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  1. Reposted from The Fabelmans movie thread, in case anyone missed it: Original post:
  2. Views from the orchestra by LA Phil Principal Flute: Throne Room and Finale from the front row: More photos and videos here: https://www.jwfan.com/?p=14274
  3. Fixed. The guy who sent me the link just uploaded the SW video and says he has "way more photos & videos coming".
  4. Front row recording of Sunday's performance: A selection of the best available recordings from the three nights (already posted on this thread) can be found here: https://www.jwfan.com/?p=14278
  5. The winner has been announced on the Main Page, Instagram and Facebook posts
  6. https://mng-neni.smugmug.com/Lenox-town-celebration-for-John-Williams Composer John Williams applauds after hearing a story from State Representative William “Smitty” Pignatelli. Lenox Library historian Amy Lafave talks with composer John Williams. Selectboard member Marybeth Mitts presents composer John Williams with a resolution commemorating his cultural contribution to the town. Williams composed the score for three Harry Potter movies and Schindler’s List in Lenox. Composer John Williams addresses a small audience at the Lenox Library during a celebration in his honor. Maria Lynch cuts composer John Williams a slice of birthday cake at a celebration for him at the Lenox Library. Historian Amy Lafave gives composer John Williams a tour of the music room in the Lenox Library. Composer John Williams and Tony Fogg examine a display of historical materials related to Leonard Bernstein at the Lenox Library. Composer John Williams and State Representative William “Smitty” Pignatelli chat at the Lenox Library. Composer John Williams waves to guests at the Lenox Library. Composer John Williams smiles as he greets people at a celebration of his cultural contribution to the town of Lenox. (last photo with a caption)
  7. Photos from Boston.com: https://www.boston.com/news/music/2022/08/21/photos-bso-honors-legendary-composer-john-williams-with-star-studded-90th-birthday-celebration/ Happy Birthday and The Raiders March (official videos):
  8. Rocky, Rocky II, III, V and Rocky Balboa (Conti) All the John Barry Bonds, especially Moonraker The Dark Crystal (Jones) Brainstorm (Horner) Blue Thunder (Rubinstein) The Company of Wolves (Fenton) Brazil (Kamen) Highlander (Kamen) Captain Eo (Horner) Moonwalker (Broughton) Licence to Kill (Kamen) Hudson Hawk (Kamen) Last Action Hero (Kamen) The Three Musketeers (Kamen)
  9. Review and photos from El País: Full Happy Birthday and Imperial March performance:
  10. New visit to NYC scheduled for next Spring: https://nyphil.org/concerts-tickets/2223/spring-gala
  11. Even if Kennedy knew that The Force Theme was also Ben's Theme in the original SW, I don't think she would want to contradict what Williams himself repeatedly said in recent interviews. Same with the "first love theme" thing for Ep.2. Williams' word shall remain sacred to those who hire him!
  12. Here's a better sounding version of the full concert:
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