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  1. You made me laugh. You’re in! Also @Chen G., how could I forget?! His posts are the very definition of earnest and intellectual.
  2. After reading a very enlightening reply to a topic I posted earlier today, it occurred to me that many members on this forum would make a wonderful group that, in another world, would all live close enough to gather every weekend for intelligent conversation and discussion — à la Gertrude Stein and her famous Paris salons a century ago. So, imagine you wanted to host a regular get-together where the object was to talk and share earnestly and intelligently — with good wine/beer/pick your poison and in comfy chairs— about all things film music. JW mostly, to be sure, but it’d all be fair game. Who would you hope would attend? (Assume there’s no coronavirus or social distancing.) My own very incomplete list would include, in no particular order: @Ludwig and @Falstaft as music scholars, @Disco Stu (obviously), @Miguel Andrade and @Romão for their crazy deep expertise about JW, @Jay for his knowledge about the film music industry and his ties to/knowledge about people on the inside, @Thor for his film music expertise... I know I’m missing a bunch of people and I’ll come back to update this when those names pop into my head. Others who definitely would be welcome at my salon include @crumbs and @Chewy, who never made a post I didn’t enjoy reading. And @Bryant Burnettewhose survey through Stephen King on his blog or website or whatever was a real fun read some months back. I feel you can tell a lot about what someone will be like IRL by what and how they write on the internet, where you never know who’s reading. Who am I missing?? I know it’s more than few. Who would you bring along?
  3. Thanks, @Ludwig! That was really informative and interesting! I’d heard of equal temperament, but never realized that was one of its implications. Or that JW would write for the instrument’s range rather than some specific key to get the sound he wanted. The more I learn about music history/theory, the more fascinating I find it. I admire you and the others here who study music seriously.
  4. My ear isn’t trained to pick up on this kind of thing, but I wonder... does JW like to write in specific keys for specific moods or settings? Like Beethoven and his “heroic” writing in C minor? (Or he who I shall not name who likes to drone on in D minor?)
  5. You never shitpost or make inane jokes on this forum, so it gladdens my heart to read this from you!
  6. Had a big stupid grin on my face the entire time watching this. Thank you, @p0llux! A much needed moment of levity.
  7. Not just SF, but all seven counties of the Bay Area (including mine). This three-week "shelter-in-place" directive is going to be a rough ride economically. : ( I was at two supermarkets this afternoon... all afternoon -- the checkout lines were longer than I'd ever seen them in my life. Over an hour's wait to get through. No water, milk, eggs, bread, bathroom tissue, paper towel, canned soup, pasta, pasta sauce, frozen pizza... but also no price gouging, all sales and offers were applicable as usual, and everyone was civil and friendly and patient.
  8. Doesn’t it start getting meaningless to talk about “best” when one uses the word to describe 100 different things equally?
  9. Mine too. Just today. I wasn’t able to order it until mid afternoon Pacific time and it’s clear a lot of people saw theirs ship before mine. So it must have sold well the first day at least!
  10. The words “Pete Hammond” and “quote whore” will always spring to my mind when faced with the specter of movie hype for sale.
  11. If the film is finished, will they just let it sit on the shelf for 8 months? I wonder if they’ll decide to play around with some of the editing or something just to see what there’s to see. And with all that time to kill, does the risk increase that the whole movie could leak unintentionally?
  12. I may not always agree with @Thor, but he’s spot-on here. In fact, I’m completely surprised to see the OP going over in this thread as well as it has so far. The pick-and-choose approach to dismissing half a decade of popular filmmaking is as ripe for merciless dismissal as anything I’ve ever read here— and yet almost everyone’s bought into it. Well, not Thor, at least, and not me. Many of his counterargument examples I agree with.
  13. No one seems to have an issue with Spielberg no longer directing, but I do. His unique, visually magical stamp was what made Indy 4 enjoyable. If Mangold is as journeyman a director as people here are saying, that bodes real poorly for the film.
  14. No sarcasm implied by this question, but what does it mean when people post nothing but a period? I’ve seen this on these forums often and I genuinely don’t know what it means.
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