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  1. Yes yes yes yes YES!!! This news made my week! 😄😝 This is exactly the kind of ignorant opinion you see altogether too often re: the Simpsons: “The show is terrible. I haven’t watched it in years. Why does it keep getting renewed?” The Simpsons movie came out in 2007. Fourteen years ago. You claim not to have seen any of the show since 2007? Then you know nothing about how well the show has been written since those terrible Mike Scully-as-showrunner years, especially during the 2010s. It really frustrates me when people judge something they haven’t seen. Luckily th
  2. Halfway up the page on this thread it was already determined this is NOT an original JW composition. Alack and alas. It seems to me that a percussion concerto would be right up JW’s alley, though. He could explore a near endless range of timbres and harmonies and write something really avant garde. Maybe we’ll get one if Grubinger pesters JW enough. (It seems that’s what it takes to wring a concerto from the man—endless pleadings from highly interested soloists!)
  3. A catchier version of that headline would have used his other key quote—“super nice fucking person.”😅
  4. It is interesting to hear Holkenborg’s take on this, but wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that executive producers no longer want what JW sells? Because what he sells is a beautiful score borne of a filmmaking process that resists endless recutting and reshooting and the input of dozens of chefs in the same kitchen? Plenty of movies in the present day would benefit from articulate, melodic scores, and many composers still strive to deliver that to varying degrees of success (like JNH, DE, JP...). These younger composers (younger than JW at any rate) are probably just more willin
  5. I’m a little nostalgic for AOL cds choking up my mailbox in the late 90s. (“Get 1,000 hours online!”) Today that role’s been taken over by bed bath & beyond’s 20%-off blue mailer, but it just ain’t the same.
  6. The notion that parents-to-be are excited enough to reveal their baby’s gender in a party isn’t the problem. Take Jay’s friend’s example—a cake with blue or pink on the inside. Perfectly lovely and just as “surprising” a reveal as some ostentatious firework thingy. I have a real issue, though, with people who need to involve fire or explosives in a dangerous way to make the reveal. It’s likely illegal, certainly polluting, clearly dangerous—and for what reason? Because it’ll make for good instagram? (Anyone who doesn’t think this twenty-something, his wife, or their friends were go
  7. Great interview with AHP, @TownerFan! Neat to hear another aspect of JW's time with the BPO and lovely to hear her respect for the composer (and vice versa) and a bit about the backstory of her harp concerto. It was interesting to hear more than a couple references to JW conducting the Boston Symphony Orchestra. To my knowledge, there are no recordings where he's credited with the BSO. Are there any? (Other than Schindler's List, maybe?)
  8. Good lord, I never knew this happened. This is instantly my new JW holy grail. I love CotC.
  9. It's the one expansion I regret purchasing. The extra material did next to nothing for me, alas.
  10. Oh boy 😳😑. Well, maybe Disney will have to give him a reluctant pass, ‘cause he’s the star of the series.
  11. I guess it depends how much your employer cares about customer reactions, but yeah, I agree. Carano was a face of Disney, whether she liked that or not, and her employer’s needs were important to consider, whether that’s “right” or not. Ultimately, there are some things you just stay away from. The atrocities of the Holocaust are one of them. There is nothing that justifies its use as a metaphor, and trying to equate things to it is just a lazy, intellectually shabby way to elicit a reaction.
  12. Must.. try... not.. to comment again... about the existential threat to society this technology portends...
  13. No, this sounds like it has real potential. I’m a huge Burton fan, so my opinion’s obviously colored by that. But there’s nothing bad about the premise, and while using an Addams Family frame is far from original, if that’s what it takes to get Netflix to produce Burton, then so be it. And it goes without saying that the prospect of an Elfman score is too tantalizing to ignore! 😊
  14. It sure does look and seem pretty grim. Not one moment of levity in the trailer. It’s so jarring to see the Disney logo in this material.
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