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  1. Yeah, someone please explain what the fuck Danny Elfman means by those two words.
  2. Well, that’s an image that’s not going to unseat itself from my brain anytime soon. Thanks a lot!
  3. Thanks for letting us know about this—I just ordered a copy. I’d been meaning to read this book, so getting it in a new edition is exciting.
  4. I use it all the time, on everything I import into iTunes, er, Music. But I’m pretty OCD about my music library. I used to use those DougScripts a lot to help me organize and prune my library.
  5. Guardians is collected more than the original Star Wars album?? Good lord. On the other hand, it is neat to see TFA ranking so highly on this list.
  6. Columbia House was the bane of my young existence in the early-mid '90s. But at least with Amazon, sending things back is a piece of cake, so this could be the rare thing that gets resuscitated and happens to be better the second time around.
  7. I loved reading your synopses and interpretations of these pieces @SteveMc. We have so much content on this forum that delves incisively into JW’s film music, but much less for his concert work—and certainly not in a single thread like this. But his concert work deserves it just as much. Thank you for this. Do you have plans to survey the next decade (or five) of his output? (I hope you do!)
  8. Lovely quote. In what interview or situation did Arnold say this? Edit: never mind, I see you started a new thread on it 👍🏻
  9. No, don’t do that! What did I tell you to do last week?? Cancel that shit and order it from www.jpc.de. Mine shipped out two or three days after I placed the order with them, with tracking info. (DHL to the US, then USPS, full tracking the whole way.) Excellent packaging and great email communication from start to finish. You’ll pay less than what Amazon would charge, or at least very close to it (depending on state tax), because they charge next to nothing to ship. And you want this release. It’s beautiful and well made. The recordings are top shelf. And it’s got that European style
  10. Today’s SF Chronicle has a piece on the 40th anniversary of Raiders’ release to theaters. Nothing in it revelatory, although the writer mentions a couple of Bay Area venues were used in filming (something I didn’t know).
  11. I’m looking forward to Indy 5 as much as the next guy, but I’m going to miss the Spielberg touches. The way he moves the camera to reveal things, the trademark light & fog, and all the other tricks he uses to make a movie fun to watch. Even KOTCS had a ton of those kinds of moments. Edit: this comment belongs in a different thread. Carry on, nothing to see here.
  12. I am intrigued by this preview, although not enough to pay to see it in front of F9 (how the hell did the first one grow legs to make it this far, anyway??). I’m also curious if this will feature as the first few minutes of Dominion or is intended as a standalone feature on the blu-ray. Either way, I have great hopes for Dominion. After five movies taking place on islands (and one gloomy looking estate somewhere), we’re going to see what the world looks like when dinosaurs run free in it!
  13. I might have been channeling my annoyance at people who gave a pass on the film because they couldn’t get past the plot quality problem when I wrote that. They couldn’t see the Pandoran forest for the trees. Yes, plot matters, but for me, a basic or serviceable plot is sufficient if it allows the world-building to flourish. Which it did in Avatar. And especially when it’s for the first time. I will grant you that this can only go so far. If Cameron had decided never to touch Avatar again, the film would still stand as a singular achievement in modern film. Of course, as he’s said the
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