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  1. Absolutely, yes! Perfect example.
  2. Are these new arrangements by JW himself or someone inside NBC, I wonder.
  3. It'll be a Western. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/News_of_the_World_(novel)
  4. There's surely room for dissenting voices in an appreciation thread, otherwise it's just an echo chamber of what you want to hear. I've come round to appreciate one thing about Zimmer -- he definitely appears courteous about sharing credit, at least to the extent devoted film score followers can tell he's doing it. (I'll suggest, though, that if you have to hunt down cue sheets and digital track metadata to find evidence of Zimmer giving credit, it sure seems like he isn't going out of his way to credit his co-writers in a way the average movie-goer would notice.) My own opinion here: Zimmer and Co. are exceptionally good at what they do. They pioneered their method and (give credit where it's due) they've molded Hollywood scoring in their own image. Won't last forever, but precious few composers can say they did that. The thing is, Z&C are exceptionally good at producing mediocrity. It really shouldn't take a team to compose the RCP sound. It also certainly should be possible, after 15 years, for that team to evolve their sound and demonstrate the capacity for some kind of meaningful range. I'll be very interested to hear what they've got planned for WW84 and Dune; maybe I'll be forced to eat some crow.
  5. A quick question to the screenwriters on these boards: Is there an industry term to describe the kind of setup-and-delivery situation you see so often in movies? I'll use Independence Day as an example, since the movie is rife with these situations and I watched it again recently. For example, we learn Will Smith's character wants to be an astronaut. Near the end of the ID, he's piloting a spacecraft into space. We also learn Randy Quaid's character was anally probed by aliens, only to see him at the end of the movie anally probe an alien ship to blow it up. I don't mean the kinds of situations where things are hinted at or intimated at the start and by the end we see how the character evolved in ways that make sense as an evolution at the end of the movie, but rather character-specific objects, dialog lines, etc. that get directly called back at the end of the movie as a kind of character development closure--a nod and wink to the audience, I guess. Is there a term for that? Just curious.
  6. Is this DG’s first use of a gold foil look? I don’t recall ever seeing one before. (I think it’d be exquisitely appropriate that this is the release that gets the first gold foil, if indeed that’s that case)
  7. I feel Danny Elfman never gets quite enough respect on these boards. After JW, he's my favorite film composer, bar none. Followed by Horner, Goldsmith, Desplat and JNH (all of them at about the same rung on the ladder). JG is a late addition to my ranking; somehow, he escaped my attention until only two or three years ago --and it was only because of JWFan that I learned to appreciate him. (And right glad I am that I took the hint; JG is pretty great.)
  8. @PuhgreÞiviÞm @gkgyver, do you actually believe in your mockery? Like really believe it? Because it's pretty fucking cringey and lame.
  9. I do hope Serac returns in S4. I liked the character, or at least the way Cassel played him.
  10. My first thought was, if it’s good enough for JW, it’s good enough for me. (Not that I drink whisky, but I could learn.) Then I found out it costs like $200 per 750mL bottle. So, no.
  11. I'm gonna guess yes. May I ask, in all seriousness, what you enjoyed about that soul-deadening train wreck?
  12. Perhaps not worth making a big deal out of, but I enjoyed how the NYT put JW second on the list of names providing their answers in the headline (after Yo-Yo Ma, who is the only expected choice for the first slot) and I liked that they refer to JW as "composer," not "film composer."
  13. Nah, it looks fine. I want one.
  14. I love that JW really digs Beethoven. His studying B’s symphonies in his spare time, his extracurricular activities while in Vienna, this anecdote... all the pieces fit.
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