARS: THE MUSIC OF JOHN WILLIAMS Made Our Night, Our Year and Gave Us L-I-F-E At Carnegie Hall
  2. © STEVEN M. FALK/The Philadelphia Inquirer/TNS Fulll review at The Philadelphia Inquirer
  3. Agreed. I hadn't seen the whole thing before posting the meme.
  4. This was announced earlier this month: https://www.laphil.com/events/performances/1775/2022-09-27/gala-john-williams-celebration
  5. You're not the one to decide whether I should give it a rest or not. And yes, I can totally preach about a mature attitude regarding polítics on JWFan, especially to someone who's repeatedly shown the opposite. If you keep bringing this discussion, you'll face a one-week ban. Last warning!
  6. That wasn't an insult, but a description of your attitude in the last few hours. If you don't want to give it up, you know what's going to happen.
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