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  1. Waterworld is seriously underrated. And Spielberg's West Side Story. IMHO. Overrated? Anything by Christopher Nolan following Dark Knight. Not to say that movies like TDKR and Interstellar weren't entertaining, but they are not the messianic work of the savior of upper middlebrow cinema that his acolytes claim.
  2. Not gonna lie, that action cue is pretty good and better than I hoped for from Gia. I hope there's more music in that vein in the full soundtrack. It's unfortunate that it ends at 2:20 with ten seconds based on a three-note motif that sounds, to my ears, really badly harmonized or is simply bad writing.
  3. @Phantomjedi, these covers look amazing! Great work! I think you've done as well as possible in terms of placing the SW wordmarks, but would you be able to provide versions of all nine without any wordmarks at all? I think the artwork for each movie is unique enough that one could do without the SW logo on any of them.
  4. (1) This sounds like an awesome story you're putting together and you have to let us know when it airs, Tim! (2) In exchange for that, I'll track down the instances the JP theme has been used in the Simpsons. I know it was used at least once, probably a decade ago. Let me dig into it.] EDIT: OK, the instance I was remembering is in episode 14, season 22 ("Angry Dad: The Movie") at 14:07, where it plays over a montage of Homer hogging all the credit from Bart for an animated movie they made. EDIT 2: Season 31, episode 21 ("The Hateful Eight-Year-Olds"), starting at 3:40. Lisa learns that her new friend owns horses. They set it up just like in the movie, with Lisa even wearing Dr. Grant's outfit. EDIT 3: Season 6, episode 6 ("Treehouse of Horror V") @ 10:19. Homer transports himself back in time and marvels at the dinosaurs around him. Note that the music here only imitates the JP theme, but in a way that it's impossible to mistake the reference. EDIT 4: Season 30, episode 4 ("Treehouse of horror XXIX") @ 16:45. A parody of the JP theme plays during a promo video for "Geriatric Park," which is itself a parody of Jurassic Park.
  5. Is there a chance that Sony will just quietly press a new batch of corrected discs and sell those once the first run has either sold out or has been recalled from the warehouse? Maybe if we wait a couple months to buy this CD, it won't have this issue anymore.
  6. I remember being disappointed it didn't become the biggest movie of the year. I also remember enjoying the movie a fair bit (my standards for summer entertainment were lower when I was younger). That summer, the first one post-9/11, was a bit of a weird one. Everyone was hesitant about when we could start enjoying frivolous things again like during the late 90s. The dark mood of Ep. II certainly didn't help lift spirits or hope much. That Ep. II did as well as it did speaks to how invested in Star Wars people still were.
  7. I'll never forgive Kevin Feige for cursing moviegoers and poisoning the Hollywood machine with the interminable MCU... but his awareness of Bach and Beethoven and his insistence on using them in a Marvel movie does go a considerable distance in redeeming him AFAIC. I remember I took a fair bit of pleasure in the first Iron Man when Jeff Bridges' character tells Stark that his arc reactor was his Ninth Symphony. Now we have "Lethal Symphonies" in the Strange vs. Strange smackdown. These two high points may have been 14 years apart, but I'll take 'em where I can get 'em.
  8. Several reasons for me for why I collect, most of them shared by others earlier in the thread. I will add here, though, that one thing about film scores I greatly admire and cherish beyond what classical music from the common practice period offers is their color. There is no other genre of music where so many varied and eclectic instruments/sounds are brought together on a regular basis. From taiko drums and anvils to kenas and synths, from wordless choirs to electric guitars and drum kits, film music is where the modern symphony orchestra and the rest of the human music-making world hook up and make beautiful musical babies. It's no surprise to me that the some of the best talent in recording and mixing film scores has also done classical work (or vice versa). Or that the musicians in L.A. are equally as talented as any member in an elite orchestra or philharmonic. Or that the best film composers are formally (classically) trained (Elfman being an astounding exception to the rule). So I continue to collect film music, even when no one else I know (outside this forum) can usually be bothered to even pretend to care about my obsession. It's an important part of who I am.
  9. The 355. Watched it on Peacock. A run-of-the-mill action thriller and not very good. Appropriately enough, Tom Holkenborg’s “score” was a steaming pile of boring, brain-dead, melody-bereft crap with a shitty drum loop that got used ad infinitum. I can see why Universal chose to dump this film in theaters during the desolate wastes of January.
  10. MM knows his audience and surely wouldn’t be so cruel as to toy with us in that way! Imagine the depths of despair we’d plumb were this mere raillery! I like to think that, this being the year of JW’s 90th, there’s justification for expanded scores from movies from any year. But if we’re specifically talking releases tied to anniversaries, we can probably agree that “LLL’s Hook: 10th Anniversary Corrected Edition” has a nice ring to it. Mike, I know you can make it happen!
  11. Somehow, this thread completely escaped me until now, but wow, am I impressed, @ocelot! This music has a strong JW feel (and I mean that as a serious compliment) and I love the orchestral colors you bring out! This must have been an exciting commission and I hope it opens the door to more for you. Is there a recording of the whole six-part suite we could get somewhere??
  12. I’m excited for this one, not gonna lie. I knew Cameron would know what’s at stake and pull out all the stops. This teaser and Danny Elfman’s score are the two things that will draw me to the theater when Multiverse of Madness opens.
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