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  1. No sarcasm implied by this question, but what does it mean when people post nothing but a period? I’ve seen this on these forums often and I genuinely don’t know what it means.
  2. This is definitely trolling. Did you get a good chuckle out this, kaitain? Show up out of nowhere to shitpost and then vanish? In any case, if this ever were to happen, it would be the last time I’d have anything to do with the MCU.
  3. A moody two-note theme for Batman? That’s new and innovativ...oh wait.
  4. JW is going to “compose” liner notes for the expanded and properly remastered Star Wars box sets coming out this year. Isn’t that right, forum lurkers who are working on the project as we speak?
  5. I’m going to indulge my inner Principal Skinner in saying that all the ridiculous Desplat-bashing I’ve been seeing on this forum had better come to a right pretty end right pretty quick.
  6. Marian, this is a beautiful gift to us fans! Thank you very much for these instructions; I feel I'm about to lose a good part of my weekend to learning about the world of custom Lego! A quick question: what is the meaning of the number after the comma in the parts list? (For ex., what does the 11 mean in "3958, 11") EDIT: I think I figured it out; those numbers refer to the color codes at bricklink!
  7. What's all this about JW acting? Wasn't his cameo in TROS the first time he was on film? If his "supporting role" in Dial M is a real thing, then I'll need to check it out. Did he have a speaking role?
  8. I'm watching this now on Disney+ as I idly wait for the Super Bowl kickoff. I gotta say, this film is truly special. No one makes a movie like James Cameron, and no one but him could have made a plot as derivative as this one engrossing. This thing was filmed almost 13 years ago and it looks like it could have been released to theaters last week. The computer effects haven't aged a day and the film flows in a way that makes it kind of timeless. No gimmicky editing, just straightforward storytelling. I'm excited for the sequels. Go 'Niners!
  9. I liked Black Panther more than most of the phase 1 movies, but perhaps more for Ryan Coogler’s abilities behind the camera than anything else. For a director with no prior experience with blockbusters or big budgets, he created a film that more than holds its own against the work of seasoned pros.
  10. Venmo must not be big outside the U.S. But here it quickly became the Uber of money-sending apps (“I’ll Venmo you my share of the bill.”)
  11. I agree with you there about his writing. It’s hard to explain, but it’s like his choice of adjectives and adverbs somehow make reading him 15% more difficult than it needs to be.
  12. Well, if it’s not too late to jump aboard the bandwagon, count me in. What would be the most convenient way to remunerate? Paypal? Venmo?
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