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  1. I’m with you there. AFO is actually a purchase I kind of regret making because there isn’t much on there that I care for. I should have put that $36 toward filling some catalog gaps in my collection from the reseller market.
  2. What?! Bite your tongue! I came to this thread just now to post that I love the Dolittle theme and to ask who else is playing it on an endless loop. The little brass fanfare at 1:09 is a delightful moment. One of many!
  3. I never knew any of that. That stands to reason, I suppose.
  4. He was so in-your-face about his lifts... how did he ever get away with it, I wonder?
  5. I've long been fascinated by these two tracks, which represent takes on the same general theme (and were written within a couple years of each other) by two composers who appear to have had little interest in the other's work: Both evoke a future that seems reachable yet beyond our grasp, both set a tone for its film, both use a steady rhythmic pulse to indicate the rationality (or at least the non-organic-ness) of machines. But that's where the similarities end. Horner's track is a lot more optimistic than Williams', but JW's Mecha World isn't flat-out dystopian or anything either.. it's, I dunno, alarming, if that makes sense. I like them both. I think Horner's is the more accessible and ear candy-ish, but it's also probably the best track in the album and it self-plagiarizes like mad. JW's is the more enjoyable in the long run and it gets followed up by a lot more equally great material. Do you have a preference for one over the other?
  6. Right out of left field, that one! What a fun week for us Elfman fans! Ordered.
  7. And each one will get a breathless “exclusive” article on NME about the sheer joy of working with “cinema legend” Naked Emperor, err... HZ. None of us here expects any less.🙄
  8. I have it, and it is great! Know what else is great? The Dolittle score. It’s whimsical and charming and reminds me of Elfman in ‘90s, Burton-esque form. I love the main theme, which gets a nice workout in the track called “Opening.” I understand the film is a total train wreck, but I’ll tell you the score on its own is a delightful listen.
  9. I get that films are team efforts. But within the team effort on any given movie are several elements that can stand apart as the work of a single man or woman. For me, these include acting, cinematography, direction... and music. In a film, each of these should be the work of one person. Obviously they collaborate in order to complete the project that they find themselves together on, but each of these parts is the work of individuals and can be clearly identified as such. What I respect is the fact that even though these roles could be done by multiple individuals, for the creatives I follow or appreciate, they don’t need help to do their jobs. I like being able to listen to a score and not have to think about whether a particularly nice moment was written by this guy or the other guy or some third uncredited guy — if it’s JW, AD, or (in most cases) DE, I have my answer. (In the case of direction, I find myself increasingly uninterested in paying attention to who the director is, now that it’s clear that studios are willing to hack a movie to shreds after the director has finished with it (latest exhibit A: TROS). In other words, it’s getting harder and harder to know if what I paid $12 to see in theaters was actually what the director wanted me to see. And of course, this individual-contributor element doesn’t apply to every role in a movie; producers, for instance, seem to do a hell of a lot in movies and there’s always like eight or nine of them in any given film, so telling apart which producer does what is hopeless. Same with screenwriters and “story” writers, at least lately.)
  10. Dolittle doesn't appear to be getting a CD release, just digital. Is this the first time this has happened? Even the last MIB had an on-demand CD-R option for purchase. I'm an Elfman completist, so I'll be disappointed if Dolittle doesn't get a CD.
  11. Other than Zimmer, are there composers who regularly bring in other composers to help them write scores? (Whether credited or not.) I enjoy the fact that when I listen to a JW or AD (or, presumably, DE) album, I know it's his material alone I'm hearing. For better or worse, each of them is doing the heavy lifting alone. I respect that.
  12. What’s next for JW? Revising, then conducting and recording, his symphony. Actually, he can skip that first part. And then writing a piano concerto. It’s like the only instrument left he hasn’t written a concerto for.
  13. Thank you, Jay! This is exciting stuff to read. It speaks strongly to what was a very different (and probably better) cut of the film that we're unlikely ever to see. A pity.
  14. A Desplat Bond score would be classy and stylish AF. I say bring it on! A Zimmer Black Widow would perhaps involve ScarJo acting in a PR video where she gushes about how incredible the score is and how it really elevates her character and wow, what an incredible sound he wrung out of 450 string players and 2 dozen detuned concert grands.
  15. I’m looking forward to this score. I like when Desplat does mainstream films.
  16. All of a sudden, I have a reason to care about this movie, whose trailer did nothing for me when I saw it in front of TROS!
  17. Yeah, what's the other one?
  18. Reading this makes me conclude that there was never any salvaging of Justice League. A Snyder-cut version 3+ hours long, packed with even more characters and a bleak endless apocalyptic battle in Russia (which is far enough away and foreign enough to us that we won’t care how much soviet looking infrastructure gets throw around and blown up, so sky’s the limit)... no thanks.
  19. For some reason, Christophe beck popped into my mind.
  20. A bright new year and decade have dawned. So many folks look at a new year and think it's the perfect time to turn over a new leaf (even though of course there's nothing fundamentally different about this day than any other day of the year). I'm no exception -- for the coming year, I have several goals I hope to work on, including learning to dance (tap, charleston, and/or salsa), reading more books, saving up money to travel later this year, cooking more at home, and seeing JW in concert somewhere that's not Vienna since I can't make that one. Any goals for 2020 that you're willing to share?
  21. I’d love it if JW got the chance to write a score with a jazz flavor again.
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