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  1. Lyrics are often unintelligible to me, but I think it’s more because I never learned to pay attention to them as a kid. Growing up, the music I was exposed to was mostly instrumental and symphonic. If I heard lyrics, they were often sung in German, Italian or French, which I never understood and never bothered to learn. In popular music, I learned to focus on instrumental color, rhythm, melody, key changes, choruses, bridges, etc. and tune out lyrics, even perfectly understandable ones. (This is a good deal of the reason why I find nearly all popular music from the past decade to be utter shit
  2. Yup. I wonder if the $200-300M budget blockbuster is not finally past its prime generally. Not only do most of those films tell silly, forgettable stories, but they usually only make 3 to 5 times their budget at the box office if they hit it big. If I were a studio exec, I feel I’d be more interested in low to mid-budget films that have a chance at revenues at much higher multiples. We all know the most worthwhile filmed storytelling over the past decade has been found on television/streaming. When your budget doesn’t allow for hiring an army of computer artists to render your eye
  3. I’m in Idaho for thanksgiving, where it’s 12:22 am. Hoping I can stay awake for another 40 minutes...
  4. I likewise ordered a copy (kudos to @Jurassic Sharkfor telling us the best way to order it!). Mine came to $10.60; an extra penny to get it to California, maybe?
  5. I’m excited for this; more Desplat is always a good thing, and it sure seems like he’s not going to get the hook this time!
  6. Man, that would be nice. I didn't know that was in the pipeline.
  7. Wet blanket chiming in! I don’t really get the appeal of these types of questions, which are excessively moot. If they try hard enough, people are going to find ways to argue every step on the gradient between 100% yes and 100% no. Which is another way of me saying, why bother with this exercise? Maybe it’d help to give some parameters. Was Bach the JW of his time based on personality? Productivity? How much money he made? How lauded he was while alive? How many things he wrote? Technical competency? Give us a boundary!
  8. I'm pretty curious about the first one. Only 1,000 units? I can't recall any releases that pressed less than 1,500. It must be super niche if they think they'll only be able to move that few units.
  9. JW once again joins some pretty rarified company. It’s great that he continues to be recognized like this. (And it’s also wonderful to see, in his video recordings, that he continues to be in great health.)
  10. I'm happy I came across your post; I didn't realize he recorded a complete set! I just added it to my Amazon list as a reminder to buy it soon. Have you listened to any of it? What are your thoughts??
  11. Happy Friday the 13th! (Or happy belated, for those who are already into Saturday). Are you superstitious about this day, even mildly? Myself, I used to be a little when I was a kid, but it’s been years since I’ve treated it as anything but a regular day.
  12. @who cares gets it. I planned to drop out of this thread but we need to dial down the temperature and, to my chagrin, I appear to be have been a big part of the reason it blew up. So allow me to try, because I’d like to avoid being painted as a villain by users whose content I truly enjoy (e.g., @Arpy). I’m still not convinced klee251 is a real person—or at least is a retired white collar female who spent her career writing technical documents, as she professes to be. Too little adds up—the unnatural phrasing and spelling in klee’s posts from the get-go, the weirdly blunt
  13. This is the most surreal thread I've ever seen. "Kathy," for someone who spent 45 years writing things, you missed the obvious fact I was not paying you a compliment (although I'll admit the quality of your writing noticeably improved over the course of 3 hours, so that you now sound like a real person). If you've spent as much time on these boards as you say you have, you'll have surely seen that we've been attacked by bots in recent days. That you would come at us with this request at this specific time is just weird... and that you'd automatically dismiss the entire board as unh
  14. Just like you advise us not to feed trolls here, we’d be well advised not to feed bots either.
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