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  1. Much of today's hit stuff bores me because of a lack of melody. It's a shame how much pop music has regressed from the tuneful '70s-'90s. I personally can't stand Taylor Swift and will happily have nothing to do with her music ever. Elsewhere, I've never been able to get into Radiohead or Tool, but that's just me and not anything to do with their talent. And I find a great deal of the salon/instrumental music of Mozart and other Classical-era composers to be dreadfully predictable and boring.
  2. Oh right, it wasn't necessarily two JW scores that made it through. Rats.
  3. So if we presume (rather, hope) that Hook is one of the two Sony titles that made it under the wire and remain releasable by LLL, which other title would we prefer to see expanded by LLL? My vote would be Seven Years or maybe Memoirs.
  4. I'm intrigued by your take on this... but I'm also flummoxed by your about-face. We all remember when you were adamant that Disney royally screwed up with TLJ, that they'd have to beg forgiveness of the fans and basically disown the whole movie. But now TLJ appears to be perfectly fine; you even mention above that LFL "delivered consistent stories with a clear through-line." What gives??
  5. I could listen to them talk forever. This is the best thread I've seen in quite some time.
  6. So many fascinating nuggets in there.. thank you! What great insight into JW as a humanist. (btw, I also would feel incredibly privileged to hear Poulenc played by the Weiner Phil and a couple of star soloists!)
  7. Don’t you dare leave this forum now, @stravinsky, not after all this wonderful insight you’ve shared with us so far. Tell us everything you know—-about working with JW or other conductors or other composers’ music! For instance, I chuckled when reading your opinion about John Eliot Gardiner, whose albums never did much for me (despite everyone falling over themselves to praise his historically informed performance style). Is it that he’s a poor director of music ensembles or just that he’s a jerk? (Feel free to be discreet if you want; the guy’s still alive, I’m guessing). Otherwise, it’s a real pleasure to learn more about the life of a choral singer. Never being part of the music industry, but in love with good music, these anecdotes are just a great deal of fun to read. And, yes, you’re right about your level of pride in that photo. I’d give my right arm for one like it.
  8. It wouldn't surprise me if Disney goes in a very different musical direction for SW after TROS. They went with JW in 2015 because his name is legend, at least as concerns SW, and you can't leverage people's nostalgia for SW without including the man whose music accompanies 90% of the two trilogies prior to TFA. But as others have stated here, JW's sophisticated sound is anachronistic now; it finds little fit with today's directors or editing processes. Moving forward, Disney can work with the likes of LG or whoever to build whatever the film score sound of the 2020s will be, using the tools and methods that today's filmmaking encourage. It's saddening, though. The era of film music I grew up with (and only began to understand and appreciate a decade ago) seems quite like it's at its end. Eventually, people may forget what real film music was, but fortunately JW long ago entered the composer pantheon and his legacy is secure. And in under two weeks, we'll get to enjoy, perhaps for the last time ever, the shared experience of a new JW blockbuster score revealed to the world. We are lucky to be here to appreciate such a thing, to be here at the end.
  9. If that’s true, then we know exactly why we’ve seen or heard nada of the scoring of this film. You don’t make the same mistake twice if you can avoid it.
  10. Were his last name not Williams, one can only imagine what kind of career-damaging penance he would have paid for his freedom-of-speech exercise...
  11. Disney’s been keeping everything real close to the vest... maybe that’s part of the plan and they’ve got something special planned for all the JW fans who recognize that his completion of Ep. 9 is an unparalleled feat in film scoring history. All you Disney employee lurkers, give us a clue, dammit! We know you’re monitoring these forums; no point holding back on us now!
  12. Alison Balsom is a fantastic trumpeter! I have most of her albums and it would be a treat to get her autograph on one of her CDs. It seems like this summit is aimed at fellow trumpet players though, of which I am certainly not.
  13. Is it as simple as that? I'm obviously easily impressed, then. Thanks for the insight, Remco!
  14. That DOTF/Schindler's List mashup is the most joyously absurd thing in the world, coming on the heels of the three SW and HP themes. Such love for it, I have.
  15. Help! Can anyone explain to me, like I'm five years old, about the harmonic progression or chord structure in the "Forever" tv spot that runs from 0:07 to 0:13 (but acts as a conclusion to all the music you hear from 0:00)? I'm not overly fond of trailerized music, but that sequence gives me the f**king feels. It's pure musical candy.
  16. Is it a coincidence that the Indy 4 score that so many consider to be relatively weak was written in the middle of JW’s fallow period (2006-11)? He ended so strong in ‘05 and picked right back up at his usual level of greatness in ‘11... but in between there was Indy 4.
  17. Now THAT is a ranking I can get behind! Especially the order of the top 10. Makes much more sense than that silly BBC poll.
  18. This additional insight would appear to put the last nail in the coffin regarding any hopes for score expansions beyond WOTW. At least ROTS made the cut, so the prequel box set is still in play. Silver lining: Until AFM’s lawyers come to their senses and revise the terms, the specialty labels’ focus will be on mining the back catalog, and that’s not a bad thing. Plenty of JW there to expand.
  19. I estimate that's about $400-500 worth of factory-pressed polycarbonate in your hand. You ought to hang onto all of it. The release of this new box set doesn't change the fact that those particular CDs are still rare and OOP. JW appreciation is only growing. CDs are dying. One day, years from now, those discs might be even more collectible than they are now.
  20. I see nothing obvious or cheap about bringing Palpatine into TROS. He was the architect of the Empire and had the wool pulled over the Jedis’ eyes for years until he nearly eliminated them in ROTS. Since then, the Jedi and rebels remained a thorn in his side—refusing to die out against all odds through ROTJ and even through TLJ. I imagine after losing the Empire (and his life), Palpatine would want to settle the score as a force ghost or whatever he’ll manifest as in TROS.
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