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  1. I thought the Nolan movies were grim, but wow, this is a whole other level. It looks like it could almost be a horror film. Like a couple others here, I’m not uninterested in this one. Not holding out much hope for the score, though; Gia rarely does anything for me.
  2. Yeah, me too. I’d figured KotCS took enough heat for the aliens at the end to guarantee no one would try to incorporate something so “sci-fi”-esque into an Indy property ever again. However, one caveat to my disdain here would be if the movie involves people attempting to figure out time travel—and not getting anywhere with it because it’s impossible and they just haven’t realized it yet. That could be an intriguing plot device, I dunno.
  3. Not if he’s waiting to hear from the Disney brass what to say publicly about the forthcoming fix (assuming there is one).
  4. That was a remarkably good scene. I appreciate the Craig Bond era for having reasonably realistic action scenes where Bond and adversary actually look like they got in a fight after it's all over and done with.
  5. I’m really enjoying this thread, especially learning about the German stage adaptations, which were unknown to me. So I went to YouTube tonight to listen to the cast album (1999), given the enthusiasm folks here show for it. And I absolutely love it. It is f$@&ing amazing. Esmeralda is a drop dead phenomenal song/track; I must have listened to it full a half dozen times and scrubbed back over the gorgeous main theme and its reprises countless times more. Cannot get enough of it. And then I found that the 2017 version is also on YT and I did it all over again. The song structure and orchestration are considerably different but just as powerful. I don’t understand a lick of German, but it hardly makes a difference; the singers and choir make clear what I’m supposed to feel. Thank you @blondheim for turning me onto this!
  6. Reviving a 17-yr-old thread—that’s got to be some kind of recent record! 2004 was such a different world ago. To answer the question, my wife did not have film music or JW on her radar before she knew me. Today she is a JW fan. Originally, she listened mostly to humor me, but then it grew on her.
  7. Finally got around to seeing Free Guy. It was a lot of fun. Very well cast. Taika waititi is hilarious as a tech bro caricature. Toward the end, there’s a delicious cameo of JW’s music. I won’t say what score it’s from, but I will say it got a big cheer in the theater. I couldn’t tell if it was a needle drop or recorded fresh for the film (I’m never any good at telling things like that.)
  8. The first 27 1/2 seconds ain’t bad—then it instantly goes to shit and mostly stays that way. Apologies to the Gia fans, but I don’t know what you hear in him. I wish I could hear it.
  9. I voted no, but largely on the basis that maybe 10-20% of mainstream films are enjoyable to me. If I were a studio exec, I frankly don’t know what I would do—other than insist that no film gets more than a $70 million budget so it doesn’t require making a shit ton of money at the box office to recoup the investment. The biggest box office hits now (as well as the misfires) are almost ridiculous in their contrivances to make sure not to offend some regional market or some group or demographic. Which on paper doesn’t necessarily mean the film will be “bad,” just that it will have really obvious pandering. Having said that, I appreciate that mainstream movies today generally have better “design” in terms of camerawork, editing, and sfx than movies predating Jurassic Park. (Exceptions abound, yes, and the music tends to be woefully worse, alas.) I also don’t mind so much how movies in the last three decades have become rather obsessed with backstory. There always seems to be a scene that explains why someone or something is the way it is, to bring closure to the plot. It’s never ok to just let something be just because. It’s like getting a little extra plot for your $12. I’ve become pretty selective about which mainstream fare is worth my time, with the result being that I’ve enjoyed almost everything I’ve seen in theaters or streaming—which is pretty damn little. Jungle cruise was good. So was Cruella. Looking forward to Free Guy. I doubt I’ll ever watch another superhero movie or tv show again, so sick and tired have I become after twenty fucking years of that shit. Avatar 2+ is going to be stellar, though. Anything Spielberg is worth a watch. Indy 5… NTTD… yeah, Hollywood can still grab my attention when it tries.
  10. The program notes indicate—again—that JW wrote two symphonies. What is this second symphony they keep referring to?
  11. It's a beautiful, masterful mirage, @aj_vader. Serious kudos on this. I just can't understand what the problem is with moving this project forward. Everyone and everything seem to get definitive treatments -- just look at the proliferation of CD box sets of famous conductors, soloists, orchestras from the classical labels over the last decade -- yeah, they're just repackaging the same content in a pretty box, but they demonstrate that there's a market for this kind of collecting. Star Wars x9 will need plenty more work than your typical box set, but at the same time the market for such a box set will be vastly larger than for your typical classical box set. And it truly would be one of the few things left in the cultural firmament where Disney could name their price and we would pay it. Even if it was highway robbery, we would pay it. This is a pop cultural project that would make newspaper headlines, just like when the Far Side and Calvin & Hobbes got their definitive multi-volume hardcover complete editions in the early aughts and they both landed on the NYT bestseller list. Disney, if you won't do it for the greater good (by giving the world the definitive editions of the greatest lifelong musical journey ever created for film by a single man), then do it for the money. Because you'd make a killing on this.
  12. Yeah, someone please explain what the fuck Danny Elfman means by those two words.
  13. Well, that’s an image that’s not going to unseat itself from my brain anytime soon. Thanks a lot!
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