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  1. I remember, back in 1985, listening to the end credits from the OST over and over again, as well as a rerecording of Fratelli's Chase from a Dave Grusin compilation. And of course to my own recording of the film's sound in the theater. I was in love with that score. Such an LP presentation would have been wonderful to own back then. Pure Bliss. But now......???????
  2. After hearing this my mind was so scrambled that it asked me to listen to an hour of Meco Monardo to make up for it.
  3. The liner notes are included in the regular CD edition.
  4. True. My memory of the film was clouded by the cue's musical greatness.
  5. @Bellosh, why isn't this included in the poll?
  6. And while we wait for Williams' original liner notes for the album, here's an excerpt from an interview in which the Maestro discusses his work on the score, published on the 1975 book Knowing the Score, by Irwin Bazelon. (Also available here: https://www.jwfan.com/?p=4583):
  7. No one's trashed Shore's greatest scores in this thread, actually.
  8. He didn't ask your opinion about all OST releases, he just asked if it was complete
  9. Are you suggesting that that might actually happen?
  10. You're comparing three very good scores by Goldsmith, Newman and Elfman to one of Horner's masterpieces, so...
  11. He has no leader, but if you're referring to me, I've no idea either.
  12. I think this deserves its own thread. The list includes the official Beatles UK albums plus MMT (only released as an LP in the US). If your favorite album is a US-only release, live album, compilation etc. (such as 'A Collection of Beatles Oldies', '1962-1966', '1967-1970', 'Live at the Hollywood Bowl', 'Past Masters', BBC, 'Anthology 1, 2, 3'..., '1', 'Let It Be... Naked'...) you may choose 'Other'. Here's my pick:
  13. Bruce, You don't realize how annoying many of your posts are. People come to a thread expecting a continuation of the discussion and find an unrelated, non-funny "joke" in the form of one of those stupid memes that you seem to find so hilarious. Because you were bored and thought it was a good idea. Well, most of the times, it isn't. So please, try to make sure that a post is an actual contribution to the thread and is not out of place, unfunny or inappropriate (as is the case here) before hitting "submit reply". You've been banned quite a few ti
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