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  1. Leave your printer off for a little longer. I contacted a guy who owns the record and he will send me higher quality images. ;-) The text will be sharper the next time I will make a post. :-)
  2. Could you make photo or scan of the bottom strip with credits in higher quality? You can even make several photos, so that I could put them together. I already obtained photos used on the inlay in high quality, but the text part is pretty difficult to do. Before we move forward, you will have to settle with this. :-)
  3. I wanted to ignore your request first, because you picked covers that (due to generic design) do not look very nice, but since I'm a nice guy, I accepted it and here is work-in-progress version of Dennis the Menace soundtrack. :-) (I used this original as a reference.) Unfortunately, I was not able to recognize the font of "Original Soundtrack From" and "Music Composed And Conducted By" signs, so I had to use lower quality raster sources I found online. In order to make this text razor sharp, I would need higher quality sample. If the quality below is OK for you, I will finish this in a few days and move forward to The Pelican Brief. Don't be shy to come with another requests, but pick something that won't hurt my eyes please.
  4. Thanks for your kind words, it made me feel that my effort was worth it. :-) I had to make extensive reconstruction. What does "ST" mean? Soundtracks? I'll be adding covers which are not already online in good quality, which are reconstructable (most soundtracks fortunately are) and which will give me fun when putting them together. Any specific requests?
  5. Hi JTWfan77, it's andrewz here. Let me invite you to my High Quality Album Arts gallery. Apart from many other soundtracks, it also includes cover of When a Man Loves a Woman (Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Zbigniew Preisner. I hope you'll find the quality good enough. Remember that it is an older movie and that it is difficult to find the photo used on the cover in top notch quality, although I believe the upgrade in quality over the image from AAX is significant. To get the best quality, use this link, click the "three dots" symbol and select "Download".
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