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  1. These detailed reviews are a treat to read, Jay! They make me want to revisit these albums.
  2. Both are no great shakes to my ears, but I like Gia’s slightly more for the catchier opening bars (to others’ chagrin here, surely, I appreciate hearing texture instead of brass/low string flatness). My main issue is that neither composer’s melodies “go” anywhere interesting. They seem to intentionally avoid large intervallic leaps of any kind, so the result is a boring noodling-around. (Again, just to my ears.)
  3. Thank you for posting this! What a fun read! (And it’s neat to see a tiny bit of how the comedy writing industry worked back in the 80s.) Schwartzwelder is a definitely a hero to us, right alongside Oakley & Weinstein. (Someone’s gotta do an interview with that duo too!)
  4. @Manakin Skywalker that was f—ing priceless! You killed it with that one.😂 (I think we needed that laugh)
  5. I posted this in another thread ages ago, but I'll never forget what this statement of the force theme did for me in the theater in 2005. It was like JW was telling me, "here we are, the last Star Wars movie you're ever gonna get, and you're in for a hell of a ride." Twenty-eight seconds of utter magnificence (followed by many, many more seconds of same). This is JW's "hold my beer" reply to anyone who thinks a wall of synth brass and synth choirs = epic.
  6. Amazon US customers aren’t going to see their copies shipped until mid-May, I believe, which makes me think our copies will be numbered in the 1,XXX range. (Maybe even the 2,XXX range?)
  7. Well, there’s Superman. Unless you mean “cash-grabby, overwrought universe-driven superhero” genre.
  8. I know! I really dislike the idea of having to double dip on this just to get the CDs (especially when it seems so avoidable, since CDs are coming eventually). But ultimately this is an album that can justify the extra spend.
  9. I completely agree; the mix sounds absolutely marvelous. And the playing is utterly precise; the brass have incredible intonation. The Force Awakens suite recorded here, in particular, renewed my appreciation for the quality of themes JW wrote for the sequel trilogy. They all already sound completely timeless, on a par with all the warhorses in his catalog, and they've only been around for 6 years. I know we've already talked elsewhere about how truly incredible Rey's Theme and the Jedi Steps are, but in this recording you can tell that JW didn't just hit a home run here, he bashed
  10. Oh my yes. I’ll never understand people’s fascination for the British royal family. Maybe with the exception of the queen herself, everyone is undistinguished, mediocre, or, worse, Prince Andrew. That an entire country is supposed to worship these leeches staggers the mind. (Apologies to the monarchists reading this.)
  11. I began feeling that way about classical discs a few years ago. Part of me wanted to hold onto the idea of “buy it now, you’ll be happy you did 20 years from now,” but I couldn’t justify the costs. I rarely buy any new classical now. But If it’s JW and DE, I will get it, even if not right away.
  12. Yeah, you’re right. Maybe I should have said every release from a given composer. Those lists would surely be more consistent, name-wise.
  13. I guess what I'm really asking is, for each new release from La-La Land or Intrada or Quartet or what-have-you, if you could look at a list of the first thousand people who purchased it, you'd likely see the same names appear over and over. Who are these people? How many of them are involved in the film industry, for example? Or are musicians? Or politicians? Or Fortune 500 C-suite executives? Or college-educated? Or female? Or eBay sellers looking to create (then capitalize on) market scarcity? Certainly, most of those attributes we'd never know just from looking at names and addr
  14. All right, here's a stumper. (Well, hopefully not, because I hope someone knows the answer). What percussion instruments are used to make the classic "running away" cartoon sound (including that clangy offbeat sound)?
  15. Waterworld is one of my favorite movies ever and a high water mark (pun intended) for action filmmaking using real sets. They just don’t make them like that anymore. (It’s also got several funny throwaway moments I find surprisingly endearing). The score, of course, is a ‘90s classic.
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